Spider's Web

Tether didn't know the boy very well, even if it was his own flesh and blood. He and his then-wife Rebecca had divorced while she was still barely pregnant, and he had only learned of his son's existence after his birth, a single phone call from Rebecca and no location, no knowledge of her whereabouts, no nothing. If she hadn't put his identity on the boy's birth certificate, the authorities would never have been able to find him. So now, at the boy's tender age of six years, he, Theodore "Tether" Webb, was now "in loco parentis" with no real prior experience with children of any age.

Still, the accident that had claimed his ex-wife's life had also taken beforehand both her sister (the boy's aunt) and mother (grandmother), so the female lineage was not an option. Tether had earned his trucker nickname for having a career that spanned the continent from Alaska to Nova Scotia, and from Saskatchewan to the far end of Mexico, he had spent more time on the road than at home since becoming a trucker some eight years before he had roped the world in his travels and tied it all together, hence his nickname, but he hadn't been home more than two days in a row since his marriage with gaps of weeks in between.

Small wonder his teenaged girlfriend hadn't been able to handle such long absences, had taken a lover, and had absconded with his unborn son. The man had insisted on a DNA test which had proven him not the father and abandoned her soon after, and he had consented to a test to prove his own fatherhood, and that had been that, the woman and boy had vanished and now she was dead and the boy was standing before him.

"Hello." he said to the small, skinny boy with pale brown hair that just missed being "dirty blond" (Rebecca had been blonde), wearing only a yellow t-shirt with a faded cartoon logo on the front and a pair of baggy dark-blue shorts that weren't jeans or any other material Tether was familiar with, and a pair of brand-new soft-cloth pull-on shoes with white blue-banded socks. The face was round, scrupulously clean, the hair was brushed carefully, the eyes were round and the same blue as Tether's own (or Rebecca's, if you wanted to argue genetics). Rebecca's boyfriend had been brown-eyed and the blue eyes had triggered his demand for a test. "Are you Mervyn?"

"Uh-huh." the boy replied, he had been saddled with his maternal grandfather's name. "Are you my Daddy?"

"That's what they tell me." Tether let the boy look at him at his leisure in a short silence. He had a lot to look at, you can travel the roads in a sixteen-wheeler without developing either massive arm muscles or a big pot-belly, and he had opted for the former. His upper body formed a near triangle of powerful muscles of chest, abs, pecs, biceps, forearms, that rippled with movement as he folded his arms across his chest and grinned at his son. Then he moved again, hands at his waist, threw out his chest, and the boy's eyes followed it all in awed silence.

"So, Merv." Tether said. "Are you ready to go home with me?" He had taken a home, as well as a job with a delivery company, so he could be home with his son from now on.

"Uh-huh." The boy had two suitcases with him, they must hold clothes and a toy or two and not much more. Figures, his mother-in-law had been a bit of a religious nut and even children were expected to pray more than play. "Mom said they call you ‘Tether.'"

"Yep." Tether explained briefly, and Mervyn smiled at it. "So they make fun of your last name, Webb?"

"Partly." Tether conceded. "‘Course, you're a Webb too, you know."

"Yeah." Mervyn brightened. "Then I should have a nickname, too."

Tether considered this. "You should. You're a member of the Webb family but you just sort of sit there. That makes you a Spider."

"Spider." the boy considered it. "I like that."

"Anything sounds better than Mervyn." Tether agreed. "Spider it is, then. Come on, let's go, we got a long drive ahead of us."

The ride was suprisingly silent. Tether was used to the long silences and the boy was gazing at the terrain and when that grew boring (an interstate avoids carefully anything of interest, it seems), he pulled out a small book and began to read it. Tether saw that it was a book of children's stories from the Bible and grew annoyed. The boy compounded it by closing the book, closing his eyes, and with his hands folded before him, began to pray.

"What the hell are you doing, Spider?" he asked.

The boy jumped at the obscenity. "Just praying."

"Praying? Why?"

"I always pray at this time. Grandmother said we need to pray to God ten times a day." Spider explained.

"Oh. Well, I have other rules." Tether wasn't going to live through this ten times a day! "You pray before you go to bed at night. One prayer, say what you got to say, and then shut up and go to bed. God likes it better that way."

"He does?"

"Yep." Tether said and Spider subsided skeptically. He quit praying though and Tether let it go at that.

