But where to hide? A closet was too obvious, Mom would look there first! Under a bed? I wouldn’t quite fit. But where else was there? I wanted Mom to have to really look to find me!

I heard Daddy snoring and I grinned. I had an idea and I slipped quiet as I could into Daddy’s room.

Daddy was flat on his back, his legs sprawled out so that he took up the entire bed. His arms were flung out to either side, crooked at the elbows like a pair of L’s that was Daddy’s way of claiming the entire bed. Mom had complained about how Daddy would squeeze her over to one edge of the bed, and even then, she would be bumped by him the entire night as he tried to sprawl out all over.

I had planned to snuggle up behind Daddy while he slept, let his big body hide me from Mom. She wouldn’t want to bother Daddy, and wouldn’t look too hard.

Then I had another idea. A better idea. I would crawl under the covers.

Where? Daddy’s arms blocked most of the room on the bed. Where could I get in and have enough room?

At the foot! Between Daddy’s legs, I could curl up in there and I would fit, I bet!

I got the covers lifted up, saw the pair of hairy legs. Daddy was a security guard, and he was big and strong, so big that most crooks would take one look at him and go away, I bet!

I dove into the dim interior of the covers, and as I squirmed in, Daddy stirred. I got up to where my head bumped him at the top of his legs, a softly yielding, bulbous mass that felt kind of funny.

“What are you doing under there, son?” Daddy asked me.

“Hide and seek.” I whisper-giggled, a wet sort of sound. “Mommy can’t find me in here!”

“She’ll find you if I tell her where you are.” Daddy mock-warned me.

“Don’t tell, Daddy, don’t tell!” I begged him urgently. “I want her to find me.”

“Okay, son.” Daddy said indulgently. “But you need to lay there quietly, you hear me? No squirming around or Mommy will find you.”

“Okay.” I said and settled in to wait. Mommy would have to look and look and...that was when I noticed it.


“Yes, son?”

“You’re naked.” I said, only I stretched the word out, na-a-a-a-ke-e--e-e-ed. And he was! I was looking right at his wienie, it was laying on top of his balls and they were all covered in hair and smelled kind of strong. That was what I’d felt on top of my head, my Daddy’s wienie!

“Yeah, son, I sleep without any clothes on.” Daddy agreed. “Lots of people do.”

“Does Mom sleep naked?” I asked him, staring at his wienie. It was lots bigger than mine, even when you realized that Dad was bigger than me.

“No, son.” Dad said a little ruefully. “She has her bra and panties on and then she puts that big old blue nightgown of hers on over that. The same one you see her wearing in the morning, underneath that pink robe of hers. And her hair is usually up in curlers, and sometimes she puts this sticky white goo all over her face too.” Daddy said, this time a bit bitterly. “I have to look at that at night. Three times out of four, it can take the starch right out of me.”


“Never mind.” Dad said. “Just that your Mom isn’t a whole lot of fun to sleep with.”

“Okay.” I said. Then, “But you don’t sleep with her, do you?” I pointed out. “You sleep during the day now.”

“Yeah, and it was her brother got me this job.” Dad sighed. “Now I try to sleep in the daytime. Whoops, I hear your Mom on the stairs. You be real quiet now, or she’ll find you.”

“Okay.” I said.

A long pause followed, I spent the time looking at Daddy’s wienie some more. It really looked a lot different from mine. Oh, the overall shape was the same, but his was sort of fat and wrinkled. I wondered what it would feel like, all those big folds of skin in my hand.

I reached up and got hold of it, that skin rippled back as I gripped it.

“Son, what are you doing?” Daddy said.

“Just touching it.” I said. “I just wanted to see what it felt like.”

Daddy grunted as I held onto his dick, and I was surprised to feel it getting bigger in my hand. Actually swelling up like a sort of balloon, only different.

“Daddy, it’s getting bigger.” I said.

“Yeah.” Daddy said. “It’s because you’re touching it.”

“Honey, are you awake?” my Mom said from the hallway. “Who are you talking to?”

“Nobody.” Daddy said and one of his legs rose up, I knew he was helping me hide from Mommy. I smiled, Mom wouldn’t find me here if Daddy helped me hide! “Just talking to myself.” Daddy said.

I was grateful to Daddy and I showed my appreciation by moving my hand up and down on his wienie, feeling how it got even bigger and fatter as I played with it. I knew that felt good because it did when I did that to my own littler wienie.

“Well, long as you’re awake, I’ll go get the clothes. Back in a minute.”

“Okay, hon.” Daddy said. Then, when Mom was gone, he said, “Damn, son, you picked the darnest time to start playing with my dick!”

“You like it, don’t you?” I asked him. “This dick is so big and fat now. I’ve seen them get hard before, but never as big as this.” I had a big handful of Daddy dick in my hand, and it was warm as it could be, and that smell was stronger, too. Not like anything I’d smelled before, it was kind of wet and kind of raw and kind of powerful. It made me tingle, smelling that pungent aroma coming from my Daddy.

“I’m older than you.” Daddy pointed out. “Oh, God, that feels good, Son, I haven’t had anyone touch my dick in a long time. Your mother throws a fit more times than not, she won’t even suck on it for me, hasn’t in years, since before you were even born.” he complained.

“Suck on it?” I asked.

“That’s when you put your mouth on it.” Daddy explained. He started to say more, but then Mom came back and he said instead, “Oh, hello again.”

“Just let me put these things in the dresser.” Mom said. “I can clean up the laundry room once I get these clothes out of the way.”

I looked at Daddy’s dick still in my hand, and I wondered. Put my mouth on it? What would that do?

Mommy and Daddy were still talking, or Mom was. “You know, Paul, we need to do something about Seth. He’s turning into such a handful.”

I pumped my Daddy’s dick while I considered. My mouth?

“Uhh, yeah, I guess he is hard to handle sometimes.” Daddy grunted. “Mmmm.”

“I have him playing Hide-and-Seek right now.” Mom said to Daddy, conspiratorially. “I told him to hide real well, so I’d have trouble finding him. God, I had to get him out of my hair somehow!”

“Really?” Daddy gasped. I was still pumping his dick up and down. I figured if he wanted me to stop while Mom was in the room, he’d stop me. But he didn’t. His dick was getting all nice and warm and that smell was stronger, and I realized what it smelled like, kind of. Like a big, baked ham, all hot and dripping fresh from the oven. I loved the taste of a ham fixed like that, Mom didn’t do it very often.

Suck on Daddy’s dick? Put it in my mouth. Yeah, why not, if Daddy wanted me to.

I scooted up and Daddy grunted and then I touched my lips to the tip of his cockhead and he groaned.

Mom didn’t notice, she was off on a talking spree of her own. “So he’s hiding from me now and I can get some work done.” She chuckled, “As well as he’s hidden, it may take me all afternoon to find him!”

“Maybe it will!” Daddy groaned, as I slid my mouth down over his dick. It tasted really nice, just like that ham. I knew better than to bite it like the ham. Daddy had mentioned sucking on it. That’s what I did, I sucked on it like it was a straw.