Naughty Boys Don't Need Santa

When Timmy McClure got on Santa's lap for the Christmas photograph his mother wanted, the robust man gave out the traditional "Ho, ho, ho! And have you been a good little boy this year?"

"Naw!" Timmy said to the Santa, who was taken aback.

"Timmy!" His mother scolded him. "You've been a good boy."

"Not me!" Timmy said. "I've played hooky from school three times this month, I've snitched bananas from the supermarket for my lunch when I did, and I took money out of the collection plate just last Sunday. I wanted to buy a chocolate bar." he explained to the Santa.

The man tried to compose himself. "That's very naughty of you." he said. "But if you will do some good in the next few days, maybe I'll bring you a gift or two anyhow."

"Naw!" Timmy said again. "I don't need gifts from you, Santa. I get lots of gifts anyhow."

The man gave up, let out another, "Ho, ho, ho!" and the photographer took the photo for the mortified mother. She dragged him away from the laughing crowd, and scolded him all the way about how she had never been so embarrassed in all her life, and he was getting coal in his Christmas stocking this year for certain, and they were going home just as soon as the photographs were ready.

"Okay." Timmy said to the last part. "Let's get a pizza at the restaurant next door while we wait."

"You don't deserve pizza." the mother said, then she let out an exasperated gasp. "Timmy, I swear I don't know what to do about you. That was the most embarrassing thing I've been through in a long time."

"But I don't need Santa to bring me gifts." Timmy protested. "Phooey on Santa, being good for weeks and weeks just to get one crummy toy. He's not worth it."

Mom just sighed again. "I don't know what to do with you."

"So take me for pizza." Timmy suggested. "I like pepperoni and sausage."

So they went to the restaurant and Timmy got his pizza. Like he said, he didn't need Santa Claus to get his toys. He had other resources.

The next day was Christmas Eve and Timmy had the day off from school. He was supposed to stay in the home of his babysitter, next door neighbor Mrs. Marleson, but that old bat always lay down for a nap about ten in the morning, slept until noon when she got up long enough to make lunch for Timmy and herself, then slept again from two o'clock until Mom rang the doorbell at six-thirty to pick him up. He arrived wearing his school backpack (it was quite empty) and sat patiently waiting for her to push back her recliner and watch game shows which always knocked her out in about ten minutes. In less than fifteen, then, he heard her snoring, grinned, and headed for the front door.

His first stop was two doors down at the home of Mr. Gregory Roberson, a 40'ish man who made a nice living writing technical articles and spent the other time working out and keeping his body in what he called "top physical condition." Timmy agreed, for Mr. Roberson was strong, handsome, clever and always made Timmy laugh when they talked. He came to the door when Timmy knocked and let the boy inside. "Merry Christmas, Gregory." Timmy exclaimed when he saw the man in the doorway.

And a Merry Christmas to you, too, Timmy." Mr. Roberson opened the door and let the boy inside. "How are you today?" Mr. Roberson was six foot tall, with dark hair that had a touch of gray here and there, and a large square jaw and dancing, merry eyes, his body was broad and strong as a construction worker's, but he worked his days at a computer screen or talking on the phone to various clients. All his work was done at home, and he had one big room devoted to his exercise equipment, while another was his office and lined with books with hard-to-pronounce titles. But he led Timmy to the study, a large, brown-toned room which was very warm and cozy and private, for large curtains shielded the one window from any hint of outdoor light year-round.

"Fine. I talked to Santa Claus yesterday." Timmy said. "Made me sit in his fat lap, his tummy almost pushed me off onto the floor."

Mr. Roberson sat in his comfortable, wide, armchair and Timmy climbed up and sat in his lap. "I'd rather sit in your lap." he explained as he made himself comfortable on Mr. Roberson's taut, firm upper legs.

"And I like having you sit in my lap." Mr. Roberson said and his hand went to Timmy's lap and cupped the tiny young rod. "Are you ready for our usual playtime?"

"You bet." Timmy said and he helped Mr. Roberson unfasten his little fly and dig out his young pud. With his pants down to his knees, he sat and Mr. Roberson fondled his prick and he kissed Mr. Roberson's strong, handsome face and soft, generous lips.

