By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by JohnD
Illustration of Superkid

Jason Speedwell knocked on the door. It was a typical house in a typical neighborhood. Hell, he’d expected that. When your life is filled with adventure, you spend the rest of your time seeking to blend in and have some normalcy.

The man who opened the door was huge, heavily muscled far beyond the norm. Mr. Universe would have looked at this man and felt ashamed at his wimpiness. This man, however, was wearing an oversized baggy sweatsuit in an attempt to cover it up. Understandable, when you realized that this man, Hardin Steele, was actually Magnificent Man, the superstrong superhero.

“Hey, Jason.” Hardin said, smiling. “Honey, Jason’s here.”

“Good thing, we’re nearly late.”

“Now, honey, we’re not late, so don’t worry.” Hardin said gently. He’d better be gentle, when his wife Jennifer Amazon-Steele took off her housewifely clothes and donned her supersuit, she was Maiden America, and could kick anybody’s butt without half trying.

“Sorry I couldn’t be here sooner.” Jason hastily apologized.

Fortunately, Jennifer was quick to accept apologies sincerely tendered. “It’s all right, Jason, but we do need to leave right now. Help yourself to whatever is in the fridge, and we’ll be back around midnight.”

“Assuming we don’t run into any supervillains along the way.” Hardin agreed.

“Now, Hardy, baby, you’re not hunting any supervillains tonight, you promised.”

“I was just saying, though, if we ran into any of them and they had some nefarious scheme going, we can’t just pretend we didn’t see anything and walk away.”

“And what’s wrong with calling the police and letting them handle it? Or Quicksilver, he’s on patrol for the Super Guild tonight, isn’t he?”

“Now, honey, I like Quicksilver as well as the next guy, but just how is super speed going to squash a giant metal robot?”

Still squabbling in this vein, they closed their car door and the car drove off.

Jason closed the door, grinning. The life of a sidekick had its benefits, they wouldn’t have dared talk like that if he’d been an ordinary guy, as opposed to being Jason Speedwell, the teenaged ward of The Nightcrawler. He even had his own costume as Kid Lightning Bug. The thrill of being the kid who hung out with a technically powerful crimefighting costumed crusader (and let’s see you say that three times real fast!) had been wearing thin, though. He was thinking of giving up the costumed hero game for good, not that he had ever been a big part of it.

Still, when Magnificent Man and Maiden America needed someone to babysit their child, they would call on him or someone like him. Maybe he could go to college, and get a job tutoring the children of the superheroes of the world? Somebody had to be able to help them out, someone who wasn’t too busy fighting crime and yet could be counted on to keep the secrets they needed to be effective in their battle against evil.

“Who’s there?” came the young voice from upstairs.

“Hey, Billy, It’s me, Jason. Kid Lightning Bug.” Jason called, giving his own sidekick crime-fighting alias.

“Kid Lightning Bug! Yahoo!” came the call and the young, energetic form came racing down the stairs. Adorned with Maiden America’s blond tresses but with the square-jawed face of his daddy, Magnificent Man, Billy was eight years old and a real pile of energy. The betting on such things had that Billy was going to be a speed hero like Quicksilver or Flash Lass.

Billy didn’t show superspeed, but he was quick as any young boy coming down stairs at a high clip and he barreled into Jason’s arms with enough force to make Jason suspect his father’s super-strength genes weren’t entirely out of the running here, sixty pounds of young male human running on overdrive and the endless energy that is every child’s birthright.

“How you doing, sport?” Jason said. “It’s been what, two months?”

“Three.” Billy said. Then, pouting, “Hey, you aren’t wearing your costume!”

Jason was wearing blue jeans, a t-shirt and a light leather jacket. With his brown hair and handsome, clean-shaven face above casual clothing that showed his slender but firm body, he looked like any high school kid out for a night on the town, or going to visit a friend and why not? That was what he was doing. “Neither are you.” he pointed out, batting Billy’s nose with a finger and eliciting a happy giggle.

Billy was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt with a lightning logo on it. “I am, too.” He said. “I’m Lightning Man!” He pointed his finger and said, “Ka-blam!”

Jason jerked back without meaning to. Damn it, when a kid develops superpowers, he often displays it by toasting someone or something he wasn’t supposed to! That finger COULD have been loaded! “Whoa, easy there, sport.” He said. “You shouldn’t point that thing if you aren’t sure whether or not it’s going to fire!”

“You’re silly!” Billy laughed and then, grabbing Jason’s hand, he said, “Come on, I got a new video game we can play!”

