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Illustration of Hooked

I got home from school, and before I went into the kitchen, I went looking for Daddy. Daddy was home, like he usually was when I got home. If Daddy was home, it mean someone was coming by. If he was gone, he would be gone until morning at least, and maybe for days. Whenever that happened, I was on my own until he got back. That was scary for a nine-year-old boy like myself, not knowing when Daddy would be coming home, being all alone.

But today, he was home and so I breathed a sigh of relief. Daddy was safe, even if he was lying on the couch, moaning softly. I was used to that moan, it meant Daddy hadn't had anything for a while and he was needing some. Drugs, that is, not food, Daddy was hooked on drugs. Me, I was hungry, and hoped something was left in our kitchen to eat. We were running pretty low on everything.

I went into the kitchen, and looked for something to eat. There wasn't much, I ended up eating a couple of heels of sandwich bread which I smeared with catsup, that and some crackers which were a little stale. That would probably be my supper, unless some buddy of his came by and who, along with the drugs he brought, would order out for pizza or something. I wasn't starving, I had vouchers for school meals which fed me both breakfast and lunch, so one skimpy meal each day wasn't so bad, I was thin for my age but not emaciated.

My meal done, I went in to sit on the chair next to the couch where Daddy sprawled, moaning, to watch some television and spend some time with Daddy. Not that he would have much to say, not when he was needing some dope like he was now. But when his friend would come by (if a friend wasn't coming by, Daddy wouldn't have been home, not when he was hurting like this), when Daddy got some of his drugs, then for a while, Daddy would be worth talking to and I would put up with the drugs and the friend to spend time with Daddy.

It must sound strange, living like I was. But Daddy wasn't such a bad sort, other than being addicted to drugs like he was. When he felt better and had a supply of drugs, he would clean house and such, and when he had the money, he would always use some of it to buy us some food. Usually after being gone a few days, he would come home with money, enough to last us a while. We were so short on groceries now that it was about time for him to go away. And if he did, I could call up and talk some friends into inviting me over to their house for a day or two. I'd done this before, a strange life, I know, but I was used to it.

So I turned on the television, very low, and Daddy stirred, looked over at me. "Hey, there, Bobby." he said.

"Hi, Dad."

"You have something to eat?"

"Yeah, sure, I'm fine."

"I got a couple dollars if you want to go buy something to eat."

I thought not about now, but about tomorrow, maybe, if I couldn't get a friend to invite me to his house to eat right away. "Sure, Dad, thanks." I said.

"On the television." Dad was talking about his wallet, I went over to it, it contained three dollars, I took two of them. "I'm leaving you one, in case you need to catch a bus." I said to him.

"I won't. I'll be going with....I won't need any money for a bus."

So I also took the third dollar and stuffed them in my pants. "Who's coming over?" I asked.


"Oh." I said, smiling some. "I like Troy. He's nice." I said.

"Yeah." Daddy said. "He's got...he's coming over." Dad didn't believe in telling me anything about his drugs or where he was buying them...or even how he got the money to buy them, if it comes to that. And I didn't want to know...no reason to help the police lock my Daddy away if they came for him again. But Daddy was good, I was sure the worst he did was take stuff and sell it again for money...nothing too bad, I was sure of that.

Tonight was going to be one of the good ones, I figured by then. Daddy and Troy would talk and share Troy's drugs and probably Troy would call out for either pizza or Chinese, and then Daddy would probably go out with Troy some time after I went to bed. Daddy would be gone a day or so, and then he'd return with money and then he'd be home and for a few days, we'd be a real family until Daddy ran low on drugs and money again.

So when the knock came at the door, I jumped up to answer it. It was Troy, and he was carrying not only a bag slung over his shoulders, but a sack of hamburgers and fries as well! "Hey there, B-Man!" he said to me, his nickname for me.

"You brought burgers!" I yelped and grabbed the sack from his hand. My small supper meant nothing when I caught the whiff from that sack!

