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A story in eight chapters, plus one bonus short story, and nine illustrations created by yours truly using older illustrations modified and put into new backgrounds.

When Giorgio Guandolci opened his Italian restaurant near the docks of his seaside city, he had his three sons, 13-year-old Jamie, 10-year-old Davie and 6-year-old Ollie for his fledgling restaurant's service staff, while he stays in the kitchen and concentrates on cooking up Italian dish delights. These boys want their father's restaurant to succeed and when the hunky dock workers and sailors (mostly Italian-Americans as well) see these cute young waiters' soft sweet butts walking by with their food, they can't resist copping a feel. This gives clever businessman-in-training Jamie the idea of how to drum up business by combining the sexual attraction of three cute boys with their father's delicious food. Soon, these boys are performing small "food sex shows" for these horny men using the food they serve in creative sexual ways. The watching hot athletic studs are eagerly anxious to gobble up everything served during the shows (now flavored by the boy's young bodies and Jamie's just-pubescent jizz flavoring). The men begin getting more than food out of these boys as each show gets more explicit and more elaborate. Hot men, hot boys, hot food and hot sex combine to make a winning combination for their restaurant's financial success. Man/boy food sex in eight chapters, all with illustrations.

As an added bonus, I did a "birthday present" story as well for this fan (free to him, I do this for my fans who commission ongoing multiple jobs like this) of a young boy whose baby-sitting older brother serves him up a hot dog feast. We see the bun, we see the toppings...but where's the wiener? Guess where it is! Little brother is only too happy to chow down on all Big Brother has to serve during his three-course "feast" and the dessert's creamy filling is the best of all!

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