A Stranger In My Bed

I awoke in the motel room and got out of bed and went to the bathroom and got myself a drink. I was alone in the room because my Mom and Dad wanted to be alone in their own bedroom. The way Mom giggled, I didn't get mad at them excluding me and being by myself sounded like fun, after Mom tucked me in and kissed me goodnight, I got up and watched TV until midnight. Didn't find anything great about it, though.

I walked back toward my bed and froze. Someone else was in my bed! I had slept on one edge of it and he had been sleeping in the other, I hadn't noticed him until now! What was going on here?

His clothes were scattered about the floor and I saw they were stained with vomit. He had been sick, so I was kinder than I would have been otherwise. I went over and looked. He was younger than Daddy, maybe twenty-five, with his hair all messed up and his face open mouthed and looking more like a little boy than a young, handsome man. His bare shoulders showed he had a good amount of muscle, enough to show but not more than that.

I reached out and put a hand on one shoulder and shook him gently. "Wake up, mister. Wake up."

"Muhmuhmuhmuhmuh." he replied.

"You're in the wrong room." I told him. "You need to wake up."

"Muhmuhmuhmuh." he said, opening his eyes.

"Good morning." I said. "You got into the wrong room."

"Wron' 'oom?" he mumbled. His eyes opened wider. "Wrong room? Oh! Oh! Oh!" He sat upright and I saw his flawlessly clean fair skin to the waist. "Oh, jeez, I don't know how I got here. I drank too much last night and the cab left me at the motel. I remember having some trouble with the room key, then finding the door unlocked. Figured the maid had forgotten to lock it."

"My mother must have forgotten." I said, dimpled. "Daddy was behind her kissing her on the neck and she was giggling when she left."

"Nice for them." he smiled at me, winced. "Oh, my head!" he winced in pain. "I got to get out of here."

"It's okay." I told him. He was a nice guy and not threatening me. I decided to be friendly. "Let me get Momma to give me some aspirin for you." I got my shorts and pants on and went next door. "Be right back."

He took my word for it and lay back down, moaning.

Mom and Dad's room was also unlocked so I went in and saw them asleep on the bed. Tiptoeing to her purse, I got the aspirin out and took it back to my own room.

The guy was now sitting up on the side of the bed with the sheet wrapped around his loins and looking down at his clothing. "Jeez, I was sick all over myself, wasn't I?"

"I guess so." I said. "Looks more like you took them all off and then were sick." The underwear on top was bombarded with the vomit, the other clothes less so. "I guess you can wash them out in the bathtub. When you feel a bit better." I said.

"Yeah." he took the aspirin and I brought him a glass of water to wash it down with. "You're a good kid." he said. "How old are you?"

"Almost eight." I said. "Mom says I'm old enough to stay by myself for a few hours if I behave myself."

"Wish my mother had thought that way." he grinned at me.

"I'm hungry." I told him. "I'll run down to the buffet and bring you back a plate."

"Kid, you are a lifesaver." he told me. The "buffet" was what they call a continental dinner, I grabbed some warm bagels and a couple of doughnuts and took the loaded plate upstairs again with two glasses of orange juice. I said I was taking these to my mom and dad and they let me do it, gave me a platter to carry it on and lids for the orange juice's throwaway cups.

The guy was pleased and we ate while sitting side by side on the bed. We had just ate when my mom knocked on the door. "Edward?" she called me. "Eddie, hon, are you there?"

"One minute!" I called out. To the guy, I said, "Hide in the bathroom."

He scooped up his clothes and darted for the bathroom door. I got a quick look at his dingdong, it was a nice piece of sausage dangling down between his legs and watched his buttocks waggling as he walked into the bathroom and closed the door, they were taut with large dimples in them.

Mom was looking happy. "Are you ready to have breakfast and see the town?" she asked me, then saw the leftover breakfast items. "I see you found the downstairs buffet."


"Are you ready to go, then?"

I feigned disinterested semi-disgust. "Aw, Mom, I don't want to see that stuff. You and Daddy are having such a good time, how about I stay here and watch TV and you two have fun."

She didn't fight me on it, this was a sort of second honeymoon for her and Dad. "If you're sure about that, hon, you're so sweet for letting me and your father have a good time. We'll do something together tomorrow, I promise."

"It's okay." I said. "Can I order room service for lunch?" The rates and items were on a board on one wall, next to the room rules.

"Sure thing, baby." she kissed me and got out of there while she was ahead.

I got the door closed and heard water running in the bathroom. It went on quite a while while I watched the TV (still nothing exciting on), and then the guy came out with a towel around his waist. "I've washed my clothes out in the bathroom and took a shower." He told me. "I'll let them dry a while and then I can go."

