The Boy in the High Tower

When one is raised upon tales of brave men fighting against tyranny and rescuing prisoners who have been unjustly shackled in high towers, it is but a short trip from dreaming about being such a hero to attempting to pull off an exploit worthy of a tale of its own so that future generations can admire and emulate you for endless ages.

Sir Henry Fitzooth of Badenshire was such a young man, barely in his twenties and he fancied himself something of a Robin Hood in the flesh rather than some often-told tale found in dusty volumes in monasteries. He contrived first to become Robin Hood in all but name, dressing in the fabled green clothing, with a green cap with a red feather. His body was already broad, strong and handsomely built, so he felt that he cut a figure worthy of the cape of Robin Hood, he would be the man in deed if not in name. He had not yet picked out a moniker similar to that of Robin Hood (whose real name was Sir Robert Lockesley, it was told), but perhaps that name was one that came from the grateful people who wished to give a handle to explain his exploits.

From there it was necessary for him to attain a mission heroic and worthy of adulation. He had no more than come to this conclusion than he learned that the Crown Prince Edward who was to ascend the throne upon his sixteenth birthday some nine years hence, had been taken very ill and his uncle Charles, the current Regent, had placed the ailing prince in a high tower in the castle to let him recover if he could. It did not take a wise man to see that the uncle had rigged for himself a coup of the throne during the interval between the death of good King John and the coronation of Prince Edward, no doubt that the Prince Regent Charles would arrange an untimely death for the Crown Prince as soon as he might do so without suspicion and take for himself the title of King Charles XVI. Prince Charles had been Regent for three years now and no doubt felt entitled to the crown for his own head and had wearied of waiting for one of the young Prince's ailments to carry him off while keeping his own hands clean.

Sir Henry had never had the opportunity to meet the Crown Prince, for Prince Edward had often been kept apart from the nobility and had never attended the gatherings that Sir Henry had gained admission to, but he felt sure that he would know the Crown Prince when he met him. This was a mere technicality and meeting royalty by saving their lives was sure to be the stuff of legends!

The Crown Prince must be rescued as soon as possible! He made his plans, the castle was known to all throughout the land, and the Prince must have been placed in the North Tower which was three floors higher than any of the other six the castle bore (though four of these were pitifully small things of but three floors of height), so his task would be to scale the wall the North Tower shared with the battlements and the tower itself up to that singular small window that he felt would just permit him to enter. Enter in the night, slip past the guards who would be asleep (he could bribe a servant to put a sleeping draught in their evening wine) and ferry the prince to safety where he could lead his loyal folk in revolt against the treasonous Prince Regent.

The servant was bribed, the guards could be viewed slumbering at their posts and brave Sir Henry, dressed in his clothing of forest green and jaunty with his red-feathered cap, made use of a gun that could fire a grappling hook and was used to bring sailing ships in to dock by firing the rope out to be secured to the dock and then the dockhands pulling the massive ship slowly and painfully in to dock.

The hooks he attached to the rope made the firing very erratic and he spent a good part of an hour getting first up to the battlement and then another hour until his aim managed quite by chance to fly into the single window and fasten so that he could at last scale the walls and find the Crown Prince.

The window was smaller than he expected and he struggled in through the darkened window with many a grunt and groan, and just as he managed to clear the sill and fall with a grunt onto the floor, a candle was struck and the boy standing before him dressed all in blue (a color the nobility alone was allowed to own, the poor had to settle for brown, red or green only, the King alone wore purple raiment. The boy appeared to be seven years old must thus be the Crown Prince himself.

"Who are you, who scale these walls with such impunity? Are you an assassin?" the youth demanded imperiously and with refined articulation. It must be he, Sir Henry thought, for while he did not know the face of the Crown Prince, whom he had never met before, why else would this young lad be imprisoned thus in the castle's highest tower and wearing the nobleman's blue but that he must be the Crown Prince?

Sir Henry struggled to his feet and then gave the most gracious bow he could manage, with one foot forward and one hand raised high as the other was against his breast holding his cap. "I bid thee a good eve, Your Highness." he said. "I am but a common knight of the Realm and an adventurer out to seek justice wherever it is threatened. I was told of your being locked away in this tower and I came to rescue thee, come with me and we will fly to the forest to hide and raise an army to throw the Prince Regent over the walls in disgrace."

