Submarine Attack

Surrounded by screeching children, I lay upon the water of the pool, stretched out and trying to relax. So much damned stress in my life, from my job, from my family, from my finances. My analyst had told me to find some way to relax and had suggested this tactic when he learned there was a pool in my apartment courtyard, to lay back and let the water carry me.

Trouble was, he hadn't told me how to tell all the damned brats who lived in the building from yelping and screeching and splashing and churning the water. They were mostly in the shallow end, of course, where their mothers congregated, yammering away, yelling at their children, arguing with each other, adding their volubility to the din. I had promised my analyst that I would lie in the pool every day for a half hour, and by God, I was going to stay here and relax, damn it, relax and dream about happy things, happy things, happy, happy, happy....

"Cannonball!" came the yelp near me and then a damned big splash right next to me. When you float on water, you are on a delicate balance, the water in your body and the water in the pool, your lungs and the air in your body's central cavity keeps you afloat and out of the water, but barely, you can be swamped so easily, so easily....

So the kid did his "cannonball" by hitting the water with his knees clasped in his hands, and I ended up discombobulated and I sank like a stone.

I rose up, sputtering and looked over. The kid was like a miniature version of Matt Damon. Honest, the same eyes, same cheeks, same jaw-line, same skin color, same hair. Kind of caused me to pause in the angry blast I had intended to give him.

As I paused, the kid said, "Hah, I blew you out of the water! I was a dive-bomber!"

Somehow, that made all my anger at him float away. "More like a depth charge." I told him, laughing.

"Russ! Russ! Get away from him!" came a female voice. "Don't bother that man!"

"It's all right." I told her. It was, it really was. I was here to relax, and if a kid playing around me would help me relax, that was all to the good. Hell, I wasn't going to get into mediation with this crowd around anyhow!

"Well...if he gets on your nerves, let me know." his mother settled for saying.

I was going to offer to play a game with the kid, throw a beach ball or something, but he had swam away. I shrugged, settled back down. Lie back and let the water carry me. Everything is placid, everything is calm. Just let the water carry me and if I fall asleep, that's okay....

And I was rammed from underneath and turned over. Again, I was flailing, my relaxation mode disturbed and had to find the right way up again. I came out of the water and again, there was that care-free laugh.

"Torpedo attack!" Russ said to me triumphantly.

Again, looking at that face, so pretty and so happy and free of trouble, I couldn't be mad at him. He was just having fun, having fun with me, a complete stranger, but he was ready to make me his fun-time friend.

"Looks like I can forget about trying to rest here." I said. "Okay, Russ, you got my attention. You want to play, let's play. You want me to be the battleship, fine. Come and get me." And I lay back down, but this time I was on my stomach, face out of the water, watching him carefully. No more catching me off guard! "I'm a big ugly battleship. Whoo-whoo-whoo!" I said. "Where's that torpedo? Where is it?"

And Russ dived. I mean, deep. I watched him under the water, he moved under me, and I turned my head, saw his legs kick him back the way he had come, and looked around. I had lost Russ under the water! Sheesh, this kid was good!

And then I felt his "attack!" The little hand had grabbed my leg! Another hand was pulled at the leg of my swimsuit, pulling it open, and the hand was sliding up into my swimsuit! He was stopped only by the mesh that functions as substitute underwear in the swimsuit, he was fumbling at my balls, but couldn't do anything more.

Shit, I threw a hell of a hardon! I thought hard (okay, I thought with a great deal of concentration) about what I should do about this. Kids get curious, experimental, God knows I had done a lot of stuff like this when I was Russ' age with my friends. So Russ was doing it with an adult. It was all innocent, wasn't it? I couldn't make a big deal out of this, it would mess the kid up, give him a complex, I was sure of that. You can't blame a kid for being curious about this big secret that adults won't tell him about....

Jeez, this kid was underwater a long time! His hand was still up inside my suit, he was fondling my now-hard cock and doing a pretty good job of sliding his hand up and down my shaft on the outer side of it, and I was still waiting for him to come up for air, so I could talk to him, tell him that while curiosity was normal, you really shouldn't play with a man's cock while underwater in the pool! He might get the wrong idea. He might give the man the wrong idea. He might ideas. Ideas like the one that was jutting out my swimtrunks nearly as much as his small hand was, as it moved up and down my shaft.

Come up, kid, come up! Jeez, how long can a kid hold his breath underwater? It had been a long time, him still underwater. Isn't there a limit how long you can hold your breath underwater? How much longer could he stay under there and play with my dick? Me on top of the water, lying there, him beneath me, covering him, my body shielding him from the eyes of his mother, the other children, the other mothers, none of them knowing that this guy floating down in the deep end of the pool had a kid's hand up his swimtrunks playing with his cock through the mesh.

I think it was close to five minutes that Russ was underneath me, playing with me, before he came up for air. When he did, he was gasping for air for a time there, all right, but he was grinning all the way through it.

"You all right?" I asked him after he took a half-dozen times.

He nodded, grinned. "I can breath for...a long time!" he bragged.

"You sure can." I agreed. Let the kid get his breath and then give him a kind-but-stern lecture about the dangers of grabbing hold of a man's "little friend" and so on.

His next words were, "That was my...submarine attack! I got you...good, didn't I?"

"Yeah." I said.

"My friends and...I play like...that all the time." he went on. "It's fun, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it's fun all right." I had to agree.

"Only, your dick was...different from theirs." Russ said. "I never touched's dick before. It was weird."

"It's not weird." I defended. "It happens when you grow up."

"Oh, I know that." Russ said with the scorn only a child can lay on you. "My dad's got videotapes."


"Men and women doing it." Russ explained. "And some men doing it with men, too."