Another scrape involved the ancient ordeal of needing to urinate while on the road. The problem was that Tether encountered it while they were in the outskirt-part of a city and the terrain was all suburban houses on either side with no businesses and nothing like privacy for a place for a fellow to stop and water the bushes. But Tether was prepared for this even in his car. "Hey, Spider?"


"Pull that bottle out from under your seat."

Spider reached, looked puzzled and pulled out the bottle. "Is this it?" He was holding an odd shaped plastic bottle with a broad mouth and the top third bent upwards from the rest of the bottle, the entire thing showing it was intended to sit atop a table with the top part uppermost.

"Yep." Tether took the bottle, then said, "Grab hold of the wheel. Don't turn it, just hold it steady for me for a few seconds. Watch the road and turn only if we get out of our lane."

Spider did hold but his gaze was turned by Tether's actions. Tether scooted down and unzipped his pants fly and pulled out his prod, he had done this endless times on the road and indeed accomplished it all in a few seconds' time. Done, he tucked the cockhead into the end of the opening of the bottle and took the wheel back with the other hand as he let a yellow stream flow into the bottle and the car filled with the warm, yeasty smell of human urine. "Ahhh, that does it." he said with satisfaction.

"You peed in the car." Spider said in wonderment.

"Yeah, sure. What's wrong with that?"

"You...you're showing your, your...."

"My wiener." offered Tether.

"Uh-huh." Spider said. "That's wrong."

"Wrong how?" Tether asked.

"God doesn't want you to show yourself like that, not to anybody." Spider said with finality.

"Your Grandma tell you that, too?"


"Well, Son, let me tell you something important. Your Grandma was wrong. There's nothing wrong with a man seeing another man's noodle when he has to pee. So get that out of your head right now, because Son, you're living with a man now, not women. So you're going to see things you didn't used to see, okay?"

"Okay." Spider said and Tether finished, closed the bottle's lid and tucked his dong back into his trousers and zipped up, then looked over at his child.

Spider was praying again, and Tether sighed, let it go.

He had planned to travel through the night and get home in the wee hours but hell, this boy needed some time to get used to his new living arrangements. A hotel room would be better than his apartment for that. So when a Motel 6 beckoned with a "Vacancy" light as the sun went down, he pulled in and said, "Well, we rest here tonight then will be home by noon tomorrow." he announced.

He didn't let his son bring in any clothing. "We'll just sleep naked and put on our same clothes again in the morning." he told the boy. "We'll call out for pizza and watch some TV, how about that?"

"Grandma didn't allow TV." Spider told him.

"Oh. Well, I do." Tether told him.

The pizza comfortably filling their stomachs (Spider had insisted on praying before he ate his, Tether allowed it but ate while his son prayed), he urged his son into the bed and leaned up against the headboard (comfortably padded for this very reason) and said, "How about we pick a show. Anything you want, my treat."

He watched as his son selected the "movies" section then wandered into the more adult section. The titles were probably intriguing to a boy. His own attention wandered perhaps at the wrong moment when sirens roared nearby, and when he turned back, the boy had already selected the movie.

It was the anarchist in him that smirked when the movie titles demonstrated that his naive child had chosen a gay porn flick to watch. "Well, I'm going to go ahead and get ready for bed." he announced as the hunky men danced across the screen with their names beneath interspersed with rather stock footage of a tropical beach.

He got up by the side of the bed to disrobe, but Spider was too engrossed in the scenes on the TV to watch his father. The two men were kissing and pulling their clothes off of each other at the moment, while the tropical beach could be seen through the window beyond them. As well as a third man wearing only a swimsuit watching the busy pair.

Tether stripped down to his briefs as the men on the screen were pulling off the last of their clothing and as they kissed and a closeup of their hard cocks clashing filled the screen, he gasped and hit the "Off" button on the TV.

"Didn't like the show, Spider?" Tether asked his son with a wide grin. As the boy turned his attention from the dead TV to his father, Tether pulled down his briefs and was fully nude. "It was just getting started."

"Those men were being nasty." Spider declared, outraged. His eyes were fixed on his father's groin.

"What's nasty about two men kissing?" Tether asked.

"They were naked." Spider turned "naked" into two syllables. Na-ked.

"Oh. I thought it was their weiners touching each other had you upset."

"That, too."

