Visit from St. Nicholas

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by Eduardo.

Illustration of Visit from St. Nicholas

"You boys had better get on to bed now!" Dad said to me. "Santa's going to be here before you know it."

"Aw, Dad!" Shane groaned. "Come on, there's no such thing as Santa Claus."

"There is so a Santa Claus." I quickly declared. I was six and a firm believer in St. Nicholas. "There is so!" And I proved my belief by promptly bursting into tears at Shane's lack of belief.

"Now look, you made your brother cry!" Mom declared.

"I'm sorry." Shane said, though he wasn't, not really.

"You got to believe in Santa!" I screamed at him. "If you don't believe in him, he won't bring us any presents! You got to believe, Shane, you just got to!"

"Okay, okay, I believe in Santa." Shane said just to shut me up.

But even I didn't fall for that. Shane gulped down the last of his milk and got out of there, leaving me there, crying my eyes out at Shane's betrayal. Everyone knew you had to believe. If you didn't believe in Santa, he wouldn't come by, he just wouldn't!

Dad took me to bed a bit later; me still crying. "Now, you don't cry, Todd, you know Santa will come tonight. Doesn't he always come?"

"He won't this year." I declared. "You heard how Shane was talking about him!"

"Well, you just keep an ear open tonight." Dad said. "I bet you'll hear Santa Claus when he arrives if you just listen careful. I bet if you were to sneak downstairs, you could even get a look at him putting the presents under the tree." I snuffled, wiped my nose on my shirt sleeve, and got ready for bed forlornly, Daddy kissed me on my forehead and told me to be sure to get right to sleep, because Santa would be there any minute, he was sure of it.

Less than fifteen minutes later, I heard it. A sound of something on the roof. Then, a bit later, footsteps overhead. They crossed my bedroom roof. "Ho, ho, ho!" came the noise. And the sound of jingling bells. Loud jingling bells.

Like the poem says, I went to my window and threw it open and looked out. This I had to see!

What I saw was a ladder against the wall. Our own ladder, propped up against the wall.

And I saw Santa wearing his Santa hat, red clothes and all, climbing down the ladder. He held a chain of bells that were jingling (though not as loudly) as he climbed down.

Now, I didn't know that much about Santa, but I was pretty sure he didn't need to borrow our ladder to get off the roof. He was supposed to come down our chimney, though that was awful small.

Or maybe he had a present too big to fit into the chimney with him! My God, I hadn't believed in Santa and he had brought me the bicycle I'd wanted, maybe!

If so, I wanted to see it! I had to watch Santa put out the toys for me, I just had to!

As I slipped downstairs, the light in the living room came on. Not full, but low light, enough to see by. Santa would need to see to set up the presents around our tree and fill our stockings.

I slipped up to the doorway to the living room and peered around it careful as an Indian.

There was Santa Claus, with a bundle on his back, and he got onto one knee, looked around, looked my way (I ducked back when he did that) and then he said, "Oh, ho, ho, ho!" and when I peered back, he was putting the presents around the tree.

The presents! And the one with the blue bow looked like the ĎAnts in the Pants' game I wanted!

Santa put the last of the presents under our tree. He stood up, put his hands to the small of his back and groaned.

And I watched as an oval blob fell out of his shirt front and onto the floor. A pillow! A pillow! Santa had a pillow for his belly!

"Crap!" Santa said and bent over to pick it up and as he straightened up, he saw me in the hallway. I was too dumbfounded to duck back, and our eyes locked.

"Well, hello there, young fellow!" Santa said to me.

I stepped into the hall doorway, into his full view. "Hello." I said, then after a pause. "Santa."

"Well, hello there, Todd." Santa said to me.

"Why did you have a pillow on your belly?" I wanted to know.

Santa blinked, then he said, "Why, it's to keep my belly warm!"

I giggled at that, but I saw... "Your beard is white, but it's one of those with the hooks over the ears."

Santa looked abashed. "I got some gum in my beard a few days ago, and I had to shave it off, so I'm wearing a fake beard this year. You won't tell anyone, will you, Todd?"

"Of course not, Santa!" I beamed.

And I ran over to give Santa a great, big hug! "I love you, Santa!" I said.

"I love you, too, Todd!" Santa said to me.

I felt the big, strong muscles on Santa's body. My Daddy had muscles like that, from his job at the mill. And I could see that Santa was about my Daddy's age.

"Now, now, Todd." Santa said to me. "You have to let Santa get on his way to the next house. I have a lot of stops to make tonight, you know."

"Oh, don't go now." I begged Santa and threw my arms around his big, strong leg. "Can't you stay and visit with me a little?"

"But, Todd, I have to visit the other children." Santa protested. "I need to...." And he trailed away.

Because I had my hand on the spot between Santa's legs. "You ARE Santa!" I exclaimed.

"Sure I am." Santa said.

"I thought for a while you were my Daddy, but you aren't."

"What...what made me think I was your Daddy."

"You look like him, you're the same size and such." I explained. "But you got this." And I palped his thingie inside his pants.

"I got that." Santa said.

"Yeah, I heard my Mom talking about Daddy." I went on blithely. "She was talking with the neighbor and she said that my Daddy didn't have a dick."

"That's what she said?"

"Uh-huh." I said. "She said Daddy lost it a long time ago. It was why she was going with Mr. Taylor down the street."

"She was?"

