I had fallen asleep in short order, I figure it was a leftover tryptophan effect; turkey can make you awful sleepy, no doubt about it. I hadn’t had any today, but yesterday’s feast had left me bloated. Anyhow, I zonked out.

I woke up to whispers in the room with me. I hadn’t heard the door open.

“Is he asleep?” Paul’s voice whispered.

“Yeah, my daddy sleeps real sound.” Tyler assured him. “When I buzz them at night on my intercom, it’s always Mom who wakes up, Daddy never does.”

That wasn’t true, it woke both of us up, but Lilith always fended off my offers to see to Tyler and went in to check on the boy. I smirked to myself, I wanted to see what mischief my boys planned, maybe I could spook them by yelling “Boo!” at the right moment or something.

“All right, then.” Paul said softly. “I can show you what to do. Help me take the covers off him, careful. Don’t want to wake him.”

I lay as I was, eyes closed, the “Image of a Man Asleep” while my son and his friend quietly lifted the coverlet off of me.

“Good, he has boxers on, that’ll help.” Paul hissed when the covers went down far enough. “Now, we get on the bed, careful, don’t shake the mattress.”

Two boys climbing on a bed shakes it quite a bit, I carefully made a bit of shift of my head so that I could see them on the bed but didn’t open my eyes. I’d have to sneak peeks when I thought it was safe. I could tell by the way the mattress moved and bent that they were in the middle, one on each side of me.

I sneaked a quick look at them and had to keep from bursting out laughing. The two little scamps were both buck-naked! Every child goes through a nudist phase, and spending a day with little to do could bring it out in the kid. I could see them plain as day as I hadn’t closed my curtain entirely and had plenty of light, two little pink forms on either side of my own pale but hairy form, my blue boxers in between them.

I saw Paul start to look my way and hastily closed my eyes.

“Now, you just reach in real carefully and pull it out.” Paul said and I barely kept from gasping out loud as I felt a hand reach into my boxers and catch hold of my cock. I knew it was Paul from the way he grabbed hold, and it was dragged out through the slit in my boxers.

“Wow!” Tyler breathed as I was thus exposed to my son’s view. “You’re right, Paul, it’s so much bigger than mine!”

“This is even bigger than my brother’s.” Paul agreed. “I think it just keeps getting bigger as you get older. Anyhow, once you get it out, you play with it like this.”

Paul began to pump on my pud, stroking it up and down, I made the softest moan I could and my cock stiffened up. You have to realize here, folks, that while Lilith had made my home life comfortable and efficient, the scene in the bedroom had suffered severely the last few years. I had gone from sex every day to now maybe once a month. If my pud was to see action these days, I had to work it myself, something I couldn’t bring myself to do more than once or twice a week, it felt so pathetic.

Now, I had someone else jerking my prick. My son’s friend, in the midst of showing my son some naughtiness he practiced with his brother.

“Isn’t this going to wake my daddy up?”

“My brother never wakes up.” Paul assured my son. “You just keep on working it like this and after a while, the funniest thing happens.”


“This white stuff squirts out of it.” Paul explained. “Lots of it if you do it right. My brother shoots it all over me when he does it.”

“And he never wakes up?”

“Nope. Never. I play with him nearly every night, no problem.”

I’d seen Paul’s big brother a time or two, he must be fifteen by now. No doubt he knew better than to mess with a good thing when he had it and was shamming the way I was.

“Do you think my daddy will squirt it soon.”

“Oh, yeah, I think so, his dick’s getting nice and warm now.”

It sure as hell was. I lay there, all thought of yelling “Boo!” long vanished from my thoughts, all I wanted now was to get my load out and to hell with the consequences. There must be something primally moral-neutral about sex in the human brain, you get the opportunity and you stop bothering with what you ought to do every time. You just...lay there and let it happen.

So I lay there, shamming sleep while Paul pounded my pud as my son stared at it avidly. I sneaked a few glimpses now and then, and they were both eagerly watching my dick, waiting for the eruption. Waiting for me to come! God, my breathing was becoming so heavy that these boys had to notice it.

“Daddy’s breathing funny.”

“They do that before they squirt it.” Paul said. “Don’t worry, he’s still asleep. He won’t even know we’ve done it.”

“Yeah.” My son’s voice dripped with a sort of raw intensity, probably curiosity, that my sex-befuddled brain confused for desire. My son wanted to see me shoot, and that hand of Paul’s was making that the easiest thing in the world to accomplish.

“My brother does the same thing.” Paul went on. “And when he shoots it out, he’ll make some funny moaning sounds. All in his sleep.”

“Daddy’s moaning.” Tyler observed. And I was. My climax was upon me.

I managed to keep it to “Mmmh! Mmmh! Mmmh!” sounds as my orgasm screamed through my brain and my cock built up a load and a half. I was holding it back, keeping it inside me long as I could.

And when I let it go, I let go all at once. I didn’t just shoot, I exploded.

“Oh, oh, oh!” My son gasped and I opened my eyes, to see what was going on.

My cock was spurting in all directions like a fountain, both kids were getting pelted by my spunk, a huge load (it had been more than a week since any release at all, I’d considered jerking off when I got in bed in fact but had fallen asleep first) and the looks on their faces was priceless. My son was astonished and happy, laughing along with Paul at how much goo I was getting on them, my dick was like the best toy in the world to them.

“Wow, oh, wow!” My son said when I was done and I hastily closed my eyes again. “My daddy really blew it out hard!”

“Yeah, that was more than my brother ever shot!”

“I got some in my mouth!” My son went on. “Tastes salty, but nice.”

“Yeah?” Paul obviously lifted some of my spunk off of his body and tasted it for himself. “Hey, yeah, it does.”

“Daddy’s breathing awful hard.”

“Yeah, they do that. Don’t worry, he’s not awake, is he?”


“So don’t worry. Let’s just clean him off and cover him up and he won’t even knew we’ve done it.”

I felt then two tongues licking at my body, two boys lapping up my jizz and swallowing it. Man, what a hell of a feeling.

“Daddy’s getting all hard again! Can we do it all over again?”

“Not for a while. I tried it with my brother but he just groaned and turned over in bed on me so I couldn’t reach it. Is that all of it.”

“One more up here.” Tyler’s tongue licked a spot near my nipple, I sneaked another look and watched his pink tongue slipping out and over my body and up again, a pearl of my come on it, and into his mouth. “Okay, he’s clean.”

I closed my eyes again and was covered up and left alone. I sighed and felt better than I had in years! After a few minutes, I got up and dressed and went to find my kids.

“Hey there!” I called when I found them in Tyler’s bedroom.

“Hey, Daddy.” Tyler asked. “Did you have a nice nap?”

“Best I’ve ever had!” I said and flexed. “I feel like a million dollars. What do you two say to me taking you both out for some ice cream?”