“Okay.” Jeffrey said and tossed me the magazine. I caught it, crumpling the pages, and he got off the bed. “You got the pizza?”

“Sure, it’s on the coffee table.” I said. I followed him back to the living room and figured I had pretty much dodged the bullet. Jeffrey was only eight, so it may not have fazed him any.

And so I figured all the way until bedtime. Jeffrey had watched television with me without any complaints and while I saw him looking at me sometimes, I didn’t think that much about it.

Jeffrey got in the bathroom and I got ready for bed. I was down to my underwear and sitting on the bed, when Jeffrey came out of the shower and I said, “You need a nightlight to sleep by?”

“Nu-uh.” Jeffrey said and came over to me. “I need something else, though.”

“What?” I asked him.

“I need to suck your dick.” Jeffrey said and got down between my legs, dropping like a rock.

“What the fuck?” I gasped out.

Jeffrey’s hands were at my briefs, older, baggy things, they didn’t put up any resistance to him pulling the elastic band out and down and then he had a handful of my cock!

“Jeffrey, what the.... Jesus Christ, Jeffrey, what are you doing?”

“Sucking your dick.” Jeffrey said and he promptly did just that. His little mouth opened up and he scarfed my cock into it.

Illustration of Mine for the Weekend I could only gasp. “Jeffrey, what are you doing, you can’t do that!”

Jeffrey’s lips closed around my cock and tightened and he lifted back up slowly, pulling my cock’s skin up and over the glans. Oh, God, that felt so good! Then he slid back down, and the glans was milked back down, and then back up, and I felt my glans ooze a hot bead of precome and land on his tongue. “Oh, God!” That time I whispered it.

“Mmmph!” Jeffrey lifted off my cock and said, “Tastes nice. You like this?”

What could I say to that? My body was telling the truth no matter what I said. “Yeah, I like it.” I said.

“Those guys in the magazine were grinning about being sucked.” Jeffrey said. “And the guys doing it seemed to like it.” Maybe Jeffrey had seen more magazines of mine than I’d thought! “So I wanted to see what it’s like. It’s nice.”

And Jeffrey went back to sucking me. I just gave up, laid back on the bed, and let him suck me. God, it had been so long since I’d been sucked. My last few excursions into the city had been rather tedious things, the men had been uninspired lovers. This kid was showing them up with the vigor and excitement of youthful exploration and exhilaration. He loved sucking my cock and dove onto it with zest and delight. His lips were wringing my pud hard, and I marveled how little skill it takes when there is enthusiasm to feed the fire.

I was groaning and thrashing about on the bed, I’d raise my head up to look down on that sweet face buried in my crotch, then I’d lay back and contemplate the bare ceiling, and let the feelings flow from my prick out in all directions throughout my body. Jeffrey was indefatigable, he was moving with a smooth motion and his lips kept clamped upon my prong tight enough to make every motion of his head a joy, and I writhed under his clutching, wrenching face, my cock was on fire, ready to explode, ready to drench this tender young mouth with my heavy cables of hot nut-juice spraying upwards, I could soak him the way I felt, send all the frustration of a score of months with little or no sexual release save for the unsatisfying ministrations of my own hand, and my balls gurgled with the chance to really let loose at last, at last, pour it out, pour it all out and drown this hot young kid with my jizz!

And I felt climax clawing at the back of my brain and I gasped, “I’m coming, Jeffrey, I’m coming, I’m going to shoot it, going to shoot!”

And Jeffrey let go with his lips and started wanking me! I was lost to my passion, I groaned, “No, Jeffrey, don’t stop sucking, take it all, take it all in your mouth, please, oh, God, hurry!” For my orgasm, for better or worse, was upon me.

Jeffrey did, he moved and his lips enclosed me, and that was when I came, his hand still at the base, but his lips sliding down and I moaned, thrust upwards to drive my cock into his mouth, and I spurted then! All the stars in heaven exploded in my brain at the same time, and orgasm pounded my skull, I groaned, snarled, roared my rapture, and Jeffrey was getting drenched but good. His little mouth couldn’t contain me, he choked, sputtered, and I felt my hot seed splatter my groin and Jeffrey was rising up and my spunk splashed his face as he did and his hand milked at me and he let the rest of my load spurt onto his face!

“Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God, Jeffrey, oh, oh, ahhhhh, uhhh, uhhhh!” I sputtered as my climax released me and I felt back onto the sweat-drenched covers, panting hard.

“Wow.” came a small voice. Jeffrey.

I rose my head like raising an anvil, with great labor, and I saw his face and said, “Are you all right?” My sperm was all over his face, he was splattered with patches of spunk on his cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

Jizz-splashed as he was, Jeffrey climbed up onto the bed to lie beside me. “That was so cool!” he said.