There was a silence, and I chose that moment to walk in, “Hey, Adrian, I hear you’re running for president of your class.”

“What of it?”

“Can I help? Put up posters for you? Hand out flyers?”

“Beat it! We’re busy on my election campaign here!” Adrian shoved me out the door and closed it on me. Through the thin-walled door I heard his next words anyhow. “Busy losing!”

I knew my big brother too well to be really mad at that. He was upset and took it out on me, that’s pretty standard for his bad moods and it wasn’t like he’d hurt me or nothing. I just waited for him to leave with his friends a bit later, then I slipped in and found a stack of his campaign flyers, and with it, a list of the home addresses of the senior class. Mom helped me to copy the list with her scanner and printer, when she heard what I planned to do with it.

Whether he wanted it or not, I was going to campaign for my big brother for President!

* * * * *

I set out the next morning right after breakfast. I had gone over the list the night before, I had 32 members of the senior class to visit, all the boys in the senior class. My brother was a big, good-looking guy (I looked like him somewhat and hoped when I grew up I’d look a lot like him) and I thought, the same as him, that he could get the female vote easily enough. Me, I was going to concentrate on the guys.

Closest one on my list was Kelly Dixon. The list my brother had also had notes about the guys, Kelly was on the football team and I was to mention my brother’s pledge to press the school board for money for new football equipment.

Mrs. Dixon answered the door, I introduced myself and she told me to go upstairs to Kelly’s room. “See if you can wake him up before noon.” she concluded. “If you can do that, you can talk to him.”

I knocked on his bedroom door. “Huh?”

“Can I come in, please?” I called.

“Hah? Who is it?”

“Barry Horne. I’m Adrian’s brother, I wanted to talk to you about making him class president.”

“Oh, God!” Came the groan.

“Just a couple minutes.” I pleaded. “Please?”

“Come in.” he moaned.

I went in. Yoiks! I thought my brother Adrian’s room was a mess, this was completely a disaster! Kelly was in it, sitting up in his bed, only a sheet over his body and nothing on above his waist (which is what the sheet wasn’t covering). His body was muscled but not the muscles that bulge out the body, his chest was massive but smoothly covered by his skin all over, his nipples were limp triangles on top of this muscle. Very little of his body was fat.

“Okay, get it over with.” Kelly grunted at me. “I’m beat!”

“I’m supposed to tell you how my brother will get the football team some new equipment if you make him president, and he will.” I said. “But mostly, I want to talk about Emily’s promise.”

“You heard about that?” Kelly was surprised.

“I overheard my brother talking about it. And I think it stinks!”

“Hey.” Kelly was embarrassed, laughed. “At least it’s a campaign promise she’s going to deliver on. You really think your brother can get the football team new equipment?”

“I know he’ll really try.” I said. “And what if Emily doesn’t really give everyone at her party a blowjob. All she has to do is slip out or hide until you all go home. Or have the police arrive because they heard about it. Or make sure your mother finds out.”

“Yeah, yeah, spoil all my fun!” grumped Kelly.

“The difference between me and Emily is, I’m going to deliver before the election on the promise.” I went on as I got up right next to the bed.

“Huh?” Kelly looked over at me.

“I mean, if you’re willing to promise to vote for my brother on Tuesday, I’ll suck you right now.” I said as I grabbed the edge of the sheet and pulled back on it. Kelly’s hands on the top kept me from pulling it totally away from him, but I managed to clear a part of the bed next to the edge, enough for me to climb into the bed on and not pin down the sheet doing it.

“Good God damn!” Kelly marveled. “Does Adrian know you’re doing this?”

“No.” I said. “And I’ll be mad if you tell him I’m doing it. I just heard what Emily is doing to him, and it makes me mad, that’s all. I don’t want her to win.”

“So if I tell you I’ll vote for Adrian on Tuesday, you’ll suck me right now, right here?”

“That’s the deal.” I assured him.

Kelly looked at his bedroom door.

“Your mother was going out to work with her flowers in the front yard.” I said. “Anyone else here going to bother us?”

“No.” Kelly said and looked back at me, gulped. “All right. I’d rather have Adrian for class president anyhow. You suck me, I’ll vote for him. But what if Emily wins anyhow?”

I shrugged. “Then I won’t come suck you again, maybe.”

“You got yourself a deal.” Kelly said with sudden determination and threw back his covers. He wasn’t wearing anything under that sheet. He was totally naked.