Three Men In A Tub

Me, my Uncle Ted and my Uncle Ryan sat in the pickup truck. We were tired, gritty, muddy and very, very tired. Inside, visible through the oversized front glass, my father, equally tired/gritty/etc., was talking with the motel clerk. He didn't seem happy, which I didn't understand, I mean, we wanted a room so we could wash up and then get some sleep, and this motel had been the only one on the highway we'd seen that had a "Vacancy" sign on it.

Finally, my father reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet and paid, was given the key. Walked back out to the pickup.

Uncle Ted was driving, I was in the back seat of the pickup with Uncle Ryan (the pickup was an extended-cab version), and Dad got into the passenger seat. "How'd it go, Alan?" Uncle Ted asked my Daddy.

"I got us the room, it's on the right-hand side at the end."

"What was wrong with the room?" I asked. I was the only kid in the group, Uncle Ted and Uncle Ryan were still unmarried. They spent a lot of time on the offshore oil rigs, and like my dad, were all big, heavily muscled men, they were all six foot four inches tall. I was seven years old and normal size for my age, but alongside these three big men, I looked puny and small! The pickup was bulging with men, even big and roomy as it was, it felt like I was walled in with solid male muscle.

"You'll see when we get inside." Daddy told me, and then he suddenly laughed. "Hell of a thing!"

We got to the room and it had a heart around its room numbers on the front door. "Look at that!" I said. "Is it Valentine's Day?"

"Of course not." Daddy said. "Go on in, you'll see." And he opened the door and stepped back, let me and my uncles go in first.

We saw. Imagine the scene, the four of us, all muddy, sticky and wearing hunting gear, and we were standing in a room decorated in pink and lace!

"The honeymoon suite?" Uncle Ted gawked at the oversized bed.

"Honeymoon room." Daddy explained. "Just the one room."

"Holy shit! Look at that bathtub!" Uncle Ryan was looking at one corner of the room, it was a bathtub, but it was like eight feet around, sunken into the floor, and tiled with roses and blue unicorns in a checkerboard arrangement.

"Cool!' I exclaimed. "We can all take a bath at the same time!"

"Fine with me!" Uncle Ryan agreed.

"Sure, there's enough room all right, and I'm more than ready to get clean and get in that bed!"

"I'm not going to bathe in that!" Uncle Ted declared. "Not and have all of you see my naked bohunkus!"

I giggled at that. "Ah, hell, Ted, I grew up looking at it, and so did Ryan." Daddy told Uncle Ted. "Only one who hasn't seen it is Eddie." he said about me.

"I've seen it!" I defended myself.

"You have? When?" Uncle Ted wanted to know.

"Last Christmas, you were in the bathroom and just got out of the shower and were drying off!" I gushed. "You had your back turned when I opened the door and you yelled, ‘Shut the damn door!' and I did, but you didn't turn around and see it was me."

"So you see, Ted, you got no secrets from us." Daddy said. "Eddie, since you're closest, turn on those faucets and start filling that bathtub up. It's going to take a while from the looks of it."

"They got three sets of faucets for it." I pointed out. I got busy turning them on and then turned around to see my Daddy and two uncles yanking their muddy clothes off. A good thing, they were all really, really muddy. I was only sort of muddy, three days in the rain that never stopped. My dad and uncles finally gave up when a mudslide (only a little one, but big enough) wiped out our camp and buried a lot of expensive gear. What little we salvaged was mud-logged including all their rifles. We were supposed to spend two weeks in the camp, but after all that mud hit us, Daddy decided the hunting grounds were just too dangerous to stick around. I was ready, I was supposed to get to go hunting with Daddy but he wouldn't let me hunt while it was raining, so I'd spent my time in the tent, re-reading the same three comic books until I was sick of them. Home was sounding awful good right now!

Daddy was peeling off his red plaid shirt that he only wore when hunting. I loved that old shirt, underneath he had a tanktop, white but mud had gotten it splotched all brown here and there. It was glued to his chest, too, showing every bulge and curve of his breasts and abdominals. His biceps stretched the arms of the short-sleeved tee, too, making ineffectual little crescents at each arm near the pit. "You'd better get your own clothes off." he advised me. "That bath is filling fast."

I looked and he was right. I began to tear my own clothes off, but I kept watching my daddy and uncles.

