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Twenty short stories with twenty-two illustrations (one story has three illustrations). In this book, when an existing illustration from my archives wouldn't fit the story, I took old illustrations, cut the characters out of them, altered them as necessary (with not-so-great results on a few of them) and pasted them into new backgrounds to create reasonably new and original illustrations for these stories. When I could, I used an "orphaned" illustration originally put on a story no longer available for sale (usually by another author) for the characters to be cut and repurposed.

Of these stories, ten are totally original by me, and the other ten were written by me on a "fan commission" basis (their idea, my story incorporating and fleshing out their ideas). Seven of these were for one fan I refer to as "PGG" who likes stories about one boy having sex with several men; these stories are longer than usual so I could flesh out the sex the boy has with each man better.) I did my best on these commissions, to make them as original and exciting as I could.

The stories in this book are:
You Miss Me, Boy?--On a stormy night, Devin wakes up to find he is not alone in his room, it is Alan, who has broken out of prison. He remembers Alan, an old family friend, and Alan remembers him very well from a fishing trip two years before and the night they had spent together. Now, Alan has returned, still running from the law, but pausing to revisit Devin one more time.

The Robbery at Grandpa's House--Our hero is visiting his grandparents, who live alone in an old house with many valuable antiques and artwork. One night, while wearing only some old briefs he sleeps in, he catches two burglars in the act. When his briefs slide down on him, the burglars have an idea of something else they'd like to take while they're there. A PGG story written on commission.

The Lone Rider--Cimarron, a lone rider in the Old West encounters a wagon train that had been attacked and burned by Indians (they were intruding on the Indians' territory). Only one survivor, a young boy, clings to Cimarron who rescued him, and Cimarron takes the boy to the local military fort to go to an orphanage. However, on the road, he finds in this boy a link that he never knew he was missing.

Daddy's Couch--Nick's Daddy has finally gotten custody of him for the weekend. Daddy has a very small apartment, and it turns out the couch turns into a bed they'll have to share for a while. Sharing the couch/bed turns out to be fun for young Nick and his Daddy. Written for fan FG on commission.

Desert Truckstop--The truckstop in the desert has a motel nearby. A boy from the motel discovers the truckers have a sort of bunkhouse out back of the truckstop where sleep a while before traveling on, and the boy sneaks in that night to pay a visit.... A PGG story written on commission.

Job Interview 2042--In the near future, John Corben goes on a job interview at the Mason Group, a company which is known to use psychological tests on their candidates. When the young boy slips into the interview room before the interviewer, John doesn't know what to think, and when the boy slips under the table as the interviewer arrives and gets busy, John doesn't know what to do. If only John knew just what the Mason Group produces!

Daddy's Snuggle Games--Jason's Daddy finally gets summer custody of his son, so Jason gets to know the father he hadn't seen since babyhood. His Daddy likes to snuggle and Jason learns just how many wonderful snuggle games a boy can play with his horny Daddy! An LG story written on commission.

Getting Out of the Orphanage--Nine year old Glen has been in the Midvale Home for Children for a year and he wants out. So when married couple Thomas and Errol show up and ask for a nine-year-old boy they can adopt, Glen goes all out to convince these two men how he is just right for them. A PGG story written on commission.

My Coach, the Gardener--Hank is shocked to discover that his mother's summer gardener is his school's soccer coach, but it makes the prospect of helping him in his mother's extensive gardens much more attractive. Hank and the Coach turn out to have more in common with Hank than soccer, like that thing that swings between Coach's legs and what Coach likes to do with it.

The Border Post--In 1943, German soldier Unterfeldwebel Max Kohler is in charge of the border post on a small country road running between occupied France and the Swiss border. This road is used mostly by the peasants who live in the area, so it's a dull duty, but one night a young French boy comes by and Max finds out that the boy has ways of helping him pass the lonely night long as he ignores what slips over the border while he is busy with the boy!

The Sleeper Car--Our young hero and his Daddy are riding a train cross-country in a "sleeper" berth. One of the two beds won't open, forcing them to squeeze into the same small bed for the close that they are face-to-face, chest-to-chest, and lower down they are also matching up!

The Newest Scout--Kevin is scoutmaster of a troop who has a new Scout fresh out of the Cub Scouts. When the Eagle Scout assigned to mentor the newest member reports that the boy is getting grabby at night, Kevin has the boy sleep in his tent...and discovers just how well the young boy grabs you where it matters most. A PGG story written on commission.

The Rape of Hellesia--When the Morcians attack and sack the city/state of Hellesia, they take its people home to serve as slaves. Our young hero Paric is given to the Morcian warrior Bal, to serve the strong, muscled soldier in his home and in his bed. "Rape" is used in its secondary meaning in this story.

The Incident at KATZ-TV News--A young boy, dragged along by his mother on a tour of the news station, slips away from the group to explore on his own the studio and plays with the men who work there. A PGG story written on commission.

Bound Big Brother--Jeff's big brother Steve is home from college. He arrives to find that his big brother has been bound to his bed naked by his former girlfriend (he cheated on her in college and she found out), and Big Brother begs Jeff to untie him, but Jeff would rather wait on doing that, while he plays some special games with his older brother.

What Luke Learnt in the Big City--Jeb's young son Luke returns from visiting his big-city cousins and has a lot to tell about what he saw in the big city. He also wants to share what he learned from his city cousins in bed, by showing it to Paw. A FG story written on commission.

The Three Steps--Kerry's mom has just gotten married, and Kerry has to spend their honeymoon in the charge of his new stepfather's two brothers, big husky men who know just how to treat a horny young boy. When his new stepfather returns, he also gets in on the action. A PGG story written on commission.

Betty Jean's Boarding House--Betty Jean runs a boarding house and day care facility close by a large factory and an elementary school. Our hero works the night shift and becomes a boarder there, to discover the perk of this combination house as he finds himself visited during the day by young boys looking for hunky men to play with.

Bring Your Son to Work Day--James and Hubbard is a mid-sized law firm, which hosts a "Bring Your Son to Work Day." This story follows the sexual adventures of three young boys visiting the firm. Three illustrations and no incest in this story. This is a PGG story written on commission.

Ten Days of Firuz--Toby's big brother brings home fellow college student Firuz for the Christmas holiday. Firuz's family is visiting relatives in Iraq. Firuz becomes attached to young Toby on this visit, and Toby spends the next ten days with Firuz who his Christmas season sparkle extra-bright!

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