“What the shit!” I exclaimed. While Brett had been looking at Mark, I’d been looking at the magazines. Remember, I had hoped to be able to borrow them, I’d seen Mark’s wiener way too often, and even seen him jerking it more than once. You can’t share a room with your little brother and not see that. Or get seen doing that.

But these magazines. They weren’t pictures of guys and girls having sex. Or even of girls. They were...guys!

“You got magazines of guys?” Brett had noticed it, too.” He reached for the one in Mark’s hand, Mark jerked it away from him before he could grab it. Brett just reached down and picked up one on the floor.

“Get out of here!” Mark yelped. “Leave me alone. Hey, those are mine!”

“You jerk off to pictures of guys doing it?”

“Leave me alone!”

“You think it’s sexy to see a guy with another guy’s cock in his mouth?”

“Get out of here! Those are mine!” Mark turned to me. “Dan, make him give them back!”

“You’re...you’re gay?”

“Your little brother’s a faggot, Danny!” was Brett’s judgment.

“Get out of here!” Mark said helplessly.

“He’s been growing mushrooms down here, all right!” Brett hooted suddenly as the joke occurred to him. “Bet he’s been bringing lots of buddies down here and making their mushrooms grow!”

“I have not!” Mark denied. He’d given up on getting us out of here, he had stood up and bent over to pull his trousers up, but Brett extended a foot which landed on the jeans and held them down.

“You mean you ain’t even sucked on a big, long, hard one?” Brett cupped his basket, Mark, looking up, was right at it. His eyes fixed on that big hand at Brett’s crotch and his eyes widened.


“No?” Brett seemed astonished by this, cast a quick sidewise look at me. “Not even your big brother? Maybe at night, when he’s asleep?”

“He’s never done anything like that!” I scoffed, but then I saw the look on Mark’s face. “You did!” I practically shrieked!

“Just once.” Mark babbled out. “You had kicked your covers off and you had it all hard and were snoring and I....”

“You freaking faggot!” I yelled at him and he cringed.

“Did you come in his mouth?”

“No! I didn’t even know he did it!” I snapped.

“You liked what it tasted like, did you?” Brett said. “Bet you dream about that, don’t you?”

Mark was silent.

“That’s what I thought. Well, then, Mark, have I got a nice surprise for you. You like giant mushrooms, well, here’s a giant mushroom just for you.” And Brett was undoing his jeans.

“Hey, Brett, this is getting weird.” I protested.

“He sucks your dick at night while you sleep and you call this weird?”

“I didn’t know he’d been doing that.”

“Only once!” Mark put in again.

“That’s what you say. I bet he was doing it every night.” Brett said as he shucked his jeans down his thick legs. Under that was a pair of briefs, red with white seams. And bulging out that was a raging erection. Mark goggled at it and gave up any pretense of protest. “You really want to get your lips around that, don’t you, runt?” Brett said as he gripped his briefs’ bulge and waggled it.

“Yes.” Mark’s voice barely made it past his lips.

“What was that?”

“Yes.” he said stronger.

“I can’t hear you.”

“I want it. Please!”

“Oh, my God!” my voice was a whisper, albeit a hoarse one.

“Want to lock your lips around a real giant mushroom, don’t you?”

“Yes. Please!”

“Say ‘Please let me suck your cock, Brett.’” Brett taunted him.

“Please let me suck your cock, Brett.”

“You hear that, Dan? Your little brother wants to suck my cock. Shall I let him do it?”

Right then, I realized I had a real hard boner in my trousers. It was jutting out hard against the denim and I just hoped it wasn’t visible. “Sure, go ahead. Let him suck on it. Maybe then he’ll leave me alone at night.”

“Okay, then, since Dan wants you to do it, I’ll set you suck on it.” And Brett reached into those briefs and took out...a monster!

“My God!” I gasped out. I’d seen it soft, but that hadn’t prepared me for this sight. Nine inches of thick, hard, uncut dong, it arced out from his body like a huge brown serpent, the head peeking out from under the hood with one malevolent eye. Upon that eye a tear formed, grew, and Brett milked his pud down and the tear formed into a drop.

Mark watched this and as the drop stretched out and reached toward the ground, he gave a small groan and lurched forward and caught it.

“Good boy, good, that’s a good little cocksucker. You ready to take the rest of it now?”

“Yeahhhhh!” Mark sighed and I watched as my little brother opened his mouth and slid it over that huge pud. Watched as he pushed about half of that thick length into himself and then closed and pulled back slowly, a sheen of saliva in its wake.

I felt myself breaking out into a sweat. It wasn’t that hot in the mushroom area, but he had the humidity way, way up, downright swamp-like. Mushrooms grow best in warm (but not hot) damp conditions, in their beds of wet, decomposing straw under fluorescent lights. They need light to grow toward, but nothing more than that, they are pale, bulb-tipped things that stood up in bent-shafted pride in their trays. All around me were small, white representations of hard dicks, that was all I could see here, not fungi, but raging male hormones.

