Future Self

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
(C) 2020 by Milford Slabaugh

I looked at myself in the mirror again and took a deep breath. Okay, Ollie, I said to myself, I am an actor and this is a part, a big part, but you can do this. You've studied the material, you're a master at the art of improv, you only need to convince a young child that he is looking at himself from the future, and only long enough to get him to get some papers out of his father's briefcase. Once he gives that to you, you go back to the future and he is none the worse off. We can take the information on the papers and make a fortune for ourselves and with my cut, I'll be able to spend all of my time trying to make the career I've always wanted to have." I took another deep breath and looked out of the van.

Seven-year-old Gregory Parnell would walk by the bushes which hid my van any moment now. I'd better get ready. I stepped out of the van in which I was living these days and locked it, put the key in a hiding place nearby and made myself ready.

I was wearing only a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and socks. No shoes, no underwear, no overcoat even though the day was somewhat chilly. It would all aid in the imposture.

Gregory walked by with a friend. Not good, but I could follow and wait for the friend (a boy named Marshall, I'd been handed a lot of background on young Gregory) to peel off to go to his own home down the next street. So I padded after the pair, trying to look like a displaced homeless person. That worked a little too well, people really stop seeing the homeless, but after Marshall went off toward his own home, I stepped up my pace and caught up to Gregory a half block from his own home.

"Gregory! Gregory, wait!" I called to him.

He turned and looked at me. I knew what I looked like, himself only a lot older. We'd worked on this, I had the same haircut as he did for example. "Who are you?"

"I'm you. I mean, I'm Gregory Parnell from the future, from the year 2042. I've come back in time to find you. We need your help!"

"My help?"

"Yes, I have to...look, this is complicated. Can we go back home...I mean, back to your home and talk about this?"

Gregory was dubious but I was prepared. "I can see you don't believe me. Your favorite food is spaghetti with meat sauce but not with the meatballs because those are greasy and icky."

He caught that, he'd used the same words a few days before. "Your friend's name is Marshall Perkins and you and he met in school last year during your math class." I went on. "He sits behind you in the third row of social studies this year." Children at his school were seated alphabetically by last name.

He decided to test me, and I crossed my inner fingers. "What about the lizard?" He said.

I was prepped on that one, too, it had happened yesterday at school. "You caught a lizard and had it in a jar. You took it to school to show your friends and Jeremy talked you into putting it down Lisa Carmichael's dress. So you slipped up to her sitting at the bench eating lunch, Jeremy pulled back the back of her dress and you dumped the lizard into her dress onto her back. Boy, did she scream, the best scream ever!" Those last eight words were exactly what he'd told his nanny after he'd gotten home, so I knew I had hit home.

"You...you really are me." He said, looking stunned and breathless.

"Yes, from twenty-two years in the future. I can't tell you everything, but I need your help, and when I have it, I can go back and fix things for everyone. It's really, really important. Can you help me?"

"Uh...sure." he said. "How?"

"I have to get into your house and hide there." I said. "Nobody can know I'm there, but in just three more days, I'll need your help and when I get it, I can go back to my time. Nobody you know has to be hurt or killed or anything like that." I took a breath and risked a story of my own. "Marshall dies because of what happened. Two years ago, my time. We can save him. We can save everybody."

"Gosh!" he lost all reservations with that stunner. "Come on!"

"Great. I'll need clothes." I said. "I had to come here completely naked and this was all I could find to use. And I'll need a cell phone so I can take pictures and send them by email to...us...when the time comes. I can't take anything back with me, either."

"It's okay. Come on."

We went to his home, and the guard was away from his post as usual. The man drank on the job, and by this time of day was usually wasted. He'd stagger in to his post to be there when Gregory's father got home...only his father was off on a trip and wouldn't be home for three days' time.

I wasn't alone in this scam. In on it were two people inside the house, Gregory's nanny, and her boyfriend, the house's head butler. They had a staff of four other people, but only these two stayed in the house after hours, the rest departed before nightfall except the cook who left after the final meal had been served and cleaned up after. He was a sour man who never went further into the house than the kitchen, pantry, wine cellar and dining room. So the only people in the house besides Gregory would be my confederates.

Gregory had a pretty lonesome life. Only his nanny to talk to and play with after he got home. He couldn't have any friends over until his father came home. His mother was off on an extended trip to Europe, or so they'd told Gregory. She was in the process of divorcing Gregory's father and the divorce was turning public and ugly. Gregory's father was in the process of hiding most of his assets, and that information on secret bank accounts and such would all be in his briefcase when he came back. He'd put them in his bank's security box his wife didn't know about on Monday, the next morning after his return. For that brief time, the entire Parnell fortune would be vulnerable to our seizure of as many assets as we could wangle from it.