"What's wrong with a man's weiner touching another man's?" Tether gave his body a little hitch and that flopped his dong up and over from lying away from Spider's direction to toward it, though still soft, it was firming up slowly.

"Grandma said it was nasty." Spider said. "Grandma said it."

"Grandma didn't know everything, Spider. And what she did know isn't necessarily true."

"Oh." Spider acquiesced dubiously.

Tether reached an athletic arm across his child, his armpit at the boy's nose and grabbed the remote control and turned the movie back on. The kissing scene briefly played then the scene switched to the voyeur who had his own pud out and was stroking on it as he watched the lovers.

"What's he doing, Daddy?" Spider asked.

"Jerking off." Tether said.

"Jerking off? What's that, I mean, why is he doing that?"

"Because it feels good." Tether explained. "You ought to try it."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"Grandma said it was nasty."

Tether was getting exasperated at the old lady's ghost. "Grandma said a lot of stuff that isn't true. You should try it."

The lovers on the screen had gripped each other's cocks and were stroking each other as they alternated kissing the other's cheek or neck and gasping in pleasure.

"Why are they doing that?"

"Because it feels good." Tether said.

"So why don't they do it for themselves?"

"Because it feels even better when someone else does it for you, that's why." Tether was getting into the scene a bit. While firmly bisexual overall, the sight of two gorgeous men loving each other was more than enough to stir his stem and stiffen his staff. His cock was rising up like a cobra ready to strike. "It also feels better to pump on your stiff dick while you watch other people doing it with each other, like now."

His hand went to his rod and he gripped it and held it upright, waggled the tip some three inches beyond his paw's grasp, back and forth. "Mmmm, like I'm about to pump on mine now."

"Oh." Spider's glances went back and forth to the scenes on the TV, the lovers stroking each other's cocks, the watcher jerking his as he watched, and to his own Daddy who was slowing sliding his hand up and down, as his own gaze remained fixed on his son.

"Are you going to join in, Son?" he asked. His son's little dick was sticking up the front of his soft shorts. "Looks like you'd like to."

"But it's wrong. Grandma said so. Grandma said that if you touch yourself down there, you are a very bad boy, and Grandma said....."

"Grandma was full of shit!" Tether interrupted his son. "You live with me, now, and it's time you learned how the world really works. Now, pull off those clothes and get naked like me."

"I can't!"

"Sure you can. I'm your Daddy and I'm telling you there's nothing wrong with being naked. Now take them off."

The boy complied, his face unhappy but still watching the TV. The lovers had changed position from standing, now one was lounging back on his couch much like Tether was, and the other was below and hand his lover's prong in hand and was jerking it as his tongue licked at the cockhead.

"That's not nasty, either?" he said and it was a question of his father.

"That's not nasty either." Tether confirmed. "If the cock is clean, it actually tastes kind of nice." He gestured at his own rod. "Would you like to try it?"

His son was now as bare as his father and he was kneeling on the bed, looking down at the tower of turgid tool his father held beckoning in his hand. "I guess I could try holding it a while." the boy compromised.

"That's a start." Tether agreed. He let go and his son's small hand enclosed his father's rod. "Mmmm, that's nice, Spider." he said. "Now get up here and give your Daddy some sugar."

Spider did that, it was a spot of normality in a very abnormal environment, but when he kissed his father's lips, his father gripped him and kissed him in a way that was decidedly not-fatherly.

Spider released his father's cock and gave a "glmph!" as his father's tongue slid into his mouth and he wormed, nearly choked, and Tether let him go and the boy pulled back. Tether saw the boy's willie standing erect and proud and his hand gripped the little pud and Spider gasped as he felt the pleasure of the big male fingers toying with his dick. Tether jerked it back and forth and he grinned as the boy shyly reached back to grasp his own much larger dong and the boy gave his prick a few experimental strokes.

"That's nice, Son, now grip it a little tighter and move your hand a little further up and down each time." he instructed. "Oooh, ooh, ohh, yeah, Son, like that, like that, ooh!" he grunted as the boy's hand learned how to pleasure a man's cock the right way.

Spider leaned back and the two kissed, and this time Spider didn't flinch as his father's tongue again invaded his mouth, he let it fish around as it wanted and sucked on it gently as if it were a tasty peppermint stick.