Uncle Ted was moving slower, but he had his shirt off and was taking off his boots. Uncle Ryan was fastest, he was down to just his undershirt and briefs. I could see how thick the muscles on his legs were, and how hairy they were, from the knees down, anyway.

Daddy had his shoes off and now he was unbuttoning his pants. I had gotten my own shirt and pants off and I paused to watch as he undid the buttons and opened the fly wide. His jeans were old friends of his, form-fitting from repeated wash and wear, and he had to peel them down like a banana. As he did, his briefs, soggy wet, showed a huge bulb at his crotch that dangled down between his legs as he spread them.

"Hey, Eddie, get your eyes off your daddy's dick and get in the bathtub!" Uncle Ted told me. I looked over at him and he was down to just his pants and briefs, his bare chest heavily dotted with hair, dark brown, the same color as his head hair. My Daddy's was the same shade of brown, Uncle Ryan's was a bit lighter. Mine was a lot lighter, I had my mother's tan-toned hair. Uncle Ted snickered at me. "Or haven't you seen it before, too?"

"No, I haven't yet." I agreed. Then I brightened. "But I will tonight!"

I skinned out of my dirty underwear and climbed into the bathtub, it had a small set of steps at one point, a good thing for the bathtub was a good two feet deep. I got in and sat down and said, "Come on in, the water's nice and warm!"

"Sounds freaking good to me!" Uncle Ryan came over and I gawked at how his cock was so much larger than mine, even when you remember how much bigger than me he was, it actually swung back and forth as he walked. Uncle Ryan stepped into the bathtub without using the steps, a mistake, for his foot slipped and he nearly fell in, he stumbled, and caught his balance, finally got all the way in, and sat down. "Watch that first step, it's a lulu!" He warned my Daddy and Uncle Ted.

"He should have used the steps in like I did!" I hooted. "He nearly fell on his bare ass!"

"I sure did!" Uncle Ryan said. "God damn, this water feels good!" He slid down into the bathtub so that only his face was out of the water. I didn't mind, this let me see his entire body again, wavering under the water but still big, brawny, muscled...nice!

"Here I come!" Daddy was next, walking with his dick waving in front like the guy who leads the parade with a baton in hand. Daddy used the steps and waded in like it was a swimming pool. He had to step over Uncle Ryan but then he got to my side of the bathtub and settled down in, by squatting down and then sitting. Again, I saw my Daddy's dick, big and long and swinging about just like Uncle Ryan's had. This tub was getting crowded, what with Uncle Ryan lying down like he was.

"Come on, Uncle Ted!" I urged him. He still had his briefs on. "Get over here! I still haven't seen your dick!"

My Daddy and Uncle Ryan laughed. "Yeah, Ted, get over here and show my boy your whanger!" Daddy added.

"Yeah, show it to me, Uncle Ted!"

"Come on, Teddy, you got to get wet sooner or later, and this is the only tub in the place." Uncle Ryan added.

"All right, all right!" Uncle Ted stood up, stripped off his briefs and strutted his way over. "Here it is, boys, feast your eyes on my pet monster!" He was waggling his hips to make his dick swing, it was kind of funny, the way he was doing it, and we all laughed as he joined our company.

With all four of us in the tub, we all just barely had enough room. Eight feet circle left us each about two feet around, and you can sit in that but your legs need somewhere to go. We were kind of interlaced, at least my Daddy and uncles were, and I was in there, too. Daddy had found the bottle of bubble bath and they were using it as a liquid soap and lathering themselves up and I was waiting for my turn at it (Daddy and Uncle Ryan lathering, Uncle Ted still squeezing it out) and I saw it and had to laugh. "Rub-a-dub-dub! Three men in a tub!"

"That's right." Uncle Ted agreed as they laughed, handing me the bottle. "Now lather yourself up and get to rubbing yourself all over!"

I did and I was rubbing at myself and watching my Daddy and Uncles doing the same. "Want me to do your back, Uncle Ryan?" I asked.

"Sure, Eddie, go ahead." So I began to rub on Uncle Ryan's large, strong back.

"You can get mine." Daddy told Uncle Ted. "Trade off."

"Works for me." Uncle Ted agreed.

"Me, too." Uncle Ryan told me as I lathered him. "You rub me, I'll rub you."

"Okay!" I said and Uncle Ryan got to his knees and turned himself around. As he did, I saw his dick in front of me and it was bigger, stiffer, than it had been before. Sticking out from his body like a limp banana.

"Wow!" I said, looking down at it.

