An Oral Course

Timothy, Edgar and Simon met outside their classroom on the final day of their study course in Sex Education. "Final test today." the sign on the classroom door read. Other boys their own age of seven to eight years old queued up behind them as the classroom hallway was quite narrow and other kids needed to get to their own classes.

"How did you do on the practice session last week?" Timothy asked Edgar. "And your homework assignment? Did you finish it?"

"I did my best." Edgar said. "My brother Corey was there to coach me, but I don't think the practice aids they give us are working too well. He and Daddy complain these practice aids are too hard and rigid, and they tell me the real thing is much softer and more pliable. But I did okay on it, so I figure if I can handle the practice aid, I should handle the final today easily."

"How do you feel about the finals?" Simon asked the two. "I know I've been ready and eager for two weeks now. I think I got it all down."

"How about those practice aids?" asked Edgar. "Can you handle all of them?"

"Easily." Simon bragged. "You have to strengthen the muscles in your throat so you can control them, and then the hardest movements are easy. You'll see when you get hold of the real thing. I'm told that for the finals, they bring in the real thing instead of those plastic and foam things they've been passing out."

"Yeah, the real thing, I can hardly wait. I'm tired of practicing, I want a chance to try it out for real." Timothy agreed. "Daddy said when I pass this class, he and I are going on a weeklong camping trip as a reward with three of my uncles, and we'll have a great time practicing all I've learned in this class."

"My big brother is planning a weekend at the beach." Edgar agreed. "He has several college buddies and they'll be there and I get to hang out with them all I want if I pass the class."

"My neighbor is a cop and he promised to wear his uniform and bring his buddies on the force as well if I pass. We all want to do our best." Simon said. "I feel sorry for the kid who fails this class. I mean, it's just the most important class in second grade. Once you graduate it, you get to take Advanced Studies and I am so looking forward to that, you bet."

"So am I." Timothy said. "They say every class in Advanced Studies is the real thing. We just need to do our best today and I hope we all graduate. My daddy has been champing at the bit, he wants me to pass so bad."

"Don't be mad at him, it's against the law, until we pass this class, he has to keep his hands off. Everyone does."

"I know, but it makes me want this to be done and over with!"

At the tone of the bell, the door to their room unlocked and the boys crowded in to view their desks.

To their surprise and disappointment the desks were bare of any of the normal practice devices that usually were their course aids for the day. "Where are they?" complained Simon. "They're supposed to be here!"

"They're coming." Edgar said. "They have to be coming!"

"There's the teacher!" Timothy said. "He'll know. Mr. Parsons, Mr. Parsons. What's going on?"

"Just everyone sit at your desks." said Mr. Parsons soothingly. "This is finals week so the class will be run a bit differently today. You'll see."

"Oh, man, I can hardly wait!" said Simon again. "I practiced really hard all week long for this."

"You're one of my best students." praised Mr. Parsons. "You'll have your turn. Everyone will. There's plenty for all."

The class sat down and the tension in the room was palpable.

"All right everyone, time for your final test in Oral Studies. How well you perform today will determine if you are passed to go on to Advance Studies. I know most of you have relatives or neighbors or friends who are waiting for you to pass this course, and I know the pressure is on, but you need to just relax and remember all your training and it will go smoothly."

"So come on, bring them out already!" called out one kid.

Mr. Parsons smiled. "I know you all are eager to get started so with no further ado, let's get this test started. So here they come, your finals tests in this class. You must pass this test in order to pass this class and get your certificates of accomplishment."

Through their door marched their test subjects. Large, handsome men, all dressed in Army fatigues of olive green with black boots and they lined up around the front of the room to display themselves to the eager boys. "Boys of Oral Studies 101, these are members of the U.S. Marine Corps whom the school has hand-picked for their qualifications for your optimum test experience."

The men stepped up in a practiced maneuver to make files of men which each walked down each row. As they walked, each man would select a boy and peel off to join him as the rest of the row kept on walking. Young, strong, handsome, muscled men, all in their early twenties, all smiling genially at the eager students watching them.

Timothy had his eye on the fifth man in his line, though he was the third student in his row. Tall, over six feet, with broad shoulders, dark brown hair, deep brown eyes and a smooth, regular face, strong arms, slim waist and a simple strong charm. He caught Timothy's stare at him and he smiled and nodded, and Timothy's stomach warmed at the gesture. This was the one he wanted.

When the first two picked other men, Timothy was happy and waved the other two men on (which gained him a smile and a shrug), and when the fifth man walked up to him, he put out his hand and took the hand of the man who veered out and moved to perch himself on Timothy's desk. His strong legs were on either side of Timothy and the man's crotch was right in front of the eager child.

Timothy read the name on the man's name tag. "Feathers." it said. "Private Feathers?" he said to test it.

"That's right. My name is Gregory. What's your name?"


