Superman and Jor-El
Chapter One: Superboy and Teen Jor-El

Superboy flew in the air on a beautiful spring day, ready to enjoy a weekend out of school. He still had to help his father in the family-owned Smallville General Store later, but for now, his time was his own! He saw a distortion a good distance out of town, something peculiar and figured he’d better check it out. It was like the very space was wrinkling and bending out of shape somehow. Could be aliens, could be something dangerous, could be...

The wrinkle burst apart and in its wake was left a crystal globe with some odd machinery and a single figure inside. He had seen such when visited by the Legion of Superheroes from the future, but those machines were different in subtle but distinctive ways.

The machine came in and landed delicately as the soap bubble it rather resembled. Superboy alighted nearby and waited for the occupant to come outside.

A young, human-looking male figure dressed in green with red and yellow accents, the chest held an emblem of a yellow sun within a red circle. He looked at Superboy in genial welcome and spoke some words.

Superboy blinked. “I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

The teenaged boy facing him smiled and said in accented but understandable English, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was on Earth. I am from Krypton. We’ve studied Earth languages for some years, so I know your English.” He explained. “I am also from the past. My time machine traveled some twenty-five years into the past but I didn’t know it would also travel through space.”

Superboy smiled himself. “It didn’t, but Earth and Krypton are both planets of suns moving through space. You’re just lucky that Earth happened to be here when you arrived, or you would have ended up in the middle of deep space instead.”

“We’ll have to work on that.” the boy said. “Time travel is a new science on my world.”

“It’s even newer on Earth.” Superboy agreed. “Earth won’t discover it until several centuries from now.” It had been new science when the Legion used it in the 30th Century! “But you are here now, you should visit a while.” Having a fellow Kryptonian around for a few days would make his own life a little less lonesome. “After all, you’ll discover that on this planet, Kryptonians have super powers.”

This led to some experimentation as his new friend discovered in short order that he had super powers, invulnerability, X-ray vision, heat vision and then, as the coup de resistance, the ability to fly. En route, the visitor said, “I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Jor-El, Jr.”

Superboy blinked. “And I am Superboy. You say you come from Krypton some twenty-five years in the past?” Could this teenager be his (future/past) father?


Superboy was lucky enough to know the names of his own grandfather and grandmother, so he asked, “May I ask the names of your father and mother?”

“Yes, they are Jor-El, Sr. and Nimda. I also have a twin brother, Nim-El and a new baby brother, Zor-El.”

His own family. This teenaged boy was his own father from twenty-five years in the past, by some miracle of science and coincidence come to Earth to greet his own son when they were both the same age! Marvelous! Superboy had to laugh in his joy! “I’m a relative of yours.” he explained when he stopped laughing in his happiness. “My Kryptonian name is Kal-El; I ended up on Earth some years ago in an accident, and have grown up here, being raised by Earth parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, they named me Clark and I have lived a double life here ever since I learned of my super-powers. When I use them, I wear this costume and call myself Superboy. When I am not using them, I wear Earth clothing and call myself ‘Clark.’”

They had lots of fun with their super-powers, Superboy loved playing games like “catch” with two-ton boulders or racing at supersonic speeds around the world, and just being a couple of young boys at play. He then took Jor-El home and introduced him to his Earth parents, and picking a time when Jor-El was using their “primitive Earth bathroom” to explain his visitor’s real identity. “He’s got a way back to his own world and time.” he finished. “But my problem is whether I tell him who I am, and more importantly, if I tell him that Krypton is doomed to explode ten years in his own future.”

Jonathan and Martha looked at each other and they said, “You’ll have to make that decision for yourself. But you’ve learned from experience that you can’t change the past. You can try, I suppose, but you have to expect that it will do no good at all.”

Superboy agonized over it while they ate supper and then escorted his young father/visitor to his own room. When there, Jor-El yawned and stretched. “I’ve been studying long hours lately.” he apologized. “And the day has been a busy one. Would you mind very much if I got in bed now?”

Here? Superboy thought and then answered himself, of course here. His bed was big enough for two and the Kents had no guest bedroom. He’d occasionally shared his bed with his Kent and Clark cousins. “Certainly. You’ll have to sleep up here with me....”

“Naturally.” Jor-El supplied. “It is a Kryptonian custom to have young men share their beds when visiting.”

“It is?” Superboy hadn’t known that!

“Of course.” Jor-El was undressing and down to only his red trunks. Apparently Kryptonians didn’t believe in underwear, the trunks did double duty as his underpants. He would sleep in that, of course....

Then Jor-El pulled the trunks off and was totally nude. Superboy stared at the pert pair of buttocks as the young stud of a father climbed into bed and he got a glimpse of the rather imposing limp prick dangling down before the bedsheet was pulled up over the nude lower part and his teenaged father was now in bed. “Aren’t you coming in here with me?” he asked, with a wide smile. “That’s the custom as well.”