"Yeah?" Russ' dad was bisexual, eh? You can learn the darnedest things from the mouths of children.

"I liked those ones best." Russ said. He swam over next to me, his voice went down to a level that was conspiratorial, not a whisper (for that wouldn't have been heard in the din around us), but a lower tone, "I wanted to try those games with my friends, but they don't want to do it. They think it's nasty. But I don't. Can I do it with you?"

I'd had almost five minutes to let my dick argue with my common sense and the outcome get decided the way it always does...when you're a big, dumb male, that is! "I guess so." I said in lieu of the "yes, please, yes!" I wanted to say. "What do you want to do, come by my place later?"

"Sure." Russ said. "That, too." and, his breath recovered, he dove down again. This time, he went for my waistband, which was about five inches below water, and he got the tie undone and my trunks were skinned down my legs. My defense against Russ' hands vanished with the mesh and his hand grasped it firmly as he came up again, holding on tight.

"What are you doing?"

Russ grinned. "Submarine attack. Are you ready?"

Illustration of Submarine Attack "Here?" I said, looking around. Nobody was paying us much attention, the kids in the shallow end had a volleyball-like game going.

"Sure." Russ said. "I bet I can do it. You'll see!" And he dove back down again.

My God! What was I going to do now? I shouldn't have let it go this far, I was going to get caught, someone was going to see... "Oh, God!" I gasped out. "Oh, God!"

Russ had his lips around my cock, underwater! I couldn't believe it! This was insane, I must be crazy to let this kid do this to me, here! I must be... "Oh, God!" I said again, and this time it was more of a groan.

How can I describe it? It was like I was living in two worlds at once. One was above water, filled with noise and kids and women and yelling and noise and sight and sound.

Underwater, it was the opposite, nobody down there but Russ, no noise from him, only the feeling of his warm, soft lips in the warm, bright, silent water! All I had to do was close my eyes, shut out the noise around me, shut out the world above...and my life was below water with him, my cock my only source of sensation, and that was of pure pleasure, pure delight, the feeling of an eager, inquisitive, enthusiastic young boy working his magical lips upon my cock, making it alive, as he moved with a smooth motion that told me he must have practiced somehow on this, maybe upon a banana or such, but he didn't choke or gag or miss a stroke or anything you'd expect of a beginner. Russ wasn't a virgin in the strict sense, ignorant of what he was supposed to do. He'd studied his father's videotapes well! And his talent was unmistakable, my cock was telling me emphatically just how good he was!

Russ surfaced to catch his breath, and clutched at me, I held him in my arms while he panted. "How am I doing?" He asked me. "Am I doing it right?"

"You're great!" I assured him. "You couldn't be doing it any better!"

"Good." Russ said and that angelic smile lit his face again. "I practiced on a cucumber that looked the right size. Just like the guys on the videotape. Yours is smaller than the cucumber, though, so it's easy, doing it with you."

And he slipped out of my hands and back down while I considered this, bemused. I'd just been compared to a cucumber...and not favorably!

His mouth went back over my prick and suddenly I was glad that cucumber had beaten me! If it hadn't, Russ might have not been able to take me. As it was, he was gliding upon my dong like an old pro...and I was reaping the benefit!

"Oh, yeah." I murmured to him, knowing my low voice would be lost in the sounds around me. "Good boy, Russ, suck my dick for me, boy, God, you're good! Oh, yeah, oh, yeah!"

I staggered, foundered, sank beneath the water as my pleasure built, falling in body as I rose in delight, until I was near the bottom of the pool, Russ down there with me, holding on as I hit my climax and squirted my jizz into his throat. Russ gulped it down eagerly, he had been expecting it all, and he was slurping and drinking me down, my little boy-mermaid, the two of us writhing in the water.

Only my stern will kept me from breathing under the water, I knew better but my body craved air, and that intensified the orgasm, and in that ecstatic suffocation, I finished my climax and, my lungs burning, my senses dimming, I climbed back up to the light and burst up into the air, gulping in a large gulp and damped back down, my hands flailing, keeping myself above-water, I had to be above-water, I had to BREATHE!

Russ burst the water right after me, he was gasping, too, and I caught him and held him as he started breathing again.

"You all right?" I asked him.

"Yeah." he said. "Whew, that was something! I was about to let go to get some more air and then you grabbed hold of me and pulled me under."

"I'm sorry." I said quickly. I had no memory of doing that! Did I? My brain processed the information, yes, I had caught hold of him with my legs as I went down, it was what had kept both of us down, the fact we were hanging onto each other like we were.

"Russ? Russ?" came the call. "What are you two doing down there?"

What were we doing? I panicked, turning my head.

But Russ kept his cool. Or maybe he didn't have my qualms about what we'd just done! "We were just playing, Mom!"

"Well, okay, then." No, Mom hadn't seen anything. "You two were making quite a ruckus down there."

I was hitching at my trunks, and got them back up over my hips to where they belonged. For a moment, I'd wondered if I'd lost them entirely. That would have been a scandal, naked in a pool!

"Russ, come down here!" Russ' mother was calling him. "Time to get you dried off and make supper!"

"Okay, Mom." Russ turned to me. "See you later, okay?"

"Sure, kid." I agreed. I watched him swim off, the picture of simple innocence, one of the kids. There seemed to be a general agreement here, all the mothers were calling their children in and drying them off, taking them to their apartments. Inside of five minutes, I was alone in the pool. Just a couple of sunbathers still, and they were quiet.

I lay back on the water and let it hold me. Think peaceful and serene thoughts, I told myself. You have to relax.

Heck, this was easy now! I'd never felt more relaxed in my life! I was practically falling asleep here!

I hadn't needed an analyst after all! All I'd needed was an eager young boy who wanted to play submarine!