Daddy on the Webcam

Jeffrey groaned as he looked at the bills piled on the table when he got home from his job. Two of them had “Past Due” stamped on them. Shit, like it was his fault the construction field had gone to hell this past year! It had drunk up his small savings account three months ago and now it began, the collection agencies, the shut-offs, maybe at the end of it, homelessness and living on the street. Hard to get a job when living on the street as it was, and with two children to support as well....

Well, if it came to that, Dirk was fifteen now, old enough to take care of his little brother Peter. Peter was nine and those two boys could put away enough food in a single day than he did all week long! God damn it! And he’d been cut just today on his work to two half-days and these bills were here to be paid. If he could hold off the wolves until school started again, that’d save him a lot of worry and trouble, the kids could come by his job (if he could find a new job, like pumping gas or a convenience store or such) and hang out until he was done for the day. They could live out of McDonalds and Cup O’ Soups if they had to. But getting another apartment with a bad credit rating like his wasn’t going to be any fun, they’d want first and last months’ rent for sure....

Where the hell were the boys anyway? The next door neighbor was supposed to bring them by before now, so they’d be here when he got home. Probably playing with other kids. Well, let them have their fun, the ways things were going, this would be their last summer of fun for a long time....

Take the chance to gather up their dirty clothes and do the laundry. Kids messed up clothes quicker’n anything he’d ever seen and Dirk was as bad as Peter in his own way. Peter played softball, for Dirk it was football. Good boys, good at sports, both of them growing into big, strong youths, hell, one day they may even be bigger and stronger’n their old man...

He opened the door to their bedroom and gaped. “What the hell?” A television and DVD recorder-player. He hadn’t bought that for his kids! Shit, if he’d had a TV and DVD player that nice, he’d’ve given his kids the old one and put the new one in the living room!

A computer sat on the small table he’d put in there for them to do their homework. An expensive-looking one, brand new! Cables ran from it to points around the room, both to the back of the TV/DVD and to where small ball-shaped items with glass eyes peered toward the middle. A webcam? What were his boys up to? Couldn’t have been their mother who gave it to them, she was with their two daughters (both younger than six) with her own parents back in Alabama, and probably drawing welfare now. She wouldn’t have sent their boys a computer!

Well, only one way to figure this out! The computer was on, see what it was set up for. It was the sort of thing he’d expect to see for a porn show. The main screen only showed the room, of course, including him sitting at the computer, a big, brawny, semi-filthy construction worker, seen over several small windows displaying the different angles. It covered every square inch of this place.

Click on “Start” and then “Recent Items,” for a start. See what...

“What the hell?” he gasped as he saw the fifth item down. “DirkRapesPetersAss.wvm” was what kind of file? His boys? It couldn’t be, damn it! But even if it weren’t his boys, it was a porn file, for sure!

Better look at it to be sure. He clicked it and waited for the Windows Media Player to start it up. Then it cleared.

This room. Dear God, it could be that....

“Let me go, let me go!” came Peter’s wail from the screen. The volume wasn’t up that loud, but Peter was screaming.

“Shut up you little brat!” Dirk’s voice came, like Peter’s, from outside the room, but then the two burst inside. Dirk had Peter by an arm twisted behind Peter’s back and was forcing him into the room.

“I don’t fucking believe it!” Jeffrey snarled as he gawped at Dirk pushing Peter down on the bed. Peter was wearing only a t-shirt and shorts, and Dirk grabbed and began skinning the t-shirt off his little brother’s struggling body. The webcam view zoomed in to show the boys in closer detail, and Peter’s white form writhing as he struggled in Dirk’s darker-toned arms. When Dirk yanked the t-shirt off, Peter fell back on the bed, and Dirk promptly grabbed Peter’s pull-on sweatshorts and yanked them down. Jeffrey moaned as he saw that his younger son was nude underneath the shorts. Peter had always been a bit of a nudist and now that fact worked against him, for he was now naked before his older brother’s lust.

Peter didn’t fight when he was naked, he just lay there as Dirk skinned his own shorts off (much like his older brothers, but a pair of briefs were included as they slid down his body and now Dirk wore only a t-shirt. Dirk’s young teenaged cock was swelled and Peter saw it, and rolled over, planning to crawl off the other side of the bed and get away but as he got onto his knees and hands, Dirk grabbed him. “I’m going to ram this butt of yours good, little brother!” he growled at his little brother.

“No, no, please, don’t, let me go, let me go!” Peter squirmed as Dirk’s hands, clamped onto both Peter’s hips, yanked him backwards. That cock slapped on top of Peter’s ass and Peter gasped as he felt the hot hard meat. Dirk was packing a fair-sized tool for his age, Jeffrey didn’t think his own was that large when he was Dirk’s age.

