The Secret Identity Dilemma

Someone had found his clothes of the night before. Gregory "Ironman" Belton merely nodded as his butler Daniel informed him of the purpose of his visitor the evening after the party. Some servant of the Warwick mansion had found the clothes and his identification card in the wallet inside and thought, with some justification, that he had been a naughty boy the night before and left his clothes behind somehow. When he had failed to materialize in someone's bedroom in the mansion the next morning, they'd gathered up the clothes into a discreet bag and driven to his apartment building (his, that is, he owned the building) and ridden the elevator up to his lush penthouse apartment. He'd paused only to gather his spare wallet (always kept full with a few hundred dollars of "mad money" and extra copies of his identification and credit cards for just this reason) and as he did, he caught sight of himself in the full-length mirror that composed one entire (small) wall at that point and looked himself over.

Casual attire, if you ignored the full-length sleeves of the shirt and the pants that covered his legs down to his ankles. Fully covered for a simple but excellent reason, he wore his superhero costume underneath his clothes at all times. When duty called, he needed only to find a quiet spot (that empty room in the Warwick mansion last night), disrobe, secret his clothes somewhere and fly off to save the day for the forces of Good once again.

When he'd flown back an hour or so later, his clothes had been gone and he had flown home (the reason he lived in an apartment house penthouse) instead and waited for the call which he'd known would come. At least it wasn't the police this time, they were tired of the "playboy bachelor" losing his clothes and identification time and again and he was tired of having to compose fictional debauchery to explain the loss. A servant would want a nice tip for the return of the clothes, but his wallet should contain enough cash to cover that, he'd give the servant the entire monetary contents.

The man who looked back at him in the mirror was imposing even at this early hour. He had to wear a domino mask as Ironman, no way could a mere costume disguise that ruggedly handsome face, that majestically muscled body. His black hair and piercing green eyes were easier, so many people were black-haired and plenty had beautiful green eyes, though he still worried about the day when someone would put two and two together because of those almost-unique eyes.

Super-strength, the power of flight or movement at super-speed, the remarkable eyes that could fire out a blast of heat that could cut metal, examine things microscopic in size, see distances that would blur to most telescopes and even tune in to X-ray lengths of light and peer into things not lead-lined. He'd had to act fast to avoid the appellation "Superman" and chosen instead "Ironman" which, although already the name of a comic book hero, could never be mistaken for himself for his suit held no armor. It was skin-tight all over, from throat and wrists down to "shoesocks" composed mostly of light blue material accented with yellow over about a third of his body (including the yellow trunks which could be removed or adjusted independently at need), and held a dominating breast emblem of an "X" of lightning bolts in brilliant, almost glowing yellow (the rest was a more muted yellow). The domino mask was dark gray with large eyeholes, for they had to allow him full range of vision. All of that just so he could fight crime when needed, then not have to fend off raids upon his home, friends, property or family (no close relatives at present, at least). As for a girlfriend, more than one had had to be rescued from crooks that had believed the newspapers about his love-affairs. Another reason to keep to himself.

A useful life, but a lonely one. He went out to the living room to confront his visitor.

"Hello, William." he said to the young boy standing in the room. A chair nearby held his clothing. "I see you found my clothing. I had to leave it where you found it, because..."

The boy interrupted him, which was partially a relief because he had nothing to follow what he had said that far, but the words themselves were chilling. "That's all right. I was in the room when you came in. I saw you change." the boy went on. "I saw everything. Everything." he emphasized.

"What?" Gregory tried to sound disbelieving.

"I saw you take off your clothes, and fly out the window. I know you're Ironman."

"I...see." Gregory tried to swallow hard without showing it. "You understand why I need to keep my identity a secret, I hope."

The boy laughed. "Yeah, I know. Can't have anyone finding out. That's okay. I don't want much to keep your secret."

Money? Well, he had plenty. "I'm sure I can pay whatever you want, so long as you don't want too much."

The boy laughed again. "My daddy has money."

"Oh." Gregory tried again. "Perhaps there is some toy or other you want...."

"I have all the toys I want. No, I want something else."

"What is that?" Gregory asked.

William glanced over at Daniel. "First, send him away for a while."

Gregory looked at his butler who smiled and said, "Not a problem, sir. I need to do some shopping anyway."

"Fine." Gregory said.

"Will, say, an hour be sufficient?" Daniel asked. It was now ten-thirty in the morning.

"That will be enough." Gregory answered when William nodded.