Troy laughed as I seized it and carried it triumphantly into the living room and Daddy. Daddy, however, only had eyes for the bag Troy carried, and Troy smiled benevolently as he looked at Daddy, and fished out a bottle of vodka and a plastic bag filled with colored pills that I carefully turned my eyes away from. I didn't want to know.

But that only took Daddy a moment, and then he had a good time. Daddy was laughing and talking almost immediately after that, and he and Troy shared the bottle back and forth, and I was in the middle, eating a hamburger and fries blissfully and Troy even shared his fries with me when my own ran out.

Troy was a lot like my father, and he and Daddy had grown up together. His hair was medium brown, where my Daddy had black hair and like Daddy his body and face was thin, his body slender with almost no hair on his arms or such. Troy wasn't especially handsome or strong or anything...but he had something my Daddy didn't. Where my Daddy was controlled by the drugs he took, Troy never touched them. Oh, he brought them by for Daddy often enough like tonight, and probably sold them, too, but Troy didn't use drugs. He'd only drunk a few slugs out of the bottle of vodka, too, my Daddy had gulped down the other two thirds or more of the now nearly-empty bottle. What Troy had was...self-confidence. When he'd reach down like he did every so often and give my leg a squeeze, I always grinned back up at him. There was something very warm in the smile he would give me when he squeezed my leg, like he and I were the best of friends and like we shared a special secret.

He did that, tonight, a little more than he usually did, but mostly, he kept urging Daddy to drink more. He even pulled out his bag of pills and urged Daddy to take some more. I didn't like that, but Daddy grinned and took them like they were candy. Me, I concentrated on how Troy's visit meant Daddy would soon have money and we'd be together for a few days, maybe even a week, like a real family.

Those extra pills, though...they were too much for Daddy. He was getting woozy, his arms twitching, and I got over onto the chair again out of his way. Daddy was doing what Daddy always did when he took drugs, he was going into that strange land where people who use drugs live in for a time, that place that they love so much they keep going back. I've never been there, myself...and never want to go there!

Troy got up from the couch when Daddy fell over and nearly landed on his lap. "You just lay there and enjoy it, Kevin." he told my Daddy. "We'll leave in the morning when you're feeling better."

Daddy took his advice, and in a moment or two more, he was lying out on the couch full-length, and soon was either passed out, asleep, or beyond any conscious action.

"Is he okay?" I asked Troy.

"He'll be fine." Troy assured me. "He didn't take enough to kill him or nothing." Troy came over to stand behind my chair.

"You're sure?"

"I'm sure." Troy said again. "I don't want anything to happen to your father. He's my friend." Troy knelt down beside me, this got our faces almost level.

"I'm glad you're his friend." I said.

"I'm your friend, too." Troy said. "You know that, don't you?"

And his hand came over and squeezed my leg again and I smiled at him. "I'm glad you're my friend, Troy." I said readily. Troy was the guy who came over most often, the guy that Daddy went with and came home with money from, the guy who brought hamburgers or would send for a pizza when he did come over. And he'd talk to me like I was a real person, when most guys who came over to visit Daddy would ignore me entirely. So I was ready to claim him as a friend, sure.

Troy's hand stayed on my leg and his squeeze the second time was gentler, his hand moving as he did, and my leg felt kind of funny as he did. Not hurting...it kind of tingled, and my stomach felt funny. It was Troy's far hand on my leg, he brought the near hand up and this one cupped my cheek. "I really like you, Bobby." he said again. "You're my B-Man, you know that?"

His hand now was right at my crotch, and his fingers felt out my privates. I hissed, the feelings down there were like nothing I'd had before. Oh, I'd played with myself of course, now and then. But this was...this was more!

"I love my little B-Man." Troy said to me, his voice a husky whisper, his lips a bare inch away from my ear. "My little B-Man is important to me."

"I am?"

