Playing with Wingwangs

By Tommyhawk1

Illustration for Pokemon

[Author’s Note: When a caption contest participant chose this storyline for their prize, I had to take it on. I’ve only seen “Pokemon” a couple of times before and so I went back and watched a few of the shows again, paying attention and watching them forwards and backwards. (The show made more sense to me backwards!) So I have no choice; I’m playing this story for laughs and no insult to all the Pokemon fan(atic)s out there is intended or should be implied.]


Ash, Misty and Brock looked up at the high mountain blocking their path.

“That’s the dreaded Mountain known as Big Wingwang. It’s so big! We’ll never make it over that!” Misty complained.

“Pika.” Pikachu said. “Chuuuu.”

“That may be, Pikachu.” Ash said, “But if we go through Poontang Pass instead, then we’ll have to go all the way around and it’d take us three times as long. On the other hand, if we just grab hold and climb on top of that Big Wingwang, we can save a lot of time.”

“That’s a dumb idea!” snapped Misty. “That mountain is big and sharp and jagged and we’d have to walk for days and days and the pass would be quicker even if it is longer around and besides, I’ll bet there are big wild Wingwangs on that mountain, too!”

Brock said. “I think Misty is afraid of the Big Wingwang, don’t you, Ash?” and he winked at Ash.

“She’s afraid of something, that’s for sure.” Ash said.

“I’m not afraid of that Big Wingwang!” Misty said. “But I’ve heard that there are a lot of Pokemon trainers who went searching for Wingwang Pokemons and were never seen or heard from again and I’ll bet they’re living like crazy old men on that mountain by now, still chasing after Wingwangs and one of them could come running out at us and do who knows what!”

Just then, a crazy old man came running at them and Misty screamed a quick scream! “Aaaah!” Then she got mad. “Who are you, you crazy old man, coming running out at us and scaring us and we were just talking about the Wingwangs and why did you come running up at us like that, you crazy old man?”

“I’m a Pokemon trainer who went up on the mountain long ago, searching for a Wingwang to call my own.” the crazy old man said.

“See!” Misty accused Ash and Brock. “I told you.”

“Pika!” Pikachu agreed.

“So you were right that some Pokemon trainers went into the mountains and tried to capture Wingwangs and I’ll bet that they got lost up there in the mountains and this old man just now found his way out and he needs our help and you start in by threatening him.” Ash said.

“No.” the crazy old man said. “I just find I like being a crazy old man, heh, heh, heh, heh!”

“Heh, heh, heh, heh!” Brock laughed in imitation of the crazy old man.

“So why are you here?”

“It’s my turn to warn away all Pokemon trainers from pursuing the Wingwangs. All us crazy old men who live on Big Wingwang take turns.”

“So there are wild Wingwangs up there?” Ash asked

“Wild Wingwangs? Really?” Brock added.

“I told you.” Misty crowed. “Let’s go catch one. On the other hand, maybe it’s really big and mean and ferocious and dangerous and we shouldn’t go catch them. Eek!” she screamed quickly again.

“Pika. Chu.” Pikachu said, but this time none of the Pokemon trainers present translated and so nobody knows to this day what he said though I’m sure there’s a website or twelve out there who thinks they do know what he said, and they have it posted, so why don’t you go look there and don’t bother me, ‘cause I don’t know.

“Only boys can have Wingwangs, young lady. But you two young boys should take Poontang Pass. Leave the Wingwangs alone, that’s my advice.” The crazy old man said. “But if you insist on grabbing hold of a Wingwang, you’ll turn into crazy old men just like me.” And he leered at Misty. “Hello, there, young lady. Want to see my Wingwang?”

“You’re disgusting.” Misty said. “That does it. If you think for one moment that I’m going to climb that nasty old Big Wingwang when there’s a perfectly good and safe path around it, you have got to be as crazy as this old man. I’m taking Poontang Pass and you’d better do the same. Hmph!” And with her head held up, she walked on down the path.

Ash and Brock looked after her, but when they turned back to the crazy old man to say good-bye, he had vanished. Looking at each other bewildered, they started after her, keeping well back until she got over her snit.

