Plumb Tuckered Out

“Where are ya’ll going?” Maisie demanded as Cletus tried to slip out the door while her back was turned.

“Going to visit my friends.” Cletus said. “It’s Saturday, ain’t it?”

“Jest because the sawmill’s closed today don’t mean you got to waste away the day!” she protested. “I got to get the garden weeded out or we’re going to lose our beans to the weeds.”

“Woman, I work my ass off five days a week and you expect me to pull weeds on my days off? I’m plumb tuckered out!”

“Rest is what Sundays are for.” Maisie put in. “Me, I work seven days a week taking care of your children, And I’m plumb tuckered out by Saturday, too, you know and I still have to work....”

Cletus’ groan cut out the rest. “I didn’t never want no children!” he declared. “You’s the one who’s been popping them out once a damned year. Can’t I even fuck you once without you getting knocked up?”

“Language!” Maisie chided him. “Don’t talk like that around the children!”

“So let me go and I’ll talk away from them!”

“Well....” Maisie made a compromise. “At least take Joey with you.” She named their eldest son.

“Joey?” Cletus moaned. “He don’t belong with us men!”

“I can’t watch him and the babies, too.” Maisie complained. “Take him with you and you can go.”

“All right.” Cletus grunted. “Come on, Joey!”

Joey scampered up, all grins wide on his face. “I’m ready!”

Cletus looked down at him. “You’re damned near buck-naked.” he observed.

Joey was wearing only a pair of rather ratty shorts. His bare smooth young chest was already deeply tanned by this being his usual state of dress when school was out, turning his body from his normal pale white to a brown the color of dusty tanned leather. His blue eyes and white teeth, and tow-white hair were a stark contrast to that. His arms and legs were narrow, tube-like, even, with no hint of muscles yet forming on them. When he flexed his arms in exertion, they would pipe up with thin strands of bicep muscles, but no more than that. At the age of six (he’d turn seven some time in August), he might weigh forty pounds and was about that many inches tall.

His father towered over him. Cletus was six foot two, strong and brawny with broad shoulders over a narrow waist, and hair so dark brown it was practically black. Rugged rather than handsome, with a face battered by life, both in barroom brawls and in hard work his entire thirty years. He had fathered five children in seven years’ time, two of them within the same twelve-month period, and the strain of it on his budget and his nerves was evident.

“Why don’t you put on a shirt?” he asked his oldest son.

“Don’t need one.” Joey returned.


“Don’t need ‘em.”

“All right.” Cletus said. “Come on then, my buddies will be waiting, though none of them are going to want to mess with you none.”

“Great!” Joey was unfazed. Cletus set off with a ground-eating walk, his son trotting after him as best he could.

Cletus’ destination was a mile and a half from his home, a place not far from the Missoula River, but not that close to it, either (the mosquitos made a riverside camp a grave mistake), and where his friends would be gathered. Trees and bushes gave plentiful shade and in their beneficial shadows they could talk, drink, play cards and dominoes, and enjoy their day’s rest for tomorrow, they’d be expected to don their finest garb and head to church with their wives and children. Saturdays, though...that was their day to spend with their male friends.

So when Cletus arrived with Joey behind him still, he started off with an apology. “Sorry, guys, Maisie made me bring my eldest boy with me.”

“Pussy whipped.” one of them said and belched.

“Double whipped.”

“You said it.” Cletus agreed. “Who’s got a beer for me?” After payday every Friday, he turned over one of his five dollar bills thus earned to Gregg, who would combine it with the other bills given him by his co-workers and convert them into cases of beer and ice to keep it cold. His brother-in-law owned the local grocery store and gave him the goods at cost, so the money went much further in his hands. “Here you go!” He called and tossed Cletus a can of Miller’s.

Cletus grunted. “Couldn’t you buy Bud?”

“Miller was on sale.” Gregg answered. “Got an extra case by buying Miller’s.”

“All right then.” Cletus agreed with Gregg’s decision easily. He preferred Budweiser to Miller’s, but not by that much. Beer is beer to a thirsty man on a hot summer’s day.

“Can I go swimming, Daddy?” Joey asked.

“If you want to.” Cletus said. “Mosquitos are still awful bad. Better if you wait until afternoon, when the river will heat up and chase the mosquitos undercover. They don’t fly and they don’t bite when it’s too hot.”

“Okay.” Joey said. “So what can I do?”

“Anything, just don’t bug any of us doing it.”

