The Thing in the Basement

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by Eduardo

Illustration of The Thing in the Basement

Mom was tying her scarf around her hair as she looked at my older brother and me. "Now, you remember, Todd, you have to take the bowl of food downstairs into the basement at exactly six o'clock." she said to us. "Just set it down on the foot of the stairs and come right back up again, that's all you do."

"I'll remember, Mom." Todd said.

"Other than that, you two stay out of that basement." Mom said. "You know that, don't you?" She was looking at me when she said that. "Mike, you hear me?"

"I know, Mom." I said. And I shuddered. "I'm not going into that basement. It's creepy down there. And I hear stuff, at night."

"Sissy!" Todd slapped at my shoulder with his fist, not quite a strike, but like...a slap with his fist. I took it, Todd is twice my age, nearly fourteen years old, and he can take me down anytime he wants to.

"I'll be home about ten o'clock tonight." my mother went on. She shook her head. "I just wish the Professor was back from his symposium." The Professor boarded with us, and paid Mom a nice rent in exchange for his room and board plus the conversion of our garage into his personal laboratory. The Professor like having kids in the house usually, though we had to stay out of his laboratory/garage and, for the last few months, out of the basement, too, where he was keeping...something. We didn't know what, just heard it down there. Scratching sounds, moaning sounds, shuffling sounds, whining sounds.

Mom went on as she put on her raincoat, it was raining heavily outside. "I hate leaving you two alone here, but it's only for this one evening. Just take down the bowl of food and leave it like I said and leave the basement alone, no matter what you hear down there. It has one of the Professor's experiments down there, so just leave the bowl on the bottom step and get right back up. It won't bother you if you just leave it and get back up."

"Just leave it and get back up." Todd said. "You said that eighty-‘leven times now, I think I got it."

"So do it." Mom said. "I have to go now. You two behave. Your own dinner is in the fridge, you can heat it up in the microwave if you want to or eat it cold. I love you."

I let Mom kiss me with a smile, Todd barely endured it. And Mom was out the door and we two boys were alone in the house.

"Hooray!" I shouted and ran into the living room. "I want to watch ‘Power Rangers!'"

"No, we're going to watch ‘Saved by the Bell.'" Todd said immediately.

I should explain about Todd. Like many brothers, we had a hate-love-hate relationship going on. He made my life miserable anytime my mother left us alone for even a few minutes, I made up for it when she was around by tattling on every little thing he did. I won't apologize for that, when you're barely seven years old, you have to use any weapon you have against a 14-year-old brother out to make your life hell.

So my response was immediate. "No, I want to watch ‘Power Rangers.'" I said firmly. "If you don't let me, I'll tell Mom you took that five dollars out of her wallet last week. You know, the one she was looking for when we went grocery shopping and she had to put some things back because she was short."

"I didn't take no five dollars." Todd said in a voice that indicated that he had.

"Yeah, you did." I went on. "I saw you."

Todd was silent, then he said, "Make you a deal."

"What?" I was suspicious as you can well imagine.

"I'll let you watch ‘Power Rangers' if you'll do something for me." Todd said.


"I haven't decided yet." Todd said. "But that's the deal, Power Rangers now for something I want to do later."

"Well...okay." I decided. After all, the "Power Rangers" were now, whatever Todd wanted would be later.

So I got my "Power Rangers" show and then Todd switched it to the second episode (they ran two in a row) of "Saved by the Bell" but that was okay, I didn't like the show that followed "Power Rangers" anyhow.

And then it was six o'clock and I saw that and said, "Time for you to take the food bowl into the basement."

And then I knew I'd been set up, for Todd said, "No, it's time for YOU to take the food bowl into the basement."

"Nu-uh!" I said. "Mom gave you the job, remember?"

"And I let you watch ‘Power Rangers.'" Todd said cunningly. "So now you take down the food bowl instead of me. That's fair, isn't it?"




Well, it went on that way for a while, but since Mom wasn't around, Todd won out by sheer raw strength. And with me agreeing to do something he wanted in exchange for the "Power Rangers" show, I wasn't likely to win even when she heard about it afterward.

So I went to the kitchen and got the food bowl and tried to screw up my courage.

Whatever the Professor had in the basement, it moaned when I opened the door. I just stepped in and down the steps carefully. I didn't want to spill its food bowl. Whatever it was, it ate something that smelled pretty bad, like fish guts or something.

The thing was off on the other side of the basement. I'd heard the Professor say that he had taught it to stay away from the steps if it wanted us to leave it food there. It was the only reason I gave in to Todd even with him hitting me.

So I got it down to the bottom step and put the food bowl on it and then turned to run back up the steps as fast as I could.

