“Good boy.” Gareth smiled and rubbed my head. “You and me are a team, right?”

“Right.” I said and looked around. The fires were out, the hour was still too early for anyone to be stirring much. Gareth had said that the bell for the morning meal was rung when the sunlight first struck the top of the tallest building. The sun was still well behind the trees, it would be nearly another half hour. The men exhausted from fighting were all resting now.

“You and me are together.” I said again.

“Yeah.” Gareth said, his eyes scanning the meadow carefully, though I don’t know what he expected to see. Things running at us underneath coverings? Maybe Gareth was just watching to make sure the unexpected didn’t happen to us.

But he was looking over the wall and I was tired of standing on tiptoe to look at nothing new, so I exercised my right as part of Gareth’s team and reached into his pants. He had a metal-mesh thing over this part of his body, and when I reached in, the tie came undone and it slid down his legs partway, taking his pants with them, the pants went down to his calves before Gareth noticed what had happened enough to react. Or maybe he was tired, too, he’d been awful busy fighting the Things.

But the mesh and the pants fell down his lower body and exposed his manhood to me before Gareth reacted. “What are you doing?” he asked me.

Illustration of Fires #6 “Just finding something to do while we wait.” I said as I grabbed hold of his balls and lifted them away from his body. His cock was a small, shriveled thing partially buried within the sac, but its head pointed out quick enough when I got hold of it and reached out like a tongue about to lick.

Gareth laughed, the easy laugh of a man who lived with danger daily and had just fought a hard battle and come out victorious. “Poor boy.” he said mock-seriously. “No toys to play with, huh?”

“Oh, I got something to play with.” I said as I fondled his pud to rock-hard tumescence. “It’s right here.”

“It sure is.” Gareth sighed as he regarded his village, so quiet in the early dawn. The huts had been made up of many things, while straw and wood had burned, most huts had only taken minor damage from the fires, their tin and metal saving them. “So go right ahead and play, and I’ll keep an eye on the inside as well as the outside while you play.”

“Yeah.” I said and pumped him some more, then lifted that red-hued glans to my tongue and lapped it slowly.

“Oh, gah!” Gareth sighed. “That’s my little buddy. Lick it, do it for me, do it!”

I swirled my tongue over the cockhead until Gareth gave a sort of groan and his hand came down and caught my head. He held on while he urged me to take his cock into my mouth and then he let me go, not forcing me beyond that.

I kept just the head inside my mouth, while I continued to swirl my tongue over and over it, wetting it down while giving Gareth pleasure at my working. Only when I had it saturated with my spit did I push it deeper into my tender young mouth and felt the huge pud seethe and pulse on my tongue and in my throat. God, I wanted all of him inside me, the way I could take him in my bottom, I wanted this warrior to want me. Gareth was my protector, the last night had shown me that he was the best possible protector, and besides that, he was strong and good-looking and kind and caring. I wanted him to want me because I wanted him, too, I wanted to be and stay close to him. I never wanted to let go of Gareth’s dong, and wished that it were possible for the two of us to just lay somewhere warm and safe and just play with him all day and all night, doing nothing else but loving this red-haired protector of mine! Even the walls of New Haven weren’t totally safe from the Thing, but with Gareth caring for me, I was as safe as I’d ever been and ever would be! I wanted him with me, in me, loving me, I wanted to cling to him and never turn loose, my mouth holding his cock forever and ever!

But Gareth’s hand reminded me of my duties of the moment, he caught my head and pushed me down a bit more and hunched with his hips, and I knew that his passion was driving him to this impropriety, that he didn’t want to do this to me, but he needed to, he needed me so bad that he was having to do this.

So I worked him harder, holding my lips tight on his prick while I plunged up and down on it, and Gareth released me again and I grabbed hold of his legs with both hands and now I was the one forcing myself to go deeper, deeper!

“Oh, yeah, Charley, yeah, that’s my boy, that’s my little boy!” Gareth groaned as I worked his pud with increasingly loud sucking sounds. “Oh, yeah, my little boy, my own little boy!” He whispered to me. “Come on, suck my dick, baby, make it spurt in your mouth, I want you to drink me down, all of it, come on, baby, all of it, yeah!”

Drink him down! Yes, yes, I wanted that, yes, let Gareth take me this way now, any way he wanted me, I was his, I was his! I was on my knees splayed out, and I sank a bit lower and my crotch rested on his booted foot and I hunched against that, grunts of my own need escaping my lips around his dong, God, the idea of his coming in my mouth turned me on so much! I would have gagged if Markham or Scottie had come in my mouth, the mere taste of their cocks had been something nasty to me. I’d sucked Joey’s little wienie, but he hadn’t even put the slightest salty taste on my mouth when I did. But Gareth’s cock, it poured salty flavor into my mouth and I loved it, I loved the taste of his cock and I knew I’d love his jizz even more when he shot it in me!