Bart got to his feet and announced to his fellow card players, “Deal me out of the next hand. I got to go drain the goose.” The massively muscled co-worker/drinking buddy staggered past Cletus and headed for some bushes a short distance away.

Cletus slid into Bart’s place at the table. He wasn’t cheating his friend, the games had constantly rotating players, Bart would get a new place in less than a half hour as someone else got up to relinquish their lease on the beer they’d rented with their spending money.

Joey, left thus alone, chose to follow Bart. Did the man keep a goose nearby and how did someone “drain” a goose? He visualized Bart picking up the goose and squeezing it like an orange to get juice, and Bart was certainly big enough to do it. But wouldn’t that hurt the goose?

It was worth going out to see.

Bart got away from his buddies and fought open his fly. Shit, he should have done this five minutes ago! His bladder was fucking ready to burst! He fumbled out his substantial man-tool and aimed it at an inoffensive rock among the leaves and let it fly, a thick yellow stream that rushed boldly from his prick.

“Whoa!” he heard the voice and nearly lost hold on himself.

Turning his head instead, Bart said to the boy ogling his dong, “What you doing over here?”

“I wanted to see you drain your goose.” Joey explained.

“Well, here it is, take a good look.” Bart barked a laugh for his punctuation mark. “Nice sized one, ain’t it?”

“Sure is!” Joey agreed. “I never saw one that big before.”

Bart’s cock twitched and hardened as he finished his leak. “Damn!” he muttered. “Jasper here gets inflated and I can’t fit him back into my jeans! Your fault, kid, staring at him and getting him excited.”

Joey stepped closer as Bart’s cock swelled further. It was nearly fully erect now. “How big is it going to get?”

“Quite a bit bigger.” Bart said, not entirely truthfully. “Why don’t you go back to your Daddy now?”

Instead, Joey reached out and caught hold of Bart’s cock. “Ooh, it’s really warm, too!”

“Crap!” Bart decided the best thing to do was call for Daddy. “Cletus? Cletus, your son is over here and the little fucker has grabbed hold of my cock while I was taking a leak!”

“So what do you want me to do about it?”

Joey began to pump on Bart’s cock, and Bart groaned. “Shit, now he’s playing with it!”

“Little bastard does that every night he has his friends over.” was Cletus’ only remark. “Either knock him off your cock or let him jerk it. I don’t give a fuck!”

Bart groaned again and said, in a softer tone. “Hell, if your old man don’t care, I sure as hell don’t mind! Go ahead and pump it, kid, harder and faster. I’ll show you how to drain a goose the right way!”

“Yeah!” Joey’s hand began to work him harder. Looking at that small face and small hand pumping on his huge whanger caused Bart to moan even more.

“Ah, ah, shit, little feller, you got me ready to shoot! You ready to get that load out of there? You ready to catch that cream?”


Bart felt his orgasm building, he strained out, “Then aim this dong at your face and watch it close!”

Joey obeyed and with the cockhead only a few inches from his face, Bart moaned and ejaculated. Hot white streams of jizz sprayed heavily out of his prick and blasted the young boy right between his eyes! Joey gasped and shook his head to clear his eyes and more squibs got the lad on both sides, by the time he was done, the boy had come dripping from both ears, his nose and chin and running in rivulets. Bart looked at the mess he’d made on the young boy’s features and laughed again, albeit exhaustedly. “Yeah, that’s how you drain a goose, all right!” he panted. “Hoo! I haven’t been drained like that in I don’t know when!”

“You got your cream all over my face!” Joey said, wiping at his face with both hands. “It’s really sticky, too!” He licked at the pearl-colored smears. “It’s not cream. It tastes salty!”

“That’s how man-cream is supposed to taste.” Bart said heartily. “Lick it all up, it’s good for you. Lots of vitamins, help you grow up big and strong!”

“Like Daddy?”

“Yeah, like your Daddy.” Bart agreed, stuffing his spent dong back into his pants.

A rustle in the bushes, and Gregg stepped out. Gregg was beefier than Bart, red-haired and mustachioed, and hair sprouting heavily over the top of his tanktop and under each armpit. He saw Joey with Bart’s spunk on him and said, “You made a mess on little Joey, didn’t you?”

“The kid wanted it.” Bart said, zipping himself up. “I didn’t have to do nothing but let him pump me.”

“I could use some of that.” Gregg said.

“Go ahead, I’m done with him.” Bart agreed.