This was Thursday evening. For the next three days, it would be me and Gregory, alone but for the people who were helping me perpetrate this scam on the Parnell Family. My share of the proceeds would be a quarter of the amount we could get, the rest going to the faithless butler and nanny.

Gregory and I sneaked through the hallways, Gregory almost giggling at the activity (for the staff were all about and it was a true game for him, more serious for me if any but the butler or nanny saw me. We got to his room and Gregory was flat-out laughing now and so was I, he had been so very clever, once, when a maid was blocking our path, he had gone in and created a diversion, sending her on an errand and I slipped on through the hallway toward his room. The maid returned with the toy he had left in another room and Gregory rejoined me.

So I was laughing as well, such a clever boy! He looked at me and I at him on the bed and he said, "It's going to be so much fun having you with me these days, Gregory."

"For me, too, Gregory." I said. We laughed, for our names were the same, we were the same person, weren't we?

I hid in the closet while the nanny came in and did her obligatory post-school activities with Gregory, getting him out of the private-school uniform and into softer clothing, washing his face and hands, and offering to play games with him. He said no, he had some homework to do, and the look of relief on his nanny's face said she didn't enjoy her job. But I already knew that.

Alone again, Gregory said, "Okay, we won't be bothered again until suppertime. I'll figure out how to get some food for you and bring it up after."

"Thanks." I said. "What'll we do until then?"

Gregory's eyes lit up and he and I spent a lot of time playing the games of youth that make little sense but are energetic and fun. We spent some time bombing each other with thrown pillows (the room had a few dozen of such, lying all around) and then I chased him around the furniture, he dodged me very well (okay, I let him slip around me) and finally I caught him by the bed, him panting and me breathing hard, and I tackled him on the bed and I tickled him a short time and he laughed a lot more than all this deserved.

"Oh, Gregory, I'm so glad you came. It's been so lonely." Gregory informed me.

"It gets better, when you're older." I assured him. "You're only seven now, you have fun at school, don't you?"

His face soured. "Too much sitting at a desk and too little play. But yeah, I have some fun. Not enough."

"Well, you have me now." I said. "We can play all you want to."

He was ready for more sedate games, and I played a video game with him, it was childishly easy for me but I pretended not to be any good at it and he coached me on how to play the game and teased me when I got the answers wrong and lost time and again. Then he took out a board game given to him by his grandmother and we played that for quite some time.

A knock on the door summoned Gregory to supper and I sat alone in the room. I hadn't seen the butler at all, but he never came upstairs, only the nanny and she knew darned well I was in there and had to stay hidden away or she'd be asked if she had seen anything.

Gregory returned triumphantly with a napkin filled with small triangular sandwiches like they serve for appetizers and an apple. "I got the cook to let me take this." he said. "It was left over from a banquet Dad had before he left on his trip. And the apple, he was making apple pies and I snatched one when he wasn't looking."

"That's great, Gregory." I said. He watched me eat but refused any for himself when I offered. I finished off the plate (damn, those little sandwiches were good, I'd have to get them when I had money of my own, a whole plate of them every day).

As I ate, Gregory regaled me with stories of his life, I pretended "Oh, yeah, I forgot about that," and he was more than ready to refresh my memory. Finally, the sandwiches gone and the apple now a slim core, I said, "Well, Gregory, now what?"

His answer surprised me, "Want to take a bubble bath together?"


"I have to take a bath now." Gregory informed me. "The nanny just makes sure I'm in the tub, then comes back when I'm already in bed. I call her for those times so she can see. The rest of the time, she leaves me alone."

I was beginning to like the nanny less and less. But she was ready to sell out this family for her boyfriend's sake. "I think a bubble bath together would be a lot of fun." I told him.

I really was in need of a long bath. I had debated taking one while he was at supper but unsure of how much noise it would make. I followed Gregory into his bathroom.

Jesus, this place was the size of my last studio apartment, over fifteen feet on a side. There was the bathtub big and roomy set into the floor so you would have to step down into it, and the shower was a stall nearby.

Gregory began to take his clothes off and so did I. I had fewer clothes to wash and had them in a pile. Gregory finished and, nude as a cherub in those Renaissance paintings, scooped them up and took them to a small box set into the wall. Opened it and chunked them down inside.

