Is It Christmas Yet?

Brian finished making the antlers, using one of his mother's old scrunchies and some red construction paper and had fastened the antlers to the scrunchie and dashed off to find the family dog. A small brown-and-white breed named Susie had licked her chops as Brian approached, and tolerated placing the antlers over her small head. Dog in his arms, Brian dashed off to find his father, a cherubic young boy of five years' age with sandy-blonde hair cut in a "bowl" over his head.

"Dad! Daddy!"

The father, Adrian, was leaning against the kitchen countertop with a cup of coffee when Brian ran up. "What is it?" He asked, regarding the altered dog with indulgent paternalist humor. Susie had endured far worse at the hands of his son; wearing a pair of antlers wasn't the worst fate for a dog in a household with an active five-year-old boy!

"A reindeer!" Brian said, waving the dog at his father. "That means it's Christmas!"

Adrian smiled. "No, son, it's not Christmas yet. But it will be soon." Adrian's hair was a dark brown, much darker than his son's or wife's and his long, lanky body seemed even longer, stretched out like it was with his butt parked on the countertop's edge.

"Awwww!" Brian released the dog, who ran off to find a place to scrape off its antlers. Adrian had seen the way it was attached, Susie would have that off her face in ten seconds' time.

Brian faced his father. "How soon is soon?" he insisted. "It is later today?"

"No, not that soon." Adrian said.

"Is it tomorrow?" Brian persisted.

"Maybe." Adrian answered. If he'd kept saying "no" over and over, Brian would have clouded up and cried. But "maybe" pushed the problem back, Brian would have time to forget what his father had said.

It worked. "Hoo-ray!" Brian yelped and dashed back to his room. He'd need a present for his Mom and Dad. But he had no money. He had to figure out how to make one.

He came up with the idea but it would take some time. He spent the rest of the day working on one of the large boxes that he kept for play in his room, he'd need a big box for his present.

The next morning, he ran into the room where his parents slept. "Mommy, Daddy!" he called out, crawling over Adrian's just-waking form.

"Ohhh, what is it?" Adrian groaned as he pried his eyes open and sat up in bed, regarding the plaid-jumper-clad body of his son now straddling his waist and sitting on his family jewels.

"It's Christmas, it's Christmas!" Brian called. "Time for presents!"

"Ooh, no, not Christmas yet, Brian." Adrian groaned.

"But you said it was!" Brian accused his father. The boy was bouncing up and down in his glee, it was getting uncomfortable for Adrian...uncomfortably erotic, his dick decided it was being played with and was pulling a stiffie.


"You told him Christmas was today?" Beth asked.

"Uh-huh." Brian nodded solemnly. "I've made you a pres-net."

"Present." his mother corrected.

"I did. For Christmas."

"It's not Christmas yet." Adrian said to his son. "Sorry, son, but it will be Christmas soon."

"But I want it to be Christmas now!" Brian whined.

"Did you tell him it would be Christmas today?" Beth asked her husband.

"I asked him if it would be today, and he said ‘maybe.'" Brian ratted out his daddy.

Adrian must have looked his guilt, because Beth became "the judge, jury and executioner" all of a sudden. He dreaded this, because his only real option was to accept the verdict, whatever it was, and try to avoid future infractions.

"Maybe, huh?"

"I didn't say ‘yes.'" Adrian protested.

"You might as well have." Beth sighed. "Well, Mister, until you can tell him it is Christmas, you can just sleep somewhere else."

"Huh?" Adrian asked. This was punishment above and beyond the call of duty; Christmas was a painful ten days away still! "But I didn't...."

Beth was ignoring him, comforting her distraught son. "It's all right, baby. After breakfast, you and I can make some Christmas cookies and I'll let you have some of them."

"You can sleep with me, Daddy, until it is Christmas." Brian said, his disappointment forgotten entirely with the prospect of having his father full-time until Christmas.

It was share his son's bed or sleep on the couch. Which he had learned on the last such punishment from Judge Beth was much too lumpy for comfort. And it was only five a.m. "All right, Son, let's you and me go to your bedroom until it's time for breakfast."

Adrian got out of bed and, wearing only a gray t-shirt and pair of darker-gray briefs, was led by his jumper-clad son off to his son's room.