"Then I shall return in time to prepare luncheon, sir."

"Thank you, Daniel."

"Very well." Daniel paused only to gather up his shopping bags and his umbrella (it was raining lightly) and was soon gone.

"You're certain he'll stay away a whole hour?" William asked.

"Yes, yes." Gregory was getting a little exasperated at the mystery. "Now, what is this something else that you want in exchange for your silence?"

"Do you remember last summer?" William asked him. "The pool party at our house?"

Gregory had, the Warwicks entertained that way every year and he'd endured the day as best he could. Being an eligible and wealthy bachelor is hard enough, but when the women can catch sight of said bachelor by a pool wearing only a rather brief pair of black Speedos (the Warwicks had supplied all their visitors with swim gear for the day, everyone had on such a pair) and a rather hirsute cloak of body hair as black as the hairs on his head that accentuated rather than hid his imposing and powerful musculature, he had to practically beat the eager single women off with a stick. He'd countered this by paying more attention to the children who were in attendance, among them, William. "I remember."

"So do I." William went on. "You had such a thick bulge in your trunks."

"I don't remember that." Gregory didn't recall pitching any "tents" that day.

"I see the same thing when you're dressed as Ironman." William went on. "Let me see it. Let me see you as Ironman." He sat, nay, he jumped and bounced onto the couch and lounged insolently in front of the rugged superhero, his smile was one of possession.

Uncomfortable from that gaze (he'd last seen such on a tiger as it advanced on a hapless small animal it intended to eat), Gregory began to undo the buttons on his shirt. "Is this all you want?" he asked as he opened the shirt to reveal his costume, indeed, was on underneath. "To see me up close as Ironman?"

"It's a start." William told him.

This was going to take a while. "All right." Gregory pulled off the shirt entirely and took the domino mask from his pants pocket and put it on as he kicked off the loafers he wore. The "socks" of his shoes were, of course, those of his costume. He then reached for his pants waistband.

"Slowly." William said. "Let me see it all."

"Very well." Gregory sighed. He undid the pants and then slowly pushed them down his athletic legs.

"Love that bulge." William sighed as the massive package came to view.

It was a fault of his costume, he couldn't have material that was skintight, concealing and supportive all together, he'd had to sacrifice material weight and his formidable organ distended the yellow material. The cheaper rags on sale on the newstands would often catch him in mid-flight or mid-fight with his bulge prominently showing and make snarky comments about "Ironman is ALL MAN!" or such. Those Speedos last summer had had a similarly ineffective concealment, he'd worried all the while about falling out of them whenever he squatted down or bent over!

"So get a good look." he said as he let his pants fall to his ankles and stepped out of them. He was now in full costume as Ironman.

"Nice." William breathed as he gazed upon the twelve-inch dong lying in the yellow sack like a sleeping serpent, resting on two large stones which were his testicles. "Really nice. I couldn't get a good look at it last night."

"Where were you, in the room?" Gregory asked.

"Hiding behind the couch." William said. "I ducked down when you came in and then you were too busy to look around."

"Have to remember that in future." Gregory struck a heroic pose that still exposed his genitals to full scrutiny.

"Uh-huh." William said as he moved forward. He was about to rise from the couch for a better view, Gregory realized. "I couldn't see much of anything when I viewed the video I took."

"Video?" Gregory's single word caught in his throat, he croaked it out.

"Uh-huh." William said as he got to his feet and walked over to stand in front of his hero. "I got it all on my cell phone camera, of you coming in, changing, and flying out the window. I gathered up your clothes and sneaked back to my own room before you could come back."

"What do you want from me?" Gregory moaned. He was at this child's mercy, one careless posting to the internet and his name, his fortunes, his LIFE, would be public knowledge! At this child's mercy! "What do you want?" he breathed.

The small hand came up abruptly and caught his basket in its clutch. "I want this." William said. "I want this."


"Take it out." William went on. "Take it out for me."

Gregory gulped, in part because the mere touch of that little child's hand was causing his cock to twitch, pulse, expand. He was already semi-hard and the boy had to be able to feel it. "I don't know about this." he prevaricated.

"Come on, Ironman." William coaxed him, but not as supplicant, but as conqueror, this was an order, not a request. "Show me that thick, long cock of yours."

Gregory winced at the vulgarity from those angelic boy's lips, then reached and convulsively jerked down the waistband of his yellow trunks and brought out "The Beast." It was his own name for his cock, because the thing had risen to prominent potency throughout his adolescence, and the only cure for it was to slip into a private place and whack it. Even to this day, sometimes when his change to Ironman was more leisurely, he'd jerked his pud in an alley before flying off to patrol.