“I wonder what Wingwangs look like.” Brock said. He pulled out his Pokedex and it popped open and said, “Information on the Wingwang is prohibited for Pokemon trainers of your level. If you are near the dreaded mountain known as Big Wingwang and have just met up with a crazy old man who has been warning you, you should take his advice and take Poontang Pass to get through.” And that was all it said.

“Hmm.” Ash said. “That’s very odd. Why don’t they tell us about the Wingwang?”

“Because then we’d go up into the mountains and try to catch one.” Brock said. “The old man warned us not to grab hold of one.”

Ash thought about it. “Ah, I’ll just bet he’s trying to keep all the Wingwangs for himself. He doesn’t want us catching and playing with Wingwang, that’s all.”

“You want to play with Wingwangs?” Brock asked.

“Sure.” Ash said. “Don’t you?”

“Sure!” Brock said.

“Pika!” Pikachu agreed.

“Then let’s go get us some Wingwangs.” And they left Misty still fuming and muttering to herself, heading toward the dark cleft that was Poontang Pass all alone.

As they climbed up the rounded pair of hills near the Big Wingwang, they ran into the crazy old man again. “Hah!” he said. “I knew you boys would be coming up here. Never known a boy who could resist the Big Wingwang. They see it and they just have to get up on it, all right.”

“We want to catch a wild Wingwang.” Brock said.

“Well, you’ve come to the right person.” the crazy old man said. I’m the Head Wingwang Master. The best way to catch hold of a wild Wingwang is to go to that little canyon over there which we call the Bathoom and just sit down and wait. Sooner or later a Wingwang will come along and snuggle right up next to you. They just love young fellows like you, the Wingwangs do. Lots of young Pokemon trainers discover their Wingwangs in the Bathroom.”

“Sounds great!” Ash said. “Come on, Brock, let’s go!”

“Yeah!” Brock said. “Let’s go grab us some Wingwangs!”

“Pika!” Pikachu said again quite unnecessarily.

And the two Pokemon trainers and Pikachu took off for the Bathroom, and the Head Wingwang went off to play with his Wingwang or something. Then, from out of the bushes came some familiar voices.

“Prepare for trouble.”

“And make it double.”

“To protect the world from devastation.”

“To unite all peoples within our nation.”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love.”

“To extend our reach to the stars above.”



“Team rocket blast off at the speed of light.”

“Surrender now or prepare to fight.”

And a third voice said, “That's right.”

The bushes rustled and then James said, “I think we’re stuck.”

“I think you’re right.” Jessie agreed.

Meowth said, “You pair of wimps. Mph! Hey, get off me.”

And the bushes were silent once more.


Illustration for Pokemon The Bathroom had a large pool at the base of it, and Ash and Brock sat down on a rock ledge near it. Pikachu went down to the water to get a drink.

“Well, we’re here.” Ash said after a moment.

“Yeah.” Brock agreed. “Now what do we do?”

“We’re supposed to just sit and wait.” Ash said.

The bushes nearby rustled.

“What’s that?” Ash said.

Brock got to his feet. “Something’s over there.”

“I see something in those bushes.” Ash pointed. “It’s looking at us.”

Bulbous heads poked out of the bushes.

“Are...are those Wingwangs?” Ash asked nervously.

“I guess they are.” Brock said.

“What do you think they want from us?” Ash asked.

A streak as one Wingwang jumped out of the bushes, a long, low flight straight at the two young Pokemon trainers. Ash and Brock grabbed hold of each other and Brock’s leg went up from the ground, his foot almost pointed at the Wingwang.

It changed course in mid-air and went right up Brock’s pant’s leg, a large oblong lump in his trousers that crawled up to the crotch and stayed there.

“Yow!” Brock jumped up. “I’ve got a Wingwang in my pants and it wants to dance!”

And Brock began to dance back and forth. “Wow! Wow! Wow!” he yelled.

Then he stopped and Ash looked, wide-eyed, at Brock’s crotch, which was pulsing out and back, being a huge bulge, then back down to the typically flat pant’s front, then bulging out again, pulse-pulse-pulse.

“I’ll help you, Brock!” Ash said. He ran over and knelt down in front of Brock. “I’ll get that Wingwang out of there for you.”

“Please, it’s...it’s feeling kind of funny.” Brock said.