And I heard the door lock click and the key turn. A deadbolt on the other side to lock the thing inside.

"Todd!" I shrieked at the top of the steps, hammering on the door.

"It's coming for you, Mike!" Todd taunted at the other side of the door. "It's coming to get you, Mike. Can't you hear it coming!"

"Todd!" I screamed as I beat at the door. "Todd! Let me out! Please! Let me out!"

"It's coming for you." Todd laughed fiendishly. "It's going to eat you, Mike! It's going to get you!"

"To-o-o-o-ddd!" I screamed, and then I shut up entirely.

Turned around slowly. It was at the foot of the stairs. The only light was from the bulb hanging right beside me, but I saw...enough, and I gulped hard!

Large and green, with tentacles that stretched out around and other things like tentacles that seemed to expand out (pseudopods?), so that I couldn't tell if it walked on tentacles or if it oozed from place to place, and used the tentacles to grab what it wanted.

It had lifted the food bowl up to its face, and a long, long tongue was licking up the goo in the bowl. Snuffling eagerly as it ate, it licked and slurped in a way any dog could envy.

Maybe if I just sat still, very, very still, here at the top of the stairs, it would go away again. Maybe if I sat here very still.

It finished eating and put the bowl back on the bottom step. Started to move away, and saw me.

It sort of...flowed up the steps. I shuddered. "Todd." I said. Whispered. Maybe it would leave me alone. " me, please!" I said softly as I could.

The thing was now up on the top of the steps, and those eyes, those big, big eyes, were looking at me.

Its mouth was just sort of a slit below the eyes. I didn't see anything like a nose on it at all. Or ears. Or shoulders or arms or body or what. Just all sort of...formless.

The mouth opened and out came a sound. "Uuuuuuh?" it questioned me.

I stammered out. "He-he-he-hell-hell-hello?"

"Uuuuuuuh?" It said again.

"Hello." The second time, at least I didn't stutter.

"Uuuuhh?" The sound was slightly different this time, more insistent.

"I'm...I' name is Mike." I said.


"Mike, yes." I nodded like a madman.


"My brother locked me down here. I don't want to hurt you, honest I don't. Please don't hurt me, either, okay? Okay?"


"Okay." I said, seizing the sound as agreement. "I'll just sit here real quietly and won't bother you."

And a tentacle came up and touched my cheek. It was round and didn't have any suctions on it, and the tentacle was dry and sort of soft-like. It moved like it would like a large glob of goo on me afterwards, but it didn't. Stroked my cheek and it was gone.

I put my hand up on my face, and felt it. It felt the same.

"I'm not going to hurt you." I said again. "If you won't hurt me, then...then okay."

"Uuukuhhh!" And the tentacles came back, several of them this time.

I shrieked full throttle when they wrapped around me. If Todd was going to do anything at all for me, he was going to do it now! I looked at the door and listened best I could...and heard nothing. I think he ran off and was hiding under his bed!

The thing carried me off in its tentacles held over itself as it flowed back down the stairs. It ferried me thus over to the far end of the basement, which seemed to be the closest thing it had to a nest for itself. The light here was the dimmest in the entire basement (it was furthest from the stairs after all), but I could see there was a lot of junk on the floor, wood shavings, newspapers, and such. None of it stank, I'm not sure how or if the thing took a crap or a whiz, but at least it didn't do it in this particular corner of the basement.

The thing lowered me onto its body and I stared once again into its eyes. "Please don't hurt me, Mr. Thing, please!" I whimpered to it. "I didn't mean to come down here and bother you. I fed you, remember, I fed you."

The tentacles were now running over my body. I might could have escaped now if I'd tried, but I was too scared to try. When a tentacle found the bottom of my pullover shirt and ran up underneath it, I let it. Even when the thing touched my nipples, both at once with two little blunt spikes it generated at its tip, and lingered on them, touching and rubbing them, I just held still and let it rub my tits. Another tentacle went up and onto my back and I groaned as it played over my body.

"Mr. Monster, sir." I pleaded with it. "Can I go now? Can I go sit at the top of the basement steps again and wait until Mom comes home and can let me out? Could I please?"

And the tentacles caught hold of my pullover and yanked it from two directions at once. The material held, then gave way with a "r-i-i-i-i-i-p" sound and I was suddenly barechested except for rags ranging off each of my arms. And the tentacles came in and stroked over my chest, as the thing watched me, its eyes looking at me.

And the tongue came out and I shivered. It was going to eat me! It was going to eat me and Mom wouldn't find anything left of me but some bones...maybe! "Oh, God!" I moaned in my terror.

