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Treasure From My Story Vault
Rogue Moon Edition: The Works of Marcelequoit Aleman
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Eleven short stories from the heyday of my paysite era. I contacted an author from those days and we discussed the works I had bought from him back then (I returned all rights to the authors when I closed the paysite) and asked if he would be interested in a revival of his works in my books. His response was that I could "just have the stories" and publish them on the condition that I not reveal him as their source (he has a good reason for wanting to bury this part of his life, trust me on that). So I have created a new nom de plume for him, Marcelequoit Aleman, for his stories in this book, and if you can identify him from my paysite days, please, cooperate in keeping his identity a deep dark secret.

The stories in this book are:
Sarge Dad, Part One--A young man and his father who's a sergeant in the Army, come to an understanding one dark night. Adult incest.

Sarge Dad, Part Two--The action continues the next day when father and son confront what they have discovered about each other. Adult incest.

Kissing Cousins--When Cousin Ray moved in with his family, Ray ended up in his bed. And when his father found his stash of porn and took it away, Cousin Ray was pleased to provide an even better substitute for those urges. Adult incest.

Micha--When his hunky brother-in-law comes along with him to the sauna, it's an opportunity for our hero to finally fulfill a long-time dream and chow down on his sister's husband's tube-steak! Adult incest.

Doing Daddy--His Dad had been used to getting it every night with his live-in girlfriend. But when he has to throw her out for cheating on him, there's a void that he has to fill...and his son is there when the need arises! Adult incest.

Boy's Room Bullies--Our hero can't hold it any longer and heads for the boy's bathroom, even though he knows that the bullies will be waiting for him there. But he might have held out if he'd known just what was going to happen instead of a toilet bowl swirly! Teen/Teen.

The American--During World War II, an American flyer shot down over Germany is rescued by a young German farmer, who hides him in the attic. Then there's the question of what the hunky flyer can do to pay back the farmer for his keep! Adult/Teen.

The Deal--Our 14-year-old hero, while watching a gay DVD, is caught by his neighbor who's also the local policeman. The cop take the (borrowed!) DVD. Our hero pleads to have it back and the cop agrees...if our hero will perform a service for him in return! Adult/Teen

Fishing Rod--Robert goes with his buddy Jake to get in some fishing. But they forget the poles back in the car. So they don't have any poles..other than the ones in their shorts! Teen/Teen.

Polish Sausage--Stuck living with a Polish family in Warsaw and no privacy, he thought the camping trip would be a chance to relieve some of the pressure building up in him. And it was, though not in the way he expected! Adult/Teen.

Desert Heat--When he gets robbed and abandoned in the desert, its only the beginning of his sexual oddysey. He gets rescued by a man and ends up servicing both the man and his unwilling brother.

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