Ash got the zipper down and the Wingwang sprang out at him, a long cylindrical body and the mushroom-shaped head.

“There it is!” Ash said. “I’ll grab hold of it and....” And he grabbed hold of Brock’s Wingwang, grabbed it just below the bigger head. “I’ll put it out of there.”

When Ash tugged on the Wingwang, Brock went, “Oh, wow!”

The skin of the Wingwang was loose, all Ash did was pull the skin up around the head. He pushed back down and grabbed tighter and pulled again, the same result.

“Oh, oh!” Brock groaned.

“Am I hurting you?” Ash asked as he continued to pull on Brock’s Wingwang.

“No, it...it feels good!”

“You like it when I pull on your Wingwang?” Ash asked.

“Yeah, oh, yeah!” Brock moaned. “Pull on it some more. It feels wonderful!”

Ash gave the Wingwang a few more pulls and then Brock groaned, “Oh, oh, oh, OHH!” and then the Wingwang attacked Ash.

It spewed him with a hot, white, salty goo, a huge blob of it got him right in the face! And another, and another!

“Ewww!” Ash said, letting go and wiping it from his face. He looked at Brock, his face all red and sweaty. “Brock? Brock are you all right?”

Brock only panted for a time.

“Brock?” Ash crawled over. “Brock, are you all right?” He repeated.

“Yeah!” Brock sighed. “That was great! Boy, I see why these old men like living in these mountains!”

“I can’t pull that Wingwang out of your pants.” Ash said.

“No, you can’t pull it out of there.” came the crazy old man’s voice.

Ash and Brock looked up.

“The Wingwang, once it chooses a person, it attaches to you and it never leaves you.”

“Never?” Brock looked down. “It’s...it’s asleep now, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s just resting.” the old man said.

“It gets smaller when it rests.” Ash said. “Can I yank it off of him now?”

“You?” the old man was surprised. “No, no, you mustn’t touch another person’s Wingwang. They have to take care of it for themselves.”

“But...” Brock began to protest.

“No, no, that’s the first rule of taking care of Wingwangs.” the old man said. “You let it live there inside your pants and you pet and stroke it. It feeds off of your own electrical energy, giving you all kinds of pleasure. You stroke it and it grows.”

“So how does this Pokemon fight other Pokemon?” Ash asked.

“I’m sure not putting it into a fight when it’s right there inside my pants.” Brock said emphatically.

“Oh, you’ll see, you’ll see. Come on to the Wingwang Pokemon Training Center and we’ll show you how they fight.

“But...but I don’t have a Wingwang yet.” Ash protested. He looked about, but the place seemed to now be devoid of Wingwangs. “Aw, I want a Wingwang, too!” he stormed, stamping his feet and clenching his fists.

“Now, now, wait a while longer and see if another Wingwang comes along for you, young fellow.” the old man said kindly.

Ash waited and waited as the day grew longer. In the afternoon, after a snack out of their backpacks, Ash yawned and said, “Well, I need to take a nap now.”

“Pika.” Pikachu agreed.

“Will you be all right?” Ash asked Brock.

“Sure.” Brock said. “I think my Wingwang is waking up again. I’m going to try to pet it and see if I can make it grow nice and big.”

“Well.” Ash yawned again, wider. “Have fun.” He wrapped Pikachu in his arms like a teddy bear and stretched out on the blanket. He whispered to Pikachu. “Brock is so lucky having a big Wingwang like that. I hope my Wingwang gets as big as his. When I get one, I’m going to play with it all the time.”

“Pika?” Pikachu asked.

Ash chuckled. “Don’t worry, Pikachu, you and me will always be friends.”

“Chuuu.” Pikachu gave him a hug.

“Now let’s get some sleep.” Ash said.


Not far away, Jessie and James were lurking in the bushes once again. They’d heard everything the old man had said to Ash and Brock.

“What are we waiting for?” Jessie complained. “We know where a Wingwang is, right there in Brock’s pants. Let’s go over there and yank it out.”

“But that’s so declasse.” James objected. “Besides, there are lots of wild Wingwangs right here in the bushes, if we can just find them, we can figure out how to capture all of them.”