And the tongue licked over me, licking and licking my body. I guess it tasted the sweat of my fear which had sprung out all over, but it licked and licked and then one of the other tentacles found its way up my shorts leg. It hit my briefs and didn't seem to like the feel of it, because it drew back and ran itself over my bare legs below the briefs elastic line and then another tentacle joined in, and then another, and then the thing was tearing my shorts away. They were tougher, of course, but the thing's tentacles shredded them like so much scrap paper.

The briefs were now my only real clothing other than my shoes and socks, and the tentacles had found my shoes. I guess it planned to peel me before it ate me. The tentacles managed to pull my sneakers off without any trouble.

Then they came up to figure out my briefs. The material was tight on my body and they didn't seem to be able to get a purchase at first. Then one pod slid up the inside of one leg and across the crack of my buttocks and it was inside, and then others were and the material stretched and then broke. The elastic band held, but the thing had a hold on them, now, and it ferried them down my legs. And now I was naked enough to munch on!

The tongue returned to lap at my body. It seemed to like the heavy oils of my body inside my butt-crack, and it licked me cleaner than toilet paper ever could. The tongue had some sort of rasp-like objects on it that made it a bit rough to take. Then it found my balls and the tongue liked the taste of them, too. It stayed on them, flicking slowly back and forth, and the pods joined it in covering my groin. Others kept to the task of holding me in place, and tasting my armpits, my knee sockets, my elbow insides. But it liked my crotch the best.

Soft, pliable, warm, it moved over my cock and it curled about my tube as it expanded up and out from my body. I was getting a stiffie from this! I hadn't ever touched myself much, so I knew a little about what was going on. If I touched myself like this a lot, I would feel this really nice tingle in my dick. I guess my body knew that and was letting the thing's strokes carry it toward that tingle.

"Oh, Mr. Monster, sir, you shouldn't do that." I said to it earnestly. "I'm not supposed to let anyone touch me there, you see. It's my own private place and you should ought to touch me like that."

One of the pods, a small slender one, had managed to completely circle my little shaft twice, and it was moving, and that was all she wrote, folks.

I gasped and sighed as the pod moved upon my prick, feeling it, knowing it was doing that, but still felt good! "Ooh, oh, Mr. Monster, oooh!" I sighed.

"Oooohhh?" it said back to me.

"Ooh, oh, ooh, yeah, oooohhh!" I agreed.

"Ooohhhh!" it said and the tentacle on my dick got faster.

And I felt something hard and slimy slap me on my leg. I looked down and... "Oh, no!" I said. "Mr. Monster, you got one, too!"

And it did. Coming out of this little bump it had, just like a dog's is all covered up most of the time until it slides out all red and wet, this thing's prick was rising up and swelling large and pink.

"Uh, that's a big one, Mr. Monster." I said to the thing.


"Yeah, big!" I said.

"Muuhhh!" The long, pink dong was now resting against my leg.

I did the only thing I could think of, I began to move my leg back and forth so the thing's pud would be stroked by my leg movement. It didn't work very well, but the thing got the idea.

My hand and arm was lowered down by the thing, it was aiming my hand at its dong. By now, I was ready to do whatever it took to make this thing happy, and figured if Mom got home, she could come up with a way to get me away from this monster the Professor was keeping in our basement. Only Mom wouldn't be back until about ten o'clock and it couldn't even be six-thirty yet!

But if I had to pump on its willy for the next three or four hours, then I had to. Better that than getting eaten!

So I wrapped my hand around the thing's prick and it gave out a nice, happy-sounding "uuuuhhh!" when I did that.

"Yeah, uhhhhh!" I said to the thing. "Uhh, uhh, uhhh!"

"Uhhhhh!" And the thing's pod around my own prick sped up and now I moaned out in truth. And I got my own hand busy. A friend and I had done this once, pumped each other until it tingled. If I could do it with Jimmy, I could do it with this thing.

And then I felt a pod go where it shouldn't go! It had found my butthole and the slender little pseudopod was worming itself inside like...well, like a worm! These pods had torn my shorts off of me, my little sphincter was no real challenge.

I gave a gasp when it managed to push inside me and then the pod wriggled its way inside I don't know how far. All I know is that it started feeling bigger and wider at my asshole.

So I felt the pressure as it spread my hole wider and wider. And the wriggling was still going on, and that wriggling found something inside me that it decided to play with.

Which was fine with me. I never had guessed that about myself, inside my asshole was these little bumplike places that felt so, so, very, very, VERY good when they were stroked by the thing's pods. A few strokes of that and I was climaxing my little-boy climax, shuddering and shivering and squirming in the thing's multi-clutching embrace. I writhed in its hold, and it peered at me intently all the while, and then when I was done, limp and panting, its tongue reached up and tasted the sweat of my face. Like it was kissing me.

