I’d seen a picture of Daddy next to a caption which read, “Movie-star handsome...and all business.” That summed up Daddy pretty well. Wavy hair that swayed gently in the breeze without ever becoming mussed up, deep blue eyes that you could jump in and swim around in, they reminded you of the ocean near sunset, clear, sparkling blue. A cleanly regular face (I took after him some, I hoped), sharp lined nose, strong chin, white even teeth, all of this over a sleekly strong body, the muscles under his “muscle shirt” stalked about like hungry tigers in the cage, his waist was slim and maintained despite a desk job by daily workouts, legs kept powerful by a half hour on the treadmill every morning without fail, Daddy always said his body was one of his biggest assets, because looks count in this world no matter how much everyone wish it didn’t. Look sensible, look responsible, look strong, and you were halfway to the sale before you ever said a word. Yes, Daddy took care of his business, he took care of his money, he took care of his body. Now if he’d only spend some time taking care of me!

I murmured to myself something about that and Daddy heard me and went, “Wait a minute, Harvey.” to the phone and to me, “ I thought we agreed you’d keep quiet!”

“I don’t have nothing to do!” I complained.

“It’s just a couple of hours.” Daddy said, “Anything, do anything, just don’t make noise, okay? Okay?”


Daddy went back to the world of high finance as I sat next to him on the couch. My hands moved idly, half-listening to him arguing through things on the phone. He wasn’t talking to Harvey any longer, he was talking to someone named “Mrs. Framingham” and he wasn’t ordering any longer, he was coaxing this woman to put a couple of million dollars into some project he was calling “C-12” and Mrs. Framingham was saying she’d already put enough money in. It didn’t sound like anything Daddy would get done in a couple of hours. Or even all week.

My hands kept moving and my left hand went up onto Daddy’s leg. I looked and Daddy wasn’t even noticing. His voice was urgent on the phone now. Complete concentration, I recognized it, Daddy tuned out everything and everyone in this state. Mom said it was why he was such a good businessman.

My hand kept moving, stroking up and down his powerful leg. Daddy was strong, his job wasn’t hard but he worked out a lot to keep himself in very good shape. Really good-looking, too. I hoped I looked like him when I grew up.

My hand wandered up too far and I was touching his groin. My hand was on the material of his pants and he didn’t have any underwear on under it! I was touching his cock in there!

Looked up again. Still lost in Businessland. I wondered if he’d even notice if I undid his zipper and took out his cock? Be nice to see it. Nice to know he had one, and not just a contract. I snickered at that and decided to try it and see. Would Daddy notice? How far could I do it?

I got his zipper down, and Daddy kept right on talking. Maybe he hadn’t felt it. Reached in and felt his cock in there. Daddy’s voice hitched a little, but he kept talking away. Mrs. Framingham was being too cautious, Daddy was saying, every investment involves an element of risk and she should jump at this opportunity. While he said all of that, I got a full hold on his dong and brought it out into the open air.

Nice, was my thought. Bigger than I thought it would be. I’d seen pictures of men’s penises before, a few times, on sculptures or artwork mostly, but those were much smaller. Daddy’s was long and warm. I kept feeling it and it pulsed, grew bigger in my hand. I looked up, but Daddy was still talking away on his big, important business deal.

Oh, well! Daddy had said to do whatever I wanted as long as I was quiet. So I started working his cock like I did my buddies when they slept over. Daddy’s dick was too big to put my fingers all around on top like I did for them, but I wrapped them around his shaft and pulled up and down on his cock that way, moving the skin up over the glans and back.

I looked up and Daddy was looking down right at me. His face was blank as he continued to speak to Mrs. Framingham. But he shifted down a bit on the couch and made his cock more available to me.

I grinned up at him and let him keep talking. I had his dick to play with now. I pumped on it and some clear fluid leaked out of it, shining in the light. I touched this stuff with my finger of the other hand and lifted it to my nose, sniffed it. No, not piss, this smelled salty and masculine and strong. Like my Daddy. I touched it to my lips and tasted it. Nice!