"My clothes!" I gasped.

"I'll get you some more." Gregory said. "After everyone's asleep, I'll get some from Daddy's room."

"Okay." I said.

He began to run the water to fill the tub and added the soap flakes to make the bubbles. A thick foam began to rapidly build up on the water's surface.

"This is going to be fun." Gregory said.

"Yeah." I agreed.

Gregory began to stare and I knew he was looking at my penis. I have a nice sized dong, over eight inches and it was hanging limp and loose, not shriveled up at all. "Wow, I'm going to grow up to look like you?" he asked me.

I smiled. "Exactly like me." I agreed.

"Your willy is so big and long." he admired. He looked up at me. "Can I touch it?"

My cock jerked and rose up. I'd played games with my buddies as a child and knew it was harmless exploratory play...and damn but I missed it. "Why not? It's yours, isn't it?"

"Yeah." he giggled and took the two steps to get up to me and snatched hold of it.

I closed my eyes and hissed. My cock was hard as a rock.

"Why's it doing this?" Gregory asked.

"It's...it's because it likes you holding it." I said, and my cock throbbed. "It thinks you're going to play with it."

"Play with it?"

"Work your hand up and down on it while you hold on. The skin slides with your hand and it feels....ooh!" Gregory was busily doing what I'd just explained. "Oh, yeah, uhhhh, just like that. Oh, oh!" I groaned.

"Does it feel good?" He asked.

"Sure, I...here, let me do yours." I said and he let me reach down and grip his little pud. It was soft but my fingers soon had it hard as mine was, albeit it a lot smaller, a cherry up next to an apple as it were, same shape, same color, but one is a lot bigger. And both are so, so sweet!

Gregory gasped when my two finger hold on his wiener got busy and he moaned so hard I was afraid he'd reach the little-boy climax I remembered so well having at about his age, so I said, "How about we take this into the bathtub." It was a rapid-fill tub and the bubbles were high over the rim and threatening to spill onto the floor.

"Yeah, right!" he panted and we moved quickly to the tub. I got in, he got inside my legs and knelt as I turned off the faucets (there were four of them but one large handle worked all four at once) and he snagged my dong and was pumping away at it again. You can bet I was quick to do the same and we jacked each other and looked into each other's eyes and I imagine the grin on our faces was just the same. The butler had sought someone who looked like Gregory already, so he was looking into a future mirror as I whacked his pud.

He closed his eyes and gasped, shivered and said, "Oh, oh, that was good, that was...." I was still pumping it, remembering that this was how I'd first felt the real deal. Would Gregory? I kept it up and he said, "Oh, oh, you can stop now, oh, OH! UH-UH-UH-UHHH-UHHH-UHHH-HUHHHHHH!" He shook like he was caught in a dog's mouth and fell over onto me, panting and I caught him before he fell into the water under the suds.

"Gregory? Honey, are you all right?" It was the nanny.

"Quick, duck down." Gregory hissed, panting hard.

I did and he sloshed suds up onto my face and body. The bathroom door opened and I heard the nanny say, "Gregory, honey, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, I, I stubbed my toe when I got into the tub. I'm okay now."

"All right, honey, wash up and get in bed and call me if you want me to read you a story."

"Okay, Lena." Gregory said.

"I'll be downstairs with Martin." she said, mentioning the head butler.

"She won't be back." Gregory said as he breathlessly cleared the suds from my face. "She never does come back."

"I know." I said, quickly replacing, "What do you mean?" I was Gregory and had almost forgotten that. He knew because she'd been his nanny for almost a year.

Gregory remembered my penis and grabbed hold of me and began to flog me hard. I just lay back and let him pound it, God, this was good. I hadn't had anyone playing with my prick for so long! Women expect you to spend money on them (which I didn't have) and guys were too quick to be a fast one in the back alley then scram before you can find out anything about them. I burned out on that four years ago, since then it had been Mr. Hand and nobody else...until now.

"Are you about to feel like I just did?" Gregory asked as my moans sped up.

"Uh, uh, yeah! Only, only, there's more to it."


"My dick is...going to shoot...uh! Some white goo, out of it! Oh! Oh! It's not pee, uhhhh! And here it comes!" I slid a bit lower down and he leaned in to get a good look at it, his head right over my cock head in the small dimple of bathtub suds formed by his busy hand.

"AHH-AHHH, UHHHH, UHHHH, GAH-HUHHHH!" I lifted up my hips and got my prong even closer to his face and that was when I blasted it out.