"Yeah." Troy said. "I want to take care of my little B-Man. Keep him all safe and warm."

His hand was fondling my crotch harder than ever, now, and it was making my dick feel really stirred up.

"It's why I come by and get your dad and we go make him money." Troy went on. "I know he's got you to take care of. We get done and I take him by the grocery store and make him pick up food for you, did you know that?"

"No." I admitted, and squirmed a little. I didn't know that...but it fit with what Dad did. "And I make him pay the rent on this apartment." Troy went on. "If he didn't, you'd be living on the street."

Again, I didn't know that, but could believe it. When Dad got his hands on money, he usually would try to spend it all on drugs, and whatever groceries he brought home that first day was it. If someone wasn't making him pay the bills....

"I...I appreciate you doing that for us, Troy." I said and I shifted again. Now I was almost slid out of the chair, and my crotch was completely cupped inside his hand, not just his fingers.

"And it was why I gave him those extra pills." Troy went on. "So you and me could spend a bit of time together." Troy said. "You don't mind helping out a friend, do you?"

"I guess not." I sighed.

"Sure, you and me are friends." Troy said. "I help you out, and now you help me out."

I didn't see how I could fight it, not with him putting it like that. "Okay." I said. "What do you want me to do?" Where his hand was, I had a pretty good idea.

"Just a bit of fun between friends." Troy crooned.

"Yeah?" I said as Troy's hands went to my pants fly and began to unfasten and unzip them.

"Sure. You don't mind having some fun, do you?"

I thought he just wanted to do what I'd been told some of my friends had done in bed, but never with me. A bit of grab-dick, a little fondling, nothing more. Troy had been a good friend to me and Daddy. So I said, "Sure, Troy, we can have some fun."

"That's my little B-Man." Troy smiled and that smile melted me as it always did. I wiggled to help him get my pants and shorts off, which he did in one motion. I put my feet back on the floor, expecting him to reach out and grab my dick, which he did. It felt pretty good, of course.

And then Troy's mouth came down and he sucked my entire dick into his mouth at once and I squirmed and yowled like a tomcat I'd heard outside my window more than once when he was getting into a fight with another tom. "Oh, oh-woah-woah-woah-woah!" is kind of how I sounded. Troy's tongue was licking at my dick, just like you lick a lollipop and my wienie-pop was feeling like nothing I'd ever felt before. Like when I stroked it, yeah, but more, wetter, softer, bigger, somehow.

And I moaned like that tomcat as Troy worked his tongue and mouth on my dick. I couldn't help myself, it just felt so good!

I had the most ecstatic, shivering orgasm I'd ever had, my little dick was writhing as Troy licked and sucked on it. When I finished, a quivering blob of a boy, Troy raised up, licking his lips and said, "You like that, B-Man?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah!" I moaned.

"Then how about you do it for me, now?" Troy said.

"Uh...okay." I said. "I'll try."

Troy got to his feet and his hands went to his jeans and unbuttoned them. When he unbuttoned and got them down to mid-thigh, I gaped and what he had unleashed. "Oh, my God!" I gasped out. "It's...it's huge!"

Troy smiled. "That's just because you've never seen one on a grown-up before."

"But...but what do I do with that?"

"Same thing I did to you." Troy urged me. "Come on, give it a try."

I looked over at Daddy, who was completely out now. His eyes were open, but he wasn't seeing or hearing anything, his head was moving, watching something that wasn't there.

Back at Troy. Troy who had kept my Dad in money, then as importantly, made him spend it on our rent and food before he could spend what was left on his drugs. Troy who wasn't hooked on drugs. Troy, who was my friend. He had said so. We were doing what friends did, what my other friends had never done with me.

Back at his cock. He was right. I could do this. I could try, anyway.

I reached out and took hold of it. It was like holding a large, warm banana. It even curved up a bit like a banana. I could hold onto a banana. That was easy. I could even pump it back and forth, the thick skin slipping back and forth along the shaft, the big bulb on the end a sort of reddish color and I watched a shiny drop form out of the slit.

