Timmy's Anti-Fairly Oddparents
(First Portion Only)

Timmy Turner awoke that morning to his fairies in a state of panic. "Guys?" he called as they swarmed around the air above his bed and their goldfish bowl shrieking instructions to each other. "Guys! What's going on here!" he finally bellowed at the top of his lungs.

"Sorry, Timmy!" Wanda said. "But today is a rather...special day."

"Special?" mourned Cosmo. "It's horrible!"

"Yes, it is!" Wanda and Cosmo cried in unison while Poof nearby hovered in confusion.

"So tell me what's going on?"

"Today is...is..." Wanda stammered.

"It's Anti-Fairy Godparents Day!" blurted out Cosmo.

"Anti-Fairy Godparents Day?" Timmy asked.

"We have to protect Poof!" Wanda declared.

"We can turn him over to Momma Cosma to babysit." offered Cosmo.

"Or we could poke ourselves in the eye with a stick." Wanda stated.

"Hey, that sounds like a great idea!" Cosmo promptly conjured up a stick to poke his eye and he chuckled in glee. "Hey, this is great!"

"Stop that, Cosmo. How are we going to protect little Poof?"

"I'll take care of it." Cosmo waved his wand at his progeny and "puff!" the child was encased in a Star Wars type block of carbonite complete with a blinking blue light on one side.

"You froze Poof in carbonite?" Wanda declared. "Cosmo, are you insane?"

"You wanted him protected." Cosmo protested. "We can ship him this way to Momma Cosma and she can store him in her attic for safekeeping."

"Oh...no more time! Okay, do that! I'll deal with Timmy."

Cosmo and Poof-in-carbonite vanished and Wanda said, "Now, Timmy, today is a very special day. It only comes once every ten thousand years."

"Really?" Timmy said. "What is Anti-Fairy Godparents Day?"

"It's a day when all the fairy godparents have to swap with their anti-fairy counterparts for the day. That's today!"

"You mean Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda are coming here?" Timmy was scared. "They're supposed to grant my wishes?"

"Yes, but don't worry too much, dear." Wanda said soothingly. "They have to follow all of Da Rules. You wish, they have to grant it. They can't pull pranks or do anything but obey your wishes. But Timmy, I warn you, don't make any wishes today, of all days. Anti-fairies will grant your wishes, but they really don't know anything about how to do it and...." *Poof*! She vanished in a puff of blue smoke and in her place was....

"Anti-Cosmo!" Timmy shrieked.

"And Anti-Wanda!" Anti-Wanda said. She conjured up a sandwich which she ate with her feet placidly.

"And we're your Anti-Fairy Godparents!" Anti-Cosmo declared with a bizarre manifestation of the banner and balloons that Cosmo and Wanda had initially announced themselves.

"Okay, I get it." Timmy said. "You're my fairy godparents today. But I'm not making any wishes today, get me. Not...a...single...wish!" A thought occurred to him. "Where's Foop?"

"We had to protect him today." Anti-Cosmo said.

"So we had to freeze him." Anti-Wanda completed.

"In carbonite?" Timmy guessed.

"No...we froze him in fuzzy stuffed animals instead." Anti-Cosmo pulled a pair of curtains apart in mid-air and revealed Foop, stunned into immobility in a rainbow of stuffed animals inside a plastic cube. "Horrible, but at least he's safe today."

"Fine." Timmy said. "All right, let's get this day over with. Change into something discreet and we'll get our day started."

Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda waved their wands and transformed into...a purple bird and a purple flying toad. Timmy just sighed. "Close enough. Let's go."

He had to bite back a desire to handle things by wishing at school that morning time and again. Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda were there as a purple pencil and a purple pile of poop. But while Crocker looked at the steaming load with suspicion (Timmy explained it was a biology experiment), he got through the school half-day (a teacher's meeting got them out early) and went out to try to slip home and not let his parents see him.

No such luck. Dad was working on his car (breaking it, that is) and he looked up and saw his son coming. "Timmy! Out of school early?"

"Yes, Dad." Timmy sighed.

"Well, a loving dad would say let's go on a fun trip to the local arcade and waste the afternoon playing ‘Warriors and Warthogs'!" Dad declared.

"Warriors and Warthogs. The number one arcade game that just came out? Great!" Timmy was delighted. "Let's go right now!"

Dad went on, "But I promised your mother that we'd go tour the Mashed Potato and Meat Loaf Exhibit at the museum this afternoon instead." he declared. "Soon as I fix the car, we'll be going. You see, while I love you, I love your Mother more, and she does love mashed potatoes and meat loaf more than she loves you or me. See you in a while." His car engine gave a loud pop and he turned back to his labors.

"Nuts. They'll call Vicky in for sure!" Timmy mourned.

He went inside and his mother was getting ready. "Timmy, you're home!" she said. "Your father and I are going to the museum to see the Mashed Potatoes and Meat Loaf Exhibit at the museum today. I'll have to call Vicky and see if she can come over and watch you, because while your father loves you, he loves me more and I do love mashed potatoes and meat loaf even more than I love you or your dad!" She went back to her garb which was a testimony to meat loaf (the vest) and mashed potatoes (the hat she was wearing). A similar set awaited Dad's return from the car.

Timmy went to his room, followed by his silent Anti-Fairy Godparents. They'd been so silent in the last hour or so he'd sort of forgotten they were there. "Mom and Dad are always going out and doing things and if Mom wasn't wanting to see that dumb exhibit, Dad and I could be at the arcade playing Warriors and Warthogs or Crimson Chin's Grand Adventure!" he grumbled aloud. "It's just not fair. I'm their son, they should love me more than they love each other, shouldn't they?"