"You have learned that I was captive here instead of ailing?" the Crown Prince asked. "How could this information have reached you?"

"I pray that I am unlike most who cannot see when a man sits on the throne he develops an unnatural desire to remain there even though he must shed the blood of his family to make it so. But I had suspicions and can see with my own eyes that you are not in failing health and therefore my hypothesis was affirmed. Pray that we now together descend my rope and make haste to travel far before dawn."

"I would go with thee if I could." the Crown Prince sighed. "But my infirmity is not one of the flesh but of baneful witchcraft, I have been accursed and have been put here so that I may await a cure to be delivered to me. Only God can send the cure and I tell you all this because I feel certain he has sent you to me, and you carry the cure I need to rid me of the affliction."

"Order me to your needs, Your Highness, I am yours to command and will rescue you of this witchery even if I must do battle with the legions of Hell."

"Your words please me most sincerely for what I must ask of you is not one of glorious battle or of daring deeds, but rather it is one of a most personal in nature. My curse may only be abated by the help of a man such as yourself, but when you hear what will be required of you, your heart may yet falter and fail."

"Nay, think not of that, for my heart is pure and strong, ask it of me and I shall give it my all." Sir Henry assured the young lad. A very precocious child was he, for his speech would give honor to an adult man. But of course the young Prince would have been schooled in such things, he reminded himself.

"I again am reassured for my need of you to break this curse is thus, I can only be restored to my full nature by partaking of the seed of a healthy man's manhood, which you must supply to me willingly and I must drink of most heartily again and again, for the rest of the night so much as you can do. If your supply is sufficient, I shall be restored." the boy told the astonished man.

Sir Henry was much nonplused over this exotic request and he said, "Am I to understand that if I am to help you, I must make my body available to you and permit you to draw with your lips upon my manhood, not once but over and over again as often as you can until the dawn of the morning light?" He was not averse to the idea of coupling with another man, but this was but a young lad far from the dawning of adulthood, his sun of maturity lay yet many hours below the horizon.

"Aye, that is my fate, to thus engage in this manner of loving another man, for you must also give it to willingly and of your own accord, I cannot force you to do this, so I must humbly ask you, oh proud warrior whose name I do not know, can you lie with me this night and make love with me most lustily that my curse may be abated at last, for otherwise, I must remain in this tower for you see that the shutters must be drawn by day and I can only open them at night, the sun may not shine upon me again until I have abated the curse. My uncle tells me that he is seeking such a man for me, but I think he does instead plan to keep me here thus confined until my death while he reigns in my stead and perhaps can be placed instead upon the throne and thus avoid the crime of regicide entire. Oh, such a cruel fate to lie here enclosed all day and only view the lands of which I should reign by the night!"

Sir Henry's heart was moved by this tale of woe and he said, "I am loyal to Your Highness and I shall indeed give you of my body to the best of my ability." He reached for his pants ties and undid the overlapping cloth that held the front of it together but could be parted at the body's need and he pulled out his manhood and displayed it for the Crown Prince to view and approve. "Does this meet with your approval and if it does, Your Highness, I grant you the boon to take of it and of my body as you need as much as you need in hopes I can thus abate your enchantment."

Sir Henry's endowment was more than most men's, a fat dong of nine inches in length and possessing a girth that was half again that of the common man's. The Crown Prince beheld the impressive tool with a great deal of relief and delight.

"I feel certain now that you are the answer to my prayers, for your virility is evident, so I shall take of your body and give you of my own with every fibre of my being, and we shall together win through this foul curse entire this night."

The room was clean but nearly barren of furniture nor any means of diversion for a captive prisoner, a table and a small stool was its only furnishings. Sir Henry hesitated and the Crown Prince saw his confusion and brought over the stool. "Pray sit upon this and lean back and I shall kneel at your feet and we shall thus enjoy this first encounter."