In the clear air of light, his dong went from semi-erect to raging monster.

"Wow!" William gazed avidly at the pounding erection. "It's so big!"

"Yeah." Gregory gulped. "Now if you've looked at it long enough, then.... Gurk!"

The boy had grabbed his cock.

"What..." Gregory gulped hard. "What are you doing?"

"Playing with it." William said. "You asked what I wanted. I want to do this with you." The boy began to move his hand, pumping his cock, inexpertly but in a way that showed he knew what to do. Probably had played with his buddies or something.

God, the feeling of that little hand pumping on his cock! It was driving him mad! "Stop that!" he asked rather than commanded.

"No. This is what I want. If I can't do this, I will put the video online and show everyone who you are."

"Oh, God!" Gregory moaned and his knees buckled, threatened to refuse to hold him upright. It just felt so good, so fucking good! "You can't do this to me, you have to stop!"

"You want me to stop this?" William taunted him.

"Yes, yes, stop this now!"

"I'll stop jerking you if you'll sit down on the couch and lay back so I can see it standing up."

"Okay, okay, anything, just stop!"

The small hand released him and it was like being unshackled after an eternity in prison. Gregory staggered to the couch, two small steps, and then sank down onto it and lay his head upon one armrest, one foot on the couch and one on the floor, one arm on the back and one arm dangling in emptiness.

William was holding his cell phone up before him and Gregory realized he'd been filmed again. "Nice." William said as he put away the phone. "Very nice."

"Have you had enough yet?" Gregory pleaded.

"Enough, Ironman? Oh, no, not even half enough yet." William sat on the couch, the little buttocks pushing up against his knee lying flat on the couch. The boy leaned over and the hand captured him again and Gregory moaned in torment.

The hand was followed by the small, angelic, tulip-like lips, that encircled and caressed his pud, the tongue rippled over the glans and Gregory moaned, a gush of precome flowed out for that tongue to lick his greasy glans, the tongue flicking over his cockhead like he was licking an ice cream cone!

"You have to stop this!" Gregory begged. "This is wrong, you can't do this to me, I'm not...I'm not...." he couldn't make himself say the words, "I'm not liking this" because...HE DID!

"Oh, oh, God!"

The little mouth stopped licking his cockhead, but this was no respite, because now the lips pushed down onto his shaft and clutched, held the foreskin, pulled up and as he did, pleasure was wrung unwillingly from the hapless hero. His powers, his muscles, his strength, none of them could aid him now! "No, no, please!" he pleaded shamelessly. "You have to stop this, please, I can't do this, I can't!"

William bobbed on his prick faster now, he had the size and the movement understood now, he moved seamlessly and without error. The motions were driving Gregory absolutely mad with desire. It was all he could do to not grab that head and force the boy to suck him harder, not cry out words that would declaim how much he loved the lips, craved the mouth, enjoyed the boy's attentions, and he couldn't, he wouldn't, he mustn't, do any of that! It would be...unforgivable in a superhero that he allowed this of any boy, anywhere, to suck on his cock in a way that was so, so WONDERFUL! He loosed again the only words he could manage that neither stated approval nor negated how he felt. "Oh, oh, GOD!" Those words empowered him to try again. "You can't keep doing this, William, please, you don't understand that this is wrong, you can't do this to a man, you have to stop, please, I'm begging you to stop!"

Passion clawed up the back of his brain and he realized in dismay that he was about to come. Oh, unforgivable breach of everything he stood for, fought for, lived for! But it was rising in him!

"Stop, William, please, I'm...I'm about to come, you have to stop now or I'm going...I'm going"

The boy ignored his words, continued to nurse the huge pulsing shaft in a ruthlessly efficient suction.

It was upon him, the traitor orgasm, and he could not stop it, could not talk, could only utter cries of overwhelming, overpowering orgasm! "AH-AH-AH-HAH, AHH-AHH, AHH! AHHH-GAH-HAHHHHHHHH!"

William choked in surprise as the first massive gush of superhero superspooge gushed into his mouth, he was loaded to fullness on the first burst, then the second flowed into the puffed out cheeks and blew the lad off of the powerful prick, and the third, fourth and fifth sprays pelted the young beautiful face as the boy choked and coughed and swallowed as best he could.