Got the little guy right between the eyes, he closed them as more blasts of hot spooge splattered his sweet little face so much like mine all over, it was large lumps of white globs on his nose and cheeks and it dribbled down to splat into the bubbles as I grunted, moaned, twitched in the after-shocks of an incredible orgasm.

"Oh, oh, wow!" Gregory slopped jism out of his eyes like wiping away mud splatter. "That was awesome! There was so much of it. What is it?"

I panted and waved for a moment of rest, which he granted. When my breathing eased, I panted, "It's what makes babies. The man squirts it inside the woman and poof, a baby is made. It's how you were made, and how I was made...the same, that is."

"Gosh! And I'll do this one day?"

"Exactly like me." I agreed and we grinned. "Are you forgetting?"

"Yeah." he admitted. "Gosh, do you have to go in three days? You could stay here forever and I'd keep you hidden."

"Sorry, Gregory, I'm needed back in 2042." I said, brushing his hair out of his eyes. "But it'll be okay. One day you'll be me and you get to do this all over again from my side."

He relaxed and laid up against me. This was nice, and I let me lie there, giving him the affection he was sorely low on getting. After a while, I said, "Now, let's get washed up before we both fall asleep in here or something, and drown."

He agreed and I bathed him and he bathed me, our hands busy on each other, him scrubbing away at me. I never felt so clean than that bubble bath, even ignoring the sixteen months I'd been living in my van.

He and I dried each other off and he insisted on me getting into the bed with each other. "Lena won't be in to see me tonight." He said. "And she'll knock on the door in the morning, you'll have time to hide before she comes in."

And she was my confederate and wouldn't care that I was hiding out with Gregory, it was part of the plan. I agreed and we padded naked and dry into the bedroom and I snuggled up to him, his bed was big enough for three or four people but he wanted to lie right up against me. He almost purred as I stroked his hair and hummed a soft lullaby...then he was asleep. I slept, too, and deeper than I intended.

We both awoke to a knock at the door. It was Martin, not Lena. "Master Gregory, Master Gregory." came the call.

"One minute!" Gregory called and hissed to me. "Hide!" He pointed at the closet and I jumped out of bed and got in there and he closed the door on me.

I heard the voices talking then the door open and closing. The closet door opened and I smiled...and was looking at Martin. "Olson? What are you doing?" he was shocked as he saw I was nude.

"I've convinced Gregory I'm his future self." I said. "He wanted us to sleep together so we did."

"Oh. Naked?"

"I came here in a dirty t-shirt and shorts only." I told him. "Let me be, I've got this."

"Very well." he said. "Don't fuck this up or we'll pin it all on you." he threatened. "Mr. Parnell trusts me completely, you'll never convince him I was in on it."

"I know, you've told me all this before." I groaned. "Look, Gregory is having fun with an adult who's the same as he is. He got curious, so I let him look. Nothing more."

"As long as he gets you that briefcase on Sunday night, fine." Martin began to go over the plan all over again. Gregory's room had a room next to his father's and could explore without being suspected. Et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad astram! "I know, I know!" I said, exasperated. "Now get out of here and see if you can bring me some clean underwear and sweats or something. Otherwise I'll be buck naked when I get out of here!"

Martin went to Mr. Parnell's room and returned with the briefs and sweats. I pulled them on. "Now keep up the act and...."

"I know, I know, now scram before Gregory sees us talking." I warned.

He left and none too soon, for Gregory came back with a bundle in his napkin. "You're dressed." he accused me when he saw me.

"I sneaked some clothes out of your father's room. Our fathers." I corrected hastily. "Sorry, I haven't lived in this home for more than twenty years."

"That long?"

"Your father sends you to military school when you turn nine." I explained. "He picks up a new wife and you get left at school for most holidays."

He looked like he didn't care. "Here's your breakfast, I brought toast and jam and a boiled egg." He explained.


"Can you take off those clothes now?" He said. "I want to see you naked. Lena wants to spend the day shopping with Martin and I said it was okay. We'll have the cook if I need anything, and Pedro is nice."

I tried not to look surprised, Martin had described him as surly and bitter-natured. But he had given the kid those treats last night. "Yeah, Pedro was nice." I said, trying to look wistful. "I wish I could talk with him again, but this is too important. Until Sunday night, I stay right in here."

"Yeah. So you don't need clothes." he insisted.

"Let me eat first, okay?"

"Okay, but hurry." He demanded.

I wasn't surprised that he started stripping the minute I did, and we got back into his bed and he snuggled over. "I want to play with you again."

