Sir Ladmire was third in line for the throne of the Kingdom of Daleyar, and he strode the halls feeling in equal parts a pride in his lineage's castle and an envy of the two sons of King Zelph.

There were many who would not be pleased at the events should they transpire to transport the crown of the realm to his own head, and foremost of those was Crown Prince Zerrin. The man was foremost in pointing out that six levels of family divergence were between Ladmire and the current line and thus Ladmire held only a small drop of common blood with the Royal Family. Ladmire's escutcheon was actually clear as it held only the crescent and a change of color in the background from or to argent (gold to silver), but his claim in fact was actually more tenuous (two other families could claim the right by marriage of their female daughters and maternal lines), and thus his heart was torn when it came to the family which currently owned this castle that was, in part, his birthright. Any crisis that would remove the three male members of the Royal Family would not place him on the throne with anything less than civil war and terror and, being of noble heart indeed, he did not wish that.

A knight of the realm, Sir Ladmire was large and powerful in chest and arms, and his body was of a height some five inches above all the others of the kingdom. He had reddish-auburn hair in plenty on head, chin, chest and legs, a robust healthy nature, a powerful laugh, a good nature and if he brooded in private about his heritage, he kept it well hidden from those in power.

"Sir Ladmire!" came a glad shout and Sir Ladmire turned to see the caller. It was young Prince Zorin, second in line but only a mere child of six years' age. Blond-haired, cherubic-faced, cheerful laughter and welcoming demeanor, Sir Ladmire held a fondness for this distant relative-cum-competitor for the crown. Poor Prince Zorin would suffer his own fate, to be consigned to stride these halls forever watching the direct line enjoying all the benefits and being forced to live on the scraps they may be tossed from their tables.

"Ho, young Zorin!" Sir Ladmire called back with a smile. "How fare you this evening?" His time was only slightly wrong, for the sun had only barely kissed the far horizon and shone in plenty through the castle windows to paint the gray walls a golden hue and which even now lit the stalwart warrior in high relief for the prince's observation.

"I am well." Prince Zorin replied. "You look...amazing today!"

Sir Ladmire saw the boy's eyes focused on his midsection and looked down. He was wearing at this moment a loose linen shirt that exposed his hairy chest and billowed on his massive arms, and a pair of purple tights he had received as a gift some months before, it was one the Crown Prince had foresworn as "a repulsive tone" and so he had been given it, it clung to his lower body from waist to his sandals (that laced to his ankles) and showed his every muscle in stark relief in the light of the still-setting sun. But shining most in the light was, "Oh, you like my sword, do you?" The sword he had inherited from his royal ancestor and carried with pride, it was well-cared for and bore multiple designs and charges on it. "It is nice, isn't it?"

"It's so big!" Prince Zorin admired.

"It is larger than most." Sir Ladmire agreed. "It is my family treasure, and I cherish it and give it plenty of attention and care." He oiled it and kept the blade sharp enough but not razor-sharp, for such would wear away the metal.

"It's so beautiful." Prince Zorin declared. "I would ask the boon of touching it and holding it a while this evening if I may."

Ah, the lad is young, he dreams of battle and glory and fame, Sir Ladmire thought. "I should be happy if you would come to my room this evening, and I shall let you hold and admire it all you wish."

"Can I play with it as well?" Prince Zorin asked. "I would love to see how it works in action."

"Of a certainty." Sir Ladmire smiled on the delighted prince. "But the dinner bell has just rung (for the bell had punctuated the end of the prince's last sentence) and I must repair to the table if I am to feed my body enough to tend to my sword properly."

"I shall fetch you tonight some sweets from the plates to repay you for the chance to play with your sword this evening." the prince promised.

Sir Ladmire's mouth watered as he bade the youth a temporary farewell and walked to his own repast. The castle kitchens prepared two meals, there was the meal for such as he and it was solid and healthy food if plain and poorly seasoned, and there was the plentiful and tasty delights that adorned the smaller table of the Royal Family and their chosen favorites. Sir Ladmire dreamed of a place at this second table, but the current King and Crown Prince were allied against his such attendance.

So he tended to his room with care upon repairing to it upon finishing his dinner, he had been given small but ample-sized quarters and the King's "fourth-best bed" which meant that it was indeed a bed with barely adequate covers and a frame that still endured so long as he did not stress its aging frame. An ornamental chest at its foot held his clothing and few similar possessions, and upon the top of it he laid his sword exposed for the Prince's arrival. This chest and bed, and a small stool and table to one side that he used but rarely were the totality of his worldly wealth. A small book of the exploits of the famed King Ketter and his Five Valiant Knights were all the table held at this time and it was borrowed from a friend now residing in a border town several leagues away.

There was a tentative knock on his door that, had he not expected such, he may have disregarded. "Enter!" he called out. "The bolt is drawn already." He made himself comfortable upon his bed as the only place except the stool he had upon which to repose. He had removed his shirt and the purple tights to wear again upon the morrow, and now was covered only by the rather worn linen undershorts he wore when he was waiting to go to bed, this garment would also be discarded upon entering the bed for slumber, (sleeping nude was merely the common practice of the realm observed by all).