And the cock, strangely shiny (lubricated?) was jabbed at Peter’s buttocks. The first couple of attempts didn’t go in, as Peter continued to squirm frantically, but then there was contact, and Peter froze, howled as his big brother pressed his advantage and shoved the cock into him.

Peter’s yell of pain damped down into a low moaning sound as Dirk began to promptly hump at his little brother’s ass. The webcams captured it all, the angles switching from time to time, and Jeffrey watched it all in stunned horror, as Dirk fucked his little brother’s ass hard, with Peter moaning and crying as he was violated, Dirk’s face in a rictum of angry fierceness as he rammed his baby brother’s ass without pausing, all the way up until Dirk began to pant, and moan, “Oh, God, I’m coming now, I’m coming. Here comes your present, you little shithead, here it comes, take it, take all of it!”

“Oh, oh, oh!” was all Peter said.

And Dirk threw his head back and moaned, pulling out partway to shoot some of his load over Peter’s back, white hot spunk on white innocent flesh, and Dirk finished, stood up and grunted, “That ought to hold you for a while, little brother, but I’ll do you again whenever I feel like it, so get the fuck used to it!”

And he walked off, leaving his little brother to cry and stir and feebly move about. And Jeffrey clicked the “Stop” button on the player and the scene paused, then he clicked the “X” and closed the player and sat, staring at the screen which had returned to the six views of the six webcams, all of them looking about this room. They’d captured every instant of his younger son’s violation at the hands of his elder’s, and what the fuck was he to do about it.

Call the cops? Jeffrey reached and adjusted his cock in his pants and then shook his head. That wouldn’t do. They’d either put him in juvenile hall which wouldn’t do him a bit of good (Jeffrey had been there and KNEW) or worse, they’d try him as an adult and put him in prison which REALLY wouldn’t do Dirk a bit of good. And Peter, poor Peter, would have to get up on the stand and relive it again and again, in every detail, while Jeffrey sat, impotent and helpless, in the galley while the district attorney hammered at one of his sons and locked the other up for years or more... No, another answer was called for.

He shifted his cock again and swore, stood up. His cock was hard as a fucking brick! He’d always known he had a touch of fetish for rough sex, hell, what rough man didn’t? It had only been fantasies, after all, he’d never treated Jennifer any way but decent as he could, not that the bitch hadn’t abandoned him and his sons without so much as a word anyhow.

Besides, he’d been watching a movie, actually set up and chosen for angles and shots and showing it all in detail better than any simple surveillance camera would have given. Had Dirk shot this movie so he could send it to his friends? Had he raped his baby brother as part of some weird group or ritual? He wouldn’t have gone to the trouble to prepare the movie if he didn’t intend to share it! Hell, this remote control, it must be the one that started recording off the webcams! He recognized it as very similar to one a friend of his had, used it to record home movies and put them onto a recordable DVD. He knew how to use it, but with two boys, couldn’t afford such junk for himself.

God, his older son was a pervert! A freaking, little-brother-raping pervert! You can’t cure perverts, you can only punish them, and punish them so much they don’t dare try to practice their perversions again!

“Dad?” came Dirk’s call in the living room. “Dad, are you home?”

Jeffrey’s brain came to a decision almost without thinking about it. “I’m back here, son! In your room. Where’s Peter?”

“Putting his bike away.” Dirk was coming his way. Jeffrey undid his belt buckle, pants fastener and zipper, and pulled his pants down to mid-thigh. He spent the short remaining time getting the DVD recorder working. Yep, they were all connected, the TV was for reviewing the shots being recorded by the webcams. He could even use it to zoom in on any of the cams. Dirk must have been playing with the remote control while fucking his brother, to switch angles and zoom in and out even while he was raping little Peter.

That just got him madder than ever and when Dirk came in the door and saw his father standing there with his pants around his thighs and his cock standing out, he had a proper mad on. “Dad? What the hell is this?”

“You fucked Peter.” Jeffrey said with a dangerous tone to his voice. “You raped your own little brother, and you taped the whole thing.”

“Dad, wait, I can explain!” Dirk got out.

“Fuck that!” Jeffrey growled and he advanced on his son, the boy goggling as his dad’s dangerous fucktool preceded him by several inches. “You taped it for the fun of it, raping my little boy! What the hell is wrong with you, anyway?”

“Dad, you got to understand, the webcams....” That was as far as Dirk got before his father reached him. Jeffrey hauled off and backhanded his son, hard. Dirk was nearly bowled over by it, he staggered and held his hand to his face, a look of astonishment stretching it out long.