"Oh, God, oh, God, ohhh!" Gregory gasped as he finished. "I'm...I'm sorry....William!" he said in separate, discrete bursts of sound. "I'm so sorry! Oh, no, no, no, oh, God no!" He had done it, he had blown his load into a boy's mouth, he had been sucked to climax by the young lips and had ejaculated hard and heavy into the youthful mouth, he had drowned the boy in his spunk which now dripped from both sides of his mouth and off his chin and a clump crawled down into the boy's right eye and forced the kid to close that eye in pain at the salty man-goo covering his face. "I'm so sorry!"

"Wow!" William said as he licked his lips and wiped at his face with one hand as the other held onto Gregory's left thigh. "That was amazing!"

"I can't believe we did that!" Gregory moaned. He could say anything he wanted to now. When it was too late to do anything about it, guilt was free to run rampant through his brain. "This is all so wrong! This is terrible, it's horrible, it's..."

"It's incredible!" William cut into his guilt-fest, his enthusiasm drowning the man's misery. "There was so much! It got all over me!" He rubbed some sperm between his thumb and forefinger, then licked it off with a pink, impudent tongue that stirred Gregory's cock all over again.

"Are you satisfied now?" Gregory asked. "Was that enough for you?" Resentment dripped from every word.

"For now." William agreed. He looked around, found the clock they'd examined before. "That only took fifteen minutes. Your butler won't be back for another forty-five minutes."

"You can tell time." Gregory said sarcastically.

It was lost on the lad. "We got enough time for some more pictures." He pulled out his cell phone. "Give me a strip tease, Ironman. All the way down to stark naked! But slowly!"

Gregory moaned but had no choice. Everything depended on this boy being quiet, at least until he could figure out a solution to this. He complied. William had him move into different positions at every bit of exposure of his flesh. By the end of a half hour, the boy had what must be a hundred pictures of Ironman disrobing and posing, until at last only his domino mask was left on. He'd reached for it and said, "Does this come off now?"

"Uh-uh." William said.

Gregory paused. "Why not?"

"Because you're my secret." William said. "I don't want anyone getting these pictures and finding out who you are."

That at least was a relief. He was soon permitted to dress, costume and all, and Daniel returned to fix them both a luncheon. The butler was imperturbable and treated the boy as any visitor who happened to be around when it was time to prepare soup and sandwiches for his master. William acted like any ten-year-old boy, sitting at the counter, kicking his legs and chattering about the boyish things of any ten-year-old.

When they were done, Gregory stood and said, "I beg your pardon, but it is time for my mid-day patrol. Can you show my visitor to the door, Daniel?"

William didn't fight this, but as he left, he said, "Remember you're coming to my home tonight. Ten o'clock. I'll leave my window open and a light in it for you. See you then!" And he was gone.

"His window, sir?" Daniel said.

His butler was the only other person that knew his secret. "I'm afraid that young William has learned my secret identity. I have to figure out what to do about him."

"Shall I...dispose of him, sir?"

Gregory blinked at that. "You'd do that?"

"If necessary." Daniel assured him.

"Thanks." Gregory said. "But that wouldn't solve my problem." A dead child and people would be rummaging through his belongings, looking at his cell phone, checking his computer for video files there.... He shuddered at the thought. "I'll see what the other heroes have to recommend first."

He wished there was the "Justice League" like in the comic books so he could have simply gone one place to consult with them, had a team effort to fix the problem. Instead, he had only a few phone numbers, and had to do more public efforts to reach others.

Only one superhero shared this city with him, Mothman who had a young sidekick, Butterfly, and he was Gregory's best hope...but he turned out to be unreachable, Gregory had to leave a message.

Amazonia, a stout, butch-type woman (probably a Lesbian) had only laughed at hearing his plight (he only said that a young boy had discovered his secret identity, nothing of what else was happening) and wished him sardonic good luck.

Banzai, the martial arts superhero, listened sympathetically but unhelpfully and said he'd call back if he had any ideas.

The three or four (was Beetleman still alive, he hadn't been heard from in weeks) others, he had to reach out in a more public way and wait hopefully for a response. He hoped that Quicksilver would answer back, like Mothman, he had a young sidekick and the two must understand children better than Gregory. They may know the words that would convince William to forget all about it.

By nightfall, though, he was still stuck with no answers and it was time for him to go to William's home. The window turned out to be on a third floor in back (all other windows were closed and/or blackened out, the one he fastened on bore a single small light in an otherwise darkened room, it must be the one).