"Uh-huh." I was a fount of information and Santa was lapping it up. "Every afternoon while Daddy is at work and Shane and me are in school."

"Son of a bitch." Santa said wonderingly. "No wonder she's cut me off."


"I mean, no wonder your Mom and Dad aren't getting along too well."

"Anyway, since you have a dick and my Daddy doesn't, you must be Santa." I announced my conclusion triumphantly.

"I guess I must be." Santa said.

"If you stay, Santa, I'll play with your dick for you." I tried bribery to keep him to stay.

"You'll do what?"

"I'll play with your dick." I said. "Just like I do with my friends when they stay over with me."

"Oh." Santa said. "That."

"Sure, Santa." I said, rubbing him more. "Maybe you could stay all night long with me, even. We could play with each other over and over again, like I do with Kevin and Ethan and Chuck."

"Oh." Santa said and this time, his cock jerked. "You like to do it over and over?"

"Uh-huh." I said. "All night long." I said. "We sleep and we wake up and we grab and wake up the others and we do it. With Kevin three nights ago, we did it five times."

"Five...times...a...night." Santa moaned. Now his dick was getting real hard. And it was growing, too!

"Uh-huh." I said. "Your dick is getting a lot bigger. Is it magic?"

"Uh...uh....guh!" Santa grunted. "Yeah, Todd, Santa has a magic dick. It even gets a lot bigger if you take it out."

"Okay." I said. Anything to keep Santa here, and talking to me. I unzipped his pants and pulled it out. "Wow!" It sure was magical, all right.

I'd only played with the dicks of my friends before, and those were all small thing, no more than an inch or two in length and tiny as anything. Not Santa's dick! It was so big around, I could barely wrap my hand around it. The head was bigger than the rest of it, sitting like a fat plum on top of his shaft. The shaft was also covered with a velvety sheath of warm skin, and I moved my hand up and down and it made thick folds over the top, which oozed out a thick fluid that got onto my fingers.

"Oooh, Todd, Santa loves the way that feels." Santa groaned.

"I like the way you feel, too." I said shyly. "What's that stuff on top? It doesn't look like pee."

"It's not, it's a magic liquid for nice little boys to lick up and enjoy." Santa breathed. "Would you like to taste it?"

"Uh-huh!" I said enthusiastically. I touched my tongue to it and it came away with a thick glob of the gooey stuff sticking to it, the rest stuck to Santa's cock and it was all clear and shiny and twinkled with magical light.

I pulled back and the chain of fluid broke and I felt it slop down onto my chin but I pulled my tongue back in and tasted it. "Mmm, that's good!" I said. "Can I have some more?"

"You sure can, Todd." Santa said. "You have to work it out for yourself, though. You can use your hand like you were doing, or you can put your lips down over it and work your lips up and down and get it all out that way."

"Okay." I said, eager for more of that delicious, magic Santa-milk. I slid my mouth over it, barely managing to fit the head inside, but when I did, Santa moaned and another gush of that scrumptious liquid flowed into my mouth. I began to move my mouth back and forth as best I could, and I used my hand, too, so that I could feel even more Santa's huge, thick, loveable cock, and Santa was moaning more and louder, now.

Santa's dick was getting nice and warm and I felt it getting even warmer and warmer and I let go with my mouth long enough to ask, "Santa? Why is it getting so warm?"

"It's because it's about to make some more magic for you, Todd." Santa grunted. "You keep working it like that and you'll get a whole lot of stuff out all at once."


"Yeah, now get back to sucking on it." Santa's hand came up and caught the back of my head and as I moved my lips back and forth on him, now his hand kept me moving faster than I could have alone. Santa was grunting, and growling and I knew he was loving all of it, and I was glad that I was making Santa happy like my friends, only more so, because Santa had this magic dick I was working.

I wanted to see what it would do next, and as Santa's groans got louder and louder, I knew he was about to make his special magic for me, and I held on tight, not wanting to lose one drop of the stuff he was about to make just for me.

But when Santa shot his magic fluid, there was a lot of it. He gave out a long, loud groan, saying, "Here it comes now, ouuuuhhhhhhhhgghhhhgggguuuuhhhhh!" and that's when he blasted it out at me.

No way I could drink all of this at once, I tried, I got gulps of the warm, salty, sticky stuff that tasted so very much like Santa Claus, but there was so much it poured out of my mouth and over my chin, and more flowed out, I was practically flooded with hot white magic, and Santa moaned as I drank from his cock and drank hard, it was so good, because Santa was getting this special gift from me.

Done, Santa lay back, panting just like my friends did when I played with their dicks, and he smiled at me with a tired gaze, his eyes sparkling like miniature stars were in his eyes.

"Did you like that, Santa?" I asked him.

"I sure did, Todd." Santa said to me. "That was the best Christmas present any boy ever gave me."

"I'm glad you liked it." I said. "Can you stay a little longer, maybe? I'd like Shane to meet you, see you really do exist."

"No, no, I only came here to let you see me." Santa explained. "Shane's old enough to not need to believe in me anymore. But you, you need me still."

"I sure do." I said. "And will for years and years."

"That's good." Santa got to his feet, and said, "Time you got back in bed."

"Okay, Santa." I got up and scampered back to bed.

"Santa only visited all the little boys and girls in the world once a year, I knew. But as I lay back on my bed and closed my eyes, something told me that Santa Claus would be visiting me again real, real soon.


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