"Timothy. Don't worry, you'll do fine today."

"I hope so." Timothy found his mouth watering and he wiped it on his shirt quickly.

He looked over to his buddies who sat to his left in the next two rows. Simon had a large black man and Edgar had an attractive Latino man, shorter than the others but brimming with sexual charm he practically oozed. But Timothy felt happy with his prize.

"All right, boys. This is more than a simple grab and suck. You are each being monitored by the overhead cameras and will be judged on your technique. First job is to demonstrate your skill in manual stimulation without direct contact. Begin."

Timothy looked up at Gregory who smiled and nodded, and he reached out and felt the man's crotch. The cock was in there, resting in the nest of the testicles, he could feel those thick balls just beneath. Okay, he took a deep breath, remember what to do. He moved to cup the balls and give them a gentle manipulation and stroking and Gregory hissed first in pleasure, then Timothy squeezed and he moved into a soft yelp. "Easy, son."

"I'm sorry." Timothy said. "I'm a little nervous."

"It's all right. Everyone has their first time. It's normal. Now, try that again, but easier."

Timothy did and this time Gregory closed his eyes and hissed in pleasure again. "That's it, boy, that's how you play with a man's nuts. Now move up to my dong."

Timothy slid his hand up and found the manipulation had caused the pud to stiffen and thicken, but it was still fairly flaccid. He caught the shaft in his fingers through the green dungarees and felt it and moved it and the prong stiffened up until it was all firm and hard and warm through the cloth.

Gregory was groaning softly. "Oh, damn, kid, you're a natural! I can't wait until we get past these preliminaries."

"Me, too!" Timothy agreed.

"Not that they aren't important." Gregory modified. "But I'm ready now, the preliminaries are usually needed more with older partners."

Other men in the class were murmuring similarly to the boys and one man was grunting in pain as the boy kept trying to get him ready like Timothy had. Poor Helmut Green, his father was known to be a rigid Breeder and probably hadn't given the lad any help on his studies. But the blond-haired lad was trying and the man was giving him instructions, after a time the man stopping grunting and began to groan.

"Time!" called out Mr. Parsons. "Your subject should be ready for the next part. Open their trousers and take it out for them. And remember, gentleness counts."

"I've got buttons, kid." Gregory told him. "Hope you've practiced that. We don't use buttons in the military any more, but they made us wear these."

"It's a test." Timothy agreed. "But Daddy let me practice on him with buttons."

He moved his hand and the dungaree trousers gave way in rapid order to his unbuttoning. Beneath was revealed a pair of soft white cotton briefs. Timothy's face wrinkled. He had to bring out the man's cock through that?

"Sorry, kid, another part of the test."

"I practiced." Timothy said but the truth was his only practice had been with the plastic mannequin quarter men (just navel to mid-thighs) the school had provided. He had a bit of trouble with that mannequin's dong, it didn't want to slide out of the fly.

He saw the bulge, the dong was just beyond the outer part of the fly. He slid his hand in and felt the warmth of the firm hard cock. Wow, Dad and Evan had been right, this was a lot better than the practice aids!

"Okay, kid, just grip it and give it a gentle pull. It's not going to bend much but it will slide out if you pull it right."

Timothy did and the cock seemed to fight him bringing it outside where it could be seen. Gregory grunted a little as the boy pulled harder but the dong's tip came out to the edge and from there the rest of the prick followed easily.

Gregory gave a sigh as Timothy held the man's proud erection in his hand. Timothy felt excited, exultant. His very first man's cock! He was holding one at last!

He licked his lips as he stared at it. "Wow, how big is it?" he asked Gregory.

"Eight and a half inches." Gregory told him. "I made sure to wash it extra well before I came here so it ought to taste nice and tasty on your tongue. But wait until the teacher tells you to do more, just hold it. Well, maybe move your hand up and down a little, just a little, help me keep it hard while I stare at that pretty face of yours and think about it bobbing up and down on my dong. My very first kid. Just like I'm your first man, you're my first boy."

"Yeah?" Timothy said in surprise. "But you..." "You are so handsome and wonderful." he had started to say, but he mumbled and blushed instead.

"My family doesn't approve of the new standards in our society." Gregory explained. "Teaching boys how to please a man, they think it's sacreligious."

"But why?" Timothy asked.

"It used to be strictly illegal for a man and boy to have sexual intercourse of any kind." Gregory explained.

"They didn't allow it, especially for men and boys." Timothy said. "I know, but I don't understand why? How can they control the population if the men are required to avoid sexual contact to keep from having too many children?"

"They didn't." Gregory agreed. "It became a big problem until they changed the laws. Even now it's illegal to bed a kid until he's passed these courses. Your Daddy will have to control what he does with you until you pass all the courses. But you'll get to work his dick from now on, and suck it, too, if you can handle mine. And as you pass each course, he and you can do more. So make sure you do everything right. I'm betting on you."