Mr. Roberson knew how to play with a boy's weiner, and in no time Timmy was groaning and then shuddering in his young climax. When he was done, he gave a final kiss to those lips and then slid down to the floor, landing on his knees in front of Mr. Roberson's warm, bulging crotch.

Mr. Roberson slid down in his chair and unfastened his pants and fished out his cock. He loved it this way, a warm roaring fire in the fireplace, the room with curtains close so that the warm red glow was most of the light in the room, and a hot young boy between his legs fishing for his broad, strong, erect rod. As Timmy's hand gripped his eight inches of uncut prong, Mr. Roberson sighed and slid a little further down. Timmy moved his head up and his lips closed on the fat dong and slid expertly halfway down the length of the dong.

"Ahhhhh!" Mr. Roberson sighed. "So good, Timmy, you suck my cock so good every time."

Timmy began to move his head up and down and Mr. Roberson gasped and moaned as the hot young boy began to really give his cock the treatment, moving faster and his head shifting to grip the rod in different ways, his young saliva greasing the path and making the rod warm, slippery and swiftly suckable. Timmy's little head sped up and Mr. Roberson gasped, moaned, "Oh, oh, oh! I'm coming, Timmy, I'm coming! Let me shoot it on your face, I want to cream all over your face."

Timmy grinned and as he man hit his climax, with a loud, "AHH-UHHH-UHH-OHHH-OHHH, HAH...."

Timmy pulled off the rod and held on as the cock sprayed him with hot jets that splashed on his left cheek, his nose, his chin, his forehead (he had bent his head down after the chin blob hit it) and the last squib got him right on top of his right eye. He let the goo stay as it was, dripping down his face for he knew what the man would do next.

Mr. Roberson reached down and gripped the young boy by his armpits and hauled him up to his face and he licked at the hot squibs now dripping off Timmy's cheeks and chin, catching the blobs if he could and the others fell on his broad, muscled chest.

"Such a hot cocksucker, Timmy, you are such a hot cocksucker."

"Yeah." Timmy said. "That Santa wanted me to be a good boy but I told him no way. A good boy wouldn't do this."

"No, it takes a naughty boy to suck a cock the way you do." Mr. Roberson agreed. He reached down to a small bin he kept beside his chair and pulled out a boxed present, wrapped in gold foil paper and dressed with a bright red ribbon around and a red bow on top.

"Here's your Christmas present from me, now, don't open it until tomorrow, okay?"

"What is it?" Timmy asked, the package was a foot by two thirds of a foot but only a few inches thick. The right size.

"You'll have to get it home to find out tomorrow." Mr. Roberson smiled. "Can you stay a little longer today?"

Timmy shook his head. "I need to see Jeffrey before Mrs. Marleson wakes up. But I'll be back the day after Christmas and try to spend the entire morning with you then."

"All right." Mr. Roberson said. Timmy packed the present into his school backpack and took off for Jeffrey's store.

Jeffrey was a clerk who worked in the back of a grocery store at the end of the block, he was only twenty-two and spent all his time readying the produce for display on the shelves or unpacking boxes. Three girls worked the checkout counter and were the "face" of the store, but Timmy only had eyes for Jeffrey.

Jeffrey was seated on a high stool at the produce worktable, a large stainless steel table over ten feet on a side, and he had on it a box of tomatoes that he was working on, grading them, taking out the imperfect ones (they were sent to the deli section to be expertly sliced clean of their bad parts and the good bits went into salads or atop sandwiches) and placing the rest into small Styrofoam boxes to be wrapped in clear plastic for public sale. The very biggest were set in yet another place to be stacked open for people to pick up, ponder, pinch, and purchase. The company had to go through those tomatoes every day to remove the tomatoes that had been mutilated or damaged by the handling of the customers. Jeffrey always said to buy a good tomato, buy the ones in the wrap, nobody has stuck their fingernails into them.

