Cyborg Daddy

I perched in the chair in the doctor’s office next to my Momma, my legs dangling over the edge. Mom was upset, I could see. The doctor had that look that doctors use, when they have to tell you something really, really bad and want you to sit there and take it. “Mrs. Marsh, you know how extensive your husband’s injuries were.” he started.

I nodded along with my Mom. Dad had been really messed up when those steel girders had landed on him. I hadn’t seen it, except on television before my Mom caught me and shut it off, a big pile of stuff and one hand sticking out of it, and me thinking, “That’s my Daddy under there.” Funny, but I wasn’t upset at that. I guess, when you’re seven, you still haven’t figured out that you can die. Or that your Daddy can.

“Yes, I know.” Mom said.

“We’ve done what we can for him.” the doctor went on. “Medical science can do wonderful things these days, what with electronic medical assistant devices and nanocircuitry.” He paused, then said, “But no amount of science can put back what isn’t there any longer.”

“Tell it to me.” Mom said determinedly.

“Yeah.” I put in.

“Should Tommy even be here for this?” Mom asked.

“Hey!” I protested.

“He needs to know.” the doctor agreed with me. “You’ll need his help, and for that, he needs to know.”

“All right.” Mom acquiesced.

“What is it, Doc?” I pressed.

“Your father had massive injuries along the entire right side of his body. We had to install a replacement leg, replacement arm, the entire right side of his rib cage including an artificial lung and artificial heart.” the Doctor said. “Also the right side of his face...” And he paused again.

“But the most important thing is, we had to replace about 35% of his brain, as well.”

“You can do that?” I was surprised.

“We can do that.” the doctor agreed. “It works as well as his original, especially with the remaining portion of his brain to help it out. But there will be changes.”

“Changes how?”

“The brain does more than power the body. It contains all our emotions, all our memories, everything that makes” the doctor paused. “You need to understand that he may not recognize you. And what he does remember of you may be all jumbled. The brain stores memories all over itself, in different parts. It reconstructs those memories through associations that we just can’t duplicate or repair.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s say, for example, that you were discussing your vacation plans, and had been once in Paris and once before in London, and were trying to decide which one to go to again this year. Your husband may remember those vacations, or parts of it, or he may try to say you saw the Eiffel Tower in London.”

I giggled a bit at that. “That’s silly!” I commented.

“To him, though, it will be completely real.” the doctor went on. “He’ll be upset if you try to correct him. He will truly think he saw the Eiffel Tower in London. The memories will be jumbled like that. He ought to be able to remember enough to function, don’t get me wrong, but details will be off. His emotions, too, may fuse and alter.” The doctor paused again. “You may find his feelings for you both to be changed in some way. We’ll have to monitor things, and I’ll be available to talk with you at any time.”

Mom stood up. “Take me to him.”

“Yeah, me too!” I stood as well.

“His physical appearance, we have left as it is, without any cosmetic coverings.” the doctor cautioned. “When we are sure everything is integrated and working well, we can add a prosthetic covering to let him appear as normal as ever. But for now, you need to expect to see a man who is half human, and half metal-and-plastic. Are you truly ready to see that?”

“Take us to him.” Mom said again.

“Yeah.” I agreed.

I expected us to see a hospital room, and Dad lying in a bed. What I saw, though, was more like a machine shop. Only instead of an automobile up on the rack in the middle, it was my Dad.

We were seeing him from his left side, mostly, so he looked like he always did. A big, strong, muscled man lying mostly bare on the metal rack. A sheet was draped over his midsection. Their way of breaking it to us gently, I think, letting us see the part of him that was still there before we saw the parts that they’d had to replace.

Because someone pushed a button and the entire rack began to spin around and raised Daddy’s entire body upwards, so that he would be standing.

Now I could see the metal parts of Daddy. All knobs and pulleys and gears and wires and whatever. I guess when they covered it all up, it’d look like the other side of his body. Now it just looked...kind of freaky.

“Wow!” I said, but I said it real softly.

At that sound, Daddy’s eyes opened. The one on his left was his regular eye. The one on his right just sort of lit up. We had a blind girl in our class, and she had both eyes like this, they were lit and that meant, the teacher explained, that kind of waves were being sent out like radar that would tell her what things were and where they were. It would even let her read regular books like we all did, and see pictures.

“Dave?” Mom said. “Dave, can you hear me?”

“Hello, Sal.” Daddy said. “Tom.”


