“Now I need you to scrub out those oil stains.” he growled. “Get that done and I’ll let you go for the day.”

He told me how. First I rubbed at the stains with some old rags of his, and threw them into a trash can he had for me, getting up as much of the oil that way as I could. Then I spread powdered laundry detergent over the oil spots and got some hot water and poured it over it.

Then it was time to scrub at it with a stiff-bristled brush. This got most of it, I went over the entire area, and rinsed it, then Mr. Grantham came over and looked at the stains that were left.

It was the first time I heard him irritated. “No, no, you have to scrub it harder, kid, harder! Do it all over again and this time, really scrub, damn it!”

He stood over me watching me scrub. His shadow came in the open garage door and made an avenging-angel shade beside me at my work. I was on my knees and working away at it when the shade moved around and behind me, and I felt his hands around my waist at either side.

“Damn it, kid, your little ass wiggling like that is just like my ex-wife’s ass would wiggle when I was going to do her!” he growled.

I paused, frozen, and he snarled, “Keep working, damn it, scrub that floor, kid, scrub it!”

I did, and as I did, something was rubbing at my ass. It took me a while because I didn’t dare look around by that time, but I realized it was his jeans. He was pushing his crotch right up against my butt while he held onto me.

“Nuh!” He grunted. “Feels damned good, the way that ass wriggles on my dick.” He shifted a bit, and now I felt it, a big stiff pole in his pants. It was his wiener! Big and hard, but a wiener just the same!

“Nuh, nuh, uh, GUH!” he guttered huskily. “Got to get me in closer. I heard the sounds of a man undoing his belt then his pants being pulled down. Then his hands came back at my waist and he was reaching around me, undoing my own shorts!

When he had them down to my knees, he pushed back up against me and now I felt a naked wiener pushing against my butt. He humped against me in hard thrusts, moving his dong up and down the crack of my ass.

I just went down on my elbows in the suds and moaned as he did that. God, that dick was doing something to me, it was all hot and strong and there was a smell like everything in the world that was male and aggressive and powerful.

“Shit, kid, you got a hot little butt here, you know that? You know you have a hot ass?”

“No.” I admitted.

“I got to have me some of this ass of yours, kid. I bet you’ll enjoy it when I get it into you.”

I didn’t understand him, but I just moaned as I heard him making hawking sounds, spitting noises. Then a hot pole of sticky, slimy flesh was pushing at my butthole.

“Ahhhh!” I gasped as the steaming shaft clutched my sphincter and wormed itself in. Mr. Grantham growled, just like a bear would growl, an “UR-R-R-R-R-R-R!” sound and then he gave a hard push and suddenly my butt felt like it was being ripped in two! I yelped, loud. “AI-YI-EEEE!”

The thick cock plowed into me and it hurt and it hurt. Then he stopped pushing and I felt the cessation of raw pain. It still hurt but it was more like a throbbing hurt, not the knife-like pain of being cut. “Oooh, ooh, ohhh!” I groaned.

“Feel that hard rod in you, Alan?” Mr. Grantham rumbled down at me from a voice deep down in his throat. “That’s my manhood, kid, you’ve got a man inside you, now. Feel how big and powerful it is, it’s going to take you and it’s going to make you howl, first in pain and then howl in joy. You’ll see, you’ll see.”

“Ooh, oh, oh, ohhhhh!” I moaned.

“Such a hot little ass. Better than my wife’s pussy ever was.” he slavered. “Damn, I could get used to fucking this, all right!”