"Now you're getting into it." Tether agreed as he pulled his tongue back out. His eyes saw the screen and he said, "The TV give you any more ideas?"

Spider looked over to see that the lovers were busy with one sucking the other's cock. "Oh!"

"Want to try it, long as you got hold of Daddy's dick?" Tether offered.

"I don't know." Spider dithered. "Grandmother said...." he cut himself off. "Oh. I don't know."

"Just try it." Tether urged his son. "You can stop if you don't like it. Daddy promises."

"Well...all right. Maybe a little." Spider agreed.

"Attaboy. Get down and suck Daddy's dong."

"I don't know." Spider backed away.

"It's okay, Son." Tether decided on a gentler approach. "Why don't you lay back and let Daddy love on you a little while. Like those men on the TV were doing, see if that changes your mind, okay?"

"Okay." Spider did, he laid back on the bed and Tether rolled over and gave his son the treatment he always gave Rebecca to warm up her slow-boiling body. Spider liked the kisses, on his lips of course and the tongue play, even extending his own into his father's mouth to get sucked on. He giggled as Tether's mouth nipped and nibbled on his cheek, his chin, his neck, and throat, his shoulders. Tether's tongue plied over his son's young slim body who wriggled in pleasure as his father sucked his young nipples, played over his ribs and chest, tasted his triceps and bathed his biceps with his saliva, and when Tether reached the young nubile dick and his lips touched the young dong and enclosed it, the boy immediately shuddered and convulsed in his young orgasm out of sheer, raw, excited ecstasy.

"Oh, oh, Daddy, oh, oh, ohhhh!" Spider exclaimed as he was wracked with boyish climax. "Oh, oh, ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh!"

Tether grinned as he held onto his son's prod until the very last vestige of joy shook his son's body, then he carefully licked and sucked it dry and lifted up to match lips with his son once more. "And that's why it's not nasty." he explained. "People do it because it feels terrific and makes them tingle all over like you just did. It's why it's not nasty, even when maybe it doesn't taste a nice as an ice cream cone does on a hot day."

Spider giggled at the comparison. "Do it doesn't taste nasty?"

"Not very nasty." Tether agreed. "Some people like the way it tastes."

Spider was quiet for a moment, then he said, "I think I might like the way your peter would taste, Daddy."

"I think you might, too." Tether said. "You want to try it and find out?"


"Well, then, go ahead." Tether turned off the TV set. It had done its work admirably, now it was just distracting. He was much more interested in the small, lithe, loveable form of his son as he crawled between his father's large, athletic thighs and rested between them and his hand caught hold of his father's cock at the base and his lips reached for the plump plum of his father's cockhead and....

"Ohhhh, God!" he breathed huskily as the luscious lips dove over his glans. "Get lots of spit worked up, Son, before you try to take very deep. Mmmm!" the boy's saliva gushed upon his prick's top. "Oh, God, Son, you do that so well! Yeah, I am swimming now, go ahead, Son, see if you can take it deeper for Daddy. Don't choke, but try to relax and let your throat take it."

Spider managed to sink about half of Tether's nine inch dong into his mouth before he began to gag. He released an inch or two, but didn't retreat further. Instead, the boy (who had apparently watched the action of the TV while being serviced by his father and learned his lesson well, began to pump up and down on the thick, heavy prick and left his father gasping in no time at the joy racing through his body.

"Oh, yeah, Son, do it, faster, oh, oh, God, yeah, like that, Son, like that, oh, Baby, you are a natural born cocksucker, God, I love it, Son, I love it, oh, God!" Tether moaned. He writhed as if he were tied down and struggling to be free, though his actual intent was the opposite, he wanted this to never, never end!

"Oh, oh, Son, suck my balls, too, take my nuts in your mouth and suck on them for me, please, Baby, please!" he begged. If he didn't stop this stimulation for a moment, he was going to cream and cream hard, and he wanted this to last!

Spider obediently did as instructed, but he made a face and backed away. "Ooh, Daddy, they taste nasty! All sticky and smelly and bad, yuck!"

"I guess they've been sweating a lot after this long day." Tether commiserated. "Some people like the heavy smell and taste of musk and sweat, but it's all right. Just suck Daddy's dick some more now, that'll be fine. We can try again with my nuts after I give them a good bath, okay?"