Uncle Ryan looked down and blushed. "Sorry, I didn't know that Little Ted was acting up."

"You named your dick after me?" Uncle Ted was scandalized.

"He's big, sticky, smelly and bosses me around." Uncle Ryan informed him. "The name just came naturally."

"So what did you name yours?" I asked Uncle Ted.

"Mine?" Uncle Ted rose up on his knees like Uncle Ryan, both of them on either side of me. My Daddy was across the way. "I call mine the Exterminator, because when he goes in, he doesn't come out until everyone is dead!"

Two big dongs were hanging right in front of me. I giggled, looking at them and then I reached up and grabbed one in each hand!

I was just fooling around and I expected my uncles to both yell and yank themselves away from me.

But Uncle Ted and Uncle Ryan just looked down at my hands on their dicks and Uncle Ted said, "Looks like Eddie's crowding in on your territory, Ryan."

"My territory?"

"Yeah, remember when we were kids, you were always eager to grab my dick." Uncle Ted said.

"Aw...everyone does that when they're little."

"Eddie's little." Uncle Ted pointed out. "Guess it's his turn now."

While they said that, both their cocks began swelling and hardening in my hand. "Wow!" I said as I saw their pricks getting larger and larger before my very eyes. "I didn't know they'd do that!"

"Yeah, that happens when you grow up." Uncle Ted told me. "When your Daddy's dick got all big and fat when he turned fourteen, Ryan was always grabbing it and pumping away at it. Your Daddy had his first orgasm courtesy of your Uncle Ryan's jerking at it." Uncle Ted turned mischievous eyes at my Daddy. "Come to think of it, so did I."

"Jerking at it. Like this?" I asked and began to pump my hands back and forth.

Now my uncles did gasp, and Uncle Ted grunted, "Yeah, uh, about like that!"

"What the hell are you two doing?" my father demanded, and I flinched at that. With me looking at my uncle's dicks, I'd kind of forgotten that Daddy was at the other end of this same big bathtub!

"He's pumping our pricks!" Uncle Ted grunted. "Uh, hah, ah, and doing a damned fine job of it! Come on, Eddie, you're doing fine, keep doing it!" And I saw Daddy wasn't mad, he was grinning, so I went back to moving my hands.

"Uh, uh, yeah, Alan, he's jerking me better'n you ever did!" Uncle Ryan added. "I had my first one with Alan whacking my pud!" That for Uncle Ted, who just snickered, then moaned as I kept pumping at them.

"You got a problem with that, Alan?" Uncle Ted asked as my Daddy got up onto his knees like they were.

"Yeah, I got a big problem with that." My Daddy grabbed hold of his own cock. "I ain't getting any of it."

I couldn't believe it as my Daddy, my big, strong Daddy, walked up on his knees toward me and my uncles. He put a brawny arm around each of his brothers and his cock was now inches from my face. "How about it, Son? You got some room in here for your old Daddy?"

"I...I only got two hands, Daddy." I explained falteringly.

"You got your mouth, don't you?" Daddy said.

"My mouth?"

"Your Daddy wants you to suck on his dick." Uncle Ted explained.

"I don't think he knows about that." Uncle Ryn observed. "Uh! I'll be done in a moment, Alan and you can have this side. Awwwwww, mannnnn!"

"Better hurry if you want to be in on this, Alan." Uncle Ted gasped. "I'm about ready to cream myself!"

"Suck on it?" I asked. I was keeping my hands busy, but my eyes and all my real attention was on my Daddy. His cock was bigger than anything I'd ever seen before, it seemed, maybe that was because it was on my Daddy.

"Just take it in your mouth and do with your lips like you're doing with your fingers." My Daddy shoved his dick my way, the head of it slapped my cheek and I got some sticky stuff on me from the tip.

I was game, and I opened my mouth and my Daddy fed me his prick. "Keep your mouth wet as you can."

"Treat it like a candy cane!" Uncle Ted advised. "The biggest, thickest, nastiest candy cane you ever sucked on!"

I did as they advised, sucking my dad's prong and it worked, I could move about four inches of it in and out of me and my Daddy was grunting and moaning as much as my uncles were now. I had my hands and my head busy and my world was a thick thatch of my dad's pubic hairs and all I could hear was my daddy and uncles moaning.

"Ah, ah, I'm coming, I'm coming!" Uncle Ryan moaned.