“Then I’ll be the Queen of the Wingwangs!” Jessie crowed. “Can’t you just imagine all the Wingwangs bowing down to me, their object of adoration.”

“Well...” James started, and then his eyes widened. Suddenly he began to jump up and down.

“What is the matter with him?” Meowth asked Jessie.

She watched him jumping and yelping and then she smiled craftily. “I think James has just found his Wingwang.”

“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” James said as the Wingwang in his pants settled down. He was left with a big bulge in his trousers. “Oh, this Wingwang is breaking up the smooth lines of my classic figure.” He complained.

“Well, then, let me get it.” Jessie said.

“Wait, you heard what the old man said.” Meowth reminded them. “Only the Pokemon trainer should touch his own Wingwang.”

“He’s right.” James said.

“Well, I don’t care about that!” Jessie snarled at him, right in his face. “Give me your Wingwang right this minute!”

“No!” James backed away.

“Come back here you coward! I want your Wingwang right now!” And Jessie chased James through the bushes.

Meowth shook his head. “These two are more trouble than they’re worth.” And he trudged after his companions.


Ash awoke to a slight rustling feeling along his ankle. Some grass blowing against his leg? No, something was crawling up his pants! “Snake!” He yelled and got to his feet.

The thing crawled up to his groin and got right into the middle and...all sorts of things began happening to his body! A tingling like he had never felt before, right at his thingie. It grew and grew and GREW!

“Wow!” He shouted. “There’s a party in my pants!”

Brock had been asleep and he rolled over and looked up. “Ash, what’s happening?” he asked.

“Hey, look, Brock!” Ash crowed happily. He grabbed his pants and undid the fly with a yank. “I got a Wingwang, too!”

“Pika!” Pikachu agreed triumphantly, jumping for joy on his master’s behalf.

And there is was, all right, peering out of Ash’s fly with twinkling eyes.

“That’s a Wingwang, all right.” Brock said as he bent over to peer at it carefully. “Kind of a small one, though, isn’t it?”

“Well.” Ash had to admit that Brock’s Wingwang was a lot bigger than his. “It’ll get bigger. I’m going to pet it all the time.”

“Yeah, I figured out how a Wingwang likes to be petted while you were asleep.” Brock said. He pulled out his own Wingwang and it poked eagerly up at Ash. “I’ve made it shoot that white stuff three times now.” Brock’s Wingwang reached eagerly towards Ash, making little whimpering sounds.

“Hey, Brock, I think your Wingwang likes me.” Ash said.

“Down boy, down!” Brock chided his Wingwang. “I’m the one who pets you from now on!”

The Wingwang said, “Wing?” querulously, plaintively.

“Aw.” Ash said. “Your Wingwang looks sad.”

“It just wants some more petting.” Brock said. “Now watch, this is how you pet it.” He wrapped his hand around his Wingwang and began to pump the loose skin up and down on the head rapidly. The Wingwang crooned happily at this treatment. “See, that’s how you stroke your Wingwang.”

“Wow, I have to try that.” Ash said and he grabbed hold of his Wingwang and imitated Brock.

“Wang!” his Wingwang cried out approvingly.

Ash couldn’t believe how good it felt, stroking his Wingwang. His entire body felt like it was lighting up from within! “Ooh, this feels good, stroking my Wingwang.”

“Yeah!” Brock panted. He was pumping his own Wingwang hard and fast, and his tongue dropped out of his mouth to one side, like a happy dog.

“Ooh, ooh!” Ash groaned. “Oh, Brock, this is great!”

“Yeah, Ash, stroke your Wingwang!” Brock urged him.

“Oh, yeah!” Ash groaned

“Yeah!” Brock grunted. Both Pokemon trainers were really whomping on their Wingwangs now.

“Oh, Brock, I think my Wingwang’s going to shoot!” Ash panted.

“Mine, too!” Brock moaned.

“Oh, oh, OOHH!” Ash groaned. His entire body was one big electrified pleasure, like when Pikachu shocked him, only this just felt GOOD!”

“Ah, ah, AHHH!” Brock said.

And the two Wingwang’s blasted at once. White goo flew over and splattered the two young Pokemon hunters, Brock’s Wingwang splattering Ash while Ash’s Wingwang pelted Brock’s crotch with goo.