"Oh, B-Man, that feels so good, baby." Troy sighed. "Can you take it in your mouth for me, now, B-Man? Let me feel your lips on it?"

"It's got something on it." I said, repulsed. "All slimy looking."

"That's my liquid love, B-Man." Troy explained. "Taste it for me, take it on your tongue." he begged me.

I grimaced, but leaned over and put my tongue to it. I was surprised by its taste. It was hot, salty, sticky, yes, but overall. "Hey, that's not so bad." I said.

"Taste the love, baby. Taste that love coming at you."

I put my lips on his glans and slid it carefully into my mouth. Like I said, it was like the size of a banana, I could handle that. It filled my mouth, but I could take it inside.

"Ooh, oh, watch those teeth, baby, keep everything on it all soft." Troy instructed, and I hastily obeyed. "Ooh, yeah, like that, now keep your mouth nice and wet, and take it like you did your hand, up and down, in and out, B-Man, smooth as butter and warm as a mother's tit."

I did what I could, and I must have gotten it all mostly right, because Troy was grunting as I slurped up and down on him. Like it was a frozen juice-pop I was sucking on instead of biting into. I liked to suck on them a while and then bite in and feel the cold sink into my teeth and flood my mouth.

But before I could think about acting on that with Troy (not that I really planned to, but it was a funny thought), Troy said, "Okay, B-Man, now it's time for the main event."

Huh? I thought as I let go and looked up at him. "What?" is what I said instead.

"Time for you and me to really get it on." Troy clarified.

Get on what? is what I thought. "Okay." is what came out.

I let Troy move me as he wanted, which was to get me back up onto the chair, but with my back on the seat and my head against the back. My buttocks were still hanging over the edge, except that Troy had hold of my legs and was holding me up like that. Then Troy knelt down and he was in between my legs, and then I felt his cockhead, still sticky with my spit, pushing against my buttocks and I realized just then what he meant by "main event" and "get it on."

"Oh, oh, Troy, I can't, I can't!" I gasped.

"Sure you can, B-Man, sure you can." Troy urged me. "It's not much bigger than when you take a poop." Yeah, he said "poop" which would have made me laugh, except that this was no time to laugh.

"I can't take it, I can't take it!" I cried out, because Troy was pushing now, he had his glans up against my sphincter and it was just a matter of time before that pressure would get it on inside me.

"Come on, B-Man, you can do it, you can take it." Troy said to me as he continued to push. "Just relax. Don't fight it. I love you, baby, you can take it for me because you love me, can't you? Can't you? Can't you?"

"I don't know." I sobbed. It was starting to hurt.

"Come on, B-Man, take it for me, because I love you." Troy said and he pushed in then, really hard!

"Oh, G-o-o-o-d!" I groaned. "Daddy, Daddy, I can't take this!"

Daddy just moaned and stirred, too lost in his fog to help me.

Troy pushed again and this time, the head of it popped in. I moaned and Troy said, "Now, B-Man, that's the hardest part. Now it's inside, we can let you get used to it, then I'll push it in a little bit more."

"I can't take it, I can't take it! Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"

"Your Daddy's out." Troy reminded me. "Out like he's always been! I'm the one been taking care of you, giving that bastard free drugs and taking him on my jobs and splitting the money with him. For you, B-Man, for you! Not for him, for you."

"For me? For me?" I sobbed.

"Yes, B-Man, all for you. Now, all you have to do is let me love you. You can do that, can't you? Can't you?"

"I don't know." I gasped out. "I don't know."

"Just lay still." Troy said. "It won't take much longer."

It took a long time, to me, at least it was a long time. I would begin to stop hurting, and then Troy would shove it in deeper and the pain would start in again. I was wondering if this would ever stop, when Troy finally said, "Okay, B-Man, that's got it all inside you. Get used to this, and that's all you have to do. I'll be able to fuck you when you get used to this."