"Me, too, little brother. Let's cream our horny little nephew from both sides at once! Get him on his face, Ryan! Ah, ah, ahhhh, ahhh!"

"Uhh, uhh, hhuhhh!"

"Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh!" That was my Dad.

"I'm coming, uh-HUH-UH-UH-HUHHHHHHHH, GUNNNHHHH!" Uncle Ryan roared.

"AHHHHH-GUUHHHHHH!" Uncle Ted was right with him.

"Ahh, ahh, uhh!" My Daddy's cock was so hard, so hot!

And then both my uncles shot their loads together. I got hit with hard, hot splashes of uncle come from both sides at the same time, and both of them were shooting big, thick loads! I wasn't just splattered, I was almost coated with their spunk, and I looked up at Daddy from my one open eye (the other one had jizz all over it) and Daddy was grinning down at me with a strange, powerful look in his eye.

"Aw, fuck, you fucking creamed all over my boy! My little son, my baby, you fuckers just covered him with spunk! Aw, man, I can't fucking believe it, so fucking hot! Aw, man!"

"Your turn, Alan! Shoot your kid right in the face! Pull it out and shoot it! Come, on, man!" Uncle Ted panted. He gave up talking then and just heaved loud breaths. Uncle Ryan was doing the same on my other side, gasping for breath.

"Aw, shit, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

"Pull it out, pull it out!"

I let go of my Daddy's dick and grabbed it and began to pump on it hard and fast with my hand, a few seconds of that and my Daddy roared like a bear and he squirted me right in my face! I was already sticky on both sides, my cheeks and temples and ears and such, from my uncle's jizz-loads and my Daddy covered the front of my face with his loads. My other eye got the first jet of hot white jism and I closed my eyes and felt the rest of them hit me, my forehead, my eye again, my nose and my mouth and then Daddy was done and I wiped at my eyes and got them open and looked at my Daddy, my hand on his cock, a bit glob of spunk still hanging on the head of it.

I reached forward and caught his cock in my mouth and sucked off that glob like it was ice cream. The taste of it was weird, all salty and sweet and meaty at the same time. I licked my lips and said, "You taste good, Daddy!"

"Aw, man, aw, man!" My Daddy was sobbing in his exhaustion.

"Your old man's kind of busy right now." Uncle Ryan said to me, gently taking my hand off my Daddy's cock. "You let him rest a bit now." And Uncle Ryan lifted me by my armpits and sat me on the edge of the bathtub and then he was licking at my cock, his big tongue was like a gigantic washcloth and it was tingling like crazy!

"Your Uncle Ryan always was cock-hungry." Uncle Ted told me as he leaned out of the bathtub and got us face to face. "Just like you. Man, you're a real mess, you know that!"

"Yeah!" I giggled.

And Uncle Ted surprised me, he reached in and began licking my daddy's come from my face. I had two uncle's tongues working on me and it felt wonderful, my Uncle Ryan was now sucking my balls, and that was the most extraordinary feeling in the world, all tingling and tickling and warm all at once.

And with Uncle Ted lapping at my face, I felt my legs lift up and my Uncle Ryan's tongue now began to dig at my butt. I gasped when he did that, but just felt so good! I moaned and my little dick got hard as it could be and my Uncle Ted licked at my face, his heavy, male breath filling my nostrils, the warmth of these two big, strong studs tasting me at once.

"Yeah, he's a hot little fucker, isn't he?" Daddy observed. "He loves you tonguing him like that."

Uncle Ted was watching this and panting. "Man, oh, man!" He gasped. "Are you really going to do that?" he wondered.

"I sure am!"

"No way!" My Dad countermanded that. "If anyone's going to do it first, it's going to be me! Get my boy lubed up for me, Ryan, you can have him second."

Uncle Ted moaned again and said, "This is too Goddamned hot! I'm going to fucking cream again in no time!" And Uncle Ted crawled out of the tub and dangled his cock at my face. "How about it, Eddie? You ready to try this one?"

"Sure!" I beamed and I opened my mouth and Uncle Ted stuffed his dong inside. His big, strong paws of hands grabbed my head and began to move me back and forth, all I had to do was hang on.

Uncle Ryan (or maybe Daddy) had their finger at my butt and was digging into my hole with it. It kind of hurt, but it felt pretty good, too, and then I felt Uncle Ryan's tongue go back on my dick and suck on me. I grunted and so did Uncle Ted and he began to move me faster on his prick.

