Bonobos Have Got it Knocked

It was my daddy's weekend to have custody of me, and like many fathers with limited custody, he would usually take me somewhere to give me a special treat and make the weekends as special for me as he could. This weekend, we went to the zoo, a place that I loved to go. I dawdled so much at this animal or that, that Daddy had devised a regimen of where we'd go each time. This particular weekend, we were seeing the apes.

I loved the big furry creatures. "They look a lot like us!" I exclaimed.

The guide to this exhibit, an older man who was nearby, overheard me and smiled, came closer and said, "Of course they look like us, the apes are our nearest relatives. You're looking at the gorilla, who is one of them, gorillas share 98% of our genetic material."

"Wow!" I enthused.

"But other apes are even more closely related." the guide went on. "What's your name, son?"

"Charles. This is my daddy, Peter." I introduced him to Daddy.

Daddy and the guide shook hands and the guide said, "Let me show you the closest living relatives of apes."

Daddy, however, saw the entrance to the exhibit's bathroom and said, "Uh, could you keep an eye on Charles for me for like five minutes while I make a quick pit stop?" He gestured with his eyes toward the bathroom.

The guide smiled. "Of course, let me take Charles to the chimpanzees and bonobos, it's just over there." he pointed.

"I'll be right back." Daddy told me. "So stay with the guide and stay by the chimpanzees, and I'll be back in no time."

"It's okay, Dad." I said. "Go ahead and tinkle."

Daddy chuckled and said to the guide. "Yeah, Daddy needs to go tinkle. Be right back."

Daddy took off "before Charles can say anything more explicit" whatever that means.

The guide said, "Come on, Charles, this way to the chimpanzees and bonobos."

"What's the difference?" I asked.

"Quite a bit." the guide said as we approached the exhibit, a distance of some two hundred feet. "Both are from the same genus of ape, called the "Pan," and are its only two members. However, unlike other genuses, chimpanzees and bonobos are not inter-breedable, that is, they can't have children together like lions and tigers can, which makes their children ligers. We have a liger in the Big Cats exhibit."

"I saw him a few weeks ago." I agreed.

A couple of the chimpanzees began to fight and the guide tugged me to move over to the bonobos rather than watch them scratch and bite each other.

"Mules are another example, a horse breeding with a donkey." the guide went on.

"Yeah." I'd already known that, I knew a lot about animals, because I loved them so much, but I didn't want to be rude to the nice guy.

"Well, bonobos, also called the pygmy chimpanzee or dwarf chimpanzee, share the fact that they are both 99% related to human beings. This makes them our closest living relatives of the evolutionary process. Here, we're at the bonobos now."

I looked at the bonobos as the guide explained that unlike humans and chimpanzees, bonobos formed matriarchal societies, which means the girls run things instead of the guys, and a typical group was a female and her daughters and the males who found and joined them for a while.

"That pair over there, that's a father and son. Bonobos are very non-aggressive and for an interesting reason. Whenever a bonobo is stressed or they have an argument of some kind, they help the stressed bonobo out or patch things up by mating with each other. You might see quite a bit of mating among them, for that reason. It calms down the bonobo and relieves his stress, they use mating to relieve stress among each other."

"What's this talk about mating?" Daddy had walked up then.

"I was just explaining about the bonobos." the guide apologized.

"By talking about them mating?" Daddy was bothered.

"I'm sorry but bonobos do it as a part of their social ritual." the guide went on. "For them, it's normal and frequent behavior by them."

"And bonobos are one of our closest relatives." I chimed in.

"Well, let's change the subject." Daddy said.

The guide beat a hasty retreat for which Daddy seemed relieved. "Let's go watch the baboons and monkeys." he said. As we walked, he said, "So...the bonobos have a lot of sex."

"Yeah, like those two. Hey!"I said. "The guide told me that was a father and son we saw mating. That's kind of weird."

"Yeah, animals are amazing in everything." Daddy said and diverted me over to the monkeys and orangutangs. We saw all the greater apes and lesser apes like monkeys that day at the zoo.

Daddy had custody of me again in two weeks' time but when I arrived at Daddy's apartment that Friday night (ahead of time, Saturday morning was to be the time I was delivered), I found Daddy, still tired and dirty from his job, in a bad mood.

"Hi, Son." he said kind of roughly, and didn't even give me the hug and kiss he usually did.

"What's wrong, Daddy?"

"Have you had supper yet?" Daddy asked as he rummaged through his cupboard. "Shit, I have to go shopping tomorrow!"

"I had supper already." I said and giggled. "You said 'shit.'"

"I know. Daddy's in a bad mood, Son. Can you watch a bit of TV while I take a shower and figure out how to handle my own supper."

"I can make you a sandwich." I offered.