He flew in stealthily, but when he entered, the lights all came on and the bed inside held William who threw back the covers and came to him completely naked. "Ironman, you're here!"

"Yes, I'm here." he said helplessly. He saw the boy sported a small but definite erection. "Can you please tell me I'm here so you can tell me this is all over?"

"Over?" William blinked, then laughed. "Oh, no, Ironman. I'm here because I have a couple of surprises for you, though."

"What's that?"

"Take it out for me and get in the bed." the boy ordered.

Gregory closed his eyes in misery and obeyed, at least in crawling into bed and lying on his back. He had to find a solution for this, and fast! "Not again!"

"Yes, again." William chided him, chuckling. "You liked it last time, remember?"

"That was so wrong!"

"Oh, get over it." William dismissed his discouragements in those four words. "And take it out for me, or I'll take it out myself." He crawled up to sit on one of Gregory's thighs.

When Gregory didn't move quickly, the boy was as good as his word, he grabbed the superhero's yellow trunks and pulled them out and the other hand slipped in and grasped Ironman's prong and he pulled it out. The traitor organ was soft but quickly stiffened in the soft, warm hand.

"Yeah, that's nice. I've been thinking about this all day long." William said. "Looking forward to now."

The boy scooted onto the bed and his face sought out Gregory's erection. Gregory moaned as the soft lips again slid over the hard, throbbing organ. It felt even better this time than before. The lad learned quickly! His mouth was already filled with saliva and the liquid mouth water flowed over his cock as the boy slid his lips up and down. Drizzles of spit slid down his shaft as the boy slurped moistly on his organ.

Gregory only moaned. He couldn't even bring himself to beg and deny any more. This boy owned him for now, at least, and until/unless he came up with a solution, he would have to wait until the boy tired of playing with his cock. A miserable prospect for his immediate future.

"Now you're ready." William announced as he released Gregory's dong with an audible "pop" sound from the lips releasing his glans.

"Ready for what?" Gregory asked. He watched as the boy stood on the bed and straddled him at the waist and began to squat down. "You're not... You can't do this, William, you have to....AH-AH-HUHHHHHH!"

He wouldn't have believed it had he not been its victim, the boy took his cock on the first try, and now had over three of Gregory's twelve throbbing inches inside his body. William's face screwed up in pain (at least he didn't do it comfortably, Gregory took a small solace in that), but he didn't stop, he just panted a little, then thrust his body downwards again, and two more inches were swallowed up by the boy's intestines.

"Oh, oh, God!" Gregory was reduced to his prior state, he had to object, he had to refuse, he had to deny. His lips obeyed, his body refused, it luxuriated in the glory of a hot young butt swallowing his cock! The boy moved yet again and two more inches slid inside, the boy now had over half the prodigious length inside him and didn't seem inclined to stop before he had taken the entire foot-length rod inside his ass.

Indeed he didn't pause, he kept pushing downwards while Gregory moaned helplessly, spouting the words "no" and "stop that" and "you can't do this" at every breath, but the boy ignored him, and soon he was sitting with the entire twelve-inch schlong sleekly throbbing inside his butt.

"That feels so good, Ironman." he said. "Do you like it, too?"

"No, no, no!"

"Tell me you like it!" William ordered. "I want you to say over and over again how much you like fucking my ass while I ride you, you got me? Or I tell everyone about who you are and what we've already done! Now say it, say you like my ass!"

"I like your ass." Gregory mumbled.

"Say it again, and louder."

"I like your ass!" Gregory said again, almost shouting. If he spoke loudly enough, someone would hear and come to investigate. He'd be humiliated but this would be over.

"Beg me to fuck myself on you." William's voice was soft but understandable.

"Come on, William, fuck yourself on my cock!" Gregory was relieved at the domino mask, which had always galled him so much. Now it kept that housemaid or valet who came in from knowing who he was. Long enough to throw this boy off him and fly out the window. It was now closed, but he'd crash right through it in his haste to flee the place. He could dispose of the Ironman disguise, move and change his secret identity, fight crime in some other city as some other superhero. He was sure that Quicksilver had once been Lightning Man before moving to his current city with his protg and becoming Quicksilver and Mercury.

"Yeah, like that, talk to me like that." William ordered as he bounced up and down.

Talking like that was easy, it was what Gregory secretly wanted to do all along! "Yeah, fuck your ass on me, ride me like a stallion, boy, ride my long, hard cock, stuff it all up inside you and just ride me, ride me hard, faster, boy, faster, fuck yourself faster!"

