"It's now lying on a bed of cotton and covered with a length of woolen cloth." Prince Dak reported. "Someone has found it, I tell you. Someone has my cock!"

"But we can't let anyone know it is yours!" the First Minister cautioned him. "The witch may yet be found and killed, and that should break her spell over you. If the one who found you knows it is yours, though, they'll hide it away so it can never be found. We must continue to search. I'll alert the Guards to begin to search houses. It's all we can do."

And Prince Dak moaned. "They were playing with it, and now it's just laying there. Oh, God, I need someone to...to...." But he couldn't say those words to his Ministers.

"We'll find it as quickly as we can." they promised and he had to be content with that.

Nighttime came and Bry undressed and climbed into bed. He slept naked of course, as did all men and women alike of any station. Clothing were for daylight. Nude, he walked to his bed, pulled back the covers and regarded his new plaything. "Ooh, Little Dong," he said, having chosen this name for his new possession, "it looks like you want to play. I like to play, too." he said and snuggled his soft boy face against the still-turgid prick.

Prince Dak had been in a sort of hell the past few hours, for he had suffered well enough through the cold nights and windy days hitting his bare prong, but this soft warmth was being interpreted by his prick for his own bedsheets and that always meant in the past that he was going to stroke it. His cock had been begging hard for attention ever since.

The latest touch of Bry's soft cheek was nearly more than he could bear. He knew it was someone's flesh, that touch was unmistakable in warmth and texture. He groaned and his cock grew harder than before. The Prince could feel his rising erection. "Oh, Gods of Earth and Fire, hear me! Grant that whoever has my person in their power is kindly and good!" And he closed his eyes, bracing for whatever injuries or mistreatment he was about to endure.

But Bry just rubbed the hard prick against his cheek. "Ooh, you're so warm and hard." he breathed. "You want me to play with you, Little Dong?" He gripped the balls gently in one hand and held the cock upright, sitting on his chest and with the other, he wrapped the hard man-rod and began to pump on it.

Across the kingdom, Prince Dak moaned in his bed. "Oh, oh, ohhhhh!" he gasped.

A doctor was on attendance and noticed this. "What is it, Your Highness?" He asked.

"The one who has found my cock." the Prince groaned out. "He is...he is playing with it. Jerking it. Oh, God, he's doing it so good, too!"

The doctor was an earthy character as most good doctors are. "Well, if that's all he's doing, then I say you should lay there and enjoy it. Give the playmate a long, hard splash."

"I...I think I shall, for it has been some time!" Prince Dak grunted.

Bry watched as the prick oozed thick precome out of the slit and his tongue reached up and licked at it.

"Oh, now he's licking my cockhead!" Prince Dak moaned, and his cock jerked, spreading more of the gooey clear fluid onto his glans.

Bry saw the rising flood and his small mouth closed over the Prince's pud. He sucked the huge bulb like it was a piece of candy and then pulled back. "Now you're all clean again." he said.

And the Prince moaned and his hips pumped up and down. "Oh, God, suck it some more, suck it some more!" he begged the unseen sexual partner.

His thrusts didn't move his cock in Bry's hand beyond a shivering. "Are you cold, Little Dong?" he asked his new pet cock. "Want me to warm you up?"

He began to pump the Prince's dick again and Prince Dak moaned. "Oh, God, he's jerking me again. I want him to suck it, to suck it! Ohhhh!"

Bry did continue to lick at the cockhead when it oozed, and there was plenty of it, but to Prince Dak's discomfort, did not suck it beyond such cleanings. But his hand was energetic and he pumped at the royal dong unceasingly and Prince Dak rose to his climax.

"Oh, oh, I'm going to come!" he told the doctor who was watching him with intense clinical interest. "I'm going to shoot it hard!"

"This will be interesting." the doctor agreed.

"Ah, ah, hah, GAH-AH-AH, HAHHHHHHHH!" the Prince moaned with his climax.

Bry found that his pet cock was spraying him with thick, hot sprays of white jizz. It got him in his face and shoulders, and he didn't think, his previous experience with the precome emboldening him, rose up with his face and caught the flood with his mouth, first it squirting into his mouth, then he closed upon it and the last jets went straight from the Prince's cock to his gullet. He suckled on it, enjoying the heavily rich and sweet flavor, a marvelous change from his grandmother's porridge and gruel dinners. His daily diet was only rarely enriched with some meat from a rabbit or squirrel, but Prince Dak's dinners were filled with delicacies that turned his spunk into a feast for Bry's tongue and stomach.

"Ooh, Little Dong, you taste good!" he told his pet pud. "I'm going to drink you dry every time from now on!" he promised.

And true to his word, the very next morning, he found the prick again stiff and waiting. He scarfed it into his mouth and began to suckle. Prince Dak awoke to that nursing, and thrashed on his bed anew and gave the hungry young peasant boy another heavy, hot load. This time, Bry caught every succulent drop and sucked still until the cock was again limp and small against the bush of the testicles.

"I'm taking you with me from now on!" Bry declared and stuck the drained cock into his pouch. It would ride with him until he felt it surging to life again.