"Play with yourself." I corrected him and he giggled.

"Yeah. All day long."

"Okay. All day long."

We got into the bed and I insisted on staying outside of the covers. He happily grabbed my dong as I climbed in but was puzzled when I didn't lie beside him. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to rock your world." I said and got my face over onto his little peter and I lifted it into my mouth.

He groaned as I sucked on the shrink-a-dink pud and his little wiener was pulsing as I bobbed my head up and down, his shaft in my lips. I used my tongue on the parts that were inside my mouth and he was groaning away.

I twisted around so that instead of being on my stomach, I was on my side and he could get to my cock now if he wanted to. I didn't say a word, just waited.

Sure enough, he crawled around and I let him wriggle until he and I were face-to-crotch both ways and on our sides, and his little lips slid over my prong and I moaned as he began to milk at me clumsily. "Ooh, oh, Gregory! I groaned. I explained how to do it in short words and he soon was working my dong as masterfully as I was his, if not better.

I had him doing his creamless ejaculation then I let him work at getting better on my prick. He soon had me at the brink. "Oh, oh, I'm going to come again, Gregory." I cautioned him. "You have to let go when I tell you to!"

"Nu-uh." he mumbled around my cock.

"I mean, if you don't, I'll squirt it right inside your mouth."


"I have to...oh, oh, here it comes, Gregory, I'm going to squirt it real soon, get ready to let go! Oh, oh, oh!"

Gregory didn't budge and kept right on milking me, the little fucker even sped up on me.


Gregory caught my come and he swallowed it masterfully, all my hot wild splats were captured and gulped down like so much cotton candy. I flailed and moaned and finished and slacked down and panted and he was still holding onto my cock, sucking at it and my prick was wilting.

"It's done now, Gregory, I'm done." I panted.

He didn't let go and he was trying to make me get hard again.

"Jesus, Gregory, you have to let me rest. Wouldn't you like to play some other games now?"


I reached down and pulled a very reluctant seven-year-old cocksucker off my dong. "Hey, Gregory, you're terrific, but you have to let my pants-dragon rest a while then he can spit more fire at you again." I said.

"Pants dragon!" he giggled. "That's funny. Is mine a pants dragon?"

"Not yet." I said. "Yours is more of a pants puppy. Always wants to play but harmless."

"Yeah." he let me coax him into play. When lunchtime came, Pedro gave Gregory some lunchmeat and bread and a small bowl of fruit to bring upstairs. More than enough food for two. I ate lavishly and then Gregory said, "Is the dragon ready to fight again?"

"More than ready and loaded with fire." I smiled. "Is the brave knight ready to charge into action with his short sword?"


Back on the bed we had a repeat of the morning sucking but when Gregory reached his little climax ahead of me again, I didn't leave off and relax. I slid my mouth up and found between his legs further up the tiny little tuckerhole of his ass, and I began to tickle the flesh all the way around it. "Ooh, oh, oh!" Gregory gasped in surprise. "That feels good!" he said.

I wet my finger with my mouth and said as I reached toward the little lubed up sphincter "And it's going to feel better."

Gregory almost howled as my finger slid into his little butt-chute. "Ohhhhh, oh, ohhhhh!"

"Steady," I told him, "it gets better."

"It's better now! Oh, ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!"

I got my finger firmly inside and my fingertip found the little nub of the boy's prostate. "Now I'm ready to make you really howl."

I twinkled my fingertip around and over the little love-button of the prostate gland and Gregory was moaning and howling. "Oh, oh, ohhhh!" He moaned. "Oh, please, more, more, more!"

"I have my whole finger inside you." I said. "How much more do you want, anyway?" His hand was on my cock and I saw him make a decision. "Gregory, I know what you're thinking but you're too young, it's too big, you could hurt yourself."

"I want it!" he demanded. He pushed me so that I rolled onto my back, and I found my body acting like a piece of limp meat. I just lay there and watched him stand up and straddle me and then lower himself down onto my love-sausage.

"Take it easy, Gregory." I managed to say. "Push it in a little at a time, don't just jam it into yourself. Slow and easy."

He got his anus aligned with my glans and my cockhead was resting against the muscles of the sphincter.

Which parted and let it slide right into him. "Oh, oh, wow!" I gasped as I felt my prick slip in and over the flare to cling to the shaft beneath. "Oh, oh, Gregory, that's incredible! Take it easy, now, don't push too much at time."