When the tongue found my mouth, I didn't fight it, I let it slide in and met the tongue-tip with my own. I think the thing liked that, for the tongue didn't dive into my gullet like it could have, it just played with my own tongue.

And the thing shifted me on its lap (or whatever part of it I was semi-standing, semi-sitting, semi-hanging-over), and the tentacles about my legs pulled them wide apart as it lowered me.

Right onto that huge, pink pud! I felt it touch my dilated sphincter and I groaned. "Oh, Mr. Monster, no, you shouldn't ought to do that, it's not right, it's not nice, not a nice thing at all, no, sir!"

But the thing's prick slipped itself in anyway. I'd already been stretched out, I didn't have any trouble taking this tube of monster-dick inside myself. It felt felt like a tube of butter I'd felt in my hands once, the butter inside all warmed up and mostly melted, the outside greasy from the place where the tube had been punctured a couple of times (it was at school, and I'm not sure what that tube of butter was for, just that I had hold of it that time) and it felt like that, only it was my bowels feeling it instead of my hand. All warm and soft and...well...buttery-greasy.

And I got my own dick all hard all over again. The tentacle felt it and began to ply itself again with the same skill it had before. The thing wanted me to enjoy it fucking my butt.

And I did. The thing was moaning those wordless words it had and I was moaning myself, while it moved my body and made me fuck myself on its dong as it lay beneath me. I felt my own tingling start in again, but this time...there was more to it than the tingle. I felt a rising sort of...majesty building within, and a sense of everything coming together at once, like the stars were all collecting to form a brand-new sun, here in the dimly lit basement, and I whined like the thing as I neared my orgasm.

"Oooh, oh, uh, uhhh, guhhh, uhhh!" I said to the thing.

"Uuuhhh, muhhhh, muhhh, guhh, uhhhhh!" It said to me.

"Ooh, oh, gah, uh, I'm ready, I'm ready, now, now, now-ow-owooooooohhhh!"

"Uhh, uhhh, uuuuhhhh, muh, uh-UHHH-UHHHHHHH!" the thing blasted itself into me.

I was shooting a little bit of jizz myself I think, my very first, but it wasn't a drop compared to the huge load spraying into me from the thing's prick. It was like being hosed on my insides, and I felt the hot seed churning inside me and I sank into a semi-oblivion atop him and the thing itself seemed tired, and it let me down to lie against its body, the tentacles wrapped me around until I was covered up with the thing, and it held me and warmed me and soothed me as I sighed, actually kind of happy-satisfied, in its formless embrace.

After a time, I screwed up my courage and I said, "Mr. Monster, sir?"


"Can I get up and go now?" I said. "I think I hear Todd upstairs."

"Muhhhh!" And the thing must have understood me, for it let me go and lay where it was as I raced over and up the stairs, naked, ravaged, but quite whole.

I got upstairs and I heard a voice. "Mom!" I called out. "Mom, I'm in here! Let me out!"

"Mike? Mike!" And the deadbolt flew aside with a clank, the door was yanked open and I jumped into my mother's arms.

"Oh, there you are." Todd said sullenly.

"Mike, what were you doing in there?" My mom asked.

"He locked me in there!" I said, pointing a fierce finger at my older brother. "He tricked me into taking the food bowl down and he locked the door and he left me in there!"

"Oh, Mike, my God!" My mother looked at me. "What...what happened to your clothes?"

All I had on were a couple of rags at my wrist and one sock that had stayed on somehow.

"It was the thing, Mom!" I said. "The thing caught me and carried me over to its side of the basement and it just pulled my clothes off of me. It held me and touched me and tasted me. I thought it was going to eat me, but it didn't!"

"Oh, honey, are you all right?" Mom asked me.

"Yeah, but it's no thanks to Todd!" I said, turning her ire on my brother where it belonged.

The end result of that was that my older brother (you must admit the guy had problems of some kind, doing that to his own little brother) was taken off to a hospital somewhere. Mom wanted to kick the Professor out then and there, but I argued her out of it. After all, I said, the thing hadn't really hurt me at all. It had even been kind of nice to me, I said. "It's not a bad thing, I concluded, "just a, just...just some thing and I think it's lonely and it wanted me to play with it."

Well, Mom really needed the money the Professor paid her, especially with Todd off getting his head shrunk, so she finally agreed to let both the Professor stay in his room and our garage, and the thing to stay in our basement.

And now, after Mom goes to bed, I sneak out of my room at night. Where I have something waiting for me in the basement. Some thing, that is.

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