Jeffrey had straight black hair, a thin, serious looking face, and wore glasses, his body was more lean and agile than muscled though not ugly, he had the graceful litheness of a panther Timmy had seen at the zoo. Timmy caught the girls chatting to each other while waiting on customers (the store was quiet now but would get busy this afternoon, Timmy knew) and slipped unobserved through the broad free-swinging doors of the back leading to the stores produce freezer and storage for items they didn't have room for on the shelves just yet (high demand things mostly, they needed this extra supply to stay supplied until the next week's shipment).

"Hi, Jeffrey." Timmy called out and Jeffrey turned on his stool to look at the boy.

"Hi, Timmy." he said. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas to you, too." Timmy said. "Can we play for a while now?"

"Sure." Jeffrey said with a grin. "The girls all think I'm a nerdy dweeb and they never come back here." He pushed the tomatoes to one end of the table and got off the stool and picked up Timmy and put him on the other end of the table. His hands began to fish open the boy's pants and Timmy giggled as the eager, slender fingers worked on his clothes. With Timmy's pants opened and removed from his body (his shoes were still on his feet) Jeffrey laid down a box on the floor to let him get up a few feet higher, this put his crotch at tabletop level and he undid his own fly and brought out an amazingly long dong. Eleven inches in length, the shaft was slim, like Jeffrey. Jeffrey pulled out the lube tube from his pants pocket and began to grease up his schlong.

"Getting my Christmas present a day early." Timmy said as the young man eagerly pushed his erect, greasy rod toward the child's young anal sphincter. "Getting a slippery gift this year."

"I got you a present." Jeffrey said. "But this is my gift you're giving me. The best present of all." He pushed his rod into the child and the boy managed to take him easily and he hissed as his prong rested over five inches inside the boy's bowels.

"God damn, Timmy but you are the hottest boy's butt I ever plugged." he said. "I fucked my cousins since the age of twelve, but none of them were ever as good as you."

"I like being fucked by you." Timmy said. "Come on, do it now. Make my Christmas sparkle."

Jeffrey snickered and began to pump in and out of the boy's thrilled bowels, the child moaned as the long rod tickled his little inner "bumps of joy" as he called his prostate gland, and the moans of his pleasure were echoed by the man who was happily plunging away at Timmy's warm boy butt. The table was firmly bolted to the concrete floor and didn't shake at all as the gangly young man hammer-fucked the boy faster and faster, and Timmy gasped and shook with his young orgasm and as he did, Jeffrey gave a long, low moan and Timmy's young ass was loaded full of hot jizz.

"Ooh, I can feel it splashing in there." Timmy panted as the man climaxed. "Squirt some more, plenty more."

"Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhh!" Jeffrey's face was flushed and his eyes watery as he panted, his chest heaving with the exertion of orgasm, and he said, "God, that is always so hot. Can't you manage to come spend a weekend with me?" Jeffrey lived a goodly distance away.

"Maybe some time later." Timmy said. "Mommy doesn't want me leaving home for that long." He didn't mention his own excursion here was further than he was actually allowed to go.

Jeffrey pulled up his own pants and fastened them, blew out a long whoosh of air as he got his lungs reinflated properly. "Well, your visits are always the highlight of my day, Timmy. Let's get you dressed and I'll dig out your present."

Timmy got down from the table and put back on his pants while Jeffrey disappeared in the back for a moment. He heard the tinny noise of a locker being opened and then closed again and Jeffrey came back bearing a gift he'd wrapped himself in white paper decorated with small Santa Clauses and candy canes and such, and the bow on it was a peel-and-stick kind in green. "Here's your present." he said. "I hope you like it."

"I'll open it tomorrow." Timmy promised and added it to his backpack. He knew Jeffrey didn't have a lot of money, he would be nice about the gift when he saw Jeffrey again after Christmas whatever it was.

The time was after eleven o'clock now and Timmy spent the time getting his backpack of gifts to his own home (he knew where his mother hid the door key) and put them in his room, then hoofing back to the neighbor's house where he got the door opened and closed just as she gave a loud snort, jerked and sat up in her chair. "My, look at the time." she said as she always did. "Were you a good boy while I was asleep?"

"Uh-huh." Timmy lied.