"Okay." Spider returned to the towering rod and Tether was again seized by the rapturous moist lips and lavishly ladled tongue as Spider massaged his knob until he was sparkling like a lit Fourth-of-July fireworks fuse, about to blast and blast hard!

"Oh, oh, oh!" Tether moaned. "Oh, Baby, I'm about to come. If I come, Baby, a whole lot of white gooey stuff is going to squirt out of my cock, and it's not nasty, Son, it's not nasty but you have to expect it, okay, Son." he babbled. "Can I come in your mouth, Son, can I squirt it into your mouth, it's okay if you can't swallow it, but can you catch it for me and keep sucking until I'm done, Son, please, Baby, please!"


That was all his father needed to hear, he immediately roared, "COMING, AH-AH-HAH, UHHH-HAHH-HAH-HUNKHHH!" His climax was strong, powerful and rich in spunk, and Spider caught the first squibs as they slammed into his mouth and throat, but he had to pull off and as he did, his face was splattered with more, and Tether, watching his spooge splash his son's angelic face with sticky white squibs, moaned and felt almost a second climax just from the sight of this, his son's innocence and his own virility in equal measure.

"Ahh, ahh, ahhh!" Spider cried out as he was splattered with hot, white man-goo and then, to his father's astonishment, he swallowed the spunk he had in his mouth and dove back down to take the freshly extinguished glans in his mouth and he sucked off the sperm he found there and licked his Daddy's dong dry.

"Oh, Son, oh, Son!" Tether moaned as his son wiped a finger along his face where the jizz had jetted, and put it into his mouth. "You like the way Daddy's love-juice tastes?"

"Uh-huh." Spider said. "It's kind of sweet and kind of salty, like taffy."

"Mmmm, yeah, warm taffy." Tether murmured. "Lick it all off your Daddy's dick, baby, it's filled with vitamins and minerals and good stuff like that. Eat it all up."

"I have, Daddy." Spider said.

"Missed one up here." Tether lifted a squib off of his son's hair and ferried it to his son who licked at it blissfully. Then he lifted his son up to his face and he kissed the spots where his son had been splashed with his jizz, kissing away the last dregs of his tumescence from that soft, sweet, innocent skin.

"I love you, Son." He sighed when he was done.

"I love you, too, Daddy." Spider agreed.

"I've been away from you too long, but don't worry, Son. I'm here for you now and I won't ever leave you. Never."

"I know." Spider sighed and he settled back into his father's arm. They slept as they were in the warm summer night, bare, atop the covers, bathed in the light that seeped through the window of the motel room from the street outside, a bluish glow that turned the scene of their slumber into a calm, cool, serene, surreal ideal of man/boy love.

The sun that awakened them through that same window was in its place rather harsh and glaring. Tether stirred and awakened to find that his son was already awake and dressed and he was in a position Tether feared he would find much too common in future.

Spider was praying.

"Are you all right, Son?" He said as his son seemed to pause in his prayer and saw his father stirring.

"I'm okay."

"So what's wrong?" his father asked. Spider's face was streaked with dried tears. "Why were you crying?"

"I had a dream." Spider explained. "Momma and Grandma came to visit me and they saw us and they were mad, so very, very, mad!" Spider broke down, blubbering.

Tether hugged his child to him. "It was just a dream, Son." he said as comforting as his inward rage (those damned nutjob females had wrecked his child's mind!) would allow him. "You can't listen to them."

"But they told me I'd been a bad boy!"

"They don't get to tell you what to do anymore!" Tether told his son fiercely. "You're my son and you listen to me now. Not them! Me! They visit you in your dreams again, you tell them I said they should go back to Hell where they came from!"

"Hell?" that word had sunk into Spider's brain at least.

"Yeah, Hell."

"But Momma and Grandma...."

"God is Love, right?" Tether pressed his son.


"And you and I were making love. So how can making love make you a bad boy?"

Spider looked puzzled and his tears dried. He was quiet and pensive on the trip home and Tether wondered if his son was lost to him forever or not. He decided that if Spider felt that guilty about screwing his old man, then he wouldn't do it again.

They were home by late morning. "We'll go shopping tomorrow, get you new clothes and things you need." Tether told his son. "We'll have to stop at the school and register you as well but we can hold that off until Monday, give you a few days to settle in and such."

The shower felt damned good and he heard Spider's own shower running at the same time and finish while he was still scraping a two-days' beard off his chin.