"Had it for lunch." Daddy said. "Oh, hell, it's about all I have left. Go ahead, fix me a balony sandwich and put some mayonnaise on it for me, okay, Son? I'll be out of the shower in about fifteen minutes."


"Make one for yourself if you want to." Daddy offered. "Tomorrow morning, we'll go out for breakfast and then the supermarket. After that, I should be in a good enough mood to plan some fun for this weekend."

"Okay, Daddy." I said amiably. Daddy did work very hard and his boss was awfully mean to him, that was probably what had him so upset. He did try not to take it out on me, and he had said I could make myself one to eat while I waited for him.

So I made Daddy the sandwich and one for myself, and while I waited for Daddy to finish, I cut the sandwiches into small triangles, each base of which had one side of the bread's crust.

Dad came out with a wraparound towel (it was held by a waistband with Velcro piece to let him keep it closed. We ate our sandwiches and Dad talked about his rough day to my sympathetic ear.

After that, Daddy yawned. "Son, Daddy is worn out. Let's go watch TV and I promise tomorrow we'll have a really nice weekend."

"Okay, Daddy." I spread out on the floor to watch the show, a children's program of course, and Daddy lay on the couch. In no time, all worn out by his day of hard work, he was sound asleep.

While the commercial droned away on the TV for the eleventy-leventh time, I took the time to stand and look at Daddy. I rarely got to see my Daddy this way, mostly bare but for the wraparound towel from his waist to knees. His chest was powerful and bulging with his muscles even in repose. He had labored hard all day so they held the inflated form of a muscle-builder who gained the same effect by working on his weights, his biceps were like oranges, his shoulders were like grapefruit, his abdominals were a six-pack of small tennis-ball sized lumps. His hair was damp and dried, but hadn't been combed, so it was a tangled mess of short hairs that went every which way. In many ways, asleep, Daddy looked like a little boy again, like me.

I wished I had a way to make Daddy happier. He worked so hard and had so little fun, I knew that paying child support and alimony to my mother drained his money, he lived on baloney sandwiches and cans of soup except when I was there, when he spent the money he had left over.

What could I do that would make Daddy happy, help him with his stress. "Whenever a bonobo is stressed," the guide had said at the zoo, "they use mating to relieve stress."

Bonobos were 99% like humans. Maybe that was what Daddy needed to relieve his stress.

I stripped off all my clothes and then carefully unfastened the wraparound towel's fastener and lifted it away from Daddy.

Wow, my Daddy's wiener was so big and plump! No wonder he was so stressed, if it was that big! I could rub it and make it feel better.

I remembered the father and son bonobos in the zoo, they had gotten face to face and were rubbing their wieners against each other. I could do that!

Daddy moaned softly in his sleep as I crept up gentle as a kitten. He murmured small words I think, I couldn't understand them. I got my little wiener on top of his huge one and it felt so warm and nice. Really nice. I could see why bonobos used this kind of touch to make each other feel good.

Rubbing, I had to rub on him. That's what the bonobo daddy and son were doing, the father on top rubbing his wiener around and around on his son's wiener. I did that with Daddy, began to move my body around and around.

Daddy's dick began to expand and grow. I was amazed at this, and even more than my own doodle had begun to stiffen as well. His not only stiffened, it grew to about four times its already big size and I had this big thick thing the size of a banana under me and my little dong like a pencil stub atop it, I was rubbing and feeling so, go good, this had to be making Daddy feel better!

Daddy groaned, moaned, and his eyes opened and he looked up. "Charles? Charles, what are you doing?"

"I'm helping you be not stressed, Daddy." I said as I kept up my rubbing.

"You helping me...not be...stressed?" Daddy seemed to be having some trouble breathing and his wienie pulsed and throbbed under me like the beating of a heart.

"Yeah, like the bonobos. I saw a bonobo daddy and son doing this and the guide said they do this to help each other get rid of their stress. So I thought I could try and see if this makes you be not stressed."

"Be...not...stressed." Daddy moaned. "Oh, shit, oh, this feels so good!"

"Yeah, it does, Daddy." I agreed. "Want me to rub it faster?"

"Yeah, yeah, do it faster." Daddy agreed. "Ooooh, God, this is so good!"

"I like it, too, Daddy, it's terrific!" I agreed.

I kept it up and Daddy was smiling and his hands were on my hips rubbing, and then he said, raise up, son, sit upright for Daddy."

‘I can't rub you that way!" I objected.

"It's okay, I know what we can do."

So I raised up and Daddy reached up and grabbed hold of my little doodle with one big, strong hand and his fingers caught my dickie tight and he began to pump back and forth on it.

"Oh, oh, oh!" I groaned. "That feels even better, Daddy!"

