The Time Viewer

The memo was lying on Jerry Bergen’s desk when he got there after a late-afternoon meeting. “Professor Chardin wants me to come by his office to see his latest creation?” he read the words, but the question mark at the end was all his own. “What’s Cheesey Chardin got up his sleeve this time?”

Bergen’s history with the madcap inventor/scientist/whack job resident at the Research and Development Department was something less than a case of mutual respect. To say they’d never hit it off would be misstating it. More a case of mutual loathing on sight!

But he had to go. If it really was a case of something he needed to see, and he didn’t go, the repercussions to his career would, he had to go, with his defenses up, and ready for anything. He might only be the victim of some cruel prank...but them’s the breaks when you’re in R&D and competing for limited funding.

Chardin’s office was at the end of the hall. The biggest office, which grated on Bergen’s nerves no less for being well-deserved. He knocked. No answer.

Opened the door. “Hello? Hello?” he called, looked in.

A sign over a machine. “Over here.” it read.

That was “Cheery” Chardin all over, Bergen sighed to himself. “Okay, we’ll follow the signs.” he said.

He got to the sign and under it. Another sign over to the right, invisible from the front door. “This machine. Read the note, and try it for yourself.” it read. It hung above a thing like a television set, but with a set of controls underneath the screen out of a technophile’s masturbation fantasies. Knobs, buttons, switches and lights, blinking in a soothing harmony of yellow, green and blue.

Bergen stood there a while, looked about. Picking up a note could be what? Itching powder in the envelope? No, it was just a folded bit of paper. Well, he had gloves in his pocket, he’d wear them while opening it. Carefully.

But nothing happened. He read the note and nothing exploded, caught fire, made a loud noise, anything.

“Dear Professor Bergen,

I know we’ve been enemies for many years, but I felt that this time viewer could be best tested by you. I’ve set it to show you a time shortly into the future, this evening. You should view the scene, then compare it to what actually transpires this evening. Your testimony, given our past animosity, will be invaluable. Just take this as an olive branch to you, I feel it is time we put this petty rivalry to rest once and for all and hope you will take this as an invitation to join me in the development of this new technology. To start the scene, just press the green button labeled, “Initiate.” It will complete one hour of future time viewing, and then shut itself off.”

It was unsigned, but the message itself was dumbfounding enough. “Hell of a note.” Bergen said to himself, and put it down, looked over the array. There it was, the green button labeled “Initiate.” The buttons were labeled in stamped metal, another sign of the money Chardin wielded in his experiments. If Bergen had built this device, it would have been composed out of paperclips and bubble gum and bare wires!

Nothing else for it. He pressed the button. A bit of static danced over the screen, then it steadied, the typical dull black of a screen. The image came on in full color and sound at once.

His home. His living room. His son, little seven-year-old Jerry, Jr., sitting on the couch, dressed in his red t-shirt and blue shorts, watching television. It was “Thundercats” on the television, the sounds were unmistakable. Bergen had walked in on such a scene numerous times.

The sound of his front door. He saw himself coming in through the foyer to the open arch that led to the living room. His son turning, seeing him, yelping, “Daddy! You’re home!” like he did nearly every day.

Himself moving into room. Damn it, it was the very clothes he had on right now! Every last detail right! Shit, he was looking into the future!

The time viewer worked. Shit, and he had the chance to be a part of the development of the viewer? Hell, he could overlook every dirty trick Chardin had pulled on him in the past for that and he....

The figures on the screen were talking. Himself sitting by Junior on the couch, and he was saying something. He forced himself to pay attention, for the words were faint, but then Junior gave a yelp of happiness and threw himself onto Bergen’s future self on the couch. “Oh, Daddy, yes, yes, please!”

He watched, dumbfounded as his alter ego began to kiss on his son, removing the boy’s clothes as he did so. Why would he be stripping his son’s clothes off like that? His son was now nude, lying on the couch in front of his father (himself!), who had his hand on his son’s penis, and he was leaning down and... “Holy shit!” Bergen gasped out. His future self was sucking his son’s cock!

“This can’t be real, it can’t be!” he shuddered. He’d never thought about doing any such thing with his own son. Yet...there it was, his future, himself, making love to his son.