"Mom and Dad won't be back until afternoon at least." I told him. "Why don't you watch TV? Or maybe you want to go back to bed?" I pulled my shirt off and kicked off my shoes.

He took a step forward and said, "Well..."

That was when his towel fell off. He started to stoop over to get it, and his headache kicked him, he grabbed for his head instead and straightened up. "Ooh, I'm woozy."

"It's okay." I said and pulled my shorts off and was naked myself. "Go back to bed. We can sit around naked all day. I got permission for room service for us."

He started to bend again and then grinned. "Fine with me." he grinned. He left the towel where it was and padded over to the bed, climbed in and held the covers back "Get on in." he said.

I did and he said, "Your name is Edward?" I nodded. "Mine's Alan." He winced again. "This damned hangover is killing me. Can we kill the TV set for now?"

"Sure." I said and cut it off. "You really are hurting. Anything that can help a hangover?"

"Maybe you could rub my neck and shoulders." he said. "That'd help."

I got on my knees behind him and rubbed his neck and shoulders. "You have some nice muscles." I said.

"Yeah, thanks." Alan said. "I work out some. Mmmm, your hands feel so good on me. Makes me feel better all over."

"Then I should rub you all over." I said. Okay, I wasn't planning on doing a full-body massage here, I had seen his dong and having a naked man in my bed was every young gay boy's dream. I wasn't going to let this opportunity go."

I think he understood my plan anyhow, for he grinned over his shoulder at me and said, "I got some parts of me that could use a good massage."

"So lie back and I'll see what you need massaged."

He pushed the covers back and laid out flat and his cock was a tower of throbbing male organ. "I am feeling really stiff some places." he said. "I think some emergency massage is needed, in a hurry."

"I'm on the job." I said and I crawled a little closer and on my knees beside him, I grabbed his dong and began to pump on it.

"Oooh, yeah, mmmm, that's what I was needing." he murmured. "Best cure for a hangover there is is some hot sex with a cute young boy."

"Really?" I was in gay-boy heaven here, my wildest dreams coming true.

"Yeah." he said and his hand came over and caught hold of my peter. "Plenty of it, too. Come over here and let me suck your dick a little, and I'll show you how to do it."

"Yeah? Wow!" I said and eagerly scooted over. I had to let go of his cock but he didn't mind, he just reached for my cock with his other hand and held it to his lips and sucked it into his mouth.

Amazing waves of unmeasurable joy raced through my body and I was writhing in my pleasure as he sucked on me, his mouth busy moving back and forth and I was wracked with my little-boy climax in no time, moaning and writhing and moving my hips to try to help him suck me and I was wrenched and wrung dry and sagged down in my still-glowing ecstasy.

"Mmm, that's how you do it, kid." He said. "How about it, Eddie? Want to try sucking mine now?"

"Oh, you bet!" I said and crawled around and got my face to his cock and stuffed it into my mouth. I was eager but not experienced and he grunted and gave me guidance. Soon, I had the idea and was moving my head briskly up and down.

"Mmm, ohhh, uhhh, mmmmh!" he moaned as I sucked his prong. "That's nice, very nice, God, Eddie, I was never happier to end up in the wrong bed in my life! It couldn't be any better than this, never! Ohhh, yeah, suck it harder, harder and faster, kid, you can't break it, I'm loving your lips on my dick. Come on, kid, really work that dong!"

I slowed down and he saw that and said, "It's okay, kid, let me get on top of you, roll onto your back." I did and he got straddle of my body, his large, powerful, beautiful body above me and me looking up into this majestic tower of male beauty and he fed me his pud. "Now, just hold on tight and let me do the work." He got hold of my head and pumped me like mad. His cock was thrusting in and out of my mouth and it felt so warm and rich in there, the cockhead spewing out precome which tasted as awesome and I had thought it would and I held on while he grunted, moaned, groaned, then arced his back and gasped, "I'm coming, kid, get ready because I'm going to blow now. AH-AHH-HAHHHH, AH-HOOOHHHHHH!"

I got my first taste of hot man come then, and there was a lot of it, it spewed into my mouth and down my throat, I felt my mouth fill and my breath choking and I coughed and his come spurted out my nostrils there was so much of it, and I held on and he creamed more and more and finally stopped, gasping, fell off of me and lay on his back, his chest heaving and his mouth gasping. "Oh, ahhh, oh, man, that was so fucking hot! A hot young boy, oh, man, that was so fucking good!"

"Yeah." I said and snorted, blew my nose and more spooge squirted out and some hit him on his chest. "That was so awesomely wicked!"

"Wicked but awesome, I agree." He looked at me. "God, kid, I messed you up but good, didn't I?" He grinned. "I need to get you cleaned up."