"Well, let me get to work on our lunch." she said and struggled out of the chair. She made a canned soup heated up and paired that with a sandwich and an apple for Timmy's lunch and she had the same. She gabbled on and on while Timmy ate but he only had eyes for how much she ate. If she didn't eat enough she might not fall back asleep so quickly.

But she put away a bigger bowl of the soup and her own sandwich was more elaborate and when she was done, she said, "Now go watch some cartoons while I clean up in here."

Timmy did, and she was back in her chair in less than ten minutes. He obligingly turned the TV to her favorite soap opera and she was out again like a light in another twenty minutes' time.

Timmy smiled and didn't take his backpack, he hadn't brought it from his home when he dropped off the other presents. His afternoon trip was special.

His goal was the Mite-E-Motor Body Shop, a small but busy little auto repair shop that did a brisk business. Today, though, they seemed to not have any cars to work on.

He knew that the eldest brother of the three owners, Edgar would probably be in the small office so he went into the office door instead of the door to the garage bays. "Hi, Timmy." Edgar said, he was twenty-eight, with powerful hairy arms and thick chest and a bit of a beer belly, he was hairy all over as were his brothers. He sat in a swivel chair and an old-fashioned roll-top desk, both of which were the legacy of the three's grandfather who had started the business in the 1960's.

"Hi, Edgar." Timmy said. "Slow today."

Edgar nodded. "Good thing for me, I have all this year-end tax work to get done. See all these papers, I have to fill them all out using all these papers (he gestured to a small stack first, then a rather prodigious set of invoice copies in the second stack.)

"So you have homework, too?" Timmy said.

Edgar gave a hearty laugh. "Yeah, and I am ready to play hooky now that you're here."

"Do you want to go to your brothers?"

Edgar shook his head. "I was joking, I have to finish this by the end of the year, so I need to stay on the job. He splayed out his long legs and reached for his pants fly. "But I could use a little bit of quick lip-work from a happy young boy if he is willing."

"I'm always willing for you, Edgar." Timmy agreed and moved to kneel between the husky jean-clad legs. When Edgar got the pants unfastened, Timmy helped him peel them down to his knees, then grinned and yanked them down to the ankles and knelt on top of them. "Now you can't get away from me." he told the rigid pud wavering like a flower in a gentle breeze. "You belong to me, now!" He shook his index finger at the dong like it was a naughty boy.

"Oh, mercy, mercy." Edgar mock-pleaded. "Please don't work me too hard or I may explode all over you."

"That's what I'm after." Timmy agreed and his mouth sank onto the huge eight-inch uncut, large-diameter dong. His young lips got about three of the inches into his mouth before the huge size of it prevented his sinking any lower.

Edgar didn't mind, he closed his eyes and gave a long, low moan of appreciation. "God, I live for these days at times." he said. "You don't come one day, I worry about you, you don't come for three days, I am ready to call the police. Or I think maybe you've moved and I'll never see you again. Ummmmmmm!" he finished for Timmy hadn't faltered in all this talking he was doing.

Nor did he answer, but to keep slurping busily and noisily on Edgar's fat prick and Edgar groaned softly, the little almost windowless room (a small rectangular window above the door was the only outside light that came in and the day was overcast) reverberating with his lusty needs. The only light hung overhead, a bulb that hung six inches from the ceiling by the light's electrical cord, and it gave a somewhat ghostly appearance to the room. It was placed to shine brightest on the desk, so the rest of the room was dimmer and less distinct.

His hand, broad and hairy, rested on Timmy's head, urging rather than compelling the child to suck at him harder and faster, Timmy knew Edgar well and as the man's passion increased, he sped up until his little head was almost a blur of eager bobbing motion on the large, luscious love-rod.

Edgar's breaths began to sound like bellows pumping at a forge and he gasped, "I'm close, buddy, close, you want it hot and heavy in your mouth?" he paused to pant, "Or do you want it on your face?"

Timmy rose off the cock just long enough to say, "I'm hungry." and he sank to the task once again.