“I understand my older boy is a sex-crazed pervert!” Jeffrey growled. “You think it’s fun to rape a nine-year-old boy and tape it and send it to your friends. Well, you and me are going to give them a movie they’ll really love!”

“Huh?” Dirk said dumbly.

“I’m going to give you what you gave Peter, only harder!” Jeffrey reached down and hefted his pud. “This is going up your fucking ass like you did him, only harder! Now skin out of your clothes, now!”

“But, Daddy, I...!”


And shivering, Dirk complied, undoing his shirt.

“What’s going on?” Peter’s voice came from behind Jeffrey.

“Don’t worry, Peter, I know everything.” Jeffrey said. “I figure the best thing I can do is show your older brother just what it feels like to be fucked hard!”

“But, Daddy, I...”

“Shut the fuck up!” Jeffrey stormed. “Big man, aren’t you, when the shoe’s on the other foot! I can’t believe I raised a piece of shit like you! What the hell turned you into this sick twisted sack of turds, I.... God, I can’t even talk to you. I can send you to prison where you’ll be raped by a big black man named Bubba, or I can do it myself, here and now, and save your little brother from having to testify. Know that any time you do that again, to Peter or anyone else, I’ll do it again myself, only more so!”

“Uh, Daddy?” Peter said again. “The webcams, they’re for...”

“I got them going right now. We’ll give his friends a movie of him being fucked hard by his own old man, see if that gets them all hot!”

Dirk was now bare but for a pair of briefs. He had stopped undressing, shivering like he was icy cold.

“Strip!” Jeffrey commanded. “Strip and get on the bed, all fours, just like Peter!” He handed the remote to his son. “You know how to work that?”

“Uh, yeah, Dad.”

“Then you get it all on the webcams, every bit of my raping Dirk’s ass. And every squeal, because I’m going to make him squeal like you did while he was raping you.”

“Oh, God, Dad!” Dirk gasped. He was on the bed, but on his back, and Jeffrey advanced on him, cock in hand.

“You ready for this?” Jeffrey demanded.

“Dad, please, don’t do it, please!” Dirk moaned.

“I said to get on all fours.”

“No, Daddy, please, no!” Dirk pleaded.

Jeffrey snarled like a tiger and grabbed his son’s legs and hauled them up high. He had to get all the way down on the bed with Dirk to hold his wriggling teenaged son still, but he finally got both him in place and his cock in position. “Now you get to feel what Peter felt when you stuck it in him!” he growled and shoved.

Dirk yowled as his dad’s cock drove into him. Jeffrey didn’t even try to be gentle with him, give this kid every ounce of punishment he could, it was the only way. And hell, the little prick had been asking for it!

“You were asking for this, weren’t you?” Jeffrey grunted to Dirk who was finished yelling and now was only moaning, as tears streamed down from both sides of his face. “You tape yourself fucking your own brother, you were asking for it, you knew I’d find out about this sooner or later. You’re just lucky I’m not going to call the cops on your perverted ass, I’m giving you my own punishment, now shut up and take it!”

“Oh, Daddy, please, no, please!” Dirk moaned. “It’s not like that, please!”

“Shut up!” Jeffrey snapped like a bull turtle. “You getting all this, Peter? You getting the angles and zooms and everything?”

“I’m...I’m getting it all, Daddy.”

“Come on, Dirk, beg me to stop, beg me to spare your pathetic little butt!” Jeffrey directed.

“Please don’t fuck me, Daddy!” Dirk groaned. “Please, Daddy, I won’t do it again, I won’t, please, just don’t fuck me!”

“I don’t believe you!” Jeffrey began to fuck Dirk’s ass, and he didn’t do anything like he would have with a willing partner such as his ex-wife, he just rammed it in deep and yanked it out and rammed it in again, feeling the hot, wet blood of Dirk’s ass on his cock as a sort of lubricant.

And Dirk moaned and his fingernails dug into Jeffrey’s back. “Please, Daddy, please!” he pleaded. “I didn’t do anything wrong, honest, I didn’t! Please!”

“Lying sack of shit! I got eyes, I saw the movie you made. You’re fucking proud of raping little Peter, aren’t you? Damned fucking proud of being the top prick in this bedroom. Well, there’s a new dog in town, and I’m it, and you’re my fuck-toy now! Mine!”

“Oh, God, oh, God!”

“Are you getting all this?”

“Getting all of it, Dad!” Peter said, and the assurance in his voice made Jeffrey glad. To be raped was an emasculating experience, but if Peter could regain his confidence by seeing his oppressor treated the same way, then fine! He’d settle for that.