A thought sneaked through his outrage and made itself known. The future was yet to come. Watching the future could make it come true...if the past self wanted it to be. Did he want to make love to his own son? Did his son want him to?

“Oh, oh, Daddy, that’s nice, that’s so nice. That’s better than Stanley ever did it.” his son was saying. “I’m so glad you told me you saw me and him playing with each other. Oh, ooh, ooh!” his son gasped. “Oh, Daddy, it’s happening, it’s happening, oh, oh, oh, OOOOHHHH!”

His son arced his back as his father kept moving his head up and down at his son’s crotch, and then slumped back, panting hard.

“You liked that, Son?” his future alter ego asked.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, yes!”

“You ready to learn more?”

“Yeah, Daddy!”

“First thing you need to do is do for me what I did to you.” Future Bergen grinned, as he pulled his fly open. The cock flopped out and the last bit of suspicion fled from Bergen’s own mind as he watched. If a man knows one thing intimately, it’s his own penis, and that hard dong sticking out was definitely his! And that was his son, without a doubt, who was now down on his knees in front of his father and sucking avidly on Daddy’s dick!

“Oh, God, that is me! I do it, I seduce my son tonight! Me, me!” Bergen groaned.

He kept watching. What else could he do?

God, Junior really was working his prick. Other Bergen was moaning and his hands caught hold of Junior’s head and now he was humping at his son’s face. Junior was gasping, choking, but Other Bergen didn’t stop, just kept thrusting. Junior managed to pull away and he gasped, “Daddy, stop, please!”

“Sorry, Son, got carried away.” Other Bergen said. “Now, up on the couch and we’ll teach you the right way to make your Daddy happy.”

With his son lying on his back on the couch, Bergen watched while his other self slid that saliva-laden dong into that baby butt. Junior was grunting happily as his father pushed into him, and raised his head and crooned as his father began to fuck him. Bergen watched as his son relished the thrusts his father was making on him, and as his other self made happy noises of passion, and he watched it all, watched until his son cried out in another climax of little-boy happiness, and then his father began to move in spasmodic movements (God, he knew those so well!), then he made a weirdly goofy face (he didn’t recognize that, but who sees themselves in orgasm?) and his cock, which fell out in those gyrations, sprayed his son with hot spunk. Junior laughed as his father splashed on him, then Other Bergen lay down on top of his son and kissed him.

The video ended, the screen went blank again. Bergen just stood and stared. God, he had a huge erection! That had been the hottest sex scene he’d ever seen. He’d never thought about having sex with his son, but that future scene made it clear...he’d love doing it!

He checked his watch, shit, it was time to go home already! He’d been watching that screen for over a half hour? It didn’t feel like that.

He was shaking as he drove home. His son was there, waiting for him. He didn’t know what he’d said when his son agreed to make love to him...yes, he did! That Stanley kid, a friend of Junior’s, he must have revealed his knowledge to his son. And included words of understanding and acceptance. Yeah, that would do it.

His son was in the living room, wearing his green t-shirt and brown shorts. Bergen blinked on that, he remembered red and blue, not green and brown. Shook his head, a minor detail.

“Oh, hey, Daddy.” Junior said to him as he watched “Scooby-Doo” on television. Bergen walked over and turned off the television, his son was too absorbed in it.

“What is it, Dad?” Junior asked.

“We need to have a little talk, Son.” Bergen sat down and adjusted his crotch. Damn, his hardon was back and throbbing with eagerness!

“Why’d you turn the TV off?” Junior asked.

“Because we need to talk.”

“About what?”

“About you and Stanley.” Bergen went on.

“What about him?”

“I know what you two did.” Bergen said. “I just want you to know, Son, that’s it’s all right. Boys will play with each other sometimes and it’s perfectly natural.”

“I haven’t done it with Stanley!” Junior was scandalized.

“You didn’t?”

“No!” Junior went on.

“Then...who did you do it with?”

Junior was embarrassed. “Well, me and Eddie did it once back in summer camp. And me ‘n’ Jack do it now and then, I guess.”

“That’s what I was talking about.” Bergen plowed on. “It’s a normal thing to do, Son. I want you to know you don’t have to be embarrassed about your sexual exploration. It’s normal enough. Did you suck on each other?”