He raised his fists and shouted in the air. "I wish my Dad loved me more than Mom!"

Anti-Cosmo said. "At last, a wish! Done and done!" He made his wand make magic and there was silence.

"Oh, no! Oh, no!" Timmy gasped.

Followed by a crash as the door flew open to reveal his Dad. Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda had transformed into a purple goldfish and a purple tentacled octopus that overflowed the goldfish bowl, but Dad didn't notice. "Son! I love you so much, Timmy!"

He scooped up his son and hugged him tight and Timmy was delighted. "I love you, too, Dad!" he declared. "Let's go to the arcade and play ‘Warriors and Warthogs.'"

"Later, Son." Dad stated. "Right now I want to love you more and more and more!"

"But what's a better way to show a son you love him than taking him to an arcade to play Warriors and Warthogs? Mph!" he said as his father's lips kissed him hard and the man's tongue stuffed itself into his mouth all the way to the base. Timmy could do nothing but hold on as the tongue played over his entire mouth, licking up his saliva and depositing its own as it went. He gasped and caught air when and as he could, helpless in his father's lust-powered arms.

Dad was tearing off Timmy's clothes and when the boy was naked except for his ever-present pink cap and a pair of nearly invisibly small white briefs, Dad tossed him on the bed and stood in a superhero pose.

"We do this!" he declared and one powerful yank pulled off his shirt-and-tie and pants and he was wearing only his briefs which missed being the shape of the trunks of a superhero due to the massive erection tenting out the soft white cotton so far the elastic band was pulled away from the narrow line of pubic hair that reached down from his navel to the thicker bush below. The area where the glans pushed out furthest was lightly gray instead of white due to the soaking of precome it bore from his father's eager dong that throbbed like a superhero's muscles did in lethal combat. All of Dad's muscles were superhero-sized, too, briefly in that pose and Timmy's own young pud shot into the air like an arrow to stand at eager lighthouse-like attention. Dad grinned at the little tent his son was pitching for him and moved in and his body became Dad-sized again as he laid himself down on top of Timmy. "How's this for a joystick?" he asked as he slid his hard cock (which had wormed itself outside of his briefs) across his son's briefs and that small pole holding up his young briefs, leaving a dampness of precome in its wake. Timmy hissed as the wave of pleasure from his father's thick, hot prick stroked his little organ.

"It...it feels nice, Dad, but Warriors and Warthogs...."

"Time to work my joystick!" Dad exclaimed and he began to slide his cock back and forth over Timmy's brief-clad pud inside the fabric, and Timmy couldn't resist the pleasure he felt, he kept quiet and began to moan and move his own body to help his father scrub their cocks into a union of blissful delight. His little dong was David to his dad's Goliath only instead of battling, they were dancing across and over and back on each other, his little shaft stroking the side again and again while erect and upwards and his father's sliding along like some obscene locomotive near a lone pedestrian waiting at a railroad crossing. Only this "pedestrian" was actively loving the soft feel of velvet cockskin stroking across it as the flare of its glans slid upon its flank. It loved it so much that Dad's precome gushed liberally, soaking the cotton of the briefs so much that the fabric was greasy with the pre-spooge fluid, and that let his father's shaft slip and slide easily and innovatively on his son's eager crotch appendage. Dad kissed his son as he wove and bobbed and slid and wobbled over his son's lower body, driving his son wild.

"Mmm, Son, your little wee-wee is so warm and wet and wild and wacky." Dad alliterated.

"Your prong is pulsing and pushing and...and..." Timmy faltered. "It's great." he concluded.

"I love you, Son."

"I love you, too, Dad." Timmy breathed.

Dad sped up his motions and Timmy grabbed hold of his father's back with arms and legs and moaned in his delight and they were their own universe, man and boy, father and son, cock and prick, unified, infinite, divine!

In the middle of this blissful joining, Mom burst in clad in her Mashed Potatoes and Meat Loaf fan costume and said, "Dad! We have to go now, we're missing the opening of the exhibit!"

"Sorry, Mom, but I now love Timmy more than I love you." Dad explained. "I'm going to be spending all my time with him instead of you from now on."

"Well!" Mom huffed. "I love Mashed Potatoes and Meat Loaf more than I love you, you know."

"If you love it so much, why don't you go move in with it and leave me and Timmy alone!" Dad retorted. His motions on Timmy's body hadn't slackened in the least and Timmy was moaning in his increasing ecstasy as he listened to the exchange."

"I think I will!" Mom declared. "Goodbye forever!"

"Goodbye and good riddance!" Dad said. "Oh, oh, Son, I think I'm going to come!"

"Oh, oh, me, too!" Timmy gasped. He shook in his little boy climax as his father moaned and shot a lot of hot sticky Dad-goo all over his son's little baby-carrot dick and cherry-tomatoes balls which spasmed and shook and jerked in a fluid-less imitation of his father's massive come-load blasting him hard and wet. Dad kissed his son hard, then his climax forced him to rise up to gasp for air. "Oh, oh, AHH-AHH-AHHH, I LOVE YOU, TIMMY, THIS...MUCH!" he moaned as he climaxed. When his orgasm released him, he leaned down and meshed their lips once more until Timmy was the one who wrenched away.

"Oh, Dad, I love you, too!" Timmy moaned. "But Mom has left us."

"Good riddance." Dad said. "You and I can suck and screw all over the house without her in the way. Hey, you can move into my bedroom now. Come on!" He picked up his son with the boys briefs still containing his flaccid man-dong, and with the boy clinging to his midriff, he walked out the door. He was followed by a purple bird and a purple flying goldfish which was gasping to breathe in the open air.

"So close, yet so far." sighed the purple bird as they followed the pair out the door.