Gregg stepped over and said, “You want some more of that stuff you got all over you?”

“Yeah, sure!” Joey agreed. “I want to eat a whole lot of it and Bart’s is stuck all over me.”

“That’s because you didn’t siphon it off directly.” Gregg assured him. “You have to lock your mouth on top of it and drink it as it comes out.” He undid the buttons on his fly and pulled out his dong, shorter and fatter than Bart’s, and covered with hair that nearly buried it. “Why don’t you try again on this one?” The cock, now freed from his pants, began to fill and expand.

“Sure!” Joey did.

His first attempts made Gregg wince, but after a bit of instruction on how to keep his teeth away, he began to work Gregg’s pud in earnest. As he sucked on Gregg’s cock, another man, Steve, stepped up and watched the boy sucking Gregg’s cock. “Hey, Cletus, your kid’s sucking on Gregg’s cock!”

“So what do you want from me, a fucking reward?” Cletus called back. “I don’t give a fuck what that kid does, long as he doesn’t bother me on my day off!

“All right!” Steve called back. “So suck him off, kid. I get next turn.”

As Joey sucked Gregg, who was beginning to moan, Steve knelt down and unfasted Joey’s shorts, pulled them down his slender legs. The boy was bare underneath this one article of clothing. Steve then grabbed Joey’s tiny pud and began to work it with his fingertips. Joey grunted as he sucked on Gregg.

And Gregg moaned and came in Joey’s mouth, the boy choked and come sprayed out both nostrils and around Gregg’s pud on all sides. Joey coughed more and more come went flying and Gregg ended up with his own spunk all over his legs from crotch to knees. “Shit, kid, you were supposed to catch it and drink it!” he complained.

The boy coughed and caught his breath, “I couldn’t, there was too much of it, too fast.”

“Well, you’ll have to try again, then.” Steve said, and stood, proffered his own dong.

The naked boy quickly set to work, and as he did, two more of the men came over, drawn by Bart’s and Gregg’s exclamations over the joys waiting for them in the bushes.

Seeing Joey’s naked butt, one man, Martin, a burly, rough man who was the scourge of any woman who dared enter a bar where he was, as he’d end up fucking them willing or not by the end of the evening, grinned and stuck one hairy finger into his mouth and wet it, and then kneeling by the busily sucking boy, started worming his finger into the tiny ass. Joey gasped but Steve held him still and soon Martin’s finger was buried in Joey’s little bunghole to the very knuckle. He wormed it around, stretching the tiny boy-butt. More spit, and he began to work two fingers into the ass.

Steve groaned and came, and this time little Joey, pre-warned by his rising groans and aware of what it meant, was able to hold on and gulp him down as he came. By then, Martin’s two fingers were moving freely.

“I think the little fellow’s ready to be given a ride.” he said.

“A ride?” Joey asked. “Sure! Where we going?”

“Right to the gates of Heaven.” Martin said as he fought his pants down to his ankles. Joey looked in awe at Martin’s tool, the man was packing a nine-inch prod that was easily bigger than three of those big fingers. Martin got down on his knees and leaned back on that and his big arms scooped the boy up and held his ass-cheeks wide as he lowered the boy’s butt down onto his dong.

Joey howled as the big cock dug into his ass, but he didn’t struggle and soon Martin had the boy thoroughly impaled.

“Ah, shit!” the other man, Jefferson, or “Jeff” said. “You got your cock up that tiny little butt! I didn’t think it’d fit!”

“Yeah, it’s nice and tight, still, but I can pop any cherry you give to me.” Martin bragged. “He’s going to be moaning like crazy by the time I’d done fucking him.”

“Ah, man, ah, man.” Jeff uncorked his pud and began to pump the eight-inch dong while he moved in closer.

Joey looked over at Jeff, his eyes bright and shining with a pleasure he’d never felt before, the cock in his ass was truly giving him an amazing feeling of delight. That cock was rubbing his prostate gland and it was translating into the same sort of tingle his prick would give him when he played with it. More tingling, actually, as this was beyond the control of his small fingertips, this was rubbing his gland all the way up and down. He could feel the huge man-tool as it plunged in and out of him, Jeff lifting him up and down with those strong arms of him.

In that agony of ecstasy, Joey looked over at Jeff’s prong and then lunged over to grab his lips on that cock, and he sucked the man while he was fucked.