"There's a washrag in the bathroom...." was as far as I got when he took me in his arms.

He kissed me, licking my face and his tongue even dug into my nostrils in search for the spunk he had squirted into me. I felt his warm tongue and powerful hands holding me, his warm body next to mine, and I felt like I was falling without moving. My world was swirling around me and I felt dizzy and delighted.

He pulled me down into the bed with him and covered us up and held me tight. He slept a while, his soft face angelic and peaceful and I kissed it and he murmured and smiled in his sleep and I settled in and took a bit of a nap myself.

I awoke to him kissing me again and I opened my eyes and smiled. Then I felt his fingertip, all slicked up somehow and he was using it to dig at my ass. "What are you doing, Alan?"

"I have another way to make you feel awesome." he promised. "Just trust me, Eddie, I don't want to do anything to hurt you."

He wriggled his finger in and moved it around and it felt kind of weird but nice. He spent some time on it and after a while, he pulled them out and lubed up two fingers (he had a bottle of clear lotion in his trouser pants, it had turned out) and began to work both of them into my ass.

An hour later, he had three fingers in me and they were all working around and I was moaning, because he'd found a place inside me that when he tickled it, I quivered all over. "I know." he said when I told him about it. "That's why when I stuff my dick in there, you're going to find I can rock your world."

"I can hardly wait." I agreed.

"Well, the wait is over." he told me. He used more lotion on his cock until it was all shiny and then he put me on my back (I'd been on my stomach for most of this) and lifted my legs up and slid in between them and put his cock up against my asshole. "Okay, kid, brace yourself because here it comes."

He pushed into my ass and his gentle working of it had done its job. He got over four inches of his eight inches into me before I felt anything but pleasure at him pushing into me. "We'll leave it at this for now, it's enough." he panted and began to move his hips back and forth. His movements brushed my insides in that special place as he moved and I moaned as he thrust in and out of me, and he was moaning, too.

Soon enough, he was plunging in and out of me with enough vigor to shake the bed thoroughly. His muscles were all rippling as me moved, and the look on his face, handsome and regular, was softer somehow with eyes a little closed and his mouth a little open and he looked at me and the lips moved to form a soft, contented smile and I grinned, too, chuckled, and he chuckled as well as he shifted position and began to ram me even harder. I clung to him and was shaken by my orgasm and when I was done and looking at him again clearly, he reached his own climax, his body again arced as he pushed into me as deep as he could, he leaned his shoulders back, raised his head and moaned as he pumped my ass full of his jizz. "Oh, oh, oh, kid, that was great!" He said as he rolled off me again to lie on his back, his chest heaving. "I wish this could go on forever."

"Well, it can go on today." I said. "Mom and Dad are probably going to be gone most of the day. Mom will text me when she is coming back."

"Great." he said. "Give me an hour and I'll fuck you again. You want to watch TV while we wait?"

"Yeah." I said.

We ordered room service, I ordered a big meal and we split it on the same plate and he fed me bites and let me feed him some. When he was done, he pushed the tray table away and laid me back and gently entered me. I felt him loving me slowly and easily, taking his time, all the urgency gone. He and I fucked in different positions like that for most of an hour before he again climbed to climax and I joined him when I felt the come rushing into me.

We had talked, I was going to go into second grade in the fall, and he was a teacher of elementary school (we had a good laugh about that) and would get his assignment soon. We both avoided details per unspoken agreement, it seemed better that way.

Mom did call, but only to tell me she and Dad would be home late and she'd see me in the morning, I told her I had ordered room service and she said it was okay to do it again for my supper. I told Alan and he was pleased, and we made love again and again through the day and night. I fell asleep in the early morning hours, and when I woke up in the morning, he was gone.

It had all been like a dream and I didn't let it bother me. Alan and I hadn't promised each other anything, after all (he had talked about it indirectly) and we were bound in different directions, this wasn't even his home town any more than it was mine.

I went back home and after the summer vacation was over, I went back to school and my new home room. I sat and talked with my friends and we waited.

The new teacher walked in and introduced himself. "Hello, everyone. My name is Alan Greaver, and I'll be your new homeroom teacher." He looked and our eyes locked and he was surprised, then smiled. "I'm going to need a teacher's assistant from one of you if I may." He ignored the hands that went up, except mine was one of them. "How about you? What is your name?"

"Eddie Kallen." I told him.

"Eddie, come on down. You can help me get to know the kids and then help me after school each day, I'll drive you home when we're done. Think your mother would agree to that?"

"I know she will." I said.

"Terrific." he said, turning to the class as I sat there next and looked up at him, Alan, the stranger in my bed.

He wasn't going to be a stranger to me any longer.