“Hot little teenaged ass.” he slavered in Dirk’s pain-contorted face. “Nice hot little ass. I could get used to doing this every night. Yeah, and twice on weekends. I got downgraded to two half-days a week on the site, did you know that? So I’m going to have lots of time to rape your butt over and over and over again! And get all of it on the webcam, your Daddy fucking your sick little ass!”

“Oh, God, Daddy, oh, oh!” Dirk grunted. “Oh, Daddy, it hurts, it hurts!”

“It’s meant to hurt, you little shit!” Jeffrey told him. “Remember this before you try fucking Peter again!”

“I will! Oh, God, Daddy, it’’s not hurting so much now!”

“You’re turning into Daddy’s little fucktoy!” Jeffrey told him. “Just where you belong, under me in bed and being fucked long and hard!”

“Yeah, fuck him, Dad, fuck him hard!” Peter chipped in.

“Yeah, fuck me hard!” Dirk agreed.

“You’re both a pair of perverts!” Jeffrey groaned. “I set out to punish your ass, and you’re liking it? Well, let’s see how you like this!” And he began to ram his son’s butt as fast as he could.

Dirk groaned and held to him and soon his son was groaning louder and hot splashes of adolescent jizz sprayed onto Jeffrey’s shirt and soaked him.

“You came, you little bastard! You came while I was raping your ass, you shit-head, you turd-breath, you worthless piece of crap!” Jeffrey roared. “I don’t believe this, I...ah, shit, I’m going to cream!”

“Yeah, juice him hard, Dad!” Peter urged him. “Squirt it hard! Shoot it on top of him so he’ll feel it better! Shoot it so we can see it!”

“AH-HAH-AH, AH, GAHHHH!” Jeffrey began coming and when he did, Peter’s hand darted in between their bodies and yanked Jeffrey’s cock out of Dirk’s ass. Jeffrey raised up from the pain of that hard yank, and his spunk sprayed Dirk and Peter both, the jism spraying about wildly in all directions, coating his boys in hot Daddy come!

Illustration of Jeffrey on the Webcam

“Oh, God, Dad, God, that was so hot, so hot!” Dirk gasped.

“Yeah, Daddy!” Peter chimed in. “You really fucked my big brother nice and hard.”

“He sure did!”

“You’re both perverts.” Jeffrey declared.

“I’ve stopped the recording.” Peter told Dirk. “We can talk now.”

“Talk about what?”

“The webcams.” Dirk said. “We know how hard things have been and we set up our own webcast. Live, streaming video, with downloadable movies. Lots of guys will pay to watch two boys playing with themselves, or each other.”

“But the fan mail we got was begging us to do more and more with each other. Suck each other, fuck each other. And the more we did, the more people signed up to watch us.”

“So your video about him raping you....” Jeffrey said when he realized.

“All an act.” Dirk assured him. “Peter loves it when I fuck his butt. But we promised them a rape scene and we gave them one.”

“You sure did.” Jeffrey agreed. “I thought you’d really done it.” Then he realized. “My God! You mean I raped my own son for...for nothing?”

“It’s okay, Dad.” Dirk assured him. “It hurt a little, but it’s not bad, honest.”

“And it’s not for nothing.” Peter assured him. “Got it all saved on the computer. All angles and zooms and everything.”

“We can cut and patch it into a movie and post it tonight.” Dirk said. “We’ll sell a couple of thousand of views before morning, I bet.”

“At four ninety-five a view.” Peter agreed.

“Four dollars and ninety-five....”

“They’ve been wanting us to get our Dad involved.” Dirk said to Peter. “They’ll all go freakazoid on us when they get this clip!”

“Five dollars a view for a few thousand views!” Jeffrey was playing catch-up. “You’re making that much money on this?”

“It’s how we bought the computer and everything.” Dirk said. “I sent some photos of us to an old guy on the web, and he bought it all for us in exchange for free access until we paid it all back. But we’ve paid him back already, this is all ours.”

“You’re got a webcast business.” Jeffrey said.

“And business is great! Even better now we got you in it.”

“If I let you keep doing it.” Jeffrey agreed.

There was a silence. “You’re going to make us stop?”

“No.” Jeffrey paused only briefly. “If you’ll cut me in for sixty percent.”

“Sixty percent?”

“My home, my bedroom, my electricity. And me and my boys as the players.” Jeffrey went on. “I’d say our next movie ought to be me giving Peter a taste of what I gave Dirk.”

The boys’ faces lit up slowly. “Hey, yeah, yeah!” They both wrapped their arms around their Daddy and hugged, hard.

“Daddy fucking me on our webcam!” Peter enthused. “This is going to be so great!”

“Yeah.” Dirk agreed. “They’re all going to love watching our Daddy on the webcam.”

Jeffrey figured he was going to love it, too!