"I know, Son, it feels really good when we do this." Daddy said. "Can you do mine, now?"

"Sure!" I agreed and gripped his dong, it was so stiff and thick that I had to wrap my whole hand around it to hold on and then I began to pump on him like he did on me, up and down and up and down.

"Oh, that's it, that's the way, Son, but faster, faster!" Daddy gasped. "Oh, Jesus, I'm getting so close!"

"Close to what?"

"Close to coming. That's when a man, uhhhh, a man shoots some white goo...uhhhh! White goo out of his cock. I'm about to do that. Don't be scared, it's normal."

"Really?" I said. "Can I watch?"

"Sure, Son, it's about....uh! About to blow!" Daddy's hand was still jacking away on me and I was feeling all weird and tingly inside. Really nice tingling, like I was being stroked all over, inside and out!

"Oh, I feel funny, Daddy!"

"It's normal, too, Son. Go ahead and let it feel funny!" Daddy gasped. "Oh, shit, I'm coming now, Son, coming!"

He bucked and thrashed and groaned under me, and I rode him like a boat on waves, and then he pushed his hips up so hard he lifted me up with him and he did squirt that white goo!

"Wow!" I said as he jetted the hard globs of white goo, flying like long, big tadpoles into the air to land all over his chest! "You're like a geyser, Daddy!" We'd seen one last summer when we went to Yellowstone and saw a geyser (not Old Faithful, but one just as good, the guide had promised, it was a lot smaller but it did shoot up the fountain of water like Old Faithful did)

"AHHH-HAHHH, AHHH-AHHH, AHHH, AHHH, AHH, AH, AH, HAH, HAH, AHHHHH!" Daddy groaned and his squirts slowed and stopped, the last couple just oozed out and ran over my fingers.

As he did that, my own body started tingling real hard. "Ooh, oh, I think I'm coming too!" I moaned.

"Go ahead, baby, shoot it if you got it!" Daddy's hand sped up its pumping on my little dinkie.

"Oh, oh, ohhh, OHH, OHH, OH-OH-OH-OH-OH!" I shivered like crazy, like when you're cold but this was bigger and a lot warmer, so warm, I felt warm all over!

Done, I felt so tired, I slumped down and laid on Daddy's chest and his warm white goo got all over me.

Daddy held me and he rubbed my back and cooed, "My good baby, my own sweet baby, you made your Daddy feel so good and so happy."

"Did I make you feel not stressed?" I asked as I sat up.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm not stressed any longer. I haven't been this not stressed in a long, long time!"

"I guess the bonobos were right!" I agreed.

"Yeah, the bonobos were right." Daddy said, tiredly. "They really know how to make each other happy."

"The guide told me that they are all very friendly and easy-going with each other." I went on. Chimpanzees can fight and I saw two of them fighting, so we moved over to the bonobos and the guide said bonobos don't fight. I guess they rub each other instead of fighting."

"I guess so." Daddy agreed.

"I like the way bonobos do things."

"Yeah." Daddy said. "I like it, too."

We didn't go out that weekend, we stayed in and except for breakfast and the supermarket, we stayed home. Daddy kept me in his own bed instead of the one he had for me at his place for weekends and six weeks in summer when he got custody of me, plus the occasional holiday. But I stayed in his bigger bed and he showed me another way to make each other happy the bonobo way.

It's with your mouth. Daddy showed me how by sucking on my doodle, you move your lips like you would your hands, but you also use your tongue to tickle the wiener as it slides in and out. I tried it on Daddy and he said I sucked cock better than any woman ever had, "Even your mother couldn't suck cock better than you do, Son. Uh, don't tell her I said that."

"I won't." I promised and I kept on sucking.

He got close and said, "Baby, I'm about to...come now, I....can I shoot it in your mouth? It's not nasty...oh, OHHHH!, it's not nasty, it's nice and salty and sweet and such."

"Okay, Daddy." I said.

Daddy was right, when his back arched again and he moaned and squirted his hot jizz (Daddy taught me lots of words for our wieners and the stuff he squirted when he "came") and it was just as tasty and good as he had said it would be. He squirted so much some of it dribbled out of my nose, even, and he laughed and held my face close to his and he licked it off my upper lip and even poked his tongue tip into my nostrils to lick it out. After that, we went to the kitchen and he scooped me out some of my favorite flavor of ice cream, cherry vanilla, and I ate it and he ate a bowl of it, too, and we were so happy and easy and it was the best weekend ever!

Afterwards, we lay both on the couch, naked, me on top of Daddy and I slid down and began to rub on him again.

"We're just like the bonobos." I said when Daddy grinned at me.

"Yeah." Daddy sighed. "Bonobos have got it knocked."

"Yeah." I agreed.