I didn’t say that real happily because there was something missing from the sound of his voice. I wasn’t “Tom” to Daddy, I was “Tommy” or “Tommy boy” or “Sport.” But never just “Tom.”

“Mr. Marsh, do you know who these people are?”

“It’s my...wife?” That was a question.

“Yes, it’s your wife.” the doctor agreed.

“And my son.” That came out more assured.

“Yeah.” I said.

The machine was done and some hisses meant Daddy was released from the machine, the sheet fell off and Daddy was completely bare. I saw that Daddy’s wiener was still there, though it had some wires right up next to it. I was wondering about that, on account of having a wiener is what made him a boy instead of a girl.

Then Mom rushed over to hug him real hard. Daddy just stood there and didn’t hug back.

Mom held him a few seconds, then turned him loose. “Dave, what’s wrong?”

“I am...I am fine.” Daddy said.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with him?” Mom demanded. She had a right, Daddy always hugged her real hard every time she’d hug him, never just stand there like he didn’t feel a thing.

“I said you have to expect some changes in behavior.”

“But it’s like he thinks I’m a stranger or something!” Mom complained.

“You may be a near stranger to him.” the Doctor agreed.

“Do you remember me, Daddy?” I asked this man/machine.

Daddy looked at me, and this time, a smile formed on his face, a smile made of half lips, half machine of interlocking wires, and teeth that went more than halfway across under that, then were metal stubs.

“Hey, Sport.” Daddy said to me.

I just lunged and grabbed him, and this time, Daddy hugged me back, just like he always had. I didn’t care that one of his arms was made of metal, not at all!

“Daddy, Daddy!” I sobbed.

“Hey there, Sport.” Daddy said to me. But that didn’t sound like Daddy again.

“He seems to know Tommy.” Mom observed.

“His memories will shake down in time.” the doctor said soothingly. “Give him time, to adjust and to reconstruct them. That’s why we want to send him home with you. He’ll have to come in for daily checks, of course, for the next few weeks....” and they went on, while I looked at this once-again ramrod half-man that was my Daddy. Daddy had to remember me, he had to!

Daddy looked mostly normal when we got his clothes on. With the fake skin that they’d put on him in a few weeks, Daddy wouldn’t look different at all. Still the big, strong man who would pick me up when he got home from work, whirl me around and set me down again, me laughing and thinking I had the best Daddy in the world!

Daddy watched television with us, but it was a weird thing. He didn’t laugh, even at the stunts of Oliver and Tate, and they were his favorite comedians. He ate supper, but he didn’t like the lasagna, and that was his favorite dish. But he loved the peach pie Mom had for dessert, even though he usually didn’t much care for it.

Most of Daddy was there. Just some of him wasn’t. Just like his body.

I went to bed and in the night, I heard Mom and Dad arguing. Well, Mom argued, Daddy just sounded calm. I didn’t understand much of it, but the next day, Mom looked really unhappy.

When Daddy came in for breakfast, Mom asked, “What do you want for breakfast?”

That was a surprise, Daddy always had eggs, bacon and toast. Never anything else, Mom had learned to stop trying to feed him waffles or pancakes.

“Eggs, bacon and toast.” Daddy said.

“How would you like your eggs?” Mom was reassured at that.

Daddy always had them fried, sunny-side up. “Scrambled.” He said instead.

Mom broke down in tears at that. I guess I understood why, some.

Daddy had changed. I thought about it a lot that day at school. Was having a different-acting Daddy like having a new Daddy? I didn’t like the thought of that. Daddy was just...Daddy.

Daddy wasn’t home when I got there, still at the doctor’s, I guess. I decided that when he got home, I was going to do what I always did, and see what Daddy did.

So when he walked in the door, I jumped up from the television set and shouted, “Daddy, you’re home!”

“Hey there, Tommy boy!” Daddy said and I rushed over and he picked me up and he whirled me around just like always.

“Dave, Dave!” Mom screamed from the door.

I looked over at her.

“Put him down, now! Now!”

Daddy lowered me and I asked, “Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Tommy, come over here, next to me. Now!”



Daddy was just standing there. I obeyed, cowed. Mom knelt down by me and asked, “Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?”

“No, Mom, no!” I said,squirming from her clutches. “He was just saying hello like he always does.”

“Like he always does?” Mom’s mouth worked and darned if she didn’t start crying again.

I was puzzled about that, as you can imagine.

