The Warm and Friendly Dark

"There's no windows!" I exclaimed when I saw my bedroom. The room was a nice size, and had plenty of room to hold my stuff and a big closet and my own bathroom, but the walls on all four sides were, clockwise from where I was standing, the hallway, the living room wall which held the closet, the wall of the next door apartment, and the master bedroom where my mom would sleep, the bathrooms (mine and hers) were along this wall as well. There was a door-sized block across from my bedroom door where there had probably been a door connecting this room to the next apartment, but it looked solid.

"I know, dear, but this is such a nice, big apartment otherwise, don't you think?" my mother said. "And the price was right. Come on, won't you at least try it?"

"But when it gets dark, how will I see?"

"There's plenty of light." Mom flipped the light switch just inside the door and a bright overhead light filled the room and then some. "And you can have a night light if you want it."

"Nah." I said but told myself to change my mind if the darkness got too creepy. I mean, you turn off the light in a normal room, there's still some light. From the doorway if a light is on the other side and the window lets in starlight and moonlight and lights from nearby houses. But the walls were solid and the doorway I stood in that let into the hallway that had no lights of its own, it would be lit by the lights of the living room and kitchen and my room. Across from me was a storage room, long and thin like a big closet. This room would have no ambient light from outside, if there was going to be light, I would have to turn it on. "Well, maybe." I amended. No better time to plant the seed in case I needed it.

A knock at the door, the small porch of the front door was the rest of the other side of the hallway that wasn't storage closet. Mom went to get it and came back soon with a stranger. "And this is my son, Marvin." she introduced me. "Marvin, this is Mr. Plinth, our next door neighbor."

"Call me Bruno." the man said as he stuck out his hand.

"Bruno." I shook his hand and was glad he didn't squeeze hard. "Hi."

"Hello yourself, Marvin." Bruno was a good name for him, Mr. Plinth was a big, brawny guy, with a broad, friendly face, huge shoulders, bulging upper arms, a powerful chest and the muscled abs narrowed down to a surprisingly narrow waist, which held beneath it the gigantic muscled hips. He had dark brown hair in a wavy and mussed looking mop on his head, shining blue eyes and a large grin that stretched his cheeks out to round redness only to close back to a handsome jaw when the smile faded to a slight grin. The dimples in his cheeks from the grin or smile never completely went away, and he had a cleft chin as well. I felt a funny tingle in my dingle just looking at him and wondered if when the weather got a little hotter, I could see the muscles inside that shirt that was just loose enough to conceal all the curves of his body.

"If you need any help setting up the beds or moving furniture or such, just knock on my door."

"And I'll see you get a regular supply of home made cookies." My mother simpered. She looked at him like I looked at a hot fudge sundae in August. She took him into the living room to work at setting things up true to his word. Me, I started unpacking.

Bruno came back a little later, carrying my bed's headboard under one arm while he carried the bed frame in the other, four L rails, two long and two small. He managed to carry all that through the hallway and into my room without a single ding against the walls. He didn't ask where I wanted the bed, just moved to the wall across from the door and the right corner (the sealed door was the left corner) and laid the bed rails out. He pulled a wrench from his hip pocket and began to set up the bedframe, the bolts and screws were already in place and just needed to be unscrewed, combined and rescrewed. "My bedroom is just the other side of this door." he told me. "My bed is right there. Knock out that wall and your bed and mine would be right side by side."

Any complaints I had at the position was lost as I thought about the big hunk of man lying only a mere wall away from me. I consulted with him about the positions of the rest of the furniture. He argued with me only about the sealed door, and didn't want anything covering it. "You can hang a poster on it and let the door frame act as a picture frame. It'll look cool."

I agreed with him at that and let it go and the rest of the stuff was stored easily with his help. He left and I set out to unpack the boxes that were for my room and stow the contents around my new environs. I finished as we got supper (pizza delivered, Mom wouldn't be ready to cook for a few days, she said) and when done, I was yawning. It was only eight o'clock when I gave up and got into bed. I had underwear somewhere, in an unpacked box, but I was too tired to find it, and just stripped and climbed into the bed naked.

As I turned out the light in my room, I was cast into total darkness. I mean total, unable to see even the least little bit. Everything around me was black. I decided to ask Mom for a flashlight, but tomorrow, tomorrow.... I slept.