"Oh, oh, Ironman!" William moaned as loudly as Gregory was now. "Yes, your cock feels so good inside me!"

"I love having it inside you, too, boy! God, your ass is so hot, boy, I'm going to cream up inside you and fill your ass full!"

"Oh, yes, fill me up, Ironman, fuck me hard. Come on, move your hips and fuck me back!"

Gregory obeyed, moving his hips and the boy held still and let his superhero thrust up into him as the boy moaned.

William gasped, moaned and shuddered, his little prick jerked. He was having an orgasm, Gregory realized. Shit, he was about to come, too! "Yeah, come for me, boy, come for Daddy, come for Daddy, AH-HAH-AH, GUH-UH-HUH, HUHHHHHHHH!"

His load was as heavy as the one he'd shot before, but the boy's ass was firmly imbedded with his dong and the entire load shot deep into the boy's bowels. Gregory felt the boy's bowels rippling as his man-cock throbbed and pulsed as he squirted and when he was done, the boy lay down on top of him and moaned softly.

"Tell me you love me, Ironman." William whispered in his ear. "Say it nice and loud for me."

"I love you, William. I love your hot little ass. I love fucking my little boy, my best fan. You're the best." Gregory said ardently, then caught himself. He pushed the boy roughly from his body and caught to his feet, still panting but enraged. "You little fucker!" he snarled at the lad. "Riding me like a piece of meat! I'm through with you, you understand me! Never again. This is the last of it, get me?"

"I don't think so." the boy almost sang in the insolent, taunting song of boys teasing someone.

"I don't care if you tell everyone who I am." Gregory went on. I'll move and change my identity and that will be that." It'd cost him a great deal, but it was worth it to get out of this trap he was in.

"No, you won't."

"Why not?" Gregory asked.

"Because I've videotaped everything we just did." William smiled. "Everything you said, too." His face screwed up in mock-ecstasy. "Oh, yeah, ride me harder, ride me faster, boy, come on!" He giggled meanly.

Gregory looked at the boy and his anger deflated and he was just a man. "You can't do this to me. You can't."

"I can and I have and I will." William said. "Come back tomorrow, same time."

"You'll get us both caught." Gregory clutched at that one straw, which held as well as the same straw would have for a drowning man at sea.

"My room has been soundproofed since I was a baby. Used to have a nurse at night who slept over there. Now I have to press an intercom to speak to anyone. Or be heard by anyone. So we can make all the noise we want. Even the servants sleep at the other end of the house."

"What else are you going to ask of me?" Gregory moaned, envisioning himself flying through the air in public with the boy riding his cock all the while.

"Just one little thing." William said.

"What?" Gregory asked suspiciously.

"Make me your sidekick."

"My sidekick?"

"Sure. I can be Metalboy. Ironman and Metalboy. Then, everyone will understand you and me hanging around together all the time. Like Mothman and Butterfly do."

"Sure, sure!" Gregory said helplessly. Maybe Mothman would have an idea. It was his last hope.

He got home and found a message for him from Quicksilver. He called and the superspeed superhero got on the phone. He blurted out his problem in a hurry.

"So this boy knows your secret identity." Quicksilver commiserated. "I know how that feels."

"Now he wants to be my sidekick, so we can hang out all the time."

"Is he playing with your cock? Sucking it? Fucking himself on it?"

Gregory's mouth dropped open. "How did you know? How can I get out of it?"

"How? I don't know."


"I'll just close with one thing."

"What's that?"

"Welcome to the club."

"Club? You mean you and Mercury are...."

Just like you and this boy." Quicksilver agreed. "And like Mothman and Butterfly. It happens."

"Oh." Gregory said.

"And they're just the ones who are visible and open about it. I'm pretty sure Banzai has a couple of boys doing the same to him too, from what I've seen. It happens to us superheroes a lot. A hero's secret identity gets discovered by a boy, and you have hero worship combined with young boy hormones run amok and soon enough, he's got a boy swinging on his cock. So, as I said, welcome to the Club of the Dilemma of the Secret Identity. You're our newest member, minute." Silence, then, "Mercury asks if you and your new sidekick want to come over for some fun and games. Next Tuesday night, eight o'clock? Understand that I'm asking, but he's insisting, so it's going to happen. We can come to you if you'd like."

"I'll get back to you on that." Gregory slammed down the phone receiver and said to nobody in particular. "Damn!"

He had to face it, he was just plain stuck! He hoped he liked having a non-superpowered sidekick to watch out for while fighting crime!