Mom had changed, too. She had stopped trusting Daddy.

The next day was Saturday, and I was going to stay home around Daddy, for certain. When Mom offered to take me to a friend’s house while she ran errands, I flatly refused. “I want to stay with Daddy!” I kept repeating.

“I don’t want him to hurt you.” Mom said.

“Daddy wouldn’t hurt me!” I said. “He remembers me better than he does you!”

That was mean, I know. But it was true. Mom had to keep reminding him of things about her, but Daddy was remembering nearly everything about me. I guess Mom had been more in the right-hand side of Daddy’s brain, the one which had gotten smashed into mush. I was mostly in the left-hand side and safe.

When Mom came home, Daddy and I were sitting on the couch together watching television, me snuggled in under his warm left arm and feeling like everything was fine. Daddy had even laughed two or three times at the shows we’d been watching. Mom just looked at the two of us and walked on into the kitchen. She avoided both of us the rest of that day.

That night, I went to bed like always, and feeling pretty good. Daddy was lost a little, maybe, but he was finding his way back to me.

Arguments from Mom and Dad’s bedroom again. Mom was crying again a lot, too, while she shouted. It didn’t sound good at all. Then the sounds of Mom going downstairs, and after a time, the car outside starting up and driving away.

Then I heard the metallic clicks that were now my Daddy’s footsteps on our wooden floors. The door to my bedroom opened up and Daddy was there, wearing his pajama bottoms like always, his chest bare, strong and hairy on his left side, a metallic framework that was mostly shaped the same way on his right.

“Hi, Dad.”

“Hey, Son.” Daddy said. “Mind if I squeeze in with you tonight?”

Daddy had done this a few times when he and Momma had fought before. He’d sleep with me until they made up. Once, a few months before the accident, he’d been in with me for three whole days. Mom had gone, but maybe Daddy with his confused memories was thinking this is what he did when Mom and he had a fight. I was kind of used to that sort of thing now. So I behaved like I did when Mom was still home and would make him go sleep somewhere besides with her.

“Sure, Dad.” I said and scooted over, thought about it and scooted back to the edge and got up. “You’d better sleep on the other side this time.” I said. That would put Daddy’s human side next to me in bed.

Daddy climbed in and I got in next to him, and that metallic hand covered me up with my covers. I took the chance to snuggle against him again, nuzzled the massive bulge of his pec with my cheek.

“I love you, Daddy.” I said to him.

“I...I love you, too, Son.” Daddy said.

I was so glad to hear that, I reached my head up and I kissed his cheek. It carried a pretty fair amount of stubble; Daddy hadn’t shaved the human half of his face in about five days.

“I love you.” Daddy said again, and there was a tone in his voice. Part wonder, part...analyzing.

“I love you, too.” I said again.

Daddy turned his head and he kissed me. It felt a bit weird with the metal half of his lips, but I didn’t complain, not even when the next kiss was on my own lips and kind of pinched them a little.

“Love. Love. Love.” Daddy said, and his metal arm came over and enfolded me, I was lying on his real arm and this let him pull me over to press up against him.

“I love you, love, love.” Daddy said.


“Love you, love you, love you.” Like it was a very important thing for him to remember again. I was used to that from him now, too.

The metal hand was all smooth, fortunately, for Daddy used it to stroke my body. I knew they had sensors in there to feed information to his brain (a sense of “touch”), but I didn’t know about this. It felt good, if a bit cold, but it was getting warmer as it pressed on my body.

“Love.” Daddy said and he kissed me again, and this kiss he kept up as he left my lips to travel over my cheek and down my neck, he pressed himself against me and now I felt his entire body against mine, the human lower part warm, the upper metal part cold, but all of it pressing against me.

And the biggest source of warmth was resting lightly on my lower leg. Daddy’s wiener, it and gotten big and hard and was throbbing there inside his pajama bottoms, touching my bare legs (I slept only in my briefs). Daddy moved and the hard rod his wiener had become slid back and forth, and he moved again, it moving back and forth on me.

“Son, I love you, I love you.” Daddy said to me, and his voice, so often lacking in tone, was soft and urging. “Let me make love to you, Son.”

“O-- Okay.”I said, not understanding.

Daddy’s hands moved down to my briefs and the hard metal grip caressed my little prong. I found it turning hard as it could be, as hard as Daddy’s now was.

“Daddy, ooh, Daddy, oooh!” I sighed. It felt so wonderful, even his metal hand touching me like that.