Sir Henry did as the Crown Prince bade and the handsome young figure knelt before him and lifted his prong. He had been semi-erect thus far but as the soft warm hand held him, it stiffened and grew to rigid readiness.

"Your arousal gives me credit, let me repay it with my best efforts to pleasure you immensely in what is to come." the Crown Prince said and his lips parted and he lowered his head and Sir Henry felt the warm mouth enclose him and he groaned.

The Crown Prince was adept at this, for his manner was assured and competent, he slid his moist mouth down more than halfway of Sir Henry's large length and gripped the shaft firmly as he drew up again, the cockskin was crumpled above his glans and the sliding flesh stirred the passions of his glans which spurted rockets of joyous delight into Sir Henry's body.

"Ahhhh, ahhhhhh, Your Highness, I am your obedient servant and my body is obeying your wishes most gratifyingly." Sir Henry gasped. "I fear only that I may behave in less than appropriate manner in my passion which is to come."

The Crown Prince released him and said, "Fear not, you may give vent to any contortions or impassioned pleas you wish, I shall accept them as only my due for pleasing you. I ask now only that I be allowed to continue, give me all you would give another, so we are but men in the act of enjoying each other, let it be thus and only thus."

"I hear and obey." Sir Henry moaned as the Crown Prince's motions resumed and sped up on his throbbing dong. He gasped and moaned and groaned in appreciation of the warm and lavish strokes that milked him with ardor and speed.

"Oh, oh, Your Highness, suck my manhood, suck it more and faster, I pray, for my lust is driving me further!" he groaned. "Milk my rod, savor my flesh, for it rejoices in your ministrations, I am transported by the delight I am feeling at your regal touch, I pray that you deliver yet more speed if you are able, for my delight is rapidly approaching its apex, and I would lavish you with a hearty load of my vital fluids, for it is raging now within me."

The Crown Prince grinned around Sir Henry's rod, and his actions then were a marvel to behold. His head was bobbing with a speed that drove Sir Henry wild with sexual abandon, and he moaned, helpless now to even censor his words and tailor them to those one uses with the noblility but those he had used toward scullery maids he had tupped on occasion.

"That's the way, boy, suck my cock, suck it faster, harder, damn it, milk my fucking rod, I'm going to cream in you so hard it'll knock your head back and break your pretty little neck!"

A chuckle escaped the Crown Prince's lips but his rhetoric of movement upon Sir Henry's rod continued unabated nonetheless.

"Ahh, ahhh, here it comes, you'd better take it and take it all when I come, if you lose any I'll beat you senseless for your clumsiness. Coming now, now, Uh, uh, UHHH-UHHH, UHHH-HUUUH, AHHHHH-GAHHH-HUNNNNNNGGGKKKKHHHH!"

As he moaned, the hot jets of his turgid tower sprayed the Crown Prince as thickly as archer's arrows fill the sky in a major battle to rain death upon their foes.

The Crown Prince, though, proved equal to the challenge, for he held fast and swallowed hard and even though Sir Henry pumped out a load of heroic proportions, the Crown Prince kept and devoured every drop of it.

Drained, Sir Henry nearly fell off the back of the stool but he kept his balance by an awkward flailing of his legs in mid-air and regained his composure. Panting hard, his face flushed from his sexual exultation, he looked down at the Crown Prince with appreciation and some consternation. "Have I done thee poorly in my ardor, Your Highness?" he asked.

"You have performed admirably." the Crown Prince replied. "A marvelous beginning, but let us repair to the room adjoining this and we can engage in much more mutual gratification."

Sir Henry was surprised at this but glad to accompany the Crown Prince through the door and discovered that the top floor of the High Tower was four rooms around a central spiral staircase made of wood anchored and supported in part by beams of each floor. So the Crown Prince had a complete suite of rooms to use for his imprisonment, which explained the nearly barren room they had left, and it was the bedroom where they were bound.

There, he gladly disrobed as did the Crown Prince and with the casting off of their clothes, they cast off as well any manner of noble address or repression of their actions with each other. The Crown Prince began by making a whoop as he bounced carelessly into the bed which puffed up around his body. A feather bed, Sir Henry was used to them and when he also got in, the feathers were forced to support both bodies better and their forms dimpled but did not swallow them up.