"Am I doing it right?" Timothy asked as he slowly moved the cock's skin up and down. The man's dong was leaking a lot of clear fluid now, it was getting on his hand. The practice aids hadn't done that, either.

"Kid, you are doing fucking awesome." Gregory said. "Jesus, this is making me so damned horny."

"Don't come too soon!" Timothy begged him. If the subject ejaculated prematurely, the student had to wait until the teacher eliminated one of other students to try to catch up with the others.

"I won't, kid, I promise. But you're making it hard on more ways than one. Your Daddy is going to be one lucky man!"

"I hope so, too." Timothy agreed.

"All right, part three." the teacher called out. "Oral stimulation without taking it fully into your mouth. Lick, suck, do anything but taking the entire head into your mouth. Please your man, don't jump on him!"

A few students and men chuckled at that. Timothy had a clear target, that clear fluid he knew was precome and this was a chance to find out how spunk tasted before he had to take the real thing!

"You may pull the man's pants down to knee level if you wish to at any time." Mr. Parsons told them. "And the testicles are allowed to be stimulated as you wish, too, plus any other part of the man's body you choose. Creativity at this point is encouraged."

Timothy licked a long line from the base of the shaft at the balls and up the rod. Gregory crooned as he lapped up the salty fluid and then licked his lips. "Hey, that's good!" he said in surprise.

Others near heard and snickered. Gregory just smiled. "Grade A Prime Male Stud." he said. "Go on, knock yourself out."

Timothy urged Gregory off the desk long enough to peel the trousers and pants off of Gregory and that let the boy give the man's nuts a thorough ball-washing. Greogry was groaning and his cock had spewed out some more of the fluid.

"Oh, shit, kid, I'm about to come!" he cautioned. "You're just too damned good at this!"

"Oh, oh, AH-AH-AH-AH, NO, NO, SHIT, I'M COMING!" came a voice. The black man Simon had been working squirted a high load and Timothy paused to watch this marvel of male engineering. What a load, and it flew so high! Simon was splattered with the mans spooge and it landed on him in other places. But Simon was disgusted. "Oh, man! Not now!"

"Sorry, Simon, you're out until a man becomes available." Mr. Parsons replied.

Simon looked at the teacher and said, "You've got a nice bulge in your jeans, Mr. Parsons. Can I use you for a fill-in."

"It''s quite irregular." Mr. Parsons stammered, the suave man was rattled.

"Aw, come on, I'm all worked up and nowhere to go!" Simon griped. "You said I was your best student, so come on, let me show you what I've learned."

"Go ahead, we won't tell anyone." one of the soldiers called and others agreed.

"Very well." Mr. Parsons moved in where the black soldier retreated, blushing, from the scene. He got up on the desk after pulling down his pants. "Start over with part three, Simon." he instructed. "And be careful this time."

"I'm pretty close, too, kid." Gregory hissed. "Come on, stand up, I got an idea."

Timothy did, still holding the man's dong, and Gregory kissed Timothy and Timothy (who had passed this class last year) gave the man a kiss worthy of a stud like him, with lots of tongue and stroking of his hands over the man's chest and arms. Gregory slid his own hands over Timothy and he gasped and the gasps slowed down.

"Okay, I've cooled down some." he told the boy. "Yo u can get busy on me again."

"Thanks." Timothy went down to harvest yet more precome, and spent the rest of the time sliding his tongue over and around the shaft and glans, getting it wet and slippery with his saliva. If he judged the time right....

"All right, boys." Mr. Parsons said with a tone of gasping in his voice. "Time for...for the main action. All the rules are off now, but the man needs to last until the bell sounds in ten more minutes. At the mark...Now! Ohhh, ohhh!" Mr. Parsons moaned. "Easy, Simon, remember finesse is a part of the best boy lover a man can wish for. Slow down, make it last, string it out."

"Go ahead." Gregory hissed at Timothy. "I want to see if you can take it all the way down. You've greased it up enough, go ahead, kid, show these others how lucky I am to have gotten you today."

Spurred on by this, Timothy got on his chair seat again and snuggled up close, got his face right above the glans. "Now!" he whispered and he plunged down onto the huge dong.

His hard work on lathering the shaft with his saliva paid off and his mouth and throat accommodated the thick organ. His practice sessions too showed their merit as his throat muscles relaxed and he sank down to the very base, his nose buried in the man's pubic hair.

"Oh, ahhh, ahhh, shit, kid, deep throat, deep throat!" Gregory called out. "Man, all the way to the base!"

"I can do that!" Simon boasted.

"No, no!" Mr. Parsons got out before Simon proved his prowess. "Ahhh, ahhh, ahh-ahhhh!"

"No wonder Thompson squirted too soon." another soldier said. "That kid is a horndog of the first grade."