"Fuck me?" I had heard the word before, of course, but as a curse word. "But you love me, you said you love me."

"I'll fuck you because I love you, B-Man." Troy whispered to me. "It's how you show someone you love them, you fuck them like I'm about to fuck you."

With that, I settled down some, and then when it stopped hurting, mostly, Troy began to hunch back and forth. That hurt again, but Troy started slowly, stopping again and again when my groans got too loud, and then after a while it didn't hurt at all any longer.

"Now you got it." Troy panted. "God, I've been wanting to fuck this hot little butt for so long. Told to wait until you were nine before I did it, and I did, I did wait. Even a couple months beyond your ninth birthday, B-Man. Now you're shooting up into a man and now you're big enough for me to fuck you. You'll like it when you get used to it enough, B-Man, you'll like it from now on, when I come by and fuck you."

He would do this again? I groaned and closed my eyes and endured it. Troy moved in and out of me, on and on.

And he was right. As he kept doing it, I found that there was this place inside me that began to feel better and better about having this big, hard dick in my butt. The rest of my ass stopped hurting, and it was there, waiting for me to be able to notice it. Troy was right, when I got past the pain of his getting his cock into my ass, it felt good!

"Oh, God, Troy, oh, God!" I moaned, and my fingernails bit into his arms.

Troy laughed in my face as he saw my pain turning to passion. "See, B-Man, I told you you'd like being fucked by me. I've been waiting to have you and now I have you and you are mine, B-Man, you are mine."

"Yours." I groaned, clutching him as he fucked me. "All yours."

"I'll keep feeding you and that Daddy of yours." he went on. "Even bring him by more drugs so I can get to you more often. We'll keep him doped up and when he's out, you're all mine."

"All yours." I groaned, closing my eyes. I belonged to him. It felt...good to belong to somebody. I had Daddy, but Daddy was hooked on dope, I took care of him more than he took care of me. Now, I had someone to take care of me. Troy was right, I could do this.

So I held on and Troy humped me faster and faster and I was groaning and then my body shook as I again found my body writhing in orgasm, and Troy felt that and his face flushed and his body tensed up and he threw his head back and he moaned, and I felt the hot flood of his spunk spray into my butt. It stung my ravaged ass, but it was Troy taking possession of me, for real and for all time, and I felt it as an initiation into Troy's life. It wouldn't hurt as much next time, and it would feel like it had when Troy was fucking me, I could do this, I could do it, I could do it! "I can do this!" I crowed out.

"You sure can." Troy choked out, he was out of breath and panting heavily. "You took it all and you took it good."

I held him tightly and he let me do that, and then he said, "It's getting late for you, B-Man."

"Aw, can't I stay up?" I said. "It's not a school night tomorrow."

"You need to get some sleep. And so do I, your Daddy and I have to go out and make him some more money."

"Will you be back soon?"

Troy shook his head. "Probably be three, four days this time." He said. "But don't you worry, now that you and me are best buddies, I'm going to leave you with a hundred dollar bill, and you use that to buy yourself all the food you want until we can get back. And I'll see to it your Daddy pays the rent for the month and buys your groceries, and then you and me and him will settle in for a nice, long rest. I'll come by every night to visit, so your Daddy will have all the drugs he can take, and you and me will have lots of time to have our own fun while he's crashed like he is now."

"Okay." I said, getting to my feet. My butt hurt, but it wasn't so bad now. I hugged Troy and went to my own bedroom and got in bed. Troy would wake Daddy up in a while, and then he and Daddy would get ready and leave in the early morning hours.

I'd be alone for a few days. Daddy was still hooked on drugs and that hadn't changed and probably never would. But now, with Troy coming around every night to get his fix of me after he gave Daddy his fix of drugs, I wouldn't be alone nearly as much from now on.

I guess you could say that Troy was hooked on me.


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