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Twelve short stories and the eight-chapter "The Vermont Dovers: The Next Generation" telling the ongoing story of one family's life and loves. These are a combination of stories from my own fertile dirty mind, and stories for fans which I have written but which had enough creative control to feel good about offering them as my own independent work.

The stories in this book are:
The Warm and Friendly Dark--Marvin has moved with his mother into one half of a duplex, and his bedroom is literally an inner room without a single window; when he turns out the light, the room is completely dark. But the darkness is not empty, he learns, there is a man who comes by darkness to join Marvin in his bed and make passionate love to him. Is it the hunky next-door neighbor, if so, the man gives him no indication of this by daylight.

Social Media--Our hero is a third-grade schoolteacher and also a social media star, and the boys of his school are all very eager to join him in bed and enjoy his sexual athletics which are the darling of the online community. In this case, the boy's mother is begging him to take her son to bed!

Future Self--Oliver is a struggling actor hired to portray a boy's "future self" who has come back in time to aid the boy (but in fact he is part of a plot to steal money from the boy's father). The boy accepts the man as his "future self" but of course, if the man is himself, why can't they have a lot of fun in bed at night? No harm in playing with yourself, is there?

Winner and Loser--Rocky's best friend has a date for Saturday night, leaving him behind and playing a video game with the friend's little brother. The boy loses the game, then asks for a rematch, this time for a prize, the loser has to do anything the winner asks for the rest of the night. Rocky discovers two things that night, first is that the boy was an expert at the game he had "lost" and second is that sometimes the best way to win is to lose!

Jockstraps for the Nerd--Marvin is a nerd being tormented by the football team, who has been set up to tutor one of the players, but when one player throws a sweat-sodden jockstrap at him, the players learn that this nerd is hot for their jocks and hot for their bodies, so they give him everything he could want and more.

Working the Muscle Groups--The professional bodybuilder's young son is eager to work out with his Daddy, and when Daddy throws a boner at his son's help in weightlifting, the boy is more than ready to help Daddy give this particular "muscle" a good working out.

Scrub-a-Rub-Rub, Two in a Tub--After a hard day on the police force, our hero is more than ready to take a bath, even if he has to share the tub with his young rapscallion dirty-faced son. But sharing a tub has its advantages, especially when you get help rubbing those special parts of your body!

The Friendly Amici Brothers--Jonathan's new home in Rome overlooks the house of the Amici family ("Amici" means "Friendly") and his balcony lets him look right into the Amici's bathroom, giving him a good view of the shower and area near. He soon learns that the two Amici brothers have a lot of fun in the shower together and he has a front-row seat to all that's going on as Big Brother Amici gives Little Brother a good time and Jonathan a good show.

Unspoken--Charles is eager to go to a concert but can't afford to go. His father comes to him and without a word, shows him two ticket to the show! This father and son travel to the concert, enjoy the show and then share their bodies afterwards, all the while without a single word spoken and their love for each other shining through it all.

Weekend at a Nudist Colony--His son Kaden is an eager nudist and our hero has the solution, he uses his weekend visitation to take the boy to a nudist colony where the boy can run around buck-naked all he wants. He soon learns that Kaden doesn't just want to be naked and see naked, he wants to touch and play with his Daddy's ding-dong as well!

The Loaded Gun--Trevor's son and a neighbor boy were playing with a gun and his son is injured when the gun is fired. Trevor soon learns his son had been talked into it by the other boy offering to let his son play with the boy's dick, so he offers his son his own cock for playtime in return for the promise to never touch a gun again!

The Long Sleep--Two passengers on an interstellar ship, a man and a boy, are awakened by a meteorite's damage. The three-hundred-year trip is barely a third over, which leaves them with a lifetime aboard the ship together with nobody else to talk to, live with, make love to, but each other.

The Vermont Dovers: The Next Generation--An eight-part series following the further lives and fortunes of the Dover family living in Vermont. This second series (two more are to come) tells the story of John's two sons, John, Jr. and Charles, and follows them as they mature, find lovers and build their new lives. John, Jr. studies the law and Charles becomes a veterinarian, and both have a lot of fun and love as their story unfolds.

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