Well, if it was the custom.... “All right.” Superboy stood and began to remove his Earth-normal clothing. He saw Jor-El’s bemusement at his T-shirt and underpants. “To capture sweat and other body oils and keep them from penetrating through to the outer clothing.” he explained their odd necessity of this world.

“But a proper article of clothing provides ventilation sufficient to avoid such oils.” Jor-El stated.

“I can’t argue with that.” Superboy replied. “I wear my Superboy costume without underclothes. It was made with Kryptonian cloth.”

“So take them all off and get in bed.” Jor-El prompted him. Those blue eyes never wavered from his body as Superboy pulled the t-shirt over his head and hesitated. “All of it.” Jor-El said again.

“This is the custom?” Superboy asked.

“This is the custom.” Jor-El affirmed.

Superboy gulped and shed his underpants and, nude as Jor-El, got into the bed. His bed was “full-sized” which made it comfortable for one person but a bit snug for two. With a small child in his bed, he hadn’t been bothered much, but in this bed, he found himself having to touch Jor-El’s naked form from shoulder to toes.

Jor-El didn’t mind, he sighed and said, “I haven’t been able to indulge in this for quite some time.” he said as he rolled onto his side and his hand reached to stroke Superboy’s strong, msucled chest. “I’ve missed the feel of another boy’s body.” he said as his hand unbashfully felt and fondled the muscles there. “You’re so warm and strong.” he said. “I bet the Earth boys love to play in bed with you.”

“Uh...they’ve never done that with me.” Superboy gasped. “It’’s not an Earth custom.”

“But how, then, do Earth adolescent boys relieve the tension building up in their sexual organs?” he inquired. “Don’t tell me you have to relieve the pressure all by yourself?” That hand had left his chest and was now stroking over the taut abdominals. “Doesn’t it get very lonely?”

“Very lonely indeed.” panted Superboy as the hand reached and grasped his young and now-turgid pud. The fingers gripped his dong and pulled upwards and he crooned in his need and his desire. “Oohhhhhh, that’s nice, real nice.” he said.

“You really are all pent up.” Jor-El observed.

“Yes, I’m afraid so.” Superboy groaned. “Your hand feels so good!” He’d had a cousin or two explore his body when younger, but none of them had shared his bed since he’d reached puberty some two years before. His cousins had all arrived with bedrolls and a determination to sleep on the living room floor instead.

“I’ll bet your hand feels just as good on mine.” Jor-El hinted not so subtly.

Superboy smiled and turned over in the bed. His hand found his father’s young pud and grasped it and Jor-El moaned. He pumped on the raging rod and his father groaned and reached for a kiss.

Their tongues meshed and slid over and under each other and into their mouths to linger and savor the flavors they found there. Superboy and his father slid closer together still and their cocks first kissed glans then slid over each other. Jor-El caught his own prick and held the two together and stroked them both at one time. Superboy caught the strong chest and pulled his father even closer together and they kissed the more.

Jor-El rolled them over so he was on top of his (unknown) son and their cocks were driven into the tender flesh below each other’s testicle sacs and between their young, athletic thighs. Jor-El groaned and his strong hips began to thrust back and forth and again Superboy’s prick was stroked by something/someone other than himself and his own hand. It felt so gloriously, wonderfully stimulating. He moaned and groaned loudly and Jor-El grinned down at him.

“Clark? Honey, are you two all right in there?” came his Earth mother’s beloved voice.

“I’m fine, Ma!” he called back. “Jor-El and I are...talking in here.” Jor-El chuckled softly and his hips moved even more vigorously. Superboy gasped as his pleasure rose in him despite the chance of discovery, in fact, the chance made it more intense!

“It sounded like you were hurt.” his Earth father replied.

“I’m fine. Honest. You don’t have to come in here!” Superboy called back helplessly. They were right outside his door!

“If you’re sure you’re all right.” Martha said. “You two go to bed and sleep now. Good-night.”

“Good night, Son.”

“Good night, Ma, Pa.” Superboy called back, trying not to pant out loud. Oh, Rao, he was so close to climax already!

Jor-El pulled up and his cock pulled out from between Superboy’s legs and Superboy’s cock flopped down onto his lower stomach. Jor-El lowered himself again and now the cocks were lying atop each other. Jor-El’s hips moved again and the pricks slid over and across each other, the slippery-velvet cockskins stroking themselves and the other’s cock indiscriminately. Their chests slid across each other as well, the silken skin awakening to new sensations of pleasure as they touched, abdominal to abdominal, ribs to ribs, breast to breast, nipple to nipple.