“Suck on each other?”

“Suck each other’s dicks?”

“No!” Junior protested. “We just played with each other with our fingers, kind know.”

“You didn’t suck each other?”

“No, gross!” Junior made a face.

“It’s not gross. It feels real good and doesn’t taste at all bad.”

“It doesn’t?”

“No, Son. Tell you what, get out of those clothes and I’ll show you.” Bergen didn’t misremember things that much! But the future had to happen, his viewing it must have changed things. What was the scientific philosophy, it’s not possible to observe something without affecting it. He’d fucked up the future, he had to fix it!

Junior didn’t fight him as he peeled the clothes off his son’s body, kissing him as best he could as he went. Seeing Junior nude restored his faith, he had it back to the future vision, now to keep it on track. He put Junior down into the lying position and licked his lips and got busy on his son’s prick.

Junior squirmed at first, then relaxed. He was moaning and grunting after a time, then he shivered and said, “Oh, oh, oh, okay, Daddy, stop now. Stop. Stop, Daddy, stop!”

Bergen kept going, his son had to say the right words.

“Stop, Daddy, stop, I, oh, oh, oh, OH, OHHHHHH!” His son writhed under Bergen’s suctioning lips, and Bergen was surprised that a bit of salty-ish fluid did leak from his son’s cock onto his tongue.

His son lay panting on the couch as Bergen sat up, unfastened his pants, took out his cock. God, he was so horny right now! Time for his son to suck his cock!

“You like that, Son?” he asked.

“Yeah, Dad, that was awesome!” his son breathed.

Bergen frowned, still not quite right. Plow on. “You ready to learn more?”

“I guess so.”

“First thing I need you to do is the same thing I did for you.” Bergen said.


“Time for you to suck me like I sucked you.”

“You sure it doesn’t taste nasty?” Junior frowned as he regarded his father’s tool.

“No, Son, really, it’s not bad. Come on, do it, Son. Do it like I did yours.”

Junior got slowly down. He touched his tongue to it. “Tastes funny, kind of salty, kind of slimy, like snot.”

“Come on, Son, suck it.” When his son hesitated, he caught hold of Junior’s head and pushed his son back down onto it. “You have to suck it, Son, suck it hard and fast. Come on, you have to do this, you have to!” He’d mucked up the timeline, God knows the damage done, but maybe they could put it back to right!

“Glmph!” Junior protested, but Bergen’s hands kept his son on the organ and after a short time his son did a passage job of sucking on him. Bergen was getting desperate. His son had to get into this, if he didn’t, the world could end! He kept it up until his cock was slicked up, then Junior broke away and said, “Is that enough, Daddy? I don’t like it.”

“Sorry, Son, got carried away.” Bergen struggled to make the scenario fit. “Now up on the couch and we’ll teach you the right way to make your Daddy happy.”

Junior crawled into position, shivering. Bergen walked up on his knees into position, and then pushed his cock against Junior’s anus. Junior winced. “Daddy, that hurts!”

“Only for a little while, Son.” Bergen said. The scenario was varying again.

Junior held still and grunted as his father wormed his dong into him. Junior was resisting, not the easy slide in that the future self he’d watched had had. But he already knew this wasn’t the right future, he was trying to push it back on track.

He got it inside, panting a bit. Junior was moaning softly. Come on, Son, get into it, he thought to himself quietly. His other self hadn’t said anything, there’d only been the sounds of his Son’s pleasure as his father had fucked him.

He tried various movements, and after a time, his son began to grunt and groan. The bowels had ceased their tight clutch on his cock, as well. Were those moans of pleasure? He had to know.

“You like that, Son? Does that feel good now?”

“Uhhhh!” Junior grunted.

“You like it, don’t you, boy? Feels good to have your Daddy’s cock up there inside you, doesn’t it?”

Junior just grunted again, a bit louder. Bergen was relieved, those groans had increased slowly until his son was shouting in pleasure. It could be, it could still be!

He shifted again and now his son did grunt in pleasure. He had the ticket. That little nub he felt inside there, it must be Junior’s prostate and he was now rubbing it with his cock. “There you go, Son. Now you like it, don’t you, Son?”