God, Brian's bed was too small! A race-car bed, it was a mere three feet wide by five feet long, his feet would hang over if he lay down on it, and there was no room at all for Brian if he did. Maybe if they lay spoon fashion.... "All right, Son, I'm here, now...."

"Get in first, Daddy, get in first!"

"All right." Adrian sighed and got into the bed, he had to pull the covers completely off to accomplish it, the cover (holding an image of Buzz Lightyear in mid-flight on a backdrop of stars) was a mere couch throw, but Brian had loved it and Beth had bought it for him, and it was warm and lay down on the covers (red with yellow circles holding images of The Flash running out at the viewer) and laid his head on the pillow (the pillowcase was blue with an image of Superman, Brian's tastes in heroes ran to the potpourri). "Okay, now come in and bring the covers with you."

Brian did, but instead of crawling in on the side so Adrian could move to cuddle him in on his side, he jumped again onto his father's stomach. This time there was no covers to separate them, just his son's plaid jumpers and his own gray briefs. The covers were nowhere to be seen. "Hooray, you're in bed with me, Daddy! This is the best Christmas present ever!"

"It's not a Christmas present, it's not Christmas yet."

"It's still a great present!" Brian was again bouncing/squirming/moving on top of Adrian's basket and Old Glory (his name for his penis because it insisted on playing a flagpole at the worst possible moments all his adolescent lives) was again rising to the occasion.

"But it's only until it is Christmas, which is going to be coming up real soon and...."

Brian had stopped. His little wiener and balls were in unmistakable position on top of what had now become a full erection, and his son had felt it. "What's that?" he asked.

"It's nothing, Son, I... Oooh!" Brian had reached down and now had hold of Adrian's flagpole! And Old Glory was loving it! "Ooh, oh, stop that, Son, stop that!" Brian was fondling the stiff dong in exploratory wonder.

"It's so big and it's kind of hard." Brian exclaimed. "I didn't know your ding-dong could do that!" His little hand was feeling out the dimensions of his father's rather formidable dong, nine solid inches of malehood throbbing now under his son's curious ministrations.

"It does it when you get to be my age, but you shouldn't be touching it like that."

"No it doesn't!" Brian responded.

"Huh? No, no, Son, really, when you get older...."

"It can't be only when you get older, because mine is all hard now, too!" Brian said. "Can't you feel it?"

Hell, he could! "Well, even yours will get hard when you rub it around like you have...."

"Like this!" Brian's little hips did a circular motion on Adrian's cock and balls that was better than any massage-parlor chippie could give!

"Oohh, God!" Adrian moaned. Hell, it had been five whole days since he and Beth had last managed to make the "two-backed beast" when Brian had been visiting his grandmother, most nights, she felt it too likely (and she was right) that he might hear and come looking. Adrian'd offered to put a lock on their door, but she countered that if Brian had a nightmare and came for them and found a locked door, he'd be traumatized. What about his trauma?

But he found his favorite joybox was more than ready to dance to his son's happy crotch-tango, and he now had a raging erection. Brian was finding the hard rod that was living up to its reputation as a flagpole well-earned, and that he was now encountering resistance to his motions up his father's body, instead, his baby prick ran into the tower of tumescence and crashed and ran aground, his balls smashing behind. Brian's young hips could drive the boy-rod up the shaft, but the movement was getting uncomfortable for the flagpole's owner. "Mmm, uh, uhhhh, Son, stop, that's, uh, that's beginning to hurt your daddy!"

"Sorry, Daddy." Brian said and slid down his father's hairy legs, regarded the brief-covered tower with concern. Adrian's dong was clamped with the elastic waistband causing the proud rod to be bent over into an arc, though it forced the briefs to tent up and the waistband was lifted from Adrian's body at the glans. His cock practically begged all who saw it to pull that horrible, horrible shackle off and let it breathe free!

Brian heeded the call and his little hands caught his father's waistband and freed the thick shaft which sprang happily tall and torrid. "Wow!" Brian breathed when he saw it. "It's so big!"

"Yeah, Son, it's... Oh, God!" Adrian told himself he had to start taking action first and talk after, while he said those words, his son, a boy who believed in action first always, had caught hold of his father's prong with both hands. "Ohhhh, oh, Son, God!"

"It feels so warm, and it's breathing!" Brian said, amazed, referring to the slow pulsing the now-angry prick was doing as it demanded more attention. His hands moved to feel out the panting monster in his hands and that only made things worse!

"Oh, oh, Son, oh, Son!" Adrian gasped. He could no longer form the words that meant "stop doing that" because he only wanted his son to do more, more!

"What's wrong, Daddy?" Brian asked, in all innocence.

"It's...your hands are making your Daddy feel awful good."

"You like this?" Brian gripped and his hands moved up and down his father's cock faster.

"Yeah, oh, oh, yeah!" Adrian groaned. He sat up in bed long enough to grip his gray t-shirt in both hands and skin it up over his chest and shoulders, showing his son the lush growth of man-fur his body held hidden inside the tee. "Let's you and me get out of these clothes and have some real fun in this bed, Son?"

"Yeah." Brian was more than ready. He crawled out of bed to remove his jumper and then it was just a matter of unzipping it down his front and then skinning himself like a banana (leaving him in only a pair of Hulk briefs when removed fully). Meanwhile his father sat back up and worked his own brief down his long, athletic legs and finished to be tackled by his son's now-nude and eager body. Adrian hit his head on the headboard going down, but not painfully, and then his son was kissing him and he gave the kiss-back an adult full-on experience, with his tongue and lips mouthing and meshing with his son's as their saliva lavished itself on each other's teeth and gums.

Adrian started kissing his way down his son's young, firm, smooth body, and Brian groaned as his young body responded with pleasure his short life had never before experienced and he crooned as his father's mouth worked its way down his chest, his stomach, his abdomen and found the tiny little boy-dong and sucked it into his large, warm mouth.

"Oooh, ooooooooh!" Brian gasped as his boyish joy washed over him. "Daddy, oh, oh, oh, Daddy!"

Adrian scooted down on the bed, this pushed his feet well off the bottom but gave his son room to maneuver as the little boy valiantly moved to reciprocate. He reached his father's palace of the tall tower, and his young lips sank over the fat, uncut glans and slid down, taking the cockskin with him, and now it was his father's turn to groan in long, liquid sounds of pleasure. "Ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ah, ahhhhhhhhh!"

"Mmmmmmh, mmmmmh, mm-mmmh!" Brian groaned in his own growing passion.

"Mmmmh, mmmh, mm-mm-mmmmmhhh!" Adrian moaned as his own climax approached.

"Mmh, mmh, mmh!"

"Muhh-muhhh, muhh!" Adrian was about to explode, he had to talk, but his own son's orgasm was also coming fast, what to do what to do? He kept sucking while he thought, and the situation, as usual resolved itself its own way, father and son climaxed simultaneously.

"Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!" Brian's little dong quivered in Adrian's mouth as his son was wracked with orgasm.

"Ah-AHH-AHH-AHHH, UHHH-GUHHH!" Adrian's own ecstasy required no shivering movements though he had some, for his cock exploded into his son's startled mouth.

"Gluh, glh, guh, ug-glug!" Brian's mouth was overflowing with hot man-juice and the poor lad dribbled heavily onto his father's schlong.

"Oh, oh, ohhhhh, oh, Son, oh!" Adrian still shook with the aftershocks of his climax, but his son was in distress. "It's all right, Son, it's all right."

Brian struggled and swallowed hard, then again, and spoke. "Oh, oh, Daddy, what happened?"

"It's what happens when a man like your Daddy reaches his climax."


"Like when you were shaking and shivering because it felt so good."

"Oh. That was good, Daddy."

"I'm sorry I didn't warn you, Son." Adrian talked on. "I should have explained that when I hit climax I would, uh, shoot my juice."


"Yes, a special juice only Daddy's create. You'll do it, too, when you get older."

"I liked your special juice, Daddy." Brian said.

"Well, you missed some of it." Adrian pointed out. "It got my dick all sticky."

"I'll get it!" Brian crowed and dove to the task. His busy little tongue lapped all the hot white spooge from his father's shaft and pubic bush, then he came back up and they kissed again, more spit changing from father to son and son to father, and the son's now was flavored with his daddy's own spunk, it gave his spit a heavy salty flavor. Leavened by his son's own liquid, Adrian found the flavor intoxicating and he tried to suck his son's mouth dry.

Brian got loose and his mouth roamed over his father's now-exhausted body, Adrian lay there and let his son's mouth play over his hairy body, his sweat was more than enough to keep his son busy. He ought to shave his body like he had while dating Beth, she often asked him to do it again, but his entire body had itched so damned much until it had grown bad fully, he had never quite managed to talk himself into it.

Brian's mouth found his armpit and the lush growth of hairs there fed his son liberally with his heady nectar of daddy sweat, and Brian fed luxuriously to his father's intense pleasure. By the time his son had fed from both armpits and sucked them dry, Adrian's pud was again at full mast, a blob of precome adorning its tip.

Brian saw and reached down to kiss it off, licked his lips and said, "That is so good, Daddy."

"I love it when you do it, too." Adrian said fervently.

"Your wiener is always so happy to see me."

"It is." Adrian agreed. "As happy as a baby puppy is, it wants to lick your face."

"Like this?" Brian slapped his Daddy's dong on his face as if the head was "licking" him and Adrian's prick happily slobbered his cheek with precome in lieu of dog-drool. "It is happy to see me."

"So let's introduce my happy puppy with yours." Adrian suggested. "Put them up together."

Brian did. "Yours is hiding in its doghouse." Brian meant the foreskin.

"So send yours in to let them get acquainted.

Brian did, and Adrian just lay there and enjoyed the feel of the little hands as they pushed the little dong into the foreskin where it could kiss his own larger glans, holding the foreskin so that his own prick was engulfed.

"Keep a good grip, baby and I'll show you another way to have fun." he said. He began to move his hips while Brian kept his prick firmly imbedded inside his own foreskin, and that made both cocks sing in their joy. Brian moaned and his little dick throbbed in its joy and that made Adrian's own pleasure rise as he enjoyed the boy's passion pulsing inside his foreskin. Desire inflamed desire and when his son again thrashed in orgasm, he again pumped hot jizz into the small space their two cockheads inhabited, and Adrian moaned and Brian gasped, and then his son again obediently cleaned off his daddy's cockhead while Adrian sucked his son's penis clean in turn.

They rested again and would have done more, but the sounds in the hallway warned them and they had to scramble to pull on their briefs and get decent enough to let Beth see them. She only quickly poked her head in to make sure they were awake, said, "Breakfast in fifteen minutes." and left them alone again. Adrian padded back to his own room to shower and get dressed, and they were all present and presentable as they ate around the table.

Adrian asked his wife that night if the new sleeping order held, received an "I said until Christmas and I mean until Christmas."

"Is it Christmas yet?" Brian promptly asked.

"Not yet." Adrian said as Beth left him to deal with their son.

A good thing, for Brian thought it over and said, "Good." and caught his father's hand. Adrian happily followed his son to the boy's room once again. The toys and superhero bedclothes made a supremely welcoming arena for him when he got inside and they closed the door. Adrian quickly pushed the toy chest over to make sure that the door didn't get opened in a hurry in the night and turned to his son. "Are you ready for more games with your favorite new toy?" he asked his son as he gripped his crotch.

"Uh-huh!" Brian said with a gleeful expression.

They undressed, but this time Adrian had a full set of clothes on and his son beat him to nudity easily. He crawled into the bed and Brian put his arms up. "Me on bottom this time, Daddy!" His tiny shaft was a miniature lighthouse beckoning ships to safe harbor near his ball-rocky shore. Brian's own eyes were feasting on the sight of his father's hairy bush in which nestled the hungry man-dong, its head questing about for its prey, then stopping and bobbing up and down in Brian's direction like a dog pointing for its master.

"Works for me." Adrian agreed and laid his fat, hard dong on his son's smaller piddle. Both cocks had fully rested and were more than ready for more playtime, Brian's little two-incher was a cocktail wienie resting on Adrian's long man-salami, the little balls were lima beans to Adrian's fat apricot-sized testicles. Rubbing his turgid shaft over the little baby-banana of his son's prick was a glory in its own right, and his son's open mouth beckoned to him, he drew a long glob of his saliva out to his lips and let it dangle before his son, who happily captured and feasted on the liquid.

Adrian's hips thrust happily over his son's cock and balls, thinking as he did, as his cockskin slid over the small jalapeno of his son's hot prick, and the sweet little beads of the balls, that fucking like this felt just as good, if not better, than it felt to fuck his wife's pussy! Beth would often withhold her love to punish him, Brian would never do that, because he loved his father's hard, throbbing shaft.

