“Paul was rubbing on Leo.” I said.


“Yeah.” I said. “Right down there.” I pointed at my crotch.

Daddy paused, then he said, “I don’t understand, Eric. Rubbing it how?”

I reached down and rubbed myself like Paul had rubbed on Leo. “Like this, Daddy.” I said.

“I thought you said he was rubbing on Leo.” Daddy said. “Not on himself.”

“He was rubbing on Leo.” I said.

Daddy thought about this, then shook his head. “I don’t understand.” he said. “Rubbing how?”

I made a sound of exasperation. If I couldn’t make Daddy understand, I couldn’t get Leo in trouble, I wouldn’t get the attention. So I reached up and I got hold of Daddy’s crotch and I rubbed it like Paul had rubbed Leo’s crotch. “Paul was doing this to Leo.” I said. “He was sort of gripping at it like this, too.” And I grabbed at Daddy’s prick inside his pants. It was already sort of fat and firm inside there and it got harder fast. “Yeah, and Leo’s thing got all kind of stiff just like yours, Daddy.”

“I see.” Daddy said. “Was that all they did?”

“No.” I said firmly, because I was just getting warmed up. “After a while, Leo said, “Take it out for me, take it out.”

“Take what out?” Daddy asked.

I still had hold of Daddy’s crotch, and I squeezed his dick. “Take this out.”

“Take it out how?” Daddy was puzzled.

This was driving me crazy! Daddy was being deliberately difficult about understanding me! I decided that he was going to listen to me about what Leo and Paul had done no matter what it took! “Take it out like this!” I said and I got hold of Daddy’s fly and I caught the tab of his zipper and I tugged it down and I dug into Daddy’s pants. He had on briefs and I got my hand into the flap of that and caught his dinger and I got it out. “Paul did this.” I said. “He took Leo’s thing out of his pants and it was all hard like this.”

“Just like mine?” Daddy said and there was a husky tone to his voice. “All right. And was that all they did, Paul took out Leo’s penis and held it like you’re doing?”

“Oh, no, Daddy.” I said. “Paul then started doing this.” And I began to pump on Daddy’s dick, jerking it up and down like I’d seen Paul doing to Leo. “He did this for a while.”

“How long a while?” Daddy grunted. “Just a little while or a long while?”

“I’ll show you how long he did it, Daddy.” I said. And I kept on pumping Daddy’s willy and Daddy grunted some more. I grinned up at Daddy. “Leo was grunting a lot like you, Daddy.” I said brightly. “I guess I’m showing you the right way, huh?”

“Yeah, Son.” Daddy said. “I think I understand this. So Paul kept doing this to Leo for a while. And then what?”

I guessed I had showed Daddy enough about how Paul had played with Leo’s dick with his hand. “After a while, then, Paul did this to Leo.” I said, and I reached up and I took Daddy’s dick into my mouth. I shoved it in hard as I could, like Paul had, and Daddy grunted in pain.

“Ouch, ow, baby, that hurts!” Daddy said.

I pulled back. “I don’t get it.” I said. “When Paul did this to Leo, Leo liked it. A lot.”

“I think Paul got his mouth all wet first.” Daddy suggested.

“All wet?”

“Yeah, worked up a good lot of spit and held it in his mouth before he took it in.” Daddy said. “Let the spit get Leo’s dick all wet and slick, so he could take it down all deep into his mouth and throat. You want to give that a try, baby? So I can understand what Leo and Paul were doing?”

“Yeah, Daddy.” I said. I wanted to get Leo in the worst possible trouble, so Daddy had to understand everything. I did it, worked my mouth and got as much spit as I could.

When I paused, mouth so full I was about to dribble, Daddy said, “You ready to try again?’

I nodded.

“Then show me what Paul did to Leo next.” Daddy said, and there was a sort of croon in his voice. “Show me everything, Son, everything.”

And I did my best. I knew how Paul had moved his mouth over Leo’s cock as I had watched them, and I imitated it, I took Daddy’s dick deep as I could and held it inside, then I moved up and down, and I played my tongue over the bottom as I moved my lips. Illustration of Tattletale
Daddy was moaning just like Leo, so I knew I was showing my Daddy everything. I kept on moving and Daddy was groaning and I let go just for a moment, because something was important.

Daddy let out a groan like he was going to die! “Don’t stop now, Son! I’m about to understand!”

“Just one thing, Daddy.” I said. “Leo said ‘I’m going to come’ and I need you to say the same thing so I can show you, okay?”

“All right, Son.” Daddy said and his hand caught me and pushed me back onto his cock. “I’ll warn you when I’m ready to come. Now do it again, please, baby!”

I dove back onto Daddy’s cock and I played all of Paul’s tricks on him as best I could again, and Daddy was moaning and groaning. He lasted a lot longer that Leo had, and I got the feeling that my Daddy was holding back especially, making it last instead of the way Leo had, knowing that I would be home any minute (I had gotten home early is how I had caught him and Paul), and I was working away manfully, and getting a little tired.

Then Daddy gasped, “Oh, Baby, I’m ready to come now, I’m ready to come!”

And I let go of Daddy’s dong and I grabbed hold of his slimy pud with my hand and I pumped him and I said, “And then Leo said, ‘I want to come on your face, honey, I want to come on your face!’”

“Uh, uh, like, uh, like this?” Daddy labored and then he went, “Ah-HUH-UH, GUH-BLUHHH!” and Daddy’s jizz squirted out of his prick and he sprayed it on me.

And I did like Paul did, I put my face into it and I let my Daddy’s spunk blow all over me, moving my face back and forth to get it all over me, which I did, because Daddy squirted a huge load on me, more than Leo did, I think. I was soaking wet all over my face.

Daddy was panting and his chest heaving and he was groaning, “Oh, baby, oh, Son, oh, baby, baby, oh, baby, oh, oh, oh!” Even when he stopped breathing so hard, he was still whispering, “Oh, baby, oh, baby!”

I concluded triumphantly, “And you can see how Leo got his stuff all over Paul’s face, just like this! I bet he did something really bad, huh?”

“Well, now, Son, that depends.” Daddy said.