Mark moved forward and back on Brett’s dong again and Brett moaned. “Yeah, that’s a good little cocksucker all right. Dan, you been keeping this secret from me. Best pair of lips I’ve had and that includes quite a few girls.” Brett had always claimed to be sexually active for the last two years, and with his body, I wasn’t inclined to doubt it. Me, I was still at the touch-and-grin stage, and the girls seemed to pick up on the insecurity, back away and shrug off my hand on their shoulder before it could slide down onto their chests.

So I was watching while a huge football stud was bending his hips forward to send that monstrous prick down my brother’s throat. Now his cock was a silver-coated shaft of steel that gleamed and begged for attention. I found myself vaguely jealous of my little brother, he was getting into this, making eager grunts as he slurped and slathered his mouth juices over this majestic dong!

“Aw, man!” I groaned. “God, yeah, suck that dick, suck it!” My hand went to my groin and I rubbed at it, grunting myself as I watched this huge stud use my brother’s mouth.

Brett looked over and his cocky grin was infectious. “Hey, Dan, get over here and try this out while you’re conscious for a change!”

My legs moved themselves, I just went along for the ride. My hands moved themselves, and as I reached them, my fingers began to undo my own pants, unzipping the fly and pushing the soft dark brown denim aside to make a white “V” of my briefs.

“Come on, Mark, suck it harder, I’ll squirt and then you can give your brother some attention.”

I shuddered and began to fight my pants down. My cock was hurting, confined as it was, it burst free with a slash of clear precome that slapped out and landed on Brett’s leg.

“Man, your brother is hot!” was Brett’s only comment. “I think you’d better try to take care of both of us at once. Would you like that, you horny cockpig? You want to suck on two cocks at once, mine and your brother’s?” Brett looked at me, looking stupified. “Slide in next to me, Dan, give him a ride.”

So I stepped up next to Brett and my dong, an inch shorter and a lot skinnier, and cut. Mark looked at it, up at me, and I nodded, and that was all the permission he needed. Mark, my eleven-year-old brother, plunged onto my cock and took an amazing length of it on the first lunge, I felt the glans strike the back of his throat, bend down and slide downwards. He reached the tips of my pubic hairs before he stopped and held it there!

“Oh, God!” I moaned and I think I would have fallen down if Brett’s arm hadn’t come around my shoulders and help hold me upright.

Mark moved with the smooth ease that only desire can provide, he wanted my cock, he wanted it so bad he didn’t even gag with it driven down his throat, he just coated it with hot, gray spit and my organ wailed out a symphony of ecstasy as he moved upon it.

“Oh, God, God, yeah, uh, yeah, uh!”

“Me, again.” Brett ordered. “Suck mine again now. I want Dan and me to come about the same time. Can you do that, cocksucker, can you make us both come at the same time?”

Illustration of Growing Giant Mushrooms

“I’ll try.” Mark promised, and worked on Brett’s dong again. When he had Brett moaning and that huge pud humming, he returned to mine, and one slight hand and arm worked Brett’s prick. Another hand caught mine when he had me back to the edge of agony and kept me steaming.

“Ah, aw, shit!” Brett groaned. “I’m about to come! I’m going to cream in your little brother’s mouth, Dan! Going to cream! When I do! Hah! When I do, you squirt yours all over his face! Yeah, ah, ah, ah!”

Mark’s response was to speed his hand up on my prick while his lips squelched and slorched over Brett’s sturdy schlong, and Brett gave a gurgling sound and then my little brother was gurgling and choking on the hot load that Brett was pumping down his gullet. Even if Brett hadn’t ordered it, I couldn’t have held back at that sight, I moaned and my pud exploded, spewing my load all over Mark’s face. That sweet, innocent-looking face, moaning over a cock spraying jism down his throat, now had it plastered on the outside as well. A wad hit his nose and a bubble blew and popped in it immediately, then come was sucked inside it and that threw him off stride and he coughed, spraying Brett’s jizz back out onto his cock and it landed on me as well, and the nexus of the three of us was an explosion of come flying in all directions at once. My jizz dripped off onto Brett’s dong and when Mark finished catching himself, he sucked it clean, drinking both our come down at once.

“Ah, hah, hah, damn, hah!” Brett gasped. “Fucking hot, man, fucking hot!”

“Yeah, hot!” I panted, my chest heaving hard. “Shit, man, so hot!”

“You are so damned lucky, Dan.” Brett moaned. “Your little brother sucking your dick every night. And you never told me!”

“I didn’t!” I said, still breathing heavy. “But he’s getting it every night from now on, that’s for fucking sure!”