And Brock’s Wingwang let go of Brock! It flew into the air, yelling happily. Wing! Wang!”

“Hey!” Brock called after it. “Come back, Wingwang! Come back!”

But the Wingwang wasn’t running away, it circled and came over and nuzzled against Brock’s cheek affectionately.

Brock chuckled as the Wingwang brushed his cheek. “Hey, Wingwang, I didn’t know you’d come loose. I thought you’d be in my pants forever.”

“Wing?” the Wingwang had noticed Ash. It flew over and nuzzled Ash’s cheek, as well.

“Hello, Brock’s Wingwang.” Ash said as he put up his hand to pet it.

“Ooh!” Brock said. “Ooh!”

“What’s wrong, Brock?” Ash asked as he continued to pet the Wingwang at his cheek.

“Stop that, Ash, please!”

“Stop what?”

“Stop petting my Wingwang!” Brock almost snapped.

“I’m sorry.” Ash let his hand drop. The Wingwang seemed satisfied and flew back to its new home inside of Brock’s pants.

“Are you all right, Brock?” Ash asked as Brock zipped up his pants and, now with only a small bulge there showing his new Pokemon, he knelt down to load up his backpack.

“I’m all right.” Brock said. He looked over at Ash and smiled. “Just that when you touched the Wingwang, it was like it was still touching me.”

“We’d better visit the Pokemon Training Center and learn more about Wingwangs.” Ash agreed.


In another part of the Bathroom, James leaned against a rock, panting heavily. “I think we lost them.” he said to his crotch.

The crotch rustled and James looked around again, and unzipped his fly and out came a big, long Wingwang. He petted it and it responded, “Wingwang!”

“Don’t worry, little Wingwang.” James said. “I won’t let Jessie lay a finger on you. You’re all mine now.”

“Wing.” the Wingwang agreed.

James settled down. He had some exploring to do on how best to please his Wingwang.

He found soon enough how to work the Wingwang’s body so that it rippled in pleasure and he pumped it faster and faster, and had just caused it to spray its first pack of goo into the air, splattering the ground, when Meowth came through the bushes.

“Meowth.” James panted, still reeling from his experience. “Don’t let Jessie grab my Wingwang. It’s...it’s so defenseless, I’m afraid she’d hurt it.”

“You big loser.” Meowth growled. “Put that thing back in your pants and let’s go. I’ve talked Jessie into a visit to the Pokemon Training Center and we need you for our ticket inside.”

“Me?” James asked as he got to his feet. “Why me?”

“Because unlike all of you, I know something about Wingwangs.” Meowth said. “Just follow my lead and everything will be fine. You’ll both have more Wingwangs than you know what to do with, I guarantee it. Nice, big, fat Wingwangs, too.”

“Ooh!” James smiled evilly and got to his feet. “I want at least a dozen of them to call my very own. Ooh, just to be surrounded by Wingwangs makes my...my heart flutter with joy!”

“You got it, Wingwang head.” Meowth sighed. “You can just go to bed in a whole nest of Wingwangs. But come on, let’s get you to the Pokemon Training Center now.”


Ash and Brock made it to the Pokemon Training Center and the old man was there, now in a fancy robe, to meet them. “Hello, young Pokemon trainers.” he greeted them. “Do you have your Wingwangs? Only Wingwangs are permitted inside of this Training Center. All other Pokemons must remain inside their Pokeballs.” And he glared at Pikachu.


“You wait outside, Pikachu.” Ash said. “We’ll be back out in a while. Why don’t you sit over there,” he pointed at a bench at a fountain, “and I’ll come back for you.”

“Pika. Chu.” Pikachu said sadly and obeyed, perching forlornly on a bench.

“Now if you boys will show me your Wingwangs, I’ll let you inside.”

Brock and Ash unzipped their pants.

“Yes, those are a fine pair of Wingwangs you have there.” the old man agreed. “Enter, young trainers.”

“Why can’t we use other Pokemons inside the Training Center?” Ash asked, walking awkwardly because his Wingwang was tugging eagerly upwards, cheeping gleefully. “Wingwang! Wingwang! Wingwang!”

“Because the Wingwang is still not fully understood. But we do understand one thing about them. Come on inside and I’ll show you.”