Jor-El looked down into his son’s open mouth and he grinned, his mouth moved and his tongue extended, its tip dripping a globule of saliva down from in a long, slimy rope. The spit fell into Superboy’s mouth and Superboy found the flavor intoxicating. “More, more.” he mumbled in his need.

Jor-El spat down into Superboy’s open mouth and his prick slid faster over his son’s eager dong, and both were hot and throbbing poles of Kryptonian lust, and Superboy felt his orgasm climbing up his spine. “I’m coming, I’m coming, Dad!”

“Me, too, Kal-El, me, too!” Jor-El groaned.

“Ah-ah-AH-AHH-AHHHH!” Superboy squirted his spunk onto his father’s teenaged body as he orgasmed wildly, thrashing beneath Jor-El’s strong young body.

“UH-HUH-UH-GUHHHH!” Jor-El threw back his head and climaxed, his body thrusting hard against his child’s athletic, powerful form, both cocks jetting hot ejaculate that warmed and spilled over both their lower body barrels, forming a thick glue that stuck them together as they finished their orgasm and Jor-El sank onto his son’s body and rested, panting hard, their sweat combining with their spooge and the bed was wet with the fluids of their lovemaking.

“Ah-hah-hah, ah! Jor-El gasped. “And that’s the Kryptonian custom. How did you like it?”

“It was fantastic!” Superboy agreed. “But a bit noisy. If Ma and Pa had come in here, we’d have been in real trouble.”

“We’ll have to be quieter the next time.” Jor-El agreed.

“Yeah. Next time.” Superboy agreed.

His father rolled to one side and they cuddled in a loose, relaxed way. “Kal?”

“Yes, fa--, Jor-El?”

“Why did you call me ‘Dad’ when you were coming?”

“I...” Superboy was at a loss for words. “It was nothing.” he decided at that moment. He would keep both his secrets until the very end. Just before Jor-El left, he would tell everything. Until then, he was just a relative and nothing more. Not that Jor-El seemed to let that bother him.

He decided to find out. “Jor-El? Does it bother you that you and I are...related?”

Jor-El chuckled. “Why would that bother me? It made it more fun for me, didn’t it you?”


“Sleep a while. I’ll wake up in a few hours and we can do it again. Your Earth parents will be asleep then and we can make a little more noise.”

“Sounds good.” Superboy agreed.

Jor-El snuggled a little closer and was soon asleep. Safe and warm in his father’s arms, Superboy found himself soon asleep as well.

True to his promise, he awoke in the wee hours of the morning to his father’s warm body again atop him kissing him as he stroked his firm, muscled body over his son’s. Superboy lay there in the fog of half-sleep and just relished the feel of another Kryptonian body against his own, in his body and in his life. How could he let his father return to Krypton? But if he didn’t, he would never be born. Time, he knew, would never permit such a paradox to occur.

Well, let them have this time together at least! He roused himself and began to kiss back and then rolled his father over onto his back and lying on top, he kissed and then drooled and spat his own saliva into Jor-El’s happy, open mouth. Jor-El swallowed the saliva globs and then gave his son a kiss that sent shock waves of delight through his son’s body, it was so all-out and uninhibited. Jor-El didn’t care that they were relatives of any caliber, he could make love to his father all he wanted!

“Oh, oh, Dad!” he sighed as his cock throbbed against Jor-El’s eager pud. “I love how your body feels, it’s so solid and powerful.”

“I love you, too...Son.” Jor-El said. “I love how your cock is so hungry and eager.”

“Me, too. I love your cock, Dad.” Superboy said. “I wish...I wish you and I were connected by our cocks, so we could both feel this pleasure together all the time!”

Jor-El laughed at that, then said, “Well, we can’t do that, can we? We’d look silly walking down the streets of Kandor or Kryptonopolis like that, wouldn’t we?”

“Maybe.” Superboy said. “But how about we compromise?”

“Okay. Let’s compromise.” Jor-El’s voice had become softer, more accepting.

Superboy pressed his glans to Jor-El’s with both foreskins pushed back, then let Jor-El’s loose and pulled it down over his own glans as well, then tugged his own foreskin over the combined glans and foreskin. Gripping them firmly, he said, “Now you and I can enjoy this together!”

“So go ahead and pump them, Son.” Jor-El replied.

“Okay, Dad.” Superboy said and he began to jerk his pud and his father’s. His father moaned as he pumped them together, as their urethras interlocked and both spewed hot precome out and into each other’s bodies, blending until he could no longer tell which juice was his and which was his father’s.

“Oh, oh, I’m coming, Kal, I’m coming!”

“I’m close, too, Dad!”

“Oh, oh, I love you, Son, I love you!”

