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This book is another compilation of stories I wrote for one fan I refer to publicly as "FG" for "Frottage Guy." FG is a devoted customer of my works and I write two stories a month for him of fathers and sons or two brothers enjoying sexual fun with each other. As his name suggests, FG wants every story to have some action being the two rubbing their cocks against each other and climaxing that way, so there's plenty of that in this book, but plenty of other sexual scenes (FG has an impressive list of specifications for his stories) to keep the casual reader happy.

FG is also prone to pick two characters from a movie, TV show, YouTube or even old advertisements, and ask me to do a story about these characters. Sometimes they are quite minor characters with few lines and appearances in the source. This forces me to extrapolate and create what is basically a new story in the old universe of the source material.

While there are none of my usual illustrations on/in this book, these stories are from two to six times the length of my usual style, and so these 11 stories compose a book much longer (538 pages) than my other offerings. When I was basing the story on a movie or TV show, I tried to keep the flavor of the original in this story...only with plenty of sex added and on the whole, I feel I have succeeded quite well in keeping these characters recognizable. I have no desire to plagiarize, but I was just trying to make a customer happy with a sexual fantasy in written form.

This eBook contains the following short stories:

The Lord's Pageboy--This story is one of the few in this book not inspired by a specific movie or such, but the Middle Ages genre of "Game of Thrones" and similar. In this story, the peasant's son has been taken by their lord for a pageboy and gone to live in the lord's mansion. When he returns for a visit, he teaches his father what the Lord has taught him to do as his pageboy and Dad has a few things to teach his son in return.

The Too-Smart House--Inspired by the Disney movie "Smart House," I took the basic concept and characters and such but chose to have things happen in a different way than in the movie, so except for the start, this story is totally my own.

Mr. Herbert's Paintings--Fans will recognize parts of this story in two stories I recently published in another book; I was writing at that time the "first draft" and felt that I had created an original thing all by itself. Our hero wonders why his son wants to spend so much time at the neighbor's now-deserted house, but when he is taken by his son into the basement of this house, he discovers the neighbor's secret paintings of himself and his son in all sorts of sexual situations, and he and his son set out to make life imitate Art!

Daddy's Loaded Gun--Based on a "gun safety PSA" you may recognize, our hero's son was shot by a neighbor's kid playing with a gun, and learns the son agreed to the game because he would be allowed by the neighbor's son to play with the boy's cock. Our father substitutes for the neighbor's kid and shows his son he doesn't have to associate with dangerous neighbors to play with a man's "loaded gun" and the fire that it makes is definitely a very friendly fire.

Kissing Brothers--Based on a Youtube video of two young boys who kissed a lot, the story extrapolates what these two boys would get into next, with the father who videotaped them kissing in the first place.

Billy Elliot VI: Saut De Triomphe Élevé--A continuation of my own series of sexual adventures of Billy Elliot and his father and older brother, and the last of this series I have agreed to do. I had run out of inspiration for any kind of further sex with these three and was forced to cry "Uncle" and refuse further such commissions.

Dad's Dodge Ram--Based on the automobile commercial, this story involves a son who is a big fan of the singer Eric Church and the father who gets his son to a concert being held by the singer, and the boy is extremely appreciative afterwards.

The Friendly Amici Family--Inspired in this case by an actual childhood memory of FG, the first scene gives a spin on that memory and the rest is purely my own fantasies about the neighboring family of a father, his two sons, and the (not shown) mother.

The Postpartum Solution--When our hero's wife had their son, she developed an extreme case of postpartum depression and had to be hospitalized, leaving the man with an infant to raise and care for on his own. He comes up with his own unique ways to keep his newborn son happy and delighted. This is the last father-infant son story I have agreed to do for FG, I just can't visit that sort of storyline anymore regardless of the money I could make writing them.

Building Bridges--Inspired by a movie made in Russia and available in the USA under the name "Flight Crew," this story follows the story of one of the airplane pilots and his son who was on the flight that went to rescue the population of a small island whose volcano had become active (a disaster flick, in other words). My story follows the father and son after the events in the movie.

Christmas in July--Inspired by the Hallmark Movie "Call Me Mrs. Miracle" and the second story I have written in this universe, it follows the department store owner and his son the following July when they make a shopping trip across Asia to stock their stores for the next Christmas to come.


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