With the posting of "Watchdog" on April 28, 2018, I have posted all of the material I ever sold to paysite members back in the day before dropping memberships forced me to close the paysite.

I now create stories for new books to publish at my websites, and at Amazon and Barnes & Noble as Kindle/Nook books (I'll be publishing another one soon) but mostly I am writing stories for people on a "fan commission" basis, i.e., they pay me an agreed upon price and I write them a story based on their specifications. My income from that is on a par with what I made at the paysite, which is still not enough to let me retire and spend my time only writing, but has become a vital part of my monthly income.

I am now posting material which I originally published at the paysite back in 2002 and 2003 (and have been posted in the Free Area before some years ago), but I don't want to simply turn the Fantasy World and Rogue Moon sites into "recycled content" so here is what I am going to do from now on. I have the new stories in the books I offer for sale at both Fantasy World and Rogue Moon. Each week, I will run the following:

At Fantasy World:
1. A rerun of the story published at the same time last year. This is for people who may have missed it in the initial run.
2. A story from 2002 (and 2003 when I run out of 2002 material, I'll do the short stories first, then the series I wrote back then all together, rather than chop them up).
3. NO MORE SANITIZED STORIES will be offered in the Free Area of Fantasy World. If a story in the queue was "sanitized" for Fantasy World, I will instead publish a sample from the books of new material which I have for sale at Fantasy World. Again, I'll pick short stories until I feel I can run the series "Five Against the Tentacles" all together (it'll cover a six-month spread at one chapter per week).

At Rogue Moon:
(A) I'll publish the story from last year if it is one of the "first run" as before.
(B) If one doesn't exist (I did a 1-in-3 ratio on these things, remember), I'll run a story from 2002-3 like at Fantasy world. Sometimes this will turn into two of these reruns.
(C) If neither of the two above exist on a week, I'll run a story from one of the books I have for sale at Rogue Moon (I'll advertise the bare fact at Fantasy World). Practically all of my fan stories have been "Rogue Moon material" (which says something revealing about the human race, maybe, or just that so much non-Rogue Moon content is out there for free, why pay me to do more? *Sigh!*)

I may have to back out of this approach, I'll have to see. I'm only a bit more than three years from retirement age, and I'm hoping this approach will work until I retire and can write enough to be more liberal with the "samples" approach to selling my books.

You would like to help me keep my stories flowing? Go to my sites (or Amazon or Barnes & Noble) and buy my books. All the books sold at my own sites by Paypal earn me some 87% of their price tag (Paypal takes the other bit for processing the credit cards), and Amazon and B&N give me like 70% of the price tag for what I sell through them.

I currently work a job that pays well, but I've had to drop from five days a week to four days last year due to physical reasons, and am about to make that only three days (then later on, only two, etc.). If I can make enough money between now and my retirement to retire in a decent style (and not have to sit at a corner newsstand and hawk newspapers and magazines instead), I will continue to keep all you guys and gals furnished with plenty of gay porn stories.

If I can't...well, want to buy a copy of Newsweek?