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And Other Stories
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Eighteen short stories, two with two parts to them, for twenty in all with twenty illustrations (one story has three illustrations of cop sex, one two-parter defied my ability to illustrate it properly. In this book, I have taken old illustrations, cut the characters out of them, altered them as necessary (with not-so-great results on a few of them) and pasted them into new backgrounds to create reasonably new and original illustrations for these stories. When I could, I used an "orphaned" illustration originally put on a story no longer available for sale (usually by another author) for the characters to be cut and repurposed. Of these stories, eleven are totally original by me, and the other nine (five single stories and both two-parters) were written by me on a "fan commission" basis (their idea, my story incorporating and fleshing out their ideas).

The stories in this book are:
Naughty Boys Don't Need Santa-When young Timmy is taken to meet Santa and asked if he has been a good boy, he scoffs at the idea and says, no, he has been naughty, and he doesn't care what Santa thinks because he doesn't need Santa to get presents for Christmas. He then goes out and proceeds to prove it as the men in his life all shower him with gifts aplenty!

Zephyr and Sea'Mist--Zephyr is a young boy of a wind spirit just beginning his travels when he encounters another spirit, this one a boy spirit of the ocean mists. The two are kindred spirits and as Zephyr travels beyond where Sea'Mist can go, he fears that they will never be together again! A sweet story of two young boys in love.

Devon's Dream--Jesse LaPalma is a young and up-and-coming male actor who is beginning to discover the downside of being famous. He escapes detection at the gym except for one small boy who knows Jesse from his first (and mostly unknown) work, a movie about a young man who craves the love of little boys and this boy hopes that Jesse will be the man that he is craving.

New Jeddah Khamsin--When the Khamsin (desert sandstorm) blows on the planet of New Jeddah, it is many times worse than the khamsins of planet Earth. Our young hero seeks refuge from the Khamsin with a large man, inside a tiny shelter that is barely big enough to contain them both for the days that the Khamsin will blow, and their close quarters lead to even closer contact.

Awake Fourteen Years Too Soon--In an interstellar ship on a twenty-seven year voyage where everyone is in suspended animation, two young boys are awakened at the halfway mark and must live the next fourteen years aboard the ship with only each other for company, for support, and for love.

How the Grinch Saved Christmas--A young burglar strikes an apartment on Christmas Eve, to steal the presents from under the tree (and smirks as he realizes he is imitating the Grinch in doing so), when, like the Grinch, a young boy wakes up and sees him, and the burglar discovers how much he is not anything like the Grinch...and how he is, as well!

An Ozark Iliad--The young boy of the Ozarks returns home puzzled, his father inquires why and is told of their study that day of the "Iliad," and the unique vice for which the characters were guilty of, and they decide to try to imitate this, and gain some notoriety as well by doing so. Written on commission for my fan CCG.

Fuck the Gay Away--A father discovers his son's desire to have sex with other men and seeks advice on how to break him of this unwanted habit. A barfly tells him that he should give the boy so much of it that he learns to hate it so he sets out to give his son all the sex he can handle and then some! Written on commission for my fan "JG."

Advanced Studies--A sequel to my story "An Oral Course" (found in my book "Boys' Toys and Men's Joys"), this story follows our young hero in his next series of classes in sex education which is taught in a way very different from how we teach that nowadays. Written on commission for my fan "OCG."

Plush, Parts One and Two--In order to play a practical joke on the cheerleaders, a football jock climbs into a life-sized plush animal intended for sexual interactions (someone inside the costume supplies the, uh, equipment). But when he discovers his costume zipper is stuck, he is found by the freshmen, young teens who see the plush and decide it is in fact a sex toy and they proceed to enjoy the jock who is too ashamed to reveal the deception even though it means he gets rammed from both directions by horny young teens over and over. Written on commission for my fan "JG."

Tool Job--A young boy visiting a garage is tapped by a mechanic to reach a hard-to-get part in exchange for the right by the boy to play with his tools for a while. He didn't know the tool the boy was after was the one in his pants, nor what else this enterprising young boy was going to unleash on him and his fellow mechanics.

Naked Saturday--A hunky construction worker and his son take advantage of the boy's mother (his ex-wife) being gone on a Saturday to engage in some happy naked fun with each other.

To Protect and to Serve/To Serve and To Protect--A two-part story about a cop whose son has run afoul of the law. He learns that the boy has done so to gain access to a gang that would offer him sex with them, so he handles this by asking his fellow officers to supply his son with all the hot sex they can give him, to keep his son on the straight and narrow! Written on commission for my fan PPG.

Rumbledethump's Revenge--Our young hero hates to be left to stay the day with his grandfather because the old man smells--literally and farts frequently. Stuck with him, he enjoys a meal of "Rumbledethumps" which contains what it takes to give this boy some gas of his own to fight "fire" with "fire." But Grandpa enjoys it.... Written as a favor to an online friend who is aiding me by proofreading my stories to help catch those errors that slip by me.

Massage While You Wait--Don's football playing son has a teammate who comes by while the boy is gone and Don offers to let the boy wait with him, then offers the boy some massage to help him with his game play. The massage quickly goes well beyond therapeutic rubbing and stroking.

Long Grass--A boy visits his country cousin who has a unique form of entertainment during the time when the hayfield grass is tall, those young teens who park and go into the grass to make love. They spy on them, which gives them ideas of what to do themselves in the long grass in warm weather.

Love Is Where You Find It--A black man and young boy, sole survivors of a global catastrophe far as they know, struggle to survive together in the remains of civilization, but the boy shows this man that love can blossom even in the most horrible of times and places.

When He Gets Back--On a driving tour of central Europe and totally lost, our hero discovers a small village in an obscure back valley which is preparing for a festival "when he gets back." Their festivities, in addition to the usual things like a banquet and entertainment, also seems to have men and boys having sex whenever and whereever. His car is disabled so he is stuck in this village, to discover that they don't use money and their primary occupation is the making of toys for "him" who is returning that evening after another successful year. But who is "he?"Written on commission for my fan TDG.

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