So I was a hot little horn-dog, rubbing against Gareth’s leg, working my pud by the friction there and I shuddered, my little climax striking me while I moved, and I was groaning around Gareth’s prick and even while I was wracked with my pleasure, I didn’t stop working him, because that, too, was pleasure, and I knew it.

Done, my own joy finished, I kept sucking Gareth diligently while I caught my breath, a surprisingly easy thing to do in the moment, and then I resumed my attack on him, working that huge pud, sending it quivering into me and then pulling back on it, my lips vise-tight on him, not wanting to let him go even as I pulled off from him.

“Oh, oh, my baby, my little baby boy, I’m going to come!” Gareth panted. “I’m going to come in your mouth, hot and salty, baby, it’s yours, all yours!”

“M-hm!” I muttered my agreement around his flaming hot cock, and I brought myself a burst of speed on my movements, and Gareth keened lowly, a sound straight out from his very heart, and I knew he was coming.

I was making him come, he was holding back, his will keeping his body from releasing that jism into my mouth, and I growled in my impatience and I moved him even harder and faster, and he let go with a loud exhalation of breath and when he blew out his air, his prick blew its load into my mouth all at once!

I’d never known just how much jizz Gareth had been pumping into me, though I knew that some of it would squirt out when he did ejaculate into me, and now I got the full treatment, his withholding of the sperm had caused it to hit me all at once, and my mouth was full of come and my throat was full and my lips seeped his jizz out at the edges and the come impacted my snatches of breath that had let me work their owner’s prick so relentlessly, and when I inhaled, it went into my throat and when I exhaled again, it blasted up into my nostrils and found a huge wad of it up in my sinuses, and I snorted, and the jism squirted out of my nose the way it had squirted out of my buttocks, and I choked and more jizz erupted out around his cock and I was losing it, losing it!

“Oh, God, oh, baby, yeah, yeah, oh, baby, baby, yeah!” Gareth moaned as his body shuddered from his orgasm and more and more sperm jetted into me, I was bursting with his semen and it was pouring out of my nose and my mouth and there was more still and more and more, me a helpless little boy overloaded with Gareth’s sperm and I could only feel it squelch all inside me and burn me where it touched and let it escape me if it would!

“Oh, man, oh, yeah, Charley, yeah, baby, yeah!” Gareth panted as his orgasm finally finished, and me a total mess, my cheeks holding rivulets of hot come that dripped off my chin and soaked my shirt.

I finished and cleaned him off as best I could, and realized that I had loved Gareth’s come, and wanted it inside me...only there had been so much! “Wow, that was a lot!” I marveled. “I didn’t know you’d do it that hard!”

Gareth smiled tiredly. “I didn’t either.” he said. “You’re a complete mess. I got it all over you, baby, all over you.” I felt his cock twitch anew as he said that. He loved having it all over me.

“I love having it all over me.” I said to please him, though truth to tell, I didn’t mind it at all. It made me feel...chosen...by Gareth. After all, nobody else had Gareth’s jizz all over their face and chest, did they? Just me! It did make me feel messy, though.

“I think they’re about to ring the breakfast bell.” Gareth said and I looked around to see a man walking across the empty square in the middle of the little town. “You and me had better make ourselves presentable, fast!”

I got to my feet and wiped my face on my sleeve while Gareth pulled up his pants and got his mesh-metal middle wrap re-tied, and then he said, “There’s the Mayor now! Halloo!” he shouted out.

The Mayor waved and I waved back to him. The Mayor motioned us to go down and I did so gladly. I was hungry; Gareth’s jism made me realize that we’d been awake for some hours, my little tummy was happily digesting his salty load. Made me wish I could live on Gareth’s jism, maybe if we could get that place alone and safe, I could try it.

“Gareth, I want to apologize.” the Mayor said when we got to him. “I saw Charley and you fighting last night. If Charley wants to stay here, that’s fine with me.”

“Great!” I said and went to get my breakfast happily. There were the men there to stare and talk to me, but it wasn’t as bad as it had been the day before by any means. They were tired, mostly, was part of it.

So I was eating mostly undisturbed and happy, and Gareth was joking with the others at our table when someone came in from investigating the meadow. He had with him a large plaque of some kind. Gold-colored, it had letters etched it in somehow. “We found this at the edge of the forest.” the man with the plaque said. “The Things left it beside a big cache of food. They wanted us to find it. Mayor, what it says...”

“Show us what it says.” the Mayor ordered.

The man showed it to us and I read it, felt my face go pale. Every eye that had read it was turned on me and I didn’t blame them! The plaque was badly misspelled, but its meaning was very clear: