After a time, I yawned, and when I did, Daddy did the same. “Ho-ho-ho-hummm!” he said. “I guess we’d better catch some sleep.” He was stretching as best he could in the pickup cabin, his massive arms flexing as he made his bent-arm motions with clenched fists.

“How we going to sleep?” I asked. We were supposed to go to a cabin already supplied with things like beds and quilts. We had our clothes, food and fishing gear and nothing much else.

“The best way we can, tonight.” Daddy said.

“Lie out under the stars?”

Daddy smiled, but shook his head. “Better not. There are wild animals in these woods, and while they probably wouldn’t bother us at night, I’d rather not wake up to have wolves standing over me.”

“Me, either.” I agreed.

“So let’s just lean back and try to nap.” Dad said. “We’ll start out at first light.” Dad moved the steering wheel to the upright position to get it out of his way somewhat (the feature that makes it easy for the driver to get in and out of the pickup), and he shifted forward and parked his back into the corner formed by the seat back and the door. His shoulders rolled up and down as he got into position. His cap he shifted down over his eyes. “Good night, Son.” Dad said to me.

“Good night, Daddy.” I said and I tried to imitate him. Shifting into the corner and trying to get comfortable. Maybe it worked for Daddy okay, but he was bigger than me, for me, it was just terrible. I was half falling off the seat into the crack between the seat and the door!

I sat back upright and looked around. How was I even going to sleep a little bit here.

Got the idea. I leaned over and onto the seat of the pickup. By putting my head on Daddy’s leg, I was just able to fit my entire body on the pickup seat.

Dad lifted his cap brim with one finger to peer down at me. “Having trouble sleeping, Son?”

“A little. But this is better.”

“Wish I had it better.” Dad admitted.

“Want to lie down like me?”

“If I’d fit. But maybe if I scoot down a bit more.”

Daddy did and I nestled back in. Now my head was resting much higher on his thigh, practically on his stomach. “Are you comfortable now, Daddy?”

“Yeah, I guess so, good as I’m going to get, anyhow.” Daddy said and his hand came down and rested on my shoulder. Not heavy or hard, just touching. Felt nice.

We lay like that for a while, but I couldn’t sleep. The forest sounds different than anything else at night. All sorts of noises, the leaves in the trees as the wind blows, they get awfully loud, there are so many of them. And lots of other noises. Whether it was a wolf walking nearby or just a raccoon, it was enough to make me nervous.

Dad was sleeping now, I think. He grunted, shuffled some, and his leg nearest me came up onto the center bump in the floor. Now it was resting about halfway onto the seat with me. We both fit but it was kind of cramped.

I couldn’t sleep. I had Daddy’s lap now up in my face. The moon was full and nearly overhead, and it gave enough light into the pickup that I could raise my head just a bit and look right at his crotch. Sometimes when I looked at Daddy’s private area, I could see a bulge in there, you know. Now and then. I kept wondering what that bulge would feel like (I knew it was his wienie, that adults had bigger wieners than kids like me, but why would it swell up like that. My own dick would get hard now and then. A funny feeling when it did that, and my rubbing it would make it tingle and tingle until it was just the best feeling in the world!

What would Daddy’s much-bigger dick feel like, both for me touching it and for him having it touched?

I didn’t reach for him suddenly, but the night went on and on and I still couldn’t sleep. It was quite a while, not a full hour, but still, a lot of time, before I gathered up my courage and reached up to touch my Daddy’s basket. At first, all I was feeling was the blue jeans he had on. But over at one side, after a time, I felt it out. The soft small bulge that was Daddy’s dick. Right there!

I pressed at it with my fingers, up and down, all I was trying to do was feel what it was like. But after I did that for a while, the thing began to grow. I didn’t notice that much at first, I was pressing on it harder and harder and so I was feeling more and more. But after a while of that, it was making that big bulge I had noticed sometimes. Now I had it right in my hand.

I was feeling it out like that. Dad’s jeans were tight, so I wasn’t feeling much beyond how it was a lot firmer than it had been before.

Dad’s hand landed on my shoulder again. I froze when he touched me, of course, but then his hand began to rub my arm up and down, softly, warmly.

Emboldened, I rubbed Daddy’s dick with my hand, squeezing at it and moving it as much as I could.

“Aahhh!” Daddy made this single, soft sound. A sound of pleasure, a sound of acceptance, a sound of interest.

I scooted up so that I was sitting up against Daddy, him sprawled out and me sprawled along one side of him, underneath the powerful warmth of that arm. The hand now was much further down my body and Daddy’s hand used that length to reach across my body and onto my own lap and his fingers found my own crotch and he rubbed me like I was rubbing him. It was dark in the pickup, lit only by the moonlight that gave a pale, unreal light to everything. It was like a secret place, like those places in your own mind where you go and nobody else knows about, it’s just you and everything you want is right there. Only here, in this secret place, Daddy was in it with me.

“Daddy?” I whispered so softly, afraid to shatter that feeling. “Can I touch it, Daddy? Please?”

“Baby.” was Daddy’s only word and then his hand left my body to join the other and he tugged at the fastenings of his belt and his fly. His hands, so strong and so sure, were trembling and he was panting heavily, something I never heard him do even when he was working hard. His hand snaked into the whiteness that was his briefs, extra white in the moonlight, and then he revealed in all its pale-gray splendor the body of his dong.

“Wow!” I said so very softly. “Can I touch it now, Daddy? Can I?”

“Baby.” Daddy said again and I took that to mean yes. I grabbed hold and the shaft was solid heat. Daddy moaned as my fingers closed upon this heat and his hips gave some small hunches upwards into my hand, not aggressively, but like Daddy couldn’t stop himself from doing it. His lips loosed some more moans, soft warm sounds that said more than any words of mine could have.

So warm, so full, so rich, my Daddy’s pud-tip gleamed in the moonlight, like a single sparkling star brought down to Earth. Marveling at this diamond-twinkle of light, I bent over and Dad slid down even more to make it easier for me. Now his knees were chock-a-block against the dashboard, he could go no further. I slid over the massive barrel of his chest and my head was questing ever closer to that magnificent crystal-tipped beacon of his manhood, and I felt like if I could hug it tight to me, it would be the best thing in the whole world. Wrap it all up, all the way around, the entire length of it, and it would join me to Daddy in a way that nothing else ever could.

Daddy gasped as my cheek touched the side of his shaft, his prong was almost burning hot against my soft skin. “Ahh-ahh-ahhh!” Daddy breathed. “Baby, oh, oh, Baby!” he murmured.

His hand returned to my own crotch, and in this more prone position, his fingers could and did fumble with my own pants’ closure. Kid’s clothes are made to be more easy to get undone, to let kids undress themselves easier, and to let parents dress them easier as well. Daddy’s fingers alone did more than mine could have done to him, he got my fly unzipped and my pants button undone and then he was fishing inside my Spiderman briefs to feel out my tiny but turgid pud. When his fingertips gripped it, I gasped with a pleasure I hadn’t felt by myself, and not fully even with other guys my own age. Daddy’s hands moved with the experience of years and the kindness of my father, and his wiggling movements sent dazzling rushes of delight up my body, my whole form quivered.

My cheek still rested against my Daddy’s rich tower of his cock, and I brushed up and down with my cheek on it, and Daddy groaned, a louder, more throaty groan, and that seemed to communicate to something inside me.

I’d never heard about sucking cock, never heard it mentioned, nor had Daddy done anything to suggest it. But I had my head up and turned and my mouth found the glans and suddenly I was sucking it down. I wasn’t experienced or talented in any way, but the raw feeling of that prick inside of me, I was wrapped around it, I had it, that feeling galvanized me to struggle with this pillar of prong and my lips nursed it with an earnest endeavor that did much the same thing that long experience could have.

“Oh, God!” Daddy moaned. “Baby, oh, God, Baby, suck me, suck my cock, Baby, suck it for Daddy.” His panting now was a sound like a grizzly bear would have made, the loud snuffling sound that shook my entire body.

I shoved my Daddy’s dong deeper into my mouth, wanting to get it all in and my Daddy moaned, “Oh, oh, I’m coming, Son, I’m coming, oh, God, OH-OH-OH, OOOHHHHH! GAAAAH!”
Illustration of Getting Daddy Lost
The blast that hit my tonsils was unprecedented in my experience, I only knew that my Daddy was squirting hot wads of stickiness that matched with his moans of pleasure as he shook from the power of it. Again, something untaught stirred in my brain and I didn’t flinch back from this hot salty flood, I gulped it down as fast as my Daddy produced it, drinking the very essence of my Daddy’s virility into myself.

Daddy’s hand on my cock stilled briefly as he shot his load, but when he was done, his hand resumed the motion with a determination that was unmistakable. Daddy wanted me to come like he had. I couldn’t, of course, but my body quivered in the power of the stroking he was giving me and I lay on my back now, my head on Daddy’s lap, stretched out on the pickup seat, and my Daddy whipped my dong still inside my briefs, and I hit that short tingle of delight that felt so good and faded so fast. I moaned and shuddered and it was gone and I thought that was all, but Daddy was still pumping at me and after a few seconds, that tingle returned and it was ten times as powerful as it had been before! Where I’d groaned before, now I was yelping in my exquisite agony of ecstasy, I pumped my hips up and down like Daddy had done, and I knew now just what my Daddy had felt as he squirted his jizz into my mouth and throat, he had felt something very like this, very like this!