Puzzled, I obeyed, I knew the grease gun, a big thing that you pumped and got a thick yellow goo out of. Daryl got up and dropped his pants down to his ankles, and said, “Now you squirt a big glob of that grease right here into my hand for me.”

I did that gladly, I loved working the grease gun, seeing the yellow pasty stuff come out. I got him a thick dollop and he said “Stop.” and I did and he said, “Now, let’s try what those men and women do like you see on television. You ready to really handle my tool for me?”

“Sure.” I said eagerly and he extended his hand down to me. “Then get yourself a glob of this and work it into my dick for me.” I did that, enjoying the feel of his cock, that got harder all over again and I was able to pump it so easily now that I had it all slippery with grease. Then, I was surprised as I watched him reach down behind me with the rest of the grease, why was he doing that?

Then the greasy stuff hit my butt and I went “ooh!” because it was really cold! “That’s cold!” I complained.

“It’ll warm up, sorry.” he said. “Just spread your legs and let me squeeze some of this in there for you.”

“You want to stick that up my butthole?” I said. “Why?”

“Because that’s where we’re going to put my dick.” Daryl said. “If you’ll let me. You’re a sport, aren’t you? You’ll let me do this, won’t you?”

“I guess.” I was doubtful, but when his greased fingers got inside my butt, I stopped complaining entirely. It felt...good! Really good, to have his slippery finger moving easily in and out of my butt, the skin was so sensitive that it just felt great. “Ooh, ooh, that’s nice!” I said after a time. “I like that, I like that a lot.”

“You ready for my dick, then?” Daryl wanted to know.

“Sure.” I said.

Daryl lay down on his dolly again and said, “Then you squat down over me and we’ll do this easy.”

I did as he said, one leg on either side and I squatted down as he aimed his big, slippery, greased-up prick right at my butthole.

The cockhead was so big! I wasn’t able to take it at first, and at Daryl’s urging I lay down on top of his body and his cockhead was at my butthole and he gently pushed it up into me and I lay on him and let him do it like that.

Illustration of Handling Daryl's Tools

I looked right into his eyes and him into mine as we did it, as his cock entered me, I looked into his eyes. They were so blue, so soft, they spoke to me so kindly, and his lips formed a kiss and I reached for it and got that kiss.

“You’re my little boy.” Daryl said to me when that kiss ended. “You’re mine now, Craig, all mine.”

I had never had a father, my mother refused to talk about him at all. I didn’t have a picture or anything to tell me who my father was. But now...now I had Craig, and he wanted me and he loved me. “I love you, Daryl.” I said to him.

“I love you, too, Craig.” Daryl said to me, and I hugged him fiercely, tears stinging my eyes.

His cock went into me then, went in easy. My body didn’t protest any more, not at all. Daryl wanted me and I was giving myself to him just anyway he wanted me, he had me. I was his, now, I belonged to him. You have to not belong to anyone to know how precious that is, and my body didn’t argue, it just let him into me.

“That’s got it.” Daryl breathed to me. “That’s got it into you, Craig. Now, we just have to move it back and forth like we did before. We’ll do it a little at a time.....”

And I sat up and I began to work my hips back and forth and Daryl gasped! I was riding his cock and I was riding it right away and he was surprised as he could be! “Craig, Craig, oh, yeah!” Daryl gasped. “Oh, baby, my little baby, yeah!”

“Oh, oh, yeah!” I said in return. It felt wonderful, his dong up inside me, I still only had about half of it, and that was enough and I felt his prick rubbing pleasure all over my insides.

“Oh, oh, yeah, baby, yeah, you’re so good!” Daryl groaned. “Oh, baby, I’m going to come now, I’m going to come. Oh, oh, oh!”

“What’s come?” I asked.

“It’s when...I shoot...some stuff...up inside you...because...I love you!” Daryl gasped out.

“Oh, yeah, then come now, shoot it in me, please!” I begged. I didn’t know all about it by any means, but if him shooting it meant he loved me, then I was ready for it!

Daryl grunted harder, faster, higher, louder, and then he went, uh-uh-uh-uh-HUHHH!” And then he was coming inside me.

I felt it, hot and soft and sleek inside me, it was like liquid love, it was filling me up and I loved it!

“Oh, yeah, come in me, Daryl, yes, more, yes, more!” I urged him.

And he was gurgling like a baboon I’d seen on a documentary, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh! And I felt his sticky come inside me and it was terrific and even when it dribbled out of me, I didn’t care, Daryl had loved me and I loved him loving me!

That’s when I had it, myself, my own little orgasm. It was just as shattering as his was in its own way and nothing came out of my dick but I was shuddering from the raw pleasure of it and I was still shuddering when Daryl was done and he held me while I quivered and he pulled me down and I rested on his broad chest and he patted my head and back with his big hands.