Inside Brock and Ash stared. Wingwangs were all over the place, most of them perched in their owner’s laps, but some flying about and in the center, two large Wingwangs flew about. Ash watched as he saw their attacks; they could spray that white goo on command from their owners, could pounce on each other and could sling about their two bulbous feet almost like a mace and ram each other with their heads.

“So that’s how Wingwangs fight?” Ash asked the old man, the Head Wingwang Master.

“That’s how they fight.” the Head Wingwang said.

“But how do they build up their energy?” Brock asked.

“I see you’ve been working with your Wingwang.” the Head Wingwang said.

“Yeah, I spent all afternoon stroking it.” Brock said proudly.

“That’s good.” the Head Wingwang said. “Then has it let go of you yet?”


“Mine hasn’t.” Ash said dolefully.

“Oh, it will when it gets more comfortable with you.” the Head Wingwang said. “Don’t rush it, let it grow and play with it as much as you can, and it’ll get confident enough to let go of you for short periods and you can fight with it.”

“But the energy?” Brock asked. His more experienced eyes had shown that the Wingwangs in battle seemed to slacken and regain energy in some manner and he mentioned this to the others.

“Yes, you noticed that when you pet your Wingwang, even when it’s loose, it still tingles down in your pants, right?”

“Sure.” Brock said.

“Well, it works the other way around. The Wingwang feeds off your energy, and that link lets you recharge it in mid-battle. Just pound your winkie and the Wingwang will charge right up.”

Ash looked around. It was true, the men whose Wingwangs were flying around had their hands on their penises and were pumping away at them, while watching their Wingwangs in flight, modulating their strokes to power the Wingwangs above them.

“Wow!” Brock said. “I’m going to go find someone to fight with!”

“Wingwang!” Brock’s Wingwang, which had been standing up proudly, shrank back fearfully.

“Better let it get more used to you before you try fighting it.”

“Okay, we’re here.” Ash said. “Why couldn’t Pikachu come inside.”

“Because the power works both ways with Wingwangs.” the old man said patiently. “Can you imagine having your Wingwang receive an electrical shock from your Pikachu right now?”

“Wing!” Ash’s Wingwang screamed.

“Don’t worry, little Wingwang.” Ash soothed it with a couple of strokes until it rose up confidently once more, a proud little pole standing out from his body. “I won’t let Pikachu shock you.”

“Wingwang.” his Wingwang agreed, mollified.

“Why don’t you boys go over to the beginner’s circle over there and practice with your Wingwangs.”

The two Pokemon trainers did and the three young men who were there looked up. “Hey, welcome to our little circle jerk.” he said. “Have a seat and show us your Wingwangs.”

“Man, that’s a shrimp you have on you.” the second young man, blond-haired and sharp-nosed, said to Ash.

“He can’t help it because he’s a baby still.” Ash said. “He’ll grow bigger.”

“Especially if you play with him a lot.” the third man said kindly. “Come on, we’re trying to stroke our Wingwangs in unison here.”

“Are you two new guys ready?” the first man asked them.

“Ready!” Brock and Ash said.

“Wingwang!” Ash’s Wingwang chipped in.

“And here we go, on the count. Remember the watchword is control. Don’t break loose and go whomping on it. Ready? And, one, two, three, four.” he counted rapidly, each count a stroke up and down on the Wingwang inside his trousers. It was a huge Wingwang, nearly a foot long and big around. Ash stared at it while he stroked his own Wingwang.

Ash and Brock concentrated on stroking their Wingwangs in tempo to the count.

This could take some time was Ash’s primary thought.


Outside the Pokemon Training Center, a young man was on duty while the Head Wingwang was inside. James walked up.

“Greetings.” the young man said. “Show your Wingwang for entrance and leave all other Pokemons either inside their Pokeballs or outside the Training Center.”

“Got my Wingwang right here.” James said. “Want a closer look?” he said.

The young man got down on his knees. “Show it to me.” he agreed.

James opened his fly and the Wingwang inside burst out and as the man opened his mouth in surprise, the Wingwang buried itself inside of him.

“Okay, Wingwang, do your stuff!” James said.