I soon had two fingers up my butt and Uncle Ryan's mouth had my little dong humming like crazy and that was when the fingers pulled out and then I felt something else at my asshole. My dad's cock. Daddy was about to shove it in me!

I felt the glans push in at me and I groaned.

"You want me to stop, Son?" My Daddy asked.

"Nu-uh!" I groaned. "Nu-uh!"

"Come on, push it in him, Alan!" Uncle Ryan said from my cock. "Stuff your boy full of hot daddy dick!"

"Come on, Alan, you can do it!" Uncle Ted gasped. "This time, let's shoot it all inside this young hot little body! Get up here, Ryan, you and I can share this hot mouth. We'll trade off while Alan's fucking him!"

And that's what they did, with Uncle Ted and Uncle Ryan on both sides of my head and their puds dangling down at me, I sucked first one and then the other. While I did that, Uncle Ryan's hand kept my dick on the edge of my own joy and my Daddy slowly wormed his huge pud into my ass. It hurt, but Daddy paused every time I couldn't take it any more, and let me sit still and suck on my uncle's dicks and get used to it, then he'd start in pushing again.

After a while, Daddy said, "That's it, Son. You have all of your Daddy's cock. You ready for me to begin fucking you now, Son?"

"Sure, Daddy!" I grinned. "It doesn't hurt near as much now!"

Illustration of Three Men in a Tub

"Attaboy!" My Dad began to move his hips back and forth, such a powerful man, but he was gentle as a kitten at play. I held my uncle's dongs in each hand and just moaned as my Daddy began to thrust at me, a little faster and a little harder, little by little.

"You like that, eh, Eddie?" Uncle Ted asked me. I looked up at his huge naked form over me. He looked like a mountain of muscled man. So did Uncle Ryan on my other side, and my Daddy between my legs. Surrounded by mountains of big men!

"Oh, yeah, Uncle Ted! It feels so good!"

"It sure does!" Daddy agreed. "I could fuck this ass all night long!"

It took them all a while, I guess men take longer the second time they come, but after a while, Uncle Ted began to groan and I sucked on him real hard and he squirted in my mouth. He tasted almost as good as Daddy and they all three laughed when I said that to Uncle Ryan's question about how it tasted.

"I always thought Alan tasted better than Ted, too!" Uncle Ryan told me. "Now you can work on me alone."

"Fine by me." Uncle Ted admitted. "I'm all hot and sticky all over again. Time for another bath."

Uncle Ryan's hands on my head kept me fast enough to let him come soon after and then it was just Daddy and me, while Uncle Ted and Uncle Ryan washed up. Daddy leaned over and he and I kissed while his hips kept shoving his dong into my ass and when Daddy came, it was soft and slow and warm in my butt. Daddy's face flushed red when he shot his wad, and then he was panting softly into my face, and I reached up and kissed him and his breaths blew in and out of my mouth, inflating and deflating my lungs, I was breathing in my Daddy and it was so, so wonderful!

After that, and a short and sleepy washing up, we got out of the tub and into the bed. I wormed my way into the central part of the bed, with three men all around me and I curled up and went to sleep, surrounded by muscled, naked, warm men!

I woke up when the door to the room opened and the cold air flew in and then it closed and I sat up, looking in the bed. Uncle Ryan and my Daddy were here, Uncle Ted was the one who was gone.

Uncle Ryan stirred and I saw his cock right in front of me, and I scooted over and quietly took it in my mouth. It fattened and stiffened in my mouth and Uncle Ryan's hand slid over onto me.

Our motions must have awakened my Dad, for I soon found his cock pushing at my ass again. He'd found lubrication from somewhere or had spit on it, for it was all slicked up and my butt was still stretched from last night, I got him well into my butt before I felt any pain at all.

Daddy was busily humping at me and Uncle Ryan was fully stiff and lying on his back, me on my hands and knees between them, filled with hard cock from both ends, when Uncle Ted got back!

"Hey, wait for me!" He said.

"Where were you?" Uncle Ryan asked.

"Booking us for the rest of the two weeks." Uncle Ted explained. "I maxed out my credit card, but this place is ours until the end of next week. I figure we can order in and get some real use of that bed and that bathtub."

"Cool!" Uncle Ryan agreed.

"Yeah!" I agreed.

Uncle Ted came toward the bed, tearing his clothes off as he went.

Having three men in a tub is great...but three men in a bed turns out to be even better!