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This book is a compilation of stories I wrote for three different fans. Twelve of these 19 stories (counting chapters/parts as separate stories for length-counting's sake) were for Frottage Guy (FG, as I call him), and the others are five nearly forgotten stories written for Superman Guy (SG) some years ago. The final two stories were for Loving Guy (LG). I'll identify the fans involved on their stories. The total comprises 464 pages of reading fun of men and boys having lots of fun, happy sex, the sort that the little boys like you and me used to be dream of at night, thus my book's title. While I was careful to try to please the individual fans buying the stories in these writings, and they sometimes show that effect, I think the overall tale will please the rest of you as well. After all, I've been writing and selling gay porn for over 30 years now! One of these stories is a reprint from "Famous Faces" which was an oversight I only discovered just now, but I don't have the time or energy right now to remove it and that particular book hasn't sold very well anyhow.

This eBook contains the following stories:

Carl and Seth Go to Supermanland--Carl and his son Seth are going to a theme park devoted to the comic-book character and Seth's hero, Superman! The city is designed to resemble Metropolis and Seth has loads of fun. Carl is enjoying it less, but when someone tells him about a special off-park attraction, he pays attention and Seth gets to enjoy the personal attentions of Superman and Carl gets to enjoy the personal attentions of his son, for he is playing Superman and the action gets hot and heavy. An "SG" story of course.

Castaway Daddy--Our 19th Century hero and his father are the sole survivors of the shipwreck and now living on an otherwise deserted island in some comfort but a good deal of loneliness. A man as young as our hero's Daddy has needs that only loving another can assuage, and our hero discovers that being loved by his Daddy is a wonderful way to relieve the loneliness of a deserted Pacific island. A loving story for LG.

The Beckham Four: David and Cruz, The Children's Hour--An FG story about the soccer star/model David Beckham and his youngest son. David has accepted a (temporary) job as a soccer coach at his youngest son's school, which means that they both arrive home each night at the same early afternoon hour. They have this time alone together and find it to be the perfect arrangement for a father and son to make slow, passionate love. Again, I have no personal knowledge of these people, but have gone online and done other research to make this storyline at least believable-sounding.

Superman/Baby and Lex Luthor: Gigleemian Bargains--Superman's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor (think "Superfriends" here, folks) has bought an alien device that will work on Superman, turning him into a still-superpowered toddler who has no memory of his adult life and leaves Superman with no memory of the device's use when the effect wears off. Planning to disable the hero while he commits his crimes, Lex uses this to become the baby's "Uncle Lex" only to find that this precocious lad has somoe very intimate curiosities to explore with his "uncle." After a while, Lex wouldn't dream of using the device to do anything else with it! An SG story.

Call Her Doctor Miracle--This FG story extends the first "Call Me Mrs. Miracle" movie beyond the ending, following the activities of the boy in the movie with his newly-arrived home Army Daddy. I did what I could with such a tale, but it's mostly a case of me following FG's specs for his stories of plenty of hot kissing, spit-swapping, frottage and similar man/boy love.

Grandpa Was a Hippie--Another FG tale, this time following the sexual fun of a young boy with an uptight Daddy and a former hippie grandfather who is eager to show the boy the pleasures of free love like he enjoyed in the 1960's and our hero finds that loving his Grandpa is super-groovy!

A Taste of Superman--Hunky vice cop Ronin has just returned from another bust where the man was dressing up as Superman to molest young boys. He has come home with the paraphenalia of Superman in a bag (absent-mindedly) and pulls it out, watches one of the home-made videos of the man, and is stirred by the events he watches that he pulls on the costume and mask and goes into his own son's bedroom to give his child a visit from Superman for himself. An SG story.

The Full Circle--An FG story in three parts, it tells the story of a boy who has been sexually molested by his mother for as long as he can remember but when the police arrest her he is taken into the care of his newly found father only to learn that the family history is much more convoluted and circular in nature than he had possibly dreamed; his father and mother were brother and sister and it just keeps going from there.

Spider's Web--At the tender age of six, our young hero loses his mother and goes to live with his trucker father, "Tether" Webb who detests the name his ex-wife gave the son and rechristens him "Spider" which the boy loves. Daddy sets out to both teach the boy the ways of the road and unteach him the crude, cruel version of Christianity he had been taught and the boy celebrates his newfound freedom with some sexual fun with his Daddy. Another LG story.

Superbaby's Playmate--Superman is out playing with his superpowered son one day when the lad runs after a thrown boulder and encounters a boy his own age, Thor-Lu. The two become friends fast as boys do and they play, but Thor-Lu is actually Luthor who has found a crashed alien spaceship and used it to capture Superman and with the superhero helpless lying on the "Bed of Lethe" Thor-Lu (and later the adult Luthor) and Superbaby get sexually busy on the helpless Man of Steel. Another SG story.

Billy Elliott V: Cabriole--A continuing set of FG's stories about the "Billy Elliott" movie characters, in this one, Tony is home from the hospital though still bed-ridden, and Billy and Tony, and later Dad Jackie as well, enjoy their family reunion. FG keeps asking for sequels, and one day, I'll combine these all into one book for you fans of this storyline...maybe.

Twelve Years of Home Schooling--An FG story in three parts based on (not duplicated) the Indie movie "Homeschooled" about the parents who set out to give their homeschooled son the complete public school experience by playing characters he would encounter in school, all the way from elementary through junior and senior high, with young boys playing with their peters, to the depredations of the school bully, to the first love he experiences in his last year of school.

The Good Witch's Elixir--Another FG story about the "Good Witch" movies (not the TV show) which follows the experiences of Chief of Police Jake and his son Brandon when Brandon's buddy lifts a small bottle from Cassie's shop and it spills on Brandon when Jake comes up on the pair. It turns out to be a very powerful love potion, but in Cassie's shop, the magical items usually seek out their own buyers and it turns out to be the best magic for this father and son as they love each other.

Discovering Xavier--Yet another FG tale, this one based on the Brazilian foreign film "Descobrindo Xavier" and again, we follow the events in that mini-movie beyond the end to the love this precious young boy and his loving father find with each other. Yes, FG does this to me a lot, but as long as he pays, I'll keep writing them!

Kryptonian Homecoming--When the Kandorian scientist discovers the recording sent by Jor-El along with the baby Superman long ago and manages to recover a bit of it, the superhero is in for a surprise, because it shows the man making love to the baby Kal-El. He has to learn what happened back then, and journeys to Krypton via a combination spaceship/time machine, to discover a threat to Krypton's government and rediscovers the love he had for his father and his father for him in the process. Another SG story.


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