“You’re on, tiger.” Jason said. Maybe this wouldn’t be so grotty an evening after all.

The game was really too old for Billy, though. His character kept getting killed and he had to wait until Jason would finish the level before he could get his character back in operation.

That left Billy with little to do but watch Jason play. Even on the lowest difficulty level, though, it took time to get through the levels.

“I’m tired of this.” Billy said after a time.

“Hey, I’m tired of it, too.” Jason agreed. “What you want to do instead?”

A hand came over and landed on his leg, a bit too far onto the inside and high up. “I don’t know.” Billy said. “What do you want to do?”

“We...we could find another game to play.” Jason suggested carefully.

“Uh-huh.” Billy’s agreement was in tune with the way those fingers were crawling up his leg.

“What I meant.” Jason reached down and grabbed the little hand, to lift it off and away. “What I meant was that we play something like...checkers...or...or....”

His hand wasn’t moving anything for him. It wasn’t like he was meeting something stronger or heavier than he could lift, it was like his own hand had lost its power to clench. He wasn’t grabbing Billy’s hand, he was...holding it! Nothing more, while it prowled unhindered around his private parts, skittering from intimate to down-right invasive points at its owner’s whimsy.

“I like you, Jason.” Billy said to him earnestly. “Wanna play?”

What happened next was definitely not Jason’s doing! He was suddenly sliding, going from an upright position to one lying down on the couch! His body moved him over and down into prone position, flat on his back, his legs up and spread wide, one over the top of the couch and one down on the floor, and his basket was free for Billy’s taking.

“What the fuck?” Jason stuttered out.

Billy was giggling in a breathless kind of way, one interrupted and simpering, but gleeful all the same. “I like to play with you, Jason. Maybe we can do some special playing, huh?”

Jason opened his mouth to say no. But nothing came out, nothing at all. He managed to mime sound like a fish out of water, but nothing more.

And Billy’s hand was fumbling at his crotch. “Is it okay if I open it up for you?” Billy asked.

Jason felt his mouth moving. Now there was sound, now there were words. But they weren’t his! “Sure, kid, go ahead.” He heard himself say.

What the hell was this? He struggled with his words, trying to make them say what he wanted, as his pants were undone and his briefs were pulled down and his cock... “Oh, God!” he gasped out.

“Cool!” breathed Billy as he held Jason’s hard dick in his hand. When had Jason thrown a boner? He hadn’t been aware he had! Jesus, he wasn’t in control of his own body here!

“Oh, God, oh!” Jason moaned as Billy began to pump his cock up and down. He could only say words Billy wanted to hear. Billy didn’t mind him saying words of pleasure so he could moan out loud. A good thing, he needed to, that busy little hand was pumping out all the right feelings!

“Ah, uh, shit, yeah!” Jason gasped. “Oh, man, pump it, pump it harder, yeah!” He could say that, and he was hoping by saying words Billy wanted to hear, maybe he could manage a few Billy didn’t want! Could he? Worth a try, then, okay, he wants this busy little boy hand on his cock, he wants it pumped. Talk it out, talk it all out!

“Oh, yeah, God, Billy, yeah, I love your hand on my dick!” He groaned. “Yeah, come on, work my pud, work it good, work my Lightning Bug dick and let it shine!” That had been his battle cry, “Let it shine!” Not much of a battle cry, but the crooks were too busy being scared shitless to care about that. “Oh, God, let it shine, let the Lightning Bug shine!” He cried out.

What could he say? What would stop Billy from his depredations but be what he wanted to hear? It couldn’t be anything but the truth, and the truth was.... He had it!

“Billy, baby, oh, God, stroke me, God, Billy, your super powers! You got super powers!”

“Huh?” Billy did stop, not letting go but looking at Jason with amazement. “I got powers? What kind?”

“You’re making me do what you want.” Jason got out. “It’s like I can’t do anything but what you want me to do. I have to say what you want me to say, do what you want me to do. Even if I don’t want to. You’ve’ve got the power to make people into puppets!”

“But...but you said you like me doing this.” Billy said, pouting.

The power was returned, Jason’s mouth was sealed. He could only parrot the words given to him. “Sure, I want you to beat my cock, Billy. Come on, beat it hard and fast for me, really fast.”

Reassured by the lies his mind told himself, Billy smiled and began to whomp Jason’s dick again. Jason leaned his head back on the couch and grunted, a sound that could be pleasure but was actually frustration. Billy wasn’t being malicious here, he knew Billy too well for that. But when a kid wants an adult to tell him something, then the power would kick in and make it happen.