He ignored me, but I guess his little mind was in control and his bowels were doing just what he told them to. He pushed down and in less than a minute, he had his little buns sitting on my testicles, my nine inches of hard twenty-nine-year old prick buried in his little boy ass.

"Oh, oh, God, this is incredible!" I said again. "I don't believe this, I don't fucking believe this!"

"It feels so good." crooned Gregory. "I feel so nice and full now. I want to do this forever and ever!"

"Me, too, me, too!" I groaned.

I was master of my body again and I reached up, pulled Gregory down to against my chest and rolled us over so I was on top and with his little legs wrapped around my waist, I began to fuck the little butt as fast as I could.

Gregory whinnied like a horse as I pumped his ass, my own ecstasy was shaking me to the core. I found myself feeling that this WAS me, I was loving myself with my own cock and my own ass, and we were one, totally one. I WAS his future self. I was!

I rose to my climax slowly and majestically and Gregory felt my shaft heating and saw my face flushing. He reached up to touch my cheek and I panted, "Oh, Gregory, I'm going to cream your little ass full to the brim now. Can I, can I shoot it up your hot little ass?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah!" He groaned. "Do it, do it, Gregory, fuck me full!"

"Here it comes! AHH-AHHH-AHH, HAH-HOOOHHHHHHH!" I thrust my cock deep into his bowels and creamed hot and hard, an entire night's worth of hot young male jizz and it was all Gregory's, buried deep in his ass. "Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh!" I slumped down on him and his hands were holding my buttocks and keeping me buried deep in him as I went down.

"Oh, that was so good." Gregory sighed as he held me in his arms. "That was so good."

"It was more than good, it was totally freaking awesome." I agreed. "I've never felt anything like that before."

"No?" He said.

I'd slipped and he'd caught me. "You need to remember that I'm from the future, and my past was different. When we finish it up, it'll all change and I'll remember then."

"Oh." He said. He was stiff, then he relaxed and his arms were around me. "Let's do this all weekend okay? Over and over again?"

"Sure thing, kid." I agreed. "Over and over again."

It was like a honeymoon, Gregory and I made love over and over again, just short pauses while he fetched more food from the ever-indulgent Pedro, who sent up a quart tub of chocolate ice cream, pastries, and a meal fit for two. I wondered at this, but Gregory swore he didn't know anything. I know Martin hadn't put him into the equation.

At it had to, Sunday night came and the boy went to meet him. While gone, Martin was pounding on the door. I let him in and he saw me naked again. "What is wrong with you?" he demanded as he saw me.

"Gregory insists on it." I said. "And it's almost over."

"That's what you think." he said. "Parnell came home with no briefcase. Nothing. I searched his car and he didn't bring home a damned thing. He must have left it at his office."

"Oh." I digested this. "Now what do we do."

Martin handed me a gun. "You'll have to force him to give it to you." He told me.

"I'm no killer." I swore at him.

"No but you're a pedophile." Martin declared. "Up here naked all day with a little boy, nobody will believe you were just playing around, they'll think you molested him. You do what we tell you or we'll have the police on you." Martin was bluffing but his threat was a little too close to the truth. If Gregory talked about us, even though I'd warned him to never tell anyone....

"What about my cut?" I asked suspiciously.

"Fuck your cut. You'll be lucky to get out of here without being caught. Now go do it while I keep the kid and Lena downstairs. He's in his bedroom."

I took the gun, numbly. He left me, naked but for the gun. In the silence I heard Mr. Parnell's door open and close. I got dressed and took the gun through the door to his bedroom.

The police arrived a short time later and they started their arrests. Martin and Lena that is, while I stood with Mr. Parnell and Gregory having ice cream with a social worker in the kitchen out of hearing. The policeman was taking my statement while I explained my part in the crime. "He gave me the gun and told me to force Mr. Parnell to reveal his bank information, and then kill him. I'm no killer. I'm a ham actor and a loser, but I'm not a killer. I'll testify in court and everything else you want. I know I did wrong and I'm sorry, but I'm trying to make up for it."

It wasn't that simple but two months later, it was all ironed out. I was on a two-year probation and in the custody of Mr. Parnell. He had offered me a job and a secure future.

As the new "manny" for his son, I moved entirely into the family residence. Gregory still thinks I'm actually his future self, and that I missed going back to the future. Mr. Parnell is pretty old, over 80 years old. He's said that if he's making me until he comes of age. Until then, it's me and Gregory sharing our lives, and when he gets to be of age, he'll be the future self he wants to be.


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