Daddy moved his wang over my leg again and I knew then what he was wanting, I reached over to him and into the top of his pajamas and slid my hand into them and caught that hot, seething rod and I wrapped my hand around it. I pulled on it, the heavy skin wrinkling up and Daddy sighed, “Oh, Sport, oh, Tommy boy, oh, yeah, oh!”

His metal hand was pulling down my briefs and I wondered if he could keep his hand that soft and gentle as he had done when he rubbed on it. His fingers touched me, metal knobs that were cold, but the touch was smooth and kind, and he pulled on me.

“Daddy, mmm, Daddy, that feels good, Daddy, ooh!” I moaned.

I worked Daddy’s more powerful dong and it oozed a sticky fluid that got on my hands.

I used it for a lubricant by smearing more of it on my palm, and when I stroked Daddy more, he let out a soft, wondering moan of his own.

“Oh, Baby, Baby, oh!” Daddy said. Daddy never called me “Baby” before, but he had called Momma “Baby” now and then, at night, when I could hear them in their bedroom, laughing and having fun of some kind. I guess now I knew what they had been doing!

So I used one of Momma’s phrases on him. “Oh, yeah, stud, come and get me!” is what I said.

Daddy jerked like that was a memory (not hard, but I had come to recognize that little movement of his) and his response was to roll over onto me and I was then under him, he was up on his knees and he skinned my briefs off in one smooth motion then he laid himself down on top of me, resting his weight on his elbows and kissing on me. I didn’t know what to do, but I put my arms around his back and I clung to him, and that seemed to be what he wanted me to do.

His cock was now out of his pajama bottoms and he was rubbing it on my lower abdomen, the hot meat was stroking my own dick and it was tingling like crazy at the feel of that heated dong sliding up and down on it, with the testicles warm and silken with their strands of pubic hair obsuring the wires that were so close to this part of my Daddy’s new body.

So warm, so warm, my Daddy’s prong, I wanted it to stay there right on me, warming my body, warming my soul. “Oh, Daddy, Daddy, more!” I remembered some more words I’d heard Mommy say in the night. “Come on, slide that monster into me!”

Daddy gave another memory-jerk and he rose back up to a kneeling position, reached his human hand up and spat into the palm, and used it to grease up his cock. A few more times and he had it all slimy and coated, and then he caught my legs and lifted them up, one ankle caught in a human hand and one caught in a smooth metal equivalent, and that hard slab of man-rod began to poke at my tender sphincter.

I grunted in surprise, but Daddy pushed at me again and I felt the tip of his glans slip into me. Warm, so warm, and alive, very alive.

“Ooh, Daddy, ooh!” I groaned as he pushed that thick bulb of his cockhead into me. “Ooh, ahh, ahhh!” It didn’t hurt, exactly, though it was pushing me open in a way I’d never been before. A final push and the glans popped completely inside, and my butthole clamped on it, held it in me firmly.

“Daddy, ooh, ooh!” I gasped. “That’s...that’s nice, Daddy, ooh!”

“I love you, Baby, I love you.” Daddy moaned.

“I love you, too, Daddy!” I moaned and I held on as he pushed his male tool deeper and deeper into me. It burned more than it hurt, it was so warm and so big, it filled my body to the very brim, it was like I was completely full of Daddy’s pud, just a circle of me around it, all around it, and it was warm, so warm!

My right hand felt only warm male flesh, my left hand was stroking cool, hard metal, and both were my Daddy, he was big and strong, he was hard and steel, he was flesh, he was metal, he was all of it, all my Daddy!

Daddy’s prong buried in me to the base and I groaned as the huge tool throbbed in me. “Daddy, oh, Daddy, more, more.” I sobbed. “Give me more.” That was also Momma’s words heard through the still night air, but now I knew just what she meant!

Illustration of Cyborg Daddy

Daddy moved in and out of me, pulling his prong out until I felt so horribly, horribly empty, and then he’d send it back into me and my heart would fill as the huge, thick dong pulsed in tune with it, I had my Daddy back, those days of worry as the doctors worked on him were so much mist of the past, I had him back again, all of him, every single bit.

I muttered something like this to Daddy, and it stirred something in him. “Do you like this new body of mine, Tommy?”

“Yeah, Daddy, yeah, it’s great. I love the feel of the metal on one side and the muscles on the other. They move just alike, don’t they, at the same time and the same way, it’s like I can’t tell them apart.”