Prince Zorin entered and turned and bolted the door. "Greetings, Sir Ladmire." he said. "May I play with your family treasure now?"

"I have laid it out for your pleasure, Your Highness." Sir Ladmire said. "Play with it as long as you wish and in any way you desire, I ask only that you avoid anything that would injure or damage it, for it is dear to me."

"I shall treat it with the best of care." Prince Zorin declared and Sir Ladmire put his arms behind his head.

"I shall be delighted to give you proper instruction in how to handle and use it to its best advantage." he started in what he had planned was a careful instruction in handling a sharp blade, but Prince Zorin advanced not for the chest, but Sir Ladmire's bed and he clambered up on the bed near Sir Ladmire's midriff.

"I shall be glad to do whatever you tell me to do with your family treasure." the boy said and his hand came in for a landing upon Sir Ladmire's prized possession.

Not Ladmire's sword, but rather the noble knight's own manhood which lay unfettered inside the loose linen drawers he now wore. Sir Ladmire gasped as the lad fondled the pole through the cloth, then moved to slide his hand inside the linen shorts through the loose left leg hole, pushing the fabric up to where one of his hairy testicles was exposed to the open air, and the boy brought out the tool of Sir Ladmire's lineage. The boy gripped it better and began to stroke his little hand up and down the long hard shaft with gusto and glee.

Sir Ladmire had been too surprised to react but the pleasures now racing through his body to his brain were sharp and demanded that he find a way to keep them coming and if it could be managed, increased!

"My liege lord and Highness!" he named the child a closer fealty than a mere infant such as he could bear. "I thought you desired to play with and touch the sword of my fathers which I laid out for you on the chest! I did not...I did not... Oohhhhh!" The boy had not faltered and the joy racing through the man's loins now raged within him. He had few coins to procure the use of the kingdom's prostitutes and the few eligible women who did not engage in such practices were colossally uninterested in a liaison with such a man as he. His virility was untapped and a great store of his seminal fluids resided within his body steaming to escape.

"I shall be tender." the boy protested as he continued to vigorously pound the tower of turgid tool. "I shall be diligent in its care and devoted to its needs. I shall kiss it most devoutly, watch as I do so."

Sir Ladmire watched that beautiful royal face descend upon his manhood and felt the last dregs of his resistance drop away. He would have died before he permitted anything to interfere with this boy's worship of his prong, he must have those lips upon his glans, the mouth upon his shaft, the saliva upon his flesh and the movements upon his nerves that they could feed his soul!

"Ahhh, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhh!" he sighed as the mouth enveloped him and he felt the velvet softness of the lips adorned with the blissful warmth of the boy's mouth-fluids, and he felt the saliva slide and drip down his cock's length as the boy endowed his prod most generously, and the boy used that liquid grease to permit him to take the length deeper within him. Sir Ladmire held a tool of a prodigious length, ten inches. Prince Zorin strove to engulf the entirety of the dong into his mouth and he did gain over seven of its inches, but he had to admit defeat at last.

"It is enough and more than enough." Sir Ladmire breathed as the lad withdrew. "Ply your mouth and its waters upon me and I shall be as delighted as if you had taken me into my very core."

Reassured, the young royal began to move up and down upon Sir Ladmire's rod and the knight was besieged by the joys that come of having your manhood worshiped and adored by the vigorous mouth of an eager child. He groaned and the boy's young body was at his side and in reach of his hand and he reached up and fondled the small basket at the boy's midsection. Prince Zorin moaned and wriggled in his pleasure.

"Mayhaps I might play with your own sword in turn?" Sir Ladmire asked with a grin.

Zorin released Sir Ladmire's cock with a popping sound and burst into the energy only the very young can employ. He was bare nude in the time it took for Sir Ladmire to doff his single pair of undershorts. As the knight laid back with his legs now splayed out, the lad climbed adorned only in the garments of his birth onto the bed and when he again captured Sir Ladmire's cock in his mouth, he dangled his own royal jewels in the direction of Sir Ladmire's face.

Sir Ladmire was a large man and had to bend his neck forward to repay the debt of the prince's attentions upon his dong by sucking the small basket complete with "two grapes and a sausage link" and he savored them both, the flavor was sweet and tart, and he suckled and laved the small shaft with all the attentions his imagination could conjure.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Prince Zorin gasped. "You said I might do whatever I wished with your family treasure this eve?"

"Uh? Yes, I did." Sir Ladmire consented. "So long as you do not damage it in any way." His words of care for his family's prized sword held well in the princely handling of his love organ.

"Then I wish to engage it in a way that I saw two of the noblemen doing a few days ago." Prince Zorin said. "They did it with such delight and joy shared by both that I wish to try it with you."

"I am yours to command." Sir Ladmire guessed the manner in which the two nobles had performed. "May I assist you in this?"

"I'd be honored."

