Daddy pulled my shorts off, then lifted my legs up and his tongue got right into my butthole, a hot, wet, pink spear of flesh that felt like nothing I’d ever felt before, all soft and tickly and nice, real nice!

“Ooh, Daddy, that feels good!” I said as Daddy wormed his tongue into and around my butthole. I was practically crawling the walls, it felt so good, and my hands were pumping my uncles hard and fast as I could. Uncle Peter was moaning and Uncle Grant took over playing with my dick while he was busy groaning.

Then Daddy stood up and said, “Okay, guys, hold him in place. I’m going to shove it in him now.”

I let out a startled yelp of surprise when Daddy’s dick hit my little bunghole. It was like taking a dump, a big one, only in reverse, it was all trying to come in, and my butthole was stretching out a little at a time as Daddy pushed against me.

I yelled a little more, and when I got too loud, Uncle Peter put his hand over my mouth and said, “Shh! Don’t want people to come in here, you know.”

“I’d better check.” Uncle Grant offered and he left me, stuffing his dick back into his pants and walked over to the door.

The door’s lights went to normal when the door was opened, though all in red, and the light from outside made a shaft that cut across the four of us, a boy and three men around him, and the black stretchy-fabric of Daddy’s clothes shone while the skeleton dimmed to a greenish-white paint-job on the black.

“Is everything all right in there?” Mom asked. “I heard Josh yell.”

“We just startled him.” Uncle Grant said. “He’s better now, aren’t you, Josh?”

“Yeah, Mom!” I called out. “Shut the door!” I wanted to get back to those lights and noises and in the midst of it, me and my Daddy and uncles and their warm, warm cocks!

“We’ll be a while longer.” Uncle Grant said. “Just us guys enjoying ourselves. The house is all ready for when the guests arrive, just knock at the door and wait for us to answer the first time, okay?

“All right, Grant.” Mom said. “God, you men are as bad as Josh, no wonder he’s picked up all your bad habits.”

“He sure has.” Uncle Peter said. “Including the one that loves cock.”

“Yeah!” I agreed.

Uncle Grant finally got the door closed and Daddy went back to shoving his dick into me. That pause seemed to help him, because there was a sort of pop and his dick slid into me!

“Oh, Daddy!” I moaned.

“Oh, Son!” Daddy groaned.

“Yeah, Scott, fuck your son’s butt!” Uncle Lou said. “I want to see you fucking your own son!” Uncle Lou had three kids, all girls. Uncles Grant and Peter weren’t married yet. It’s one reason I was so close to all of them like I was.

“What’s fuck?” I asked Daddy.

“What I’m about to do to you.” Daddy said. And he began to move his hips back and forth, sending that marvelous dong deep into me and pulling it back out to send it down inside me again. “This, son, is fucking.” He said to me as I moaned. “I am fucking my baby boy.”

“Oh, yeah, Daddy, fuck me.” I agreed. “I like fucking!”

“Me, too, Son, me, too!” Daddy groaned.

“Oh, shit, hurry up.” Uncle Peter groaned too. “I want him when you’re done.”

“Yeah, all of you fuck me, yeah!” I agreed. “Oh, Daddy!”

Daddy was getting so hot so fast, that I didn’t blame Uncle Peter for pulling away and waiting for me, holding his cock and moaning as he watched my daddy fuck me. I saw his dick all wet and hard and the head all red and I licked my lips looking at it. Uncle Lou saw me licking and he shifted over. “Better lube me up.” he said. “I get to go after your Daddy.”

“Like hell you do.” Uncle Peter said.
Illustration of Daddy's Haunted House
While Daddy fucked me, my three uncles got into a bit of an argument, and they settled it the way we would on the playground, a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors. I didn’t see just how it went, because Daddy’s cock was really humping into me, but when it was done, it was Uncle Peter wiggling his dick at me and saying, “Slick it up some more for me, sport. Your daddy’s about to shoot his load.”

“Really?” I said with an “oh-gosh” sound to my voice. “Cool!” I decided.

“No, hot, so damned hot!” Daddy moaned. “Oh, baby, I’m going to pump my jizz into your sweet little butt, so damned hot, baby, so damned hot, oh, oh, uh, uh, GUH-HNKKK!”

And I felt it then, hot salty jizz squirting into my butt. I didn’t know just what was going on then and there, but it was a time of weird things all around me, my ears ringing from ghostly laughter and witches’ cackle and the lights flashing like crazy, and it all sort of fit in together, and I caught Daddy when he fell over and his mask had a small hole for his lips and he kissed me though that mask, groaning, “Oh, my baby, my sweet little baby boy!”

“Oh, Daddy!” I said back to him. “Daddy, fuck me, daddy.”

“Oh, baby!”