As if to prove it, Brian gasped and shuddered in his orgasm and feeling the little body shivering under him, the cock pulsing beneath his, he groaned and his climax seized and mauled him and he sprayed his son's body with his jizz from the boy's neck and chin with one hot, vagrant rope of spunk all the way down to soak the boy's young genitals. "Oh, oh, Daddy!" Brian moaned as he was coated in his father's juice. "That's nice, that's so nice!"

"It sure is."

"This is going to be the best Christmas ever!" Brian enthused. "Is it going to be Christmas tomorrow, Daddy?"

"No, not yet." Eight more days of hot dad/son love to go! "But soon, really soon."


Adrian enjoyed Brian again feasting upon his body's sweat and again was ready for a second round by the time he was done. This time Adrian showed his son another way to make love, instead of laying his cock on top of his son, he pushed the boy's legs together and then inserted his own dong between the legs and thrust at his son that way. "This is called ‘interfemoral sex' meaning between the legs." he told his son. "It feels just as good to me as doing it the other way."

Brian made a face. "But I don't feel much of anything." he complained.

Adrian smiled. "Well, the good news is that your wienie is free for your Daddy to do this." and he grasped the little pud between his thumb and forefinger and as he fucked his son's legs, he also jerked his son's prick. Brian loved it, then and he writhed and moaned, free to move about and Adrian watched all the love gyrations of his son and the face writhing in pleasure with a great satisfaction. When his son reached orgasm well ahead of him this time, he felt the jerks of the child's cock trying to ejaculate. God, what a glorious day that will be, he thought, having his son's hot spunk creaming on his body, or better, right into his mouth or up his ass! God, yes, up his ass! "Oh, God, I'm coming, Son, coming, AH-AH-HAH-AH-AHH!"

While Adrian was cleaning his son's thighs of his spunk by licking them dry, Brian asked, "What were you thinking, Daddy?"

"When?" Adrian asked.

"When you came. You were just fucking at me, and then all of a sudden, your face changed and you were squirting. Real hard."

"I...I had a really hot idea."

"Hot idea?"

"One that really turned me on so much, I had to come right then."

"Oh. So what were you thinking?"

"About the day you could squirt your own spunk up my ass when you fuck me."

"Oh." Brian digested this, then smiled. "You could squirt your spunk up my ass, though."

"Yes." Adrian agreed. "But it hurts the first time. You might not like it."

"Yeah." Brian conceded.

"Besides, you and I both need to get some sleep here." Adrian assured him.

"All right, Daddy."

Adrian settled down and held his son tightly. Seven more days until Christmas. A week of happy blissful lovemaking and sleep. If only it could go on forever.

Brian continued to check regularly on the progress of Christmas. After again being told by his father than no, Christmas would not be tomorrow, but it was coming soon, Brian went on, "Daddy?"

"Yes, son?" Adrian paused with his hands on his shirt buttons.

"Would you fuck me tonight?"

Adrian smiled and began to undress. "You read my mind."

Brian giggled.

When nude, Adrian said, "Now let me lie down and when I do, I want you to poke that cute little bum of yours up to my face."

"Why?" Brian wanted to know.

"You'll find out." Adrian smiled.

When the tiny twin orbs were perched in his oral reach, Adrian reached into his pocket, pulled out a small bottle of lubricating lotion. Adrian undressed and then rubbed the lotion on his cock while his son watched in eager anticipation. "Now, let me lie down and you can climb on top. I want you to take it at your own pace." he urged.

Brian agreed and squatted over the hard dong. When his young anus contacted Adrian's cockhead, Adrian moaned and a glob of precome greased the little butthole. It made the insertion that much easier. They took it slow, but soon Brian had his father's cock firmly in his ass for over three-quarters of its length.

Adrian then rolled his son over so he could be in charge and he began to slowly fuck his boy's ass. Brian moaned as the hard prong plunged into him and moaned again as the hard shaft was pulled out again. When the little butt was thoroughly greased and relaxed, Adrian sped up and soon he was fucking his son at full throttle and both were moaning in their rising ecstasy. Orgasm was again a combined affair, Adrian squirting his load into his son's ass and Brian, feeling the hot flood gushing into him, writhed and squirmed in his own pleasure. They fell asleep sooner after to slumber the entire night long.

"Is it Christmas yet?" Brian asked that night at the dinner table.