I awoke some time later, sitting upright in the bed. "Huh?" I called into the darkness.

Silence. Maybe I'd just thought I'd heard something. Something in a dream.

Another sound, a slight noise of a door closing. Of course, the room was silent and dark and I could hear sounds you hear all day long and never think about. I lay back down and decided it was being a sissy to be afraid of the dark. No such thing as the boogey man, after all.

I felt it then, the mattress of my bed moving as the cover was lifted. Someone was in the room with me! "Huh? Who's there? Who?"

I felt the warm breath of an exhale as whoever it was grew close to me. "Shhhh!" the soft masculine voice whispered to me. "It's okay."

I felt his large, warm body pressing close to mine. Shivering, I reached out to feel who had gotten into bed with me. I felt strong, clean skin, the soft rising of the muscles, the light tickle of hairs. A man, big, strong, broad, powerful arm muscles as I felt his bicep. "Bruno?" I guessed. "Is that you?"

"Shhhh!" was the only sound I got in response. Then the face reached for and found my lips with his own and he kissed me. His strong arms slid around me, invisible powerful muscles moving around my body, encircling me, enclosing me...protecting me.

I groaned and my mouth opened to his tongue trying to slide into it and I felt the fat slippery organ slipping into me, the tongue brushing over my own and tickling at my teeth and my own tongue came up to valiantly if vainly attempt to protect its own environs. They coiled around each other in the manner of snakes.

He shifted and I felt the hard prong of his body sliding up to lie across my upper thigh.

"Oh, jeez!" I gasped. This was all feeling incredible, I wasn't ready, I couldn't.

A big hand found and gripped my little pud which was standing hard and ready to play and the fingers, thumb and forefinger, gripped my shaft and began to slip up and down, working my little peter. I moaned and reached for his and gripped the warm schlong and his hips moved to slide it back and forth in my grip.

"That's nice, that's very nice." the soft whisper breathed onto me. He moved, I felt the bed shifting and then the next thing I felt was his lips as they slid onto my little cock and gripped the small shaft firmly.

"Ooooh!" I sighed as the lips moved back and forth, small motions, enough to send me into a maelstrom of divinely marvelous sensations of absolute, total delight as the tingles of pleasure raced from my cock to my brain.

My hand was still on his cock, and now it was dangling under him, he must be up on his knees so he could slurp on my dong. I didn't think any more, I just moved, sidled over and around and soon I was underneath his big, powerful body, the male aroma of his crotch powerful in my nostrils, his cock slapped my cheek, smearing it with precome, and then I had my lips on his glans and I slid the shaft past my lips and the glans touched the back of my mouth, I gripped my lips around the shaft.

He (I was pretty sure it was Bruno, but still didn't know, he hadn't talked except in a few soft words) moaned a soft groan and began to move his hips up and down, his cock slid in and out of my mouth, I only had to lie as I was and he fucked my mouth for me. His own lips never faltered as he returned the favor and joy was racing through my body so I didn't mind the massive male love-muscle peremptorily seizing my mouth for its motions in and out of my body.

I felt a sudden overwhelming wave of intense pleasure explode in my brain, as if the feelings I had experienced up to this having been the flickering sparks of the fuse and it had reached the dynamite.

I was seized by this detonation of delight and I shook and my mouth seized his cock anew and I milked at him frantically in my ecstasy and he groaned, a long, low moan, the loudest sound he had made thus far, and I was holding a column of male muscle that was squirting hot, salty, sweet-tinged, musky-flavored jizz, and there was more than I could gulp and more than I could hold in my mouth and it overflowed and ran down my cheeks and my chin as he writhed in his pleasure atop me.

I sank in my exhaustion as I was released from the orgasm, and he sighed broadly and I felt the bed shift as the form moved off the bed. A few soft clicks and then the room was empty once again, still black as midnight in a cave, and I had not seen him at all.

We spent the next day, Mom and I, settling in. Bruno came over and helped Mom and me, and never gave me a single hint that it had been him with me in the darkness and the night. I began to wonder if it had been Bruno with me after all.

I didn't know.

As it always does, night came and I got in my bed around nine o'clock, my usual bedtime. This time, I deliberately left my body naked, and I waited for the visitor to come to me again for some time, but I must have fallen asleep.