Jesus, Billy stood to grow up the most spoiled and petulant freak in the world! And with the power he had, what was going to stop him?

Up the ante. Make Billy not want to do something. That would let him get away and he could get a message to the Super Guild and they could help.

Billy was gleefully pumping Jason’s prick. How would he feel about something a little more...personal. “Hey, sport, you want to try something new?” Those were his own words, but Billy’s power let him say that.

“Sure!” Billy beamed. “What is it?”

“You could try sucking my dick.” Jason offered. No kid would want to suck the thing that you peed out of, he would naturally assume it tasted nasty and disgusting. He would.

“Sure.” Billy said.

Oh, God! Delay him, try to think of something else. “Can’t do it with me lying down.” Jason lied, and was glad to be able to lie. “I have to be standing up.” He would fight the standing up, and hope that would tire out the newborn hero. Newfound powers were always weak and tended to sputter in and out of operation for a while before fully igniting into something reliable. Make Billy use his powers as much as he could, and hope for power exhaustion.

“Okay, then, get up.” Billy said.

And Jason tried to remain lying down, as his body raised itself up into standing position.

“Now what?” Billy’s tender hand wrapped itself around Jason’s pud once again and it was the touch of passion’s flame. Oh, God, he was getting into this, really getting into it!

“You need to keep me standing at all times.” Jason grunted. “Make me stay standing up. Can you do that?”

“I don’t know.” Billy said.

“I mean, if I sag down, you have to stop. You don’t want to stop, do you?”

“No!” Billy cried out and as he did, Jason found his hands flying out and pinning him outstretched between two invisible and intangible poles.

“Yeah, like this.” Jason groaned. “Now, you just take my dick into your mouth. Slowly, and keep your teeth clear of it. And keep your mouth all nice and wet.”

Billy obeyed these instructions and Jason crooned as those warm, moist lips encircled him, drew him inside. Oh, Jesus, he thought, I’m freaking loving this! I got an eight-year-old boy sucking my dick and I’m fucking loving it!

“Yeah, baby, that’s how you do it.” He sighed. Trust his plan, let the powers have their way with him. And physical tiredness would drain the superpower as well, too. “Now, you have to hold your lips tight on me and move as fast as you can, up and down, back and forth, taking it as deep as you can take it. Can you do that for me, Billy? Can you be my little cocksucking hero?”

“Mm-hmm!” Billy grunted the affirmative around Jason’s cock and then the little son of a superhero began to work his dick like a pro! Oh, God, nothing Jason had felt before had prepared him for this! He’d had some furtive sexual experiences before, of course, girls ready to put out for the handsome young football player that was his secret identity. They’d all been willing to suck on him, but none of them...not one of them, not even the senior cheerleader, had the talent that this young kid had in his mouth and throat!

Idiot, he told himself, that’s the kid’s power again. You’re loving it because he wants you to love it. “Oh, God, Billy, I love it, I love it!”

Every stroke of Billy’s mouth on his prick was a separate minor climax. Jason was beyond the point of ecstasy, he’d experienced this sensation only a few times in his life. Orgasm, when it finally came, was going to be spectacularly awesome! And he was going to spurt right into a little kid’s mouth!

What would this kid think of a mouthful of spunk? Would Billy get mad? And if he did, what would that mean for Jason?

Better warn him. “Billy, God, yeah, suck me, suck me harder, and I’ll shoot it for you.”

“Shoot it?” Billy interrupted his assault a few seconds to say that. Then, darn it, the kid dove right back onto him.

“I mean...gah!” Jason was getting damned close to his climax. “I mean, when I feel really, really good at the end, my cock is going to...uh, guh, dah, umph!” Shit, he was practically jizzing already. “I mean I’ll shoot white stuff, out of my, cock and into, your mouth! Uh, guh, GAH!”

Billy’s power forced him to elaborate, and he did, though every word was a knife in his passion-scraped throat. “The white stuff, is salty and, and hot and, and not nasty. Promise!”

Oh, God, he was coming now, he was coming!

“I’m going to come now, Billy, now, ah, uh, hold onto it, drink it all down, hot and salty and all for you, baby, all of it for you!” Where did THAT come from? Did Billy want to drink down his jism?

Well, whether he wanted it or not, he was about to get it! “I’m coming now, OH, OH, AH, GAH, UH, GUH, HUH-UH-HUH-UH-HUH-UHHHHHH, GUK-KHHHHH!”

