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All three of the first "The Vermont Dovers" series, for a total of twenty-two chapters plus a prologue to the fourth one to come, with seven illustrations (the first series and the prologue, which was written as a birthday gift for the fan who commissioned these series). Two of these series have been in prior books, mentioned below, and if you have bought these books, I am offering a "companion" volume for $2.00 upon my verification of your purchase. These three series in this book are:
The Vermont Dovers--A six-part series following the lives and fortunes of the Dover family living in Vermont, there is John, the widowed high-powered executive, his younger ski-instructor stud Peter, and John's two young sons, John, Jr. and Charles. Peter returns to the family home to recover financially and incidentally to become the two boy's new caretaker, but these boys are very sexually precocious and it turns out that runs in the family! We follow them from the day Uncle Peter arrives through a special Thanksgiving when John, Jr. is nineteen and just discovered he has been "spurgled" into being a new father. This series was originally published in "A Stranger in My Bed."

The Vermont Dovers: The Next Generation--An eight-part series following the further lives and fortunes of the Dover family living in Vermont. This second series (two more are to come) tells the story of John's two sons, John, Jr. and Charles, and follows them as they mature, find lovers and build their new lives. John, Jr. studies the law and Charles becomes a veterinarian, and both have a lot of fun and love as their story unfolds. Some bestiality in this series. This series was previously published in "The Warm and Friendly Dark."

The Vermont Dovers: Voyager--An eight-part series in which we follow Charles Dover and his lover Kyle who become traveling veterinarians who are learning about the many exotic animals of our planet by going to their native habitats and treating them for their injuries. In the process, they have fun with the more cooperative animals, and with the young boys they encounter along the way. Bestiality and man/boy sex in about equal proportions.

Prologue to The Vermont Dovers: Deep Space Nine--J.D.'s identical twin sons Jack and Hank, are part of an air show and when they learn their air instructor is leaving and taking another job across the country, they give him a send-off that anyone could envy, when these twins give him a dose of double-sex. These two twin grandsons of the original John D. Dover, VII want to be astronauts and when they get their chance to fly the first spaceship to another star, they never expected to find Mankind was already out there...and therein lies the story of the fourth series.

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