The handsome stud was open-mouthed and writhing under the boy's eager ministrations and then his half-shut eyes flew open wide, his breaths sped up and he let out a long, guttural moan and then blasted his hot wads into the hungry boy's happy mouth. Timmy was ready for it and he drank the tasty wads as quick as the man squirted it. After the shockwave of his immolation on the flames of orgasm subsided, Edgar groaned and his hips thrust upwards as if to beg for more, still more, even though the cock was slowly deflating in the boy's warm mouth.

"Oh, man, that was so fucking hot!" Edgar gasped. "You are one hungry little horndog, Timmy and I hope you never change."

"Don't plan to." Timmy said. "I like being a naughty little boy, and I told Santa Claus that yesterday at the shopping center."

Edgar laughed. "Well, Santa may give you a few lumps of coal, but we bought you a very special gift, and if you'll go visit with my brothers a while, I'll bring it out to you."

"Okay." Timmy stood up, licking the errant come off his lips then wiping his lips on his sleeve. "I can't wait to see what you got me."

"You're worth every bit of it." Edgar promised.

Timmy went out the front door, walked the few feet to the door to the garage bays and went back in. There was a car sitting in the nearest garage bay but they weren't working on it. He heard their voices and walked around the car.

Morris was the middle brother at age twenty-five, he and twenty-year-old Wally were playing cards on a card table they had brought out and set up in the central bay. "Come on over, Timmy." Morris called. "No business today it looks like, except for you."

"You got any cars you need worked on?" joked Wally.

"It's always slow on Christmas Eve." Morris admonished his brother and informed Timmy at the same time. "Even people with car trouble figure on tackling it after the holiday is over, they have too much else to do. We might get one or two emergency calls later but for now, we're sitting on our asses."

"Speaking of asses." Wally said with a wide grin.

The three men got busy, they pulled out the mattress they kept for these visits, and laid it in the open area where the window was closed up and blocked from view. There, Timmy and Morris and Wally got undressed, and they were as hairy as Edgar was under his clothes.

The two men and boy, now all naked, piled onto the mattress. "Who gets me first?" Timmy asked the two.

"I get you first." Morris declared, and he offered his cock to Timmy, a fat log of a dong with a lush bush of hair around it, enough to almost submerge the cock while flaccid, it stood like a brown tower in a black forest while erect.

"Not if I beat you to him." Wally countered and he moved behind the young boy and knelt down to tongue the hot little ass. "Hey, you been fucked already, today." he said. "It wasn't Edgar, was it?"

"No, it was another friend." Timmy said. "But I want you to fuck me, too."

Morris started to fight, but Timmy grabbed Morris' prong and began to slurp happily on the stubby rod, Morris' dong was fat as Edgar's but a short five inches long. Morris' cock made up for it by the heavy, hot loads of warm jizz his nuts would squirt out, he could practically drown a happy boy with it. And Timmy planned to go swimming here!

So he sucked and Morris subsided, and Wally, after he had tongued the young anus wet and pliable and eagerly sucking at his tongue, he shuffled up, spat on his palm to grease his prick, and slipped it between the warm young buttocks. Wally was fatter than Jeffrey but the smallest of the three men in terms of his cock's girth, he had seven inches of length but the cock was slimmer than his brothers, though if you looked at him alone without his brothers, you'd call it a normal seven inch prick.

So Timmy gasped a little, then moaned and Wally pushed at him gently until he had it submerged, and then began to thrust slowly. Morris watched all this with some irritation and jealousy but Timmy's mouth was just so...succulent and moist, Morris moaned and gave himself to the joy exploding in his brain.

With a panting thrusting man behind and a moaning, writhing man before, Timmy was the books in a bookend set of horny men. He was bucked back and forth by the thrusts of Wally who was as horny as every man is at his age, and Morris was not far behind and his groans spoke of a load that would be prodigious!

As the three moaned in their shared lust, Edgar walked up quietly with Timmy's gift from the three of them. He didn't speak, just stood and enjoyed the view of his two younger brothers giving their all to a hot little come-monkey like Timmy. He grinned and watched the trio at their lusty enjoyment of Timmy's willing young tender body.

Morris was growling like an angry grizzly and Wally was making "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!" sounds, and it was hard to guess who would come first, Wally's slender chicken-neck prong, or Morris' fat egg-sized nuts. The chicken or the egg, Timmy was about to find out!