Sir Ladmire returned to the boy's nether parts and there he pushed his face into the small cleft of the buttocks and he licked the small sphincter until he could push his tongue into the dimple of flesh and dilate it. Prince Zorin continued to lave his cock with the liquid of his boyish tongue and lips, and when they were both done, both the man's dick and the boy's anus were moist and pliable and slippery with saliva.

Sir Ladmire put the lad on his back on the bed and let the small legs wrap his athletic waist. The boy gasped as the lord's large glans pushed against his sphincter, but he didn't resist and he only gasped again as the huge plum-sized cockhead breached the perimeter and delved into his darkness lower demesnes.

Sir Ladmire held himself back whenever the lad groaned overmuch in pain, but the boy only urged him in panted breaths to push in more, more. He kept pushing until he had more than half of his length inside the boy, and then he said, "I think this is enough for a start. Let me now enjoy myself and in doing so, I hope I shall also give you joy."

"You can and you are." the boy breathed. "I feel such a thrill with your manhood within me, I wish that I could bear it thus for all my days and nights."

"None alive can bear it so." Sir Ladmire sighed at his protégé. "But all may enjoy the brief times like this and I shall increase your joy by what I do next."

He began to move his hips to ply his dong back and forth within the prince, and the boy gaped, "Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, thus the noblemen did one with another and they indeed felt pleasure such that both could relish the coupling the same despite their position."

"When you are older, I shall repay you in kind." Sir Ladmire promised. "For now, I misdoubt that your organ could take much pleasure in the shallow depths it would attain. But I swear to you upon my oath that when the day comes when you attain your manhood, I shall be there for you."

"I await that day with pleasure." Prince Zorin sighed.

"And pleasure you shall have now, and in plenty." Sir Ladmire said and he began to thrust his dong into the now-pliable ass of the prince with more verve and energy. As he did, the length of his prick slid deeper and deeper into the boy's nether regions.

Sir Ladmire hadn't noticed this until the balls of his sac began to slap against the boy's cheeks. "Oh, Your Highness, you have me entire now, all of it. Are you injured?"

"Nay, I wish only that you could plumb me deeper."

"I cannot, but I can do this in its place." Sir Ladmire shifted his lovemaking into high gear and the boy cried out in his ecstasy as the man's dong hammered his ass with a frenzy that sent Sir Ladmire into gasps and groans of raw, passionate joy!

"Oh, my Lord Ladmire, I am yours, I am yours!" Prince Zorin cried out. "Claim me entire now, entire!"

"Oh, oh, I shall, I shall, RIGHT, NOW-OW-OW-OW!" Sir Ladmire ejaculated heavily into the young lad's virginal bowels and as he did, he felt indeed that he was bonding in a way both inseparable and eternal, he could never again even imagine a life in which this young boy did not play a crucial and undeniable part. All the incongruities and impossibilities of this union receded into the realm of mere peccadilloes to his lust fogged brain as he pumped hot squibs of his jizz into the lad.

As he did, Prince Zorin convulsed in his own boyish version of orgasm, he spasmed and writhed in Sir Ladmire's embrace, and when the lad was quiescent and Sir Ladmire was drained and recovered his breath, he moved to kiss the boy and the kisses were slow, tender, appreciation turned into the movement of lips, tongue, moisture and strokes of the nose and cheek to touch and bond and combine and dissolve one with the other.

Sir Ladmire and the young prince enjoyed each other again and again over the course of the next few days and the pair became inseparable outside of the bedroom as well as within. Such conduct could not come about without the notice of the various denizens of the castle and so it was that after a score of such days, Sir Ladmire was summoned into the royal presence. He was surprised but not overly alarmed, for his conduct with the royal child was completely circumspect outside of his liaisons in his bedroom. As for that room, the walls of stone vanquished all sounds when the door was closed.

"Sir Ladmire." the King began. "It has come to our attention that you have a fondness for our second son."

"That is true, Your Majesty." Sir Ladmire bowed. "I wish nothing in return for this, I assure you and my fondness is born of a pleasure in his company."

"We marked that and agree." the King went on. "I have spoken much of this with the young Prince and have come to a conclusion."

"And what would that be?" Sir Ladmire dared ask when the King paused.

"We are aware as well of your own prowess with the sword." the King went on. "Our sons must both be skilled in the art of combat. We therefore desire to retain your services as an instructor of our second son in the art of swordplay."

Sir Ladmire looked over at the young prince and a smile that was genuine but rather mischievous grew on his face. "I should be pleased to teach His Highness Zorin in all the ways in which a young man can handle a sword. By the time I am done, he will be a master at swordplay in all its forms."

"We will grant you a monthly stipend and quarters at our house in Norseth, in which you and the Prince may reside in comfort and privacy so you may train him as you will." The King clapped his hands and Sir Ladmire and the young prince walked out, trailed by a half dozen servants who carried all the boy's possessions behind him.

The years following were more than kind to the pair. A dozen years later, the Crown Prince was slain in a foolish barroom brawl he had and the heartbroken King succumbed to pneumonia the following winter. The crown thus passed to the now of-age Prince Zorin and he took the crown and with Sir Ladmire his constant companion and primary advisor, ruled in benevolence, peace and prosperity for over half a century.