"Sure." he came toward me, his hand swept my books off the bed. I was too entranced by his eyes to worry about that. "You and I are the best friends ever in the year 2012."

"Cool!" I said again. "So you came back here to help me in some way, then, only you can't tell me why you're doing it?"

"That's about right." He agreed. "So, will you trust me on this?"

I considered this. A guy from the future asks you to trust him...do you? "Yeah." I decided. "I mean, you had to do a lot to come back from the future to visit me, it must be important."

"Oh, it's really important." he agreed.

"Okay." I said. "What do you want me to do?"

"Just lay back on the bed for me." he said. "And don't be surprised by anything I do. I have my reasons, and they're really, really important."

"Okay."I did as he said.

I looked down, surprised as his hands went to my pants. "What are you doing?" I asked as he unbuttoned them and unzipped them. My briefs, red with white trim, were underneath that.

"I said don't be surprised." he repeated.

"Okay." I said. Now my briefs were being fished inside, and he had hold of my willy. "Ooh!" was all I could say to that.

"Nice little dickie my little Stevie has on him, doesn't he?" Jeff said. "Such a nice, pretty little dickie."

I had to giggle at that. "Yeah." I gasped as his fingers began to work it. "It's a pretty nice little dick."

"You like the way this feels, do you, Stevie?"

"Yeah, I guess." I said.

"It's really important to me that you like this, Stevie." Jeff said. "It's important to the future."

"Oh." I said. "Well, yeah, I like it when you do that." And I did, too.

His hand was really moving up and down on my dick, now. "Ooh, oh, that's good, that's real good." I moaned, closing my eyes.

"Yeah, Stevie, really get into this, love how it feels with my hand moving up and down on your dick. Love it, baby, love how it feels. You want this, don't you, Stevie, you want it and you are going to keep wanting it, aren't you?"

"Yeah, Jeff, yeah!" I moaned. "Oh, it feels good, it, oh, oh, oh!"

"Are you coming, Stevie?"

"Yeah, oh, oh, OH, OH, OH, OOOHHHHH!" I groaned as my body shivered with my miniature ecstasy. "Oh, ah-huh, a-huh, huh, uh, uh, uh!"

"That's my good little boy, that's my good little Stevie." Jeff said as I lay panting on the bed. "That felt good, didn't it?"

"Yeah, Jeff." I said, as my vision cleared again and I sat up.

"You liked that, didn't you?"

"Sure, Jeff."

"Good." Jeff said. "That's what I came here to do. This time."


"Yeah." He stepped back into his machine. Leaned out the door and said, "Remember how good it felt, and wait for me, because I'll be back soon enough."

"Okay." I said, and lay back on the bed.

"Steve? Steve, it's Mom. I'm home." called my mother, and I hurried got my clothes fastened back up.

* * * * *


I was sitting at my desk when the memory came to me. I sat bolt upright and eyes wide and said, "That bastard! That sneaky bastard!" I got up and went down the hall to Jeff Priverno's office, slammed the door open and saw him just stepping out of his machine. "You rotten fucker! You seduced me!"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" protested Jeff.

"You went back in time and popped into my bedroom. Jesus, Jeff, I was only nine years old! And you got me on my bed and played with my dick, you miserable jerk!"

"Hey, you loved it." Jeff grinned at me, and that was the grin I'd seen as a child in my bedroom thirty years ago. "You moaned so prettily, too!" His grin...Jeff was practically pretty, such a firm, square jaw and pearl-white skin beneath silken black hair. I always felt a bit lumpish and ugly around him, though I have nothing in particular to complain about in the looks department. I'm good-looking enough for all practical purposes. But Jeff could pose for magazine covers. The difference between good enough and great. You have to resent that about a guy some, you know?

"God, you bastard, I'm going to call the police on you!"

"Yeah? And tell them what?" Jeff challenged me.

That stopped me. Nobody knew we'd designed a time machine here at Fransen University. If they had, they probably would have converged on us in force, taken it, and started using it to try to wipe out dictators or killing Hitler or something. The principle at our university was to study time travel without trying to influence anything. Non-interference was the prime directive...and Jeff had just tampered. With my life! With me!

Only...how could I explain Jeff's crime without giving away the entire project.

What I did was growl and walk out of his office, his laughter following me down the hall.

"That bastard, that skanky, filthy bastard!" I said. God, even if I told the other professors, that could kill the project, too. And we were so close, now! With the second machine, we were really beginning to understand how time operated. Could we go back and rescue, say, the Library at Alexandria, and not have it ripple through and destroy everything since? Would we return to a world controlled by the Roman Empire? By the Nazis?

So we had to make little changes, so very little. So far, nothing had done anything to our own time. Although I have to say this about Jeff's little "experiment" on nine-year-old me...it had made a difference to me!

Suddenly, I had a memory of seeing Jeff when I was nine, of him telling me he was from the future and using that fact to molest me!

What about me? Was I different now? Was I still myself...or had I changed without even knowing it?

Back in my own office, I looked at my own machine. We all had one, now, we were at the stage of needing personal machines for our experiments. Once you had the principle, the machinery was dead easy. Like flying was mostly a matter of designing the wings the right way and getting up enough speed to take off. Now we were all doing micro-experiments in changing time...Jeff had simply gone a bit too damned far! He'd changed things, without changing them, by changing my memories, my life!

I looked at my own machine again...and thought, well, two can play that game!