“Your mother sure can.” Daddy said. “She thinks I’m some sort of monster now. She’s trying, but I feel it.”

“You’re not a monster, Daddy, you’re my Dad, all of you.”

“Oh, Son!” Daddy rose up again, but this time, his strength and his metal power lifted me up with him. I ended up astride his body, my legs around his warm-and-cool body, I heard the gears whine as he grunted to lift both of us into the full standing position, his prick still buried inside me, my body pressed tight against him.

He got to his feet, and with his head nearly touching the ceiling, he fucked me in mid-air like that, the weight of my body sent his prod deeply into me with each stroke, the muscles of his human arm and the gears of his metal arm able to lift me up for another plunge onto his prong.

It was the height of ecstasy, riding my Daddy’s dong like this, holding onto his powerful body and loving the ride. My own prick gave a tingle like it’d never done before, and I gasped, moaned, rubbed it against Daddy’s stomach as he humped upwards at me, and I shivered at the sheer intensity of it. It subsided, then came back stronger than before, now I was more than shivering, it filled my world and became my very soul, I was crying out as my whole body was wracked with this exquisite delight, I couldn’t breathe while it was going on, it felt like, only cry out again and again, Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

And then it was done and I was clinging to my Daddy’s body as if to a floating log when lost at sea.

“My Baby, my own sweet Baby.” Daddy said as he held me weak and sobbing in his arms.

“Oh, Daddy, I love you, Daddy, I love you.”

And Daddy lowered us both back onto the bed again and with me under him, still hanging on tight, he fucked me on and on, the hot meat sliding in and out easily now, it was only pleasure to me to have it within me.

After a time, breathing hard, Daddy moaned,”I’m coming, Baby, I’m coming!”

“Oh, shoot it, Daddy, shoot it in me, hard, stud, hard!” I was quoting Mom again, just as I had heard her through the wall.

And Daddy grunted in a sort of surprise, then he ram-fucked me really had all of a sudden, it hurt a little, but Daddy then gave out a keening call, “AH-AH-AH-HEEEE!”

And when he did that, I felt a hot flood of hot slimy gunk pump out of his cock into my body, it was squelching around as he plunged his rod in and out of me, hot, squishy, and the air was filled with a hot, rank smell that was all male, all Daddy, and all wonderful!

Daddy finished, and I felt the gush of hot liquid as he pulled his prick out of me, a thick goo that dribbled rather than ran from me. With my Daddy all hot and sweaty above me, even his metal parts were warmer than they had been, from moving so much, maybe, but it was all my Daddy, all warm, metal and flesh, steel and muscle, pumps and heart.

Daddy slid over to lie face down beside me, the human half of him still resting partly upon me, not a cruel weight at all, it felt nice, and I sighed, gripped his arm that lay across me, and went to sleep, his fingers just at the right height to cup my cock and balls and keep them warm all night long.

In the morning, I woke later than usual, alone in my bed, and went down to see about breakfast. Instead of Mom down there, it was silent. I fixed some cereal and ate it and waited for Mom to show up. Or Dad. I seemed to be alone in the house right now. Not unheard of, for short times, but I was always told about it when it was going to happen.

Daddy showed up in about another hour, and I greeted him like I always did, and instead of dropping me down, he held onto me and sat down on the couch with me in his lap, held in one human arm and one metal arm.

“Where’s Mom?” I asked.

“Staying with your grandmother.” Daddy said. “She called early this morning and made me drive over there, I had hoped to get back before you woke up.”

“Why is Mom at Grandma’s?” I asked. Mom had done this once before when really mad at Daddy.

“She’s going to stay there a while.” Daddy said to me.


Daddy sighed, the first time he’d done that since the accident. “Because she thinks I’ve stopped loving her.” Daddy paused. “And she’s right. Everything she says I used to feel for her, Tommy, I feel it for you.”

“Oh.” I said. “So now what?”

“Now we see what happens next.” Daddy said.

Mom called me and asked me to come live with her and Grandma but I refused. I told her I loved Daddy and I was going to stay with him from now on no matter what! I guess I convinced her, because she didn’t call again.

After a few more weeks of therapy, Daddy was better enough to go back to work. He was able to do his old job all right, and the doctors told him the other day that he could have the prosthetic covering put over his metal body parts any time he was ready.

Me, I’m trying to convince Daddy not to do it. After all, I love him just like he is, half human and half machine, and all of it loving me.