"Soon, Son, soon." Adrian told him.

Beth was incredulous. "You mean you're still telling him "soon" instead of answering him.

"It's okay, Mom." Brian said. "It's more fun this way."

She looked at her men, both laughing and sighed. "Oh, very well."

"I know Christmas is next week." Brian chimed in. "Isn't it, Daddy?"

"I said ‘soon' and I meant ‘soon.'" Adrian said.

"One whole week?" Brian said to his mother.

"Another week." Beth affirmed.

"Great!" Brian enthused. "I get Daddy in my bed for another whole week! We have fun in bed!"

Adrian would have continued this conversation, but the phone rang and Beth went to answer it. Then some friends came over and stayed the next two hours.

Adrian was glad to finally get to go to Brian's room and figured the little lad would be asleep. If so, he determined, he would not wake the boy.

But Brian roused when he came in and said, "Daddy?"

"Yes, Brian."

"Can I fuck you tonight? Even if I can't come?"

Adrian smiled. "You sure can, baby, you sure can."

He undressed then lubricated the little pud with his lotion. Then he lay back on the bed and let his son crawl between his legs, then took his son's wrist in one hand and guided it to his nether regions. "Okay, Son, my asshole is right down...uh, there!"

"I feel it." Brian said.

"Now, find it again with your cock and stick it on in."

It wasn't that easy, but soon Brian had his little prick in his daddy and was pumping away at it. Adrian surprised himself by finding the feeling so pleasurable that with his hand jerking his cock at the same time, he spewed his load all over his climaxing son.

He fucked his son the next night to a mutual orgasm, then lifted his son's ass into the air and sucked the spunk out of his boy and then squirted it back in again, in and out, while his son moaned and groaned and climaxed a second time.

Night after night, the two enjoyed each other, father and son, loving each other. But as it must come, Christmas arrived, and Brian didn't need to be told, he was awake and tearing at his presents by five thirty in the morning. Adrian sat and watched as the children played with their toys, and looked at his wife, thinking how that night they would again share the same bed, and all the fun he'd had with his son at night would be over and done with.

Then his son surprised him. "Now it's time for my present to you, Daddy!" Brian announced.

"Your present."

"Uh-huh. But you got to go into the next room and wait until I call you in, okay?"

Adrian shrugged and he and his wife went to wait in the kitchen. "You know what he did?" he asked Beth.

"Not a clue." she shrugged. "Whichever, you pretend to like it, you understand me?"

"I will, I will, sheesh!" he complained. Sometimes, Beth acted like she was the only one who knew how to deal with children!

"Okay, come back in, your present is in the living room in the middle!" came the muffled voice.

They did and looked around. There was a large box with a bow on it and a crudely lettered "For Dadd" in all its misspelled glory. Adrian looked at Beth. "You want to open it, or should I?"

"I will." said Mom and went over. The box only had a lid on top, all she had to do was lift off the box.

And out sprang Brian, wearing a blue bow! "Merry Christmas, Daddy!" he called.

"Well, what a surprise this is." Beth said.

Adrian had to agree. "But I don't get it." he said. "What's the present?"

"Me." Brian supplied.


"Uh-huh. You get me all to yourself. I want you to sleep with me forever and ever."

Adrian couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. "Well, in that case, I guess I should just keep sleeping in Brian's room from now on."

"That'll be fine with me." Beth agreed. "For ever and ever. I sleep so much better without you snoring in my ear!"

Later, when Brian was in another room, Beth said, "By the way, Adrian?"


"When you and Brian are fucking each other's brains out, could you keep the noise down?"

They'd been heard! But Beth didn't seem upset! "I didn't know we were making that much noise."

"Brian yelling ‘Fuck me harder, Daddy!' isn't something you would misinterpret." Beth said.

"Oh." Adrian tried to think about what to say, but again, his thoughts and words prevented his actions, for Beth beat him to the next thing she had to say.

"There's a reason I kicked you out of the bed, Adrian, besides the fact I haven't enjoyed sex with you for some time. But I guess you haven't been finding that any problem, have you?"

"Not any longer." Adrian agreed. He got to his feet. "I think I am going to go find and claim my Christmas present. I got another present for him."

Brian's present in his pants pointed the way to his son. It was 365 days until Christmas now, and Adrian intended to make the most of it.