Sir Henry used his hand on the Crown Prince tiny jewel of a dick and nuts, and realized that as his own body was expended, he needed to make love in a manner that would rejoice the Crown Prince alone. He therefore screwed up his courage and turned in the bed to reach his face toward the royal love-sceptre.

"You do not have to do this." demurred the Crown Prince but made no effort to stop him.

"I am an honorable man." Sir Henry replied. "You have pleased me, and it therefore behooves me to repay you in kind."

"You are honorable and have my approval." the Crown Prince replied. The word "my" caught Sir Henry's attention for the first time, the royal family always used "we" and "our" instead. The Crown Prince must be honoring him by placing him in a position within the family. His heart warmed at that and when he caught the imperial prick, he engulfed it proudly and slid his lips down as far as they would go. The Crown Prince was endowed with an adequate two-inch rod of comfortable girth, there was more than enough to let Sir Henry swallow it whole down to its base. He rose and sucked the tender cockskin up over the glans and it fell from his lips wet with his saliva.

"Mmmmm." groaned the Crown Prince appreciatively. "Do that again if you can."

Sir Henry braced himself and again thrust his face down to send his mouth sliding over and engulfing the boy's small rod, this time he held it there a brief while, then slid back while clinging to the dong with his lips and the Crown Prince groaned as the delightful sensations elicited by Sir Henry's mouth stroked his libido artfully.

"Pray, again and continue I beg thee." the Crown Prince said huskily. "I am inflamed by your attentions and need release from this exquisite agony of delight, I beg thee to again continue your attentions, I shall delight in thy kindness to me."

Sir Henry complied, and he was soon able to strike a rapid pace of sucking motions up and down the heated pulsing baby-prick, the Crown Prince groaned and his hands came down to hold Sir Henry's head but he did not use the grip to force any movements.

The Prince moaned and turned in the bed until he was upside down to Sir Henry and Sir Henry found that his cock was not as depleted as he had feared, it rose again to priapic majesty as the lips of Crown Prince Edward was joyful in the plying of them over his hard, huge rod, and he was soon as enraptured as the Crown Prince and the room was filled with their moans.

The Crown Prince gave a short moan and paused, then he groaned anew and in high measure, shaking with a shuddering climax any man could envy, crying, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!" as he was enraptured by the delights of his body.

When the lad ceased in his movements and lay quiet and gasping for breath, Sir Henry released the little dong which was shrinking back to baby-size rapidly and just lay and enjoyed the Crown Prince's attentions when the Crown Prince surprised him.

"And now, good Knight, I pray a second boon from thee. I ask that you take this replenished rod of your strength and use it to penetrate my nether body for I crave the feel of you within me once more and would have you in all ways as much as I can."

"Your Highness is most gracious." Sir Henry breathed for he was wrapped up in his renewed lust such that he would not refuse the slightest request of this young prince so long as it brought his body joy.

He felt his cock was inadequately lubricated, and he spat on his palm and stroked the saliva onto his dong, again and again until he had it a greasy gray-coated pillar of raging erection, and he said, panting, "Now I shall be as tender as I can, but I admit that my lusts stir aggressively within me, if I lose my control, I beg thee to forgive me for my carelessness."

"I welcome your taking of my body and cannot conceive that the kind man you have shown yourself to be could hurt me thus, but if it occurs, my pardon you shall have."

"I thank thee." Sir Henry pushed his glans to the small sphincter and found it surprisingly flexible and accommodating. "I am not the first to use you thus, I think." he said, not an accusation but an observation.

"You are the third who has tried but the others were nervous and could not bring themselves to give me the all of their ardor, and nothing less will free me from this tower." the boy sighed to him. "Push within me further, the path has been well tilled before thy passage."

"I hear and obey, Your Highness." Sir Henry pushed slowly into the boy who only sighed appreciatively as he sank deeper and deeper within the boy.

At the deepest level, his balls resting on the lad's tight young buttocks, he sighed and said, "Shall I pause now and let thee learn to accommodate my manhood within thee?"

