Chapter Two

Buck thought long and hard about it and was awfully quiet at the table. His older brother and dad tried to get him to talk, but Buck just couldn't tell Dad about what he and Chopper had done that afternoon. He excused himself and went up to his room. Maybe he'd be ready to talk about it tomorrow, he said when they asked him a final time what was wrong. Dad and Randy were cool that way, they'd leave him alone until tomorrow.

Dad had a call that took him out of the house before Buck got up, but Randy gave him a bowl of cereal to eat and began to coax the story out of him. Buck took a while, blushing a lot, but got out the entire story in some detail, enough that Randy seemed to be squirming uncomfortably.

"So Chopper squirted a whole lot of sticky stuff all over me and then he just kind of swam away." Buck concluded. "I washed myself off and came home."

"Wow." Randy agreed, his nearly-a-man-handsome face flushing more than a little red. "You and Chopper got real busy, didn't you?"

"Yeah, kind of." Buck admitted. "It wasn't at all what I was expecting when he started in, I mean, I figured it'd be kind of like if you and me were doing it. Or me and Dad."

"You and Dad?" Randy was startled at that. "You and Dad haven't done nothing, have you? Gee, whiz!"

"No, no, gee!" Buck agreed. "But I kind of figured it would be kind of like that."

"So Chopper just took off?"

"Yeah, but he knows I want to search all of Seventh Key Cove." Buck said. "I figure if he doesn't come down to the dock today, I'll go there and call for him."

"Oh." Randy considered this. "I'll come with you. I have to see this for myself."

"Yeah." Buck looked sidewise at Randy. "Maybe Chopper will play with you, too."

"Maybe." Randy said, then looked at Buck and blushed. Buck snickered. It was fun to embarrass Randy.

The boys couldn't call Chopper to them at the dockside, even though Chopper was usually out there every morning. They set out together in the skiff to Seventh Key Cove.

When there, Chopper again didn't answer their call. "Maybe he's ashamed of doing that with you." Randy opined when Buck spoke of his worry to his big brother. "Or maybe he's waiting for you to get back into position for him."

"Maybe." Buck said. "Let's pull in where I was yesterday and get in the water and see if he comes up again."

"Okay." Randy peeled off his t-shirt and now both boys wore blue, Buck his swimsuit and Randy a pair of cut-off jeans. They were about the same color and Buck looked over Randy's body carefully. His big brother was beginning to put some muscle on his body, that's for sure. Buck made a muscle for himself and looked at his thin arm. When would he build any muscle? He spoke of this to Randy who said, "Don't worry about it. I looked like you when I was your age. You put on muscles when you get older, Dad says. He looked like you when he was a kid, too, he says."

"Oh." Buck looked at himself again. "Cool!"

"Yeah." Randy looked at Buck too, and then hitched at his groin like it had gotten uncomfortable. "Let's get in the water."

The two boys sat in the water, which came up to their waists like bath water might. "So you were lying down?" Randy prompted his little brother.

"Yeah, like this, right here." Buck agreed and lay back in the water. "Just floating along and Chopper swam up and kind of cuddled up to me, like he wanted to hug."

"Like this." Randy put his arms around his little brother.

"Yeah, only on the other side." Buck said. "And he was rubbing his whole body up against mine."

Randy lay down and snuggled up to Buck. "Like this?"

"Yeah, kind of. Only he was wriggling." Randy squirmed around and Buck felt the warm body of his older brother. "Yeah, like that, only even harder. I really felt his body up against mine, all over."

Randy complied and Buck felt his brother's cock inside his jeans, rubbing against one of his legs. "Mmm, yeah, like that. Then he kind of jumped up onto me and lay on top of me."

Randy did that, rolling up onto Buck, the way men and women hugging and kissing on the beaches did when they were in love. Only Randy's hands going down into the water to hold himself up off his little brother's body kept him from swamping Buck entirely. Randy rested it on Buck's body and gave a few soft rubs right on top of little brother's own wiener rubbing their clothed genitals together. "Like this?"

"Yeah and he was rubbing and then his wienie crawled out of his body kind of like an eel." Buck said.

"Oh." Randy thought about that. "I can do that." He reached down with one hand and unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his cock, ready firm and stiff and Buck grinned at the sight.

"Like this?"

"Uh-huh, a little. But then he slid it inside my trunks through one of the legs." Buck prompted. "He got his dick right upon onto mine and wrapped it around it."

Randy shifted his body and got his cock up inside Buck's swimtrunks and soon the two boys' dicks were directly in contact with each other. It pushed one of Buck's swimtrunk legs up all the way but Buck didn't point that out.

"What'd he do next?" Randy panted as he made small rubs at Buck's little-boy dick with his larger teenaged prong. "Did he rub at you like this?"

"No, his prick kind of wrapped all the way around it like he was holding onto me with it." Buck said. "But this feels pretty good, too."

"I don't see Chopper." Randy panted as he continued to rub his cock against Buck's. "You think he's gone somewhere?"

"Maybe." Buck grunted as he rubbed back against his big brother. "Doing it with Chopper was fun, you know?"

"I'll bet." Randy gasped. A shudder shook the teenaged boy as he looked down at Buck with glazed blue eyes.

"But this is nice, too." Buck grinned up. "I like doing this, too. A whole lot."

"I like it, too." Randy grunted. "I was kind of hoping you'd like this."

"Me, too." Buck admitted. "Doing it with Chopper was fun. But I like you more."

"Yeah." Randy began to grind against Buck in earnest. The two boys' bodies were a pair of pale sleek forms in the soft waters and the slender forms could be seen wavering about under the water's wavelets that lapped at them. Buck's arms and legs came up and he held onto Randy's body like hanging onto a tree limb, and the two boys' hips were making small ovals that squirmed their cocks around and back and forth on each other.

"Oh, oh, that's good, that's good." Buck gasped. "I'm getting close, Randy."

"Me, too, little brother!" Randy panted. "I'm going to get you as sticky as Chopper did, I bet."

"Do it, Randy, squirt it all over me, make me all sticky and warm." Buck grunted. "I'm...oh, oh, oh, coming, oh, I'm coming, uh, uh, HUH, UH, UHHHHH!"

"Oh, I can feel it, I feel your dick jerking around under mine, it feels nice, real nice." Randy guttered out in breaths that barely escaped his mouth. "Going to come now, going to come, shooting it now, Buck, now, now, OOH, OOH, OOH, OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OOH!"

"Oh, I feel it, I feel it." Buck groaned. "Just like Chopper's all hot and sticky all over me, it's making me gooey, oh, do it, more, more, more!"

"OH, OH, OHHHH, uhhh, uhhhhhhhhh! Whooh!" Randy panted as his face, flushed and glazed, looked down at his little brother. "That was awesome!"

"Really keen!" Buck agreed. "The best, the absolute best!"

"Yeah, yeah, good!" Randy moaned.

"You two kids having fun?" a grim voice above them stated.

The two boys jerked apart and looked up at a big man with an unfriendly face stared down at them. The gun in his hand was aimed right at them.

"I said, were you two having fun?" the man insisted.

"Uh-huh." Randy said in a small voice.

"Yeah." Buck said as frightened.

"Good. Then the two of you can come with me. I got to show you two to the boss. You're the ranger's kids, I see that now. I was going to shoot you, but I think you'll be worth more as hostages to us. Now get out of there and into your boat!"

Scared, the two boys complied. They didn't dare do anything but just what the man demanded.

Neither of them saw the small gray form on the other side of the skiff watching them and when they were taken away by the man, the valiant dolphin swam quietly after them.