When I did awake, he was already in the bed with me. I woke to his finger, wet and slippery with some sort of oily goo, and he was stuffing it up my ass. "Bruno?" I asked again.

"Shhh!" was his response as before.

"Bruno, is this you? Please, is this you?"

"Shhhhh!" the sound came more insistently and I subsided.

His finger played inside my ass and soon he added a second finger and I felt my ass being stretched out slowly, surely, confidently. He knew what he was doing.

After a time, he shifted again, I felt the bed moving and then I felt his body sliding to move its massive frame atop me and I shivered. "What are you going to do?" I asked the unseen figure.

"Love you." the words were as soft as a kitten's touch, as gentle as the wispy brush of a spring wind.

My legs were lifted up and spread and his hips slid between them and I felt the now-familiar cockhead brushing my anus, also coated with the slippery oil and I sighed and used my legs to clamp around his slim waist and my hands reached up and gripped his powerful biceps and his hips thrust downwards and drove the pulsing pud deep into my bowels.

I would have howled in pain or pleasure but his lips pressed against mine as he drove into me, and my noise was muffled by his mouth on mine. He held them captive while he slowly pulled out again and then began to move back and forth inside my loins.

Something inside me gurgled and I felt my bowels relax. He felt the same, I guess, for he let out a contented soft chuckle and began to pump in and out of me faster. I groaned as the body above mine impaled me repeatedly and his soft panting breaths and my grunts as he fucked me were the only noises in the room, the dark, silent room.

I writhed and moved against him, first weathering the assault upon my senses, and then beginning to help him to move in and out of me faster and faster.

He growled and his arms encircled me and he lifted my body up in his and soon he was holding me up in the air, on his knees I guess, and he held me against him. I groaned for he had stopped moving, and I began to bounce up and down on his cock and he moaned and held me in place and gave me the freedom to spend all my energy in fucking myself on his warm, hard cock.

He was panting hard and I was, too, and then he grunted and moaned and squirted a hot heavy load up into my ass, so heavy that the load overflowed my bowels and dripped back down onto the bed, I could feel it running down my buttocks in a lush, steaming flood. I tensed up in m own climax and again his lips closed on mine and I screamed my joy into his mouth as I shuddered and writhed in my own joy as his cock remained imbedded in me and I was drained once more.

He lowered me onto the bed again and I felt his prick pull out of me, a gush of come following it to lie wet and warm on the bedsheet beneath me. He stood up and left the room and I lay there, sweaty and exhausted and feeling amazed once again at my invisible, inscrutable visitor.

The next night, I was waiting for him and was awake when he arrived. He reached my bed and I pulled him into it, him letting me with a warm chuckle. I got him onto his back and his cock, already lubed up by him, was waiting for my hand. I straddled him and fed it into my ass and he groaned the contented purr of a fat, well-petted cat before a fireplace.

I rode that majestic dong for all it was worth, and he was groaning underneath me, and I kept up bouncing on top of him until he groaned and shot his load up into my body and I quivered and groaned and lay atop him afterwards, his mouth sighing into my ear what a wonderful boy I was and how he wished I would move in with him and live with him so he could love me all day and all night.

"Stay with me." I whispered back to him. "You can stay all night and leave tomorrow, can't you?"

"Can't." he sighed. "Not wise. Best to keep this as it is, the two of us in the dark. You don't know who I am, even."

"Aren't you Bruno?" I asked him again.

He just chuckled and kissed me. I sighed and put my head on his chest and he let me lay like that a moment, then he gently rolled me off of him and got up and left me alone once more.

And this is how it has been all this time. Bruno comes over to visit my mother and me and he is a good friend and nice to me and mother, and she likes him a lot. But he never gives me the least hint that he is the man who slips into my bedroom at night, probably through that door which isn't as walled up as it seems to be, and loves me in the dark and warm and mysterious night.

He rarely misses a night and I enjoy his nightly visits which always leave me warm and satisfied and happy. One day, maybe, he will reach out and turn on the light and show himself to me and when he does, I will run and jump into his arms and kiss him right on his face, whoever he is. It must be Bruno and I hope very much that it is. He's the only logical person for it to be, right?

I have Bruno in my life as my friend, my buddy, the man I can come to with all my problems, by day he is all these things to me. And I have him as my lover, my soulmate, loving me in the warm and friendly dark.