"Nay, I beg thee to begin now, for I am aflame anew and your lovemaking can only bring me pleasure, pray, now, kind sir, now!"

Sir Henry began to move, slowly but soon he was thrusting with verve and passion. The lad clung to him, crying out in his joy and the gleeful cries stirred Sir Henry's lusts and he became as a man possessed.

Raising the lad up onto his shoulder and himself to a crouching height on his feet, he held the boy's legs wide apart and he hammer-thrust himself into the boy, who only cried out in joy the more as he was pile-driven by Sir Henry's jackhammer thrusts.

Climax seized the lad anew and he again convulsed first in delight but then again after a pause with a body-shaking, crying-out-wrenching, agonizing screams of unadulterated ecstasy as he was tossed about like a rag-doll in his tornado of glorious orgasm.

Sir Henry reached his own nirvana and he cried out as well with his lustful, masculine cries of passionate glory, and he shivered and shook as the boy did, and he held his feet with difficulty but when the climax released him and he fell into post-orgasmic serenity, he fell to the side and panting huskily, he moaned in his recovery from his copious ejaculation of his life's seed.

A pounding of footsteps and the door to the bedroom burst open and in raced an older woman and two guards behind her with spears raised ready to strike. Sir Henry was in panic, he was lost, lost, and so was the Crown Prince's chance for return to the throne, for Sir Henry, it would be the chopping block and the headman's axe!

"Lord Gregory, who is this man?" the woman cried out.

"He is a friend and he is here by my own wish!" the boy responded.

"But, my Lord, he is a man in your bed and we heard your cries, and...."

"I forbid you to mention this to my father!"

"The Prince Regent must learn of this disgrace to his only son!"

"I am not disgraced, and this is my friend, I say to you again, leave us, now, or I shall accuse all three of you of an attempt to assassinate me!"

Cowed by this threat, the woman blanched and hastily bowed, leaving.

"She will not tell." the boy told the astonished Sir Henry. "She knows I will do what I threaten."

"Lord Gregory?" Sir Henry said. His mind reeled. "You are not the Crown Prince Edward, but his cousin, the Marquess Gregory?"

The boy sighed and smiled. "Aye, that is so, but it was not I that identified myself as my cousin. I merely let you think so until I understood your mission was not one of a threat, and your handsome muscled body thrilled me so I conjured fast the tale of the enchantment. You swallowed that lie entire, did you not, dear man, you.... What is your name, I pray, I can tell you are of noble birth we have never before met or I would remember such as you."

"I am Sir Henry Fitzooth of Badenshire." Sir Henry said humbly. "I dreamed a life of glory and I appear to have been the worst of fools instead."

"Bemoan not, my dearest Sir Henry, for you are now my best of friends, I lied not about that to my nanny just now. She knows her family's fate lies in keeping me happy and you make me happy, she will become our ally in the days to come, for they are to be immense."

"What do you mean?"

"The Crown Prince is indeed ailing and despite the most tender and sincere attentions of my father and his physicians, my poor sickly cousin shall die soon, they all predict. My father has spent the last few days making sure the most important people can see he is blameless in all this so that he can thus inherit the throne legitimately with no hint of scandal. My father mourns the loss of my cousin, of this I swear it is but the truth. You are an honorable man and we shall have need of such as you in the days to come."

Sir Henry lay on his back and considered all this. The boy's hand came over and grasped his manly tool, not in passion but in confidence, and he felt this hand and knew that Fate had indeed planned for him a life of honor and glory even though it did not lie in the Forests of the land and a life as a renegade hero.

"What say you, Sir Henry?" Gregory (no longer a Crown Prince, but to be one soon) asked him. "Will you bind your fate to mine and become my friend and noble protector in the trials that will come? I fear there are those who will feel my father does not deserve the throne and may rise up against us, either in force or in conspiracy."

Sir Henry only had to think briefly of this. "I shall be honored to assume the role of your protector and confidante."

"Let us rest then, and on the morrow's light, I shall introduce you to my father and we can together plan our future."

The boy snuggled against Sir Henry's muscled frame and soon both were slumbering, a child royal heir and his lord protector, resting in the safety of the castle's highest tower.