Martin roared as he blasted his wads up into the boy’s hungry ass, and come dribbled down his cock again as the lad’s tiny bowels could not contain the flood. Jeff was watching and as soon as Martin finished, panting heavily, he reached down and pulled the boy bodily out of Martin’s arms and held the boy to him, face to face, and let the boy slide down to where his cock waited to slip into the come-lubricated bunghole.

As he drove his dick up Joey’s butt, Joey groaned and held to Jeff tightly. Jeff lowered the two of them to the ground and with Joey on his back, and holding to his body-barrel, he hunched this sex-drenched kid’s ass lustily.

Illustration of Plumb Tuckered Out

By now, the crowd in the bushes was gathering. There was some fourteen men who made this gathering their weekly ritual in warm weather, and now nine of those were present. Joey got another cock in his mouth and when Jeff finished, the man was quick to use that spit to drive his own dong into the hole.

Soon, Joey had another cock in his mouth, and two more in each hand and this time, he got sprayed again, as the two men jetted their wads on him from each side, and at the same time, the man he was sucking and the man who was fucking him also creamed, filling the boy from mouth and ass all at once.

The next pair put Joey on all fours and on their knees, penetrated him from both directions at once. A third man jerked his frustrated pud and creamed onto Joey’s back as the other two fucked him, and that was the scene Cletus walked up on.

“Damn, Joey, you’re a total mess.” he observed as he saw the men hunching at his son from both ends. “What is your mother going to think when she sees you?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy!” Joey said briefly, before the man at his face forced him back to sucking.

“We’ll have to wash you off in the river before we take you home.” Cletus went on. “Until then, just enjoy getting messy.”

The man fucking Joey came with a howl. “Ah, hah, ah, aha, haaaaa!”

“Well, look likes your ass just came available.” Cletus said and he walked over, opening his fly as he walked.

The other men stepped back as Joey’s father sank down on his knees. Cletus rolled his son over and lifted his legs high and slid his prick into his boy’s ass. “Man, you are just filled with come, aren’t you, Son?” he observed.

“Yeah, Dad.” Joey breathed.

“Just like fucking warm butter.” Cletus said as his hips began to sway back and forth.

“Ooh, Daddy, that feels good!” Joey breathed as his father fucked him.

“About time I figured out something you were good for.” was all his father replied. “I guess you make a good fuckhole, don’t you?”

“Yeah, Daddy, oh, oh, OH, OH, OH!” Joey shook from his own little-boy orgasm.

“Huh!” Gregg observed, who had followed Cletus back into the bushes. “He never came for any of us!”

“Guess it takes your Daddy to make you come.” Cletus said. “Now see if you can return the favor for your old Daddy.”

Joey began to hump back at his father as they fucked, and Cletus kept moving in his same, steady motion. When Joey again clenched up tight in a second young climax, only then did Cletus throw back his own head, teeth clenched tight, and with a single, low moan, he loaded his son’s ass with his come.

“Damn, he made him come again!” marveled Steve. “Twice!”

“Your wife must be the luckiest woman in the world.”

“Hell.” Cletus griped. “Damned woman gets pregnant every single time I fuck her, seems like. Months and months, I can’t touch her. She’s knocked up again.” Cletus looked down at his son’s naked, come-splashed body as he rose. “But reckon I got me an outlet for this next one.”

“Yeah, Daddy.” Joey breathed. “Any time you want.”

“Well, I’m done with him now.” Cletus said, turning and walking away. “You guys can take him on some more.”

And so it went on throughout that day. The boy wasn’t fucked continually, but the breaks weren’t very long in duration before he’d be taking another prong up his ass or his mouth. Even Cletus mounted his son a second time as the afternoon wore on. As the sun neared the horizon, as he’d said, he took his son to the river and there they washed away every ounce of evidence about the massive loads of come his son had taken in from the many men of that day.

When Cletus walked in the door of his house, Maisie turned to see that he was carrying Joey in his arms. The boy was curled up and had his thumb in his mouth, sucking it, sound asleep.

“You’re back.” she observed.


“I see Joey had a good time.” she went on. “Takes a lot to wear that kid out, I know.”

“Yep.” Cletus said. “Me and the boys kept him busy.”

“I’ll put him to bed then.” Maisie said, taking him. “He can eat supper when he wakes up.” She smiled down at the sleeping boy in her arms. “Looks like you’ve had a busy day.” she said to her sleeping son.

“Yep.” Cletus said again. “Poor little fellow is just plumb tuckered out.”