The young man flailed about helplessly as the Wingwang plunged in and out of his mouth, no matter how he rolled about, the Wingwang was buried inside of his mouth, pumping itself in and out.

“Get moving.” James said to Jessie and Meowth. “I’ll be along as soon as I finish here.”

He knelt down and pulled the young man’s robe up. “Okay, Wingwang, here’s another hole for you.”

“You aren’t supposed to use Wingwangs like that. Agh!” For the Wingwang had buried itself in the young man’s asshole.

“But it’s more fun when it’s evil.” James smiled. “Come on, Wingwang, do your stuff!”

Inside Jessie and Meowth observed the goings-on. “Okay, Meowth, now what?”

“Now you pull out that box I gave you when I learned we were coming this way.” Meowth said.

Jessie reached into her pants pocket and pulled out a box about five feet square. “Is it this one or the other one?” She asked as she reached into her pocket again.

“This is the one.” Meowth assured her. “Now, we just open this box and step back.”

As she opened the box, a...force...spread out, arcing spears of light toward every Pokemon trainer in the room.

Gasps of surprise as the spears revealed their nature, they clamped around the bodies of the men present and gripped them tight. The Wingwangs were disturbed and flew about, whistling their cries. “Wingwang! Wingwang! Wingwang!”

In the alcove with the circle jerk, Ash and Brock were surprised. The three men with them jumped to their feet and their Wingwangs flew up to nestle against them, and see what was going on as well.

“We’re under attack.” The leader of the circle jerk said. “Wingwang, attack!”

He pounded his pud to give his Wingwang all the energy it could.

But the spears of light found them. Ash and Brock, who had been watching with surprise, saw the light and then were bound with their hands tightly at their sides, and they fell over onto their sides, squirming.

“Wingwang! Shoot your wad!” the circle jerk leader cried out.

His Wingwang tried.

“It can’t!” Brock said. “It has to be fed before it can use it’s goo attack!”

“But how can he feed it with his hands tied.”

Jessie, James and Meowth were now shooting out little nets from guns they had pulled from somewhere, and were capturing all the Wingwangs, helplessly floating around, losing energy as their masters were unable to feed them.

“We have to do something!” Ash said.

“But what?” Brock asked. “I can’t use my Pokeball with my hands tied, I can’t reach it. And the rule is nothing but Wingwangs in this Training Center.”

“You have to break the rules when the others are.” Ash said. “Let me try to see if I can pull out your Pokeball. Maybe we can use it after all.”

Ash squirmed on Brock’s body. His head landed on Brock’s crotch, and he felt the hot warmth of Brock’s cock there. It was nice and hard, and his Wingwang was still flying about, though without direction.

Seeing Brock’s Wingwang above, and feeling Brock’s prick beneath, Ash had an idea. “Brock, command your Wingwang.” He said. And he turned and scarfed Brock’s cock into his mouth, sucked on it.

Brock’s Wingwang was instantly charged from the pleasure Ash was giving Brock’s pud. Brock was groaning and he managed to grunt out, “Wingwang, attack!”

“Wingwang!” the Wingwang plunged into the assault.

“More power!” Brock panted. “More, more!”

Ash began to bog up and down frantically on his buddy’s prong, sucking the hard cock and feeling it all hot and salty-topped in his mouth. He drove himself as hard as he could.

“Ah, ah!” Brock groaned. “Wing! Wang! Goo! Attack! Now! Hun-GGGHHHUNNNKKKHHH!”

Ash’s mouth was filled with Brock’s salty jism, a clear-tasting, wonderful flavor of concentrated Brock, and he gulped it down happily.

Jessie screamed as Brock’s Wingwang doused her with white goo, soaking her down heavily.

“That’s the way!” the circle jerk leader said. “Everybody, get to work on your neighbor’s prick, charge up each other’s Wingwangs! Now!”

The place was soon an orgy of cocksucking, and the Wingwangs responded quickly. They were able to first squirm out of the small nets which had held them down only as long as they were low on power, and free, they flew at the three would-be trappers, and as they came near, they sprayed them with their goo!

“Ooh! Yuck!” Jessie groaned. She was the prime target of the Wingwangs, and she was plastered, nearly white from head to foot, and none of it was her Team Rocket uniform.

