Now, where did I put that candy bar? I’d bought it the day before and didn’t get to it, so I stuck it away and figured on having it later. Well, this was later, and I’d better get used to sneaking my sweets where I could.

I’d just dug it out when Tony walked in on me. “Mom!” he promptly belted out. “Mom, Pudge’s got a candy bar!”

I stuffed it back into my bedside drawer where I’d put it. “I have not!” I said.

Mom came upstairs. “Now, Paul, you can’t have any sweets right now, baby.” she said to me.

“I don’t have any candy, Tony’s making it up!”

“He stuck it in his nightstand!” Tony gleefully tattled on me. “He put a Snickers bar in there!”

And Mom actually came over to my bedside.

“Mom!” I protested. “It was my last one! Honest!”

“I’ll just put it away for you, and you can have it when the doctor says you can have it.” Mom explained.

“Better take his piggy bank too!” Tony suggested. “Otherwise, he’ll be buying candy on the way to school.”

Mom looked at me, and I guess I looked guilty. I had planned on doing just that. What she said next took a while, so I’ll spare you the details. I got reminded how this was for my own good and I couldn’t cheat, no matter how much I wanted to, because it was only until I could bring my weight down to where it should be. And to my mortification, Tony was drafted into being my personal guard the entire time until I was down to weight. He was to walk to school with me, meet me for lunch (which I was to carry instead of buy) and (worst of all!), Tony got to handle my allowance for me until I was down that forty pounds. I was to watch my weight the rest of my life and hope that I didn’t develop diabetes in the future, something which the doctor couldn’t offer any guarantees no matter how I ate.

And then I went down to dinner. A piece of broiled fish and a pile of vegetables. I ate that while Tony wolfed down the pizza Mom had made for the rest of the family. God, I wanted a piece of that pizza so bad!

My lunch was as bad, a bran muffin and carrot sticks and an apple. Trust me, nobody wants to trade for any of that. And I didn’t have a dime in my pocket to buy anything. Even if I had, Tony was watching me like a hawk from his own table nearby.

And he kept on watching. He could torment me and earn points with Mom and Dad at the same time! By the third day, I was so hungry, I could have eaten the wallpaper! My stomach growled all the time, I was sick of chewing lettuce and broccoli and eating bran flakes for breakfast. Mom tried with the food, really...but with no sugar and no fat, it all tasted the same to me...bleah!

The third day when I got home, I was beaten. Ready to beg. Tony was on his bed, with a bag of marshmallows. I drooled when I saw them. “Tony?” I said, whining.

Tony didn’t need to hear me ask. “No, you can’t have any.” And he picked up a handful of them, and crammed them all in his mouth at once.

I moaned when I saw that. God, marshmallows! “Please, Tony! I’m awful hungry.”

“You have to wait until dinner.” Tony mumbled around his mouthful of sugary sweets. “Mom said so. I think she’s making you something with cauliflower and chicken. We’re getting tuna casserole.”

I groaned. “Tony, God! I got to have something to eat! Anything, man, anything at all! Even a bran muffin! Can’t I get an extra muffin, even? Anything to eat, I’m so hungry, I’ll eat anything!” I whimpered. I’ll do anything, just give me something to eat!”

“I got something you can eat.” Tony offered.

“Huh?” I looked up at him.

Tony was cupping his crotch. “You want to chow down on this?”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Hey, you said you wanted something to eat.” Tony offered. “Said you’d eat anything.”

“I meant food.” I clarified.

“So did I.” Tony said. “You work this dick, I’ll give you this bag of marshmallows.”

I don’t think you can understand the level of my temptation here. Three days without proper food. Your stomach shrinks when you’re on a diet...but it takes about a week to do that. I was hungry in a way I’d never been before. And...marshmallows.

So I gulped hard and said, “Mom wouldn’t find out?”

Tony looked at me, I don’t think he really expected me to agree. But now that I had. “No, I wouldn’t tell Mom.” he said. “Just between you and me.”

“Well...okay, then.” I said. “But you promise?” Those marshmallows were calling my name, otherwise, I never would have agreed.

“Sure, I promise.” Tony began to pull at his sweatshorts and tugged them down, lifting up his hips to get them down to his knees. His jock was next and then his fat dong was slopped over onto one leg. Tony is really lucky, his dick is so big and fat. “Okay, Pudge, come on and chow down on this, and then you can chow down on these.” He showed me the half-full bag. Had to be over twenty marshmallows left in there. I could eat them one at a time, chew them slowly, they’d last me about fifteen minutes that way. Fifteen whole minutes of sweets!

That thought steeled me for what I did next, which was to kneel down by Tony’s bed and lean over his crotch. His cock, which had been flaccid on his leg, began to jerk and rise up as I neared it. A pearl of clear pre-come bubbled up at the tip.

“Come on, Pudge.” Tony said to me, his voice going hoarse from his lust. I knew Tony whacked off every night and usually in the bathroom in the morning, too. So he was always ready to get off again. “Come on, suck on that big sausage of mine.”