Wally came first by a very short amount, he had just gone, "Oh-ah-AH-AH-AHHH-AHH, GAH...." when Morris cut in with "GAH-HAH-AH-GAH-HURRRRRROOOOO!"

Timmy got thus splashed at almost the same moment, hot squibs jetting into his ass deep and hard, and a load so heavy that his mouth filled up and beyond and he gulped, choked on more and spunk squirted out his nostrils and around the hard shaft in his mouth like a burst balloon.

Wally moaned and pulled out and his jizz dribbled from Timmy's ass and Timmy coughed, snorted, blew come out his nose like snot, and then wiped the goo from his face. "Wow, I am covered in come!"

"The best kind of a white Christmas, isn't it?" Wally joked and laughed more than it was worth. The other brothers gave a gentle chuckle and Timmy giggled and nodded and licked his come-slicked fingers and palm

Then he saw the gift that Edgar had. "A new bike! For me?" he enthused. His own bike had been stolen a month before and his mother had said a new bike was out of her budget range. "But maybe I can get you one for your birthday in March."

Even better than his old bike, Timmy realized that he had been pumped for information on his dream bike by the brothers some three weeks before, because this was the very bike he wanted, and he cried out and hugged all three of them and a customer came in as the two brothers were dressing, Edgar had to hurry over and draw them into his office while they pulled on their clothes. Timmy got his own clothes on and happily rode his bicycle gift home. It was only three o'clock, and he had a couple more visits to go.

There was John Wharton who lived two streets behind Timmy's house and he ran over there to get his ass fucked again by the strong just-divorced man who moaned Timmy reminded him of his own son while he plowed Timmy's ass.

Then he got to his own home in time for the UPS man, a blond-haired stud named Tyler who said he had a package for Timmy and he supplied the unwrapping of the gift which was inside his medium brown pants.

They also had their gifts of appreciation to the sex-hungry boy, and gave them to Timmy. The time when Tyler left was five fifteen and he put away all his gifts and hid the bike in his room (it wore a large red bow Edgar had put on it still) and made it back to Mrs. Marleson's house by five-thirty-five. He was quietly watching the TV set when she woke up and saw him sitting there.

"My, weren't you quiet today." she said, yawning. "An old set of bones like mine need a lot of rest, but you were no trouble at all and I'll tell you Momma that, you're such a nice boy."

Timmy just grinned and nodded and she did tell his mother when she got there an hour later, and his mother looked at Timmy and just shook her head. On the way home, she said, "Are you trying to be nice so Santa will bring you presents?"

"Nah!" Timmy said. "I wasn't nice, she just slept through it all, she sleeps all day mostly, so I do what I do and she never sees me."

Mom was unhappy but Mrs. Marleson was the only babysitter she could afford.

Timmy woke up Christmas morning very early and quietly sneaked down to the tree. His mother had decorated the night before just after he went to bed, he knew so she was still asleep and had put out his presents, three of them, under the tree. Mr. Wharton had told Timmy his gift to the boy was a box of chocolates, so he made out a tag making that gift from him to his mom. She wasn't a bad mother, she just didn't know how to raise a cock-hungry young boy like Timmy, after all. He put the other gifts, including the bike, under the tree and then woke his mother like he'd just woke up himself.

He led her downstairs and she stopped, goggled at the gifts her son had under the tree. "See, Mom." Timmy said gleefully. "I got presents just the same as if I'd been a good boy."

His mother was shocked but she didn't say anything as Timmy opened and found each gift in turn. The packages had notes that they were for Timmy, so she didn't think he'd stolen them, and all the notes were in different handwriting. She just looked and looked, as puzzled as the Grinch in the holiday cartoon.

"I just don't know what to do with you, Timmy." she said again. "I just don't understand."

"Don't worry, Mom." Timmy said. "There's a present here for you, too." He gave her his gift to her and when she saw the gift was a box of Godiva chocolates, her very favorite, her protests died out. He watched her eat and he laughed and said:

"Naughty boys don't need Santa to get lots of presents."