“Let’s get out of here!” James wasn’t as soaked as Jessie, but the Wingwangs were closing in on him.

Meowth was already running out the door. A particularly big Wingwang (the one of the Head Wingwang’s), knocked him down and then carefully soaked him from head to foot with the white gooey blast from the top of its head.

Meowth lay there, head propped on one palm, elbow on floor. “I always knew I was working with a bunch of jerk-offs.” he muttered.


Illustration for Pokemon Team Rocket escaped, but everyone knew they wouldn’t dare mess with the Wingwangs again. The Head Wingwang was very happy, his face was screwed up into tight lines of eyes, nose and mouth. “Oh, I’m so happy.” he said, his mouth making a wide hole at the bottom of his face with each word. “You two proved that we were wrong to keep our Wingwangs for ourselves. From now on, we’ll share our Wingwangs with each other, everybody will stroke each other’s Wingwangs all the time. In no time, we’ll have our Wingwangs evolved to the next higher level. I wonder what a bigger Wingwang is like?”

Ash’s Pokedex beeped at him and he opened it. “Yes, Pokedex?” he asked.

“The next levels of a Wingwang are...the Prickdick and the fabulously powerful Dongschlong!”

“Wow!” Ash looked. “I thought this information was forbidden to trainers of our level.”

“Oh, but you’ve just earned your badges at this Training Center.” the Pokedex said.

“That’s right.” the Head Wingwang said, handing them badges shaped like little Wingwangs. “Wear them proudly.”

“Thanks.” Ash and Brock pinned them on happily.

“We’d better catch up to Misty.” Brock said. “She’ll never believe the adventure we had without her.”

They waved good-bye to the Head Wingwang and walking down the round hills at the base of the Big Winwang, Ash felt a stirring in his pants. “Hey, my Wingwang wants some attention.” he said.

“We can stop and rest here.” Brock agreed.

When Ash opened his trousers, he was surprised to see his Wingwang burst out and fly around. “Hey, my Wingwang is on the loose!” He called out.

“Hello, Ash’s Wingwang.” Brock said as it flew over. He stroked it under its mouth.

“Ooh!” Ash quivered.

“You like it when I touch your Wingwang?” Brock smiled at Ash.

“You bet.” Ash agreed.

“Well, from now on, I’m going to pet it as often as I can.” Brock said. He opened his own fly and his Wingwang sprang free.

Ash pounded his dick and watched as the two Wingwangs flew in and began to nuzzle each other.

“Hey, Brock.” he said after a while.


“I think our Wingwangs are in love with each other.”

“I think you’re right.” Brock said. “That means you and I should stay together as much as we can.” He scooted over to sit by Ash. “We’ll share our sleeping bags and hold each other’s Wingwangs all night long.”

Ash reached over and took Brock’s cock from his hand and began to pump it. “Sounds great to me.”

“What are you two doing?” Misty’s voice cut into their little oasis of pleasure.

“We’re playing with each other’s Wingwangs.” Ash said.

“You want to play with them?” Brock offered.

“No!” Misty said. “That’s disgusting. I’ve heard that if you do it, you’ll go blind. You two should be ashamed of yourselves. And to think I waited for you at the entrance of Poontang Pass and then came back to find you and thinking you were in trouble, and instead, you two are just playing with yourselves all this time and...eek! What are those?” She had just noticed the two flying Pokemon nearby.

“Those are our Wingwangs.” Brock said. “Do you like them?”

“Eek!” Misty took off running back down the hill.

“I told you she was afraid of Wingwangs.” Brock said.

“Well, I love Wingwangs.” Ash said. “Especially yours.”

A racket below caused them to stand, still holding onto each other’s cocks and arm around each other’s shoulders, and peer over the bushes at the gully below.

James ran by, chased by Jessie.

“Come back here.” she yelled. “I want that Wingwang of yours!”

“No!” James shouted. “You’ll hurt it.”

“I won’t hurt it. I’m going to cut it into a million pieces and make soup out of it, but I won’t hurt it!”

“Yahhh!” James ran even harder then.

And the two raced on into the distance.

Brock and Ash laughed and walked on down the hill, hands still busy on each other, their Wingwangs flying overhead and Pikachu trundling after.



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