And he was blasting as hot and hard and fast as his pleasure had promised. Jizz was pumping out of him pell-mell, and it was pelting Billy’s hot young throat, Billy was trying to drink it down, but there was too much of it, too much!

Through the explosions like so much orgasmic anti-aircraft fire beyond his eyeballs, Jason saw Billy sputter and choke and cough and gag and snort and turn loose, and the jizz flew at him and peppered his face, Billy snorted again and a wad of come dribbled from both nostrils like white snot, and more snow-white spunk splattered him, his forehead, his cheeks, his nose, his eyes, his chin, all of his little, pretty boy face, all of it sprayed with Jason’s effusive teenaged come!

“Oh, God, baby, oh, God, oh, oh, oh!” Jason moaned, and his cock screamed in delight as Billy manfully rallied and pressed his mouth back over the now mostly spent cock, and the strokes of those lips resurrected the passion that had been shorted by the disengagement, Jason’s cock reignited long enough to shoot random pellets of climax into his brain, and Billy was sucking on Jason’s cock, his face white-splattered and beautiful and so, so right!

Jason felt his body released and he dropped to his knees and that sweet boy face was right at his and he kissed and licked the squibs of jizz from that face, all the while hissing, “Thank you, thank you, Billy, that was so good, so good, I love you, Billy, I love you!”

“I love you, too, Jason!” Billy said and then they hugged and Jason got his own cheek smeared where he hadn’t yet cleaned Billy’s face. But right then, he just didn’t care.

“Billy, God, sport, you got some power there.” Jason marveled. He wasn’t mad now about it being used on him. Hell, he’d never had such a magnificent orgasm before in his life! “You can make a person do and say anything you want him to. Hell, I think you were even controlling how I felt there. Maybe you still are, because I love you, sport, you hot little cocksucking kid, and I want you to come home with me and never, never leave!”

“You can stay the night with me.” Billy urged him.

“I don’t think so.” Jason shook his head, regretfully. The thought of having that mouth on him all the warm, dark night, was something greatly to be wanted. “Your Mom and Dad would freak out at me sleeping with you, you know. You’re a little kid, and me, I’m a man now.” Okay, he was seventeen, but that was manhood, the only difference being a legal technicality.

“I guess so.” Billy said. But then he brightened. “We can ask them, though, can’t we?”

“Sure, we can ask them.” Jason agreed. “But now, let’s get you cleaned up and ready for bed.”

With Billy asleep, Jason could slip out of here and warn the Super Guild they had to take special precautions about Magnificent Man’s progeny. This power was a bit too much like witchcraft!

Billy was more than willing after that exertion to let Jason get him into a bathtub and then into bed. He was sleeping when Hardin and Jennifer Steele came home at about eleven forty-five.

“How’s Billy?” they asked as they came in to where Jason was watching television with the sound turned down.

“He’s fine.” Jason said. “I got him in bed about three hours ago. I checked him about ten minutes ago, he’s sleeping away.”

“That’s good.” Hardin said, and then he hesitated.

“Go on, ask him.” Jennifer insisted.

“Look, we’ve been asked by the President to take on a rather big, top-secret assignment. We’ll be having to leave home for days at a time, often on short notice.”

“Oh.” Jason said. “That’s rough. How about Billy then?”

“That’s our problem and would you like to be Billy’s full-time sitter?”

“Full time?”

“You just move in with us and be here when we can’t be.” Hardin said. “We’ll pay your college tuition for you and pay all your living expenses, and a salary on top of that.”

“Move in here?”

“Sure, the room right next to Billy’s is up there, and there’s a door that goes to his room, it was meant for a nanny to stay in while caring for a baby. You stay there and be with Billy when we can’t.”

Jason opened his mouth to say he’d think about it and the words that came out were, “Great, I’ll do it. I can move in tonight, and get my stuff tomorrow.”

“Great!” Hardin beamed and so did Jennifer. “We’ll call the President and let him know we can take that job starting right now.”

They went to their study, presumably to make the call and Jason looked upstairs to see a small figure peering between the bars of the balustrade on the stairs.

“You see?” Billy said. “You didn’t even have to ask. And now we can play anytime we want to.”

“Yeah.” Jason said. “Now go back to bed.”

Billy scampered away and Jason shook his head in disbelief. If Billy’s newfound power could extend all the way to the White House and his parents, he was definitely going to need full-time supervision from someone experienced in the unique needs of a superhero. Like a sidekick now too old for being a sidekick, who was looking for a mission in life. Someone like Jason.

He just hoped his dick could stand up to all the use it was going to get in the months and years to come!


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