‘I love you too, Dad!” Superboy cried out. “AH-HAH-AHHHHH!” he groaned and his cock exploded into the tightly interlocked cocks’ interior. Jor-El’s eyes widened and he then closed them, his face squinched up and he ejaculated back into his son’s penises, the foreskins ballooned and then popped apart like a bursting balloon and hot spunk sprayed over the two teenaged boys locked in mutual climax, and they cried out in their joy and they sprayed more and Superboy moaned and laid down on his father’s body and they kissed together and loved each other in their kisses...

His door opened. “Son, what’s wrong with... Oh!” It was his Earth father, Jonathan.

“Dad! Dad, I...I....”

“I’m sorry, Son, I’m sorry!” Jonathan closed his door again and the two teenaged boys looked at each other and shared their pain of revealment.

“I’m sorry, Son.” Jor-El told Superboy. “We got too loud after all, didn’t we?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Superboy said and then he stiffened. “You know?”

“What, that you’re my son, or will be one day.” Jor-El smiled. “I figured it out after you called me “Dad.” Jor-El kissed Superboy tenderly. “I come from twenty-five years ago, any child I have would be about your age in this present. You knew all about my family and were just confirming it when you asked me. There’s also the family resemblance, you look a lot like my Uncle Zim-El did at your age, I saw his picture once. Finally, there’s the most important thing, the way I feel when I look at you. I feel our connection, Kal. You are my son.”

“Yes. I’m your son.” Superboy said.

“Have the Kents been kind to you, Son?”

“They’ve been wonderful parents.” Superboy said. “But I’m all alone on this world, the only Kryptonian. I wish there was a way we could both stay here.”

“You know that’s impossible.” Jor-El replied. “I have to return, if for no other reason than if I don’t, you won’t be born.”

“I know.” Superboy grimaced. “But you can stay a little longer, can’t you?”

“Of course I can.” Jor-El smiled. “You and I have some other things to do before I can go, don’t we?”

Superboy smiled in his own turn. “We sure do.”

They dressed and together they flew into the night. Morning was still an hour away and they wanted to make the morning last.

Alone in the woods near Jor-El’s time-globe, they undressed together and lay upon a soft sward of green grass. They lay down and lifted each other’s cocks to their mouths and suckled on the soft, warm flesh. Their only sounds were their moans as they fed upon each other’s energy, sucking the rock-hard cocks to their fiery climax. As Superboy orgasmed, he felt his body rocked by the jets of his jizz, and then Jor-El’s own spunk-rockets pounded into his mouth and he gulped it down as Jor-El drank down his own, wanting to drink down the entire essence of this, his father.

Resting a short while, as the sun came up, they roused once again. This time, Jor-El sucked his son’s cock only a while, and with it a gleaming tower of male potency, he straddled his son and aimed that pole at his anus.

Superboy gasped as his dong was enveloped by the warm interior of his father’s anus, and he looked up at the lust-softened features of Jor-El’s young face, and felt an outrushing of love that threatened to break his chest apart. He let Jor-El bounce up and down on him for a time, then he rolled his father over and with the strong arms around his chest and the powerful legs around his own, he plunge-fucked the sweet, firm ass for all it was worth. Jor-El clung to him and enjoyed the ride, gasping in his pleasure as his son rammed him, then rocketed his hot young jizz into his father’s butt, filling it with rich, hot cream.

As he rolled off and lay on his back on the soft grass, Jor-El rose to kneel above him, he spat and rubbed his prick with his saliva. “One more thing before I go.” He said.

Superboy understood, and nodded. He spread his legs as his father aimed his hard prick at his virginal bunghole. “I’m...I’ve never done it before.”

“I know, Son.” Jor-El assured him. “But I felt it as you were fucking me, my only reaction was of pleasure. Invulnerability is invulnerability, you will not feel pain, only joy.”

As his father’s hard prong stretched his bowels wide, Superboy realized that Jor-El was right, he didn’t hurt at all, even though his asshole was stretched wider than it had ever been before. His father’s lovemaking was gentle and slow, he moved in soft, loving strokes that increased Superboy’s pleasure until, as Jor-El reached climax, Superboy found his own orgasm rising within him so that he joined his father in this ecstatic bliss of jizz-spurting glory.

Done, dressed again, he kissed his father carefully. “Dad, the reason you sent me here, when I was only a baby?”

“Yes, Son.”

“Krypton was about to blow up.” Superboy explained. “You barely got me off the planet in time. Please, Dad, do whatever it takes, but save Krypton.”

Jor-El smiled. “I’ll try my best. But time has its own rules, and you, after all, are still here.”

“Yes, I’m still here.”

“I love you, Son.” Jor-El said as he stepped into the time-bubble.

“I love you, too, Dad.”

He waved as Jor-El worked the controls and then with a flash, the time-bubble was gone.

Superboy flew back home. He had some explaining to do to his father about what he and Jor-El were doing in bed.