"Wonder if he's going to make the teacher come too soon." another soldier asked. "Oh, yeah, kid, go ahead, take it a little at a time, it's okay." It was the man who Helmut was nursing. Timothy was glad the boy had apparently adjusted, he was a nice guy and one of Timothy's playtime friends.

The other soldiers joked while they groaned and soon a bet was going about Mr. Parson's abilities versus Simon's eager talents. They were giving Simon 2 to 1!

Timothy pulled back off Gregory and began to work the man in the ways his father and brother had urged on him. Daddy was right, a man liked it if the sucker kept the sucking varied, as long as he went up and down.

Gregory was in a state of high excitement and as he rose in his needs, Timothy listened and slowed down.

"Oh, God, kid, is it ten minutes yet?" the soldier panted with his face flushed and greasy with sweat. "I'm about to bust my fucking nuts here! I got to come soon, please, kid, let me come soon."

"Nu-uh!" Timothy told him. If Gregory came early, he'd have to wait to pass this class and he was sucking his Daddy tonight! Now that he had a taste of dong, he wasn't going to ever let go of them again!

"Oh, oh, oh!" Gregory laid as far back as the desk let him, his shoulders and head hung off the desk. The other soldiers, Timothy saw, were similarly worked up.. Didn't look like any of the kids were going to fail this year, he thought.

"Bzzz!" came the noise.

"'re...ready!" Mr. Parsons moaned. "Oh, OH, UH-AHH-AHH-GUHHH, HUHHH!"

"OH, AH, AHHH!" Gregory was right on the teacher's heels. "I'm coming, Timothy, now, oh, God, so fucking hot, now!"

Men all around the room were climaxing, for the class was composed of eager boys who had all been practicing carefully. Even Helmut's soldier was in high climax and spuring hot jizz over the boy's face as Helmut had begun coughing at the first blast.

Timothy wasn't going to do that, Gregory's moans hit their crescendo he braced and was ready.

His mouth was filled with hot squirts of male spunk, and Gregory had been saving his load for three full days (it was part of the course requirement to have the man fully loaded) and he unloaded all of it on Timothy. Timothy caught it and swallowed and caught more and swallowed again. He didn't let go until the last dregs of hot jizz was gulped down and Gregory was a limp of worn out man, like the toothpaste tube with all the toothpaste squeezed out, a limp weak image of his former self.

Gregory panted and rose up and he scooped Timothy up and gave the boy a happy loving kiss. All over the room the soldiers were giving the boys their mark of gratitude and even Helmut was getting his spunk-heavy face licked by the soldier who had spooged him.

Edgar was having some trouble with his Latino man, the guy was groaning and moaning but hadn't come. Edgar was getting desperate and Timothy felt sorry for the guy, it wasn't his fault, he had watched Edgar before and he had done everything right.

"Oh, oh, it's okay, mijo, I have some trouble sometimes, don't blame the nino, please." he moaned. "This is me, this is...."

Edgar had reached up and shoved his index finger into the Latino man's ass. The man let out a yowl of joy and he sprayed the boy hot and hard. "Oh, oh, oh, nino, you dirty little bastard, my ass, oh, God, my ass!"

"Good job, Edgar!" Mr. Parsons panted. "Good job, everyone." He stood and walked, somewhat weak-kneed, up to the front of the room again. "Your grades will be posted by the end of the day. Be sure to come by and check out the board on your way home."

Timothy kissed Gregory goodbye and got ready for his next class. The rest of the afternoon was a hundred years long but he got through it and went back to the class to see the pass/fail chart, his heart beating in his breast.

He almost raced home in his eagerness. Daddy was waiting and he said, "Well, son, how did it go?"

"I'll tell you, Daddy." Timothy said, waving the certificate of accomplishment in his right hand. "Just three words. Whip it out!"

Daddy grinned and began to unzip his pants. "I knew you could do it."

"So did I." said Gregory as he walked out behind the kitchen wall wearing a full dress uniform and a big grin. "I got your address from the principal. I just have to have another ride on those lips and this time, I plan to squirt just as soon as I feel like it!"

"Wait your turn." Daddy told him in mock anger. "I get my son's lips first!"

"I get him after that!" Evan called as he walked downstairs. "Man, I've been holding back on jerking myself all afternoon!"

"Sounds like your school vacation just got booked solid." Gregory told Timothy. "I have a four-day pass I plan to spend with you."

"Yeah!" Timothy said. Daddy had pulled off his pants and was lounging back in the big armchair that was his sole property. His cock stood rigid and waiting. Timothy walked toward that tower of male dong with a sense of accomplishment. Evan and Gregory flanked his father to either side, their puds waiting. Maybe he could jerk them while he sucked his Daddy.

Many good days lay ahead. He bet he would ace Advanced Studies next year!