“Yeah, Dad.” his son whispered.

“Yeah, good boy, got a hot ass for his Daddy to fuck. You like that, Son? You like Daddy’s prick up there rubbing away at you? You like the feel of getting fucked by a man, boy? You like it?”

“Yeah, Dad, yeah! Oh, oh, oh, oh!”

Bergen, feeling his son’s joy, relaxed and his own pleasure washed over him. Yeah, they’d come together now! “Oh, Son, yes, do it, Son, come with me, love the feel of me shooting my wad in your butt. It’s coming soon, Son, oh, yeah, soon now, oh, oh!”

“Oh, Daddy, oh, Daddy, oh!”

“Son, oh, Son, oh, Son!”

“Daddy’s, I’m doing it again, I’m doing it!”

“I’m coming, too, Son. Here...I...COME! GAHHHH!”


“Yes, Son, yes, oh, oh, oh!”

“Daddy, yes, Daddy!”

“Son, oh, Son!”

“Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!”

“Oh, Son! Oh, Son! Oh!”

“Daddy, ohhhhhhh!”

Bergen didn’t have to feign falling down onto his son. He was completely worn out. He wearily kissed his son’s lips, softly. Junior murmured and kissed him back feebly.

“Mr. Bergen, are you okay?” his next door neighbor called out.

“Oh, oh! Yes, Mrs. Kellogg!” Bergen called back as best he could. “We’re fine. Junior and I were just...wrestling!”

Junior giggled at that. Bergen managed a smile. “Now you know what it’s like to have sex with another man. What did you think of it?”

“Nice, Daddy.” Junior said. “I didn’t like it at first, but then it got kind of...nice.”

“Nice, yeah.” Bergen panted. “I’m glad, Son. I was wondering if the timeline was completely destroyed, but we got it back on track all right. Back on track, yeah.”

“Yeah.” Junior didn’t understand but agreed.

“I’d better get up and you get dressed.” Bergen said. “Your mother will be home soon.”

The next day, he saw Chardin in the lounge and went over. Chardin saw him and stifled a grin. “Hello, Professor Bergen.”

“Hello, Professor.” Bergen returned.

“Did you like my little time viewer?”

“Very interesting invention.” Bergen replied and would have continued with a warning about the change in timeline when Chardin went on.

By bursting out in laughter. “A glimpse into your future, eh? Haw, haw, haw!”

The others were laughing and Bergen realized. “That was a fake?”

“Didn’t you catch it?” Chardin guffawed. “Man, I spent hours studying you. Hired a private detective to film your interior and your son. More hours transferring the details to the computer, then matching it up to a porn film excerpt I had. More morphing the words into how you sound. Pretty damned good fake, wasn’t it?”

“Very good.” Bergen said faintly. A fake? Another joke?

Without another word, he got out of the lounge and into his office, locked the door and put his head in his hands. Dear God, he’d molested his own son last night! Poor Junior! He’d been clueless about his Daddy developing glad hands all over his naked body!

He avoided the other professors the rest of the day. Sulking about the prank, he knew, that was how they’d all read it. Still, he had to make things right with Junior. Maybe with the law, too!

He got home a half hour early. Junior wasn’t home and he was sitting there on the couch, waiting, when his son did arrive home. “Hey, Dad!” Junior said and ran over. “You’re home!”

“Yes, Son.” Bergen said. “And we need to talk about yesterday.”

“Yeah, me, too!” Junior sat down very close. His hand went over to his father’s crotch and found Bergen’s tool, seized it partly through the trousers. “You ready to do it again?”

“Again?” Bergen asked. “You want to do it again?”

“Yeah, Daddy!” Junior beamed into his face. “This time I’ll do it all a lot better!”

Bergen smiled at his son. “I’m sure we will.” he settled for saying. “I’m sure you will.”

“What did you have to say, Daddy?”

“Nothing, Son. I’ll have to thank Professor Chardin tomorrow, is all.”

“Okay.” Junior was quick to accept. “Can we do it now?”

“We sure can, Son.” Bergen said. “We sure can.”

Professor Chardin hadn’t invented a time viewer. But it had done the job after all!