He heard his son call as he finished and he wrapped his bath towel around his slim loins and went to see. Spider wasn't in his room, a second call told him his son was in the living room.

He was, spread out on the couch that faced the hallway (and the TV set by its side), and Spider was naked and grinning. "I'm ready, Daddy." he said to his dumbfounded father.

"I can see that." Tether agreed.

"So come give me some love." Spider told him.

His son had decided and his father had won the battle. The thought he had defeated his ex-wife and the old harridan of a mother-in-law for his son's soul was an aphrodisiac beyond anything for sale at Adam & Eve. He threw his towel to one side and advanced on his child.

Spider raised and caught his father's cock in mid-flight and ferried it to his mouth.

"Mmmm, get it wet, son, nice and wet. It's time Daddy gave you some real loving." Tether growled. "I got something that will blow your mind."

Spider was industrious, his mouth worked up saliva and his tongue applied it to his father's dong until it was a gleaming gray glory of man's cock. Tether was busy as well, the man bent over and plugged his tongue into his son's small anus and greased it with a thick layer of saliva.

"That ought to do it." Tether grunted as he regarded his own and his son's handiwork. "Now I'm going to stuff this hard wiener up your asshole, son. Just relax as much as you can and you'll find it goes in without a whole lot of pain. It is hurts too much, just yell out and I'll rest you a bit. But it's going in and the sooner it's in, the sooner it'll stop hurting you."

"Okay." Spider was a little frightened but willing. He gasped when the turgid rod touched his slimed-up tuckerhole, but he didn't fight it, and Tether found a slow, gentle pressure let him pop first the cockhead inside, then the shaft little by little as his son only released small grunts of discomfort now and again. Tether paused once and looked his query, but Spider just shook his head and his little hands tried to pull his father's body further down.

"Oh, oh, Daddy, you're so big!" Spider gasped. "How much more of it is there?"

Tether had pushed about half of it. "That's all of it, Son. You got the whole thing. How do you feel?"

"Full." Spider said.

"Then let me pull out a bit for you." Tether pulled back then slid it back in again. "How's that feel?"

"Oh, oh! Fantastic!" Spider gasped. "Do that again!"

"Like this?" Tether pulled out and pushed in again, this time driving his cock in a little further.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Spider gasped. "More, Daddy, more, do it more!"

Tether began to move, his lithe athletic hips moving his cock in and out of his child's ass with grace and smoothness, and his son's moans were electric and ecstatic. Tether found his son's bowels no longer fought his hedonistic hardon's thrusts, and he wrapped his muscled arms around his son and pulled the boy tight and began to move his hips faster and faster, letting his pleasure drive his body and there was no upper limit to that drive.

He soon was slapping his hips with the power of his thrusts and his son was a moaning mass of minor-aged male who was impaled upon his towering tool and the boy's cries were only for more, Daddy, more, fuck me more, harder, please, more!

Tether's groans were practically feral, he was a male animal rutting atop his mate, and his muscled, hairy body was beyond any conscious control, there was only the rut, only the aggressive top and the passive bottom, and he rammed his son until his son's cries reached a crescendo and the little body shook in his joy.

Even after, as the boy lay in exhausted post-climactic glow, his father continued his bestial assault and the boy lay and endured it and there was pleasure in his eyes still even as his father crept up the higher, slower ladder to his own pinnacle of climactic conclusion, and with a loud roar that would have honored a lion, Tether cried out in his orgasm and he shot a hot heavy load of his spunk deep into his son's bowels, and as he did, his son constricted and joined him in a secondary, blissful explosion of sexual delight.

Done, panting heavily, Tether lay atop his child, his elbows holding most (but not all) of his massive body weight from his son's tether skeleton, and he gasped and when his son reached for a kiss, he gave it but with the weakness of a man who had given his all and could give but little more.

"Oh, Daddy, that was wonderful." Spider told his father.

"That was fucking." Tether agreed. "The best way for two people to love each other."

"I'm glad you love me that much."

Tether grinned. "Give me a few hours and I'll love you like that again, maybe."

"I'd like that." Spider kissed his father once more.

"Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly." Tether said to his son. "You might as well, because I'm stuck with you."

"Only I'm the spider." Spider answered. He didn't know the poem. "And I've caught you."

"That you have." Tether agreed.