Chapter Four

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2012 by Eduardo

Illustration of Teaching Baby Brother, Chapter Four

Saturday morning, me lying in bed, pretending to be asleep, but mostly lying there looking up at the ceiling, waiting, watching the white spackled pattern like it was the wisdom of the ages, but mostly just waiting. The sound I was waiting for came at last. When I heard Mom shout good-bye and close the apartment door and lock it behind her, it was like the key of a convict's jail cell being opened to free him.

You see, it turns out Mom had off work both Thursday and Friday, and during that time it was like she was on hyperalert mothering status; I had been unable to shake her off of me and Boyd for those two days and nights and be alone with my horny little baby brother. I don't think she suspected anything, but it was like she was always around one of us any time we were awake, and had even intercepted Boyd both mornings when he was coming in to crawl into bed with me, with a "Don't bother your brother." Truth to tell, I think she was worrying about the weekend coming up, and how much time I'd been spending taking care of my "bratty little brother," and I really think she was doing me a favor, trying to give me a break in my childcare duties since I was going to be stuck with Boyd most of the weekend. And being stuck with him was exactly what I'd had in mind, and couldn't admit to her!

I'd ended up beating my meat Thursday night, and doing that when there was an eager pair of lips and pair of hands waiting in the next room if you could only get them and you alone for a while, well, it just doesn't satisfy you somehow. I fought off the temptation to do it again on Friday, thinking about the weekend, and all that time. So I'd just had over 48 hours of frustration.

But that was done and Mom was gone and would be gone until well into the afternoon, though not as late as on the weekdays; she'd come home about four in the afternoon.

This was the time I'd been waiting for! I'd read that book now, from cover to cover, especially its rather sparse section on gay sex, and it was time for another of Boyd's lessons!

I got out of bed wearing only a pair of my briefs. Thought about it and shucked them off, padded into the kitchen completely naked, feeling the freedom of no Mother around after two days of nothing-but-Mom.

Boyd was sitting there at the counter, eating his Cocoa Puffs, and I grinned at him. "Morning, baby brother." I said. Boyd was sitting across the counter from me, he couldn't see that I was naked from where he was.

"Hi." he said around a spoonful of cereal. His spoon dripped milk as he lifted it to his lips, and I stepped up and looked in, saw his bowl was practically empty, just a bit of pale-ish chocolate milk with a half-dozen vagrant globes of cereal left. "What's for breakfast?" I asked him.

"Mom said you could fix whatever was left in the refrigerator today." Boyd said as he picked up his bowl. "She'll stop for groceries on the way home."

"So she'll be even later than four o'clock." I said, thought about it. "Cool."

Boyd drank his cupful of chocolated milk and put it down, he had a milk mustache on his face, and he wiped it with the back of his hand. "We're almost out of milk." Boyd said. "Can I have the rest of it for another bowl of cereal? Mom said I had to ask you."

"You can have it." I said. "But first, I got something hot for you to munch on."

And I walked around the counter and Boyd could see for the first time that I was naked. Boyd's eyes grew big and then he grinned. "Yeah." he said. Then it occurred to him what I'd been thinking non-stop for hours. "We got all day, don't we?"

"Yep, we sure do, little brother." I said. "And all day tomorrow, too, and a lot for me to teach you, too. But right now, I got a two-day hard-on all warmed up and waiting on you." I got up onto the counter, pushing the cereal box back out of the way, taking the bowl from his hands, put it out of the way. "A whole lot of big-brother cream right in here for you, baby brother." And I grabbed hold of my erection and I shook it back and forth. "All fat and plump and just waiting for those smooth lips of yours to milk it all out of there."

He snickered. "You're naked."

"Yeah." I agreed. "And I'm going to stay naked all day long."

"Me, too!" he enthused and got off his chair. He was only wearing his briefs and he shucked them down pretty fast.

"Come on, Boyd." I said, trying to get this back on track. "Your hot breakfast is waiting right here. God, I need to come so bad, my nuts are going to pop!" And I did, really, jerking off just doesn't measure up to coming in a hot mouth.

Boyd giggled at that. "Your nuts popping. Would they pop like popcorn?"

"No, they'd just explode like firecrackers." I said. "Come on, let me feel those sweet lips of yours on it. It's been two days and I'm so horny!"

He leaned over and grabbed my cock and stretched to put his lips to it. I should explain that the chair he was sitting in was a bar stool we'd picked up in a garage sale. Its legs had been cut down about six inches for some reason. I think it used to have rollers on it or something and they'd just put rubber covers over the holes. Anyway, it was the only one we had and when Boyd sat in it, his chin barely came up to the counter. Hardly taller than a regular chair. Mom and I stood at the counter to eat while Boyd used the chair.

As Boyd's milk-cooled lips closed around my cock like a cool breeze on a hot day, I sighed. God, this was perfect. Better even than the last time, because this time we could take all the time we wanted. We had the entire day ahead of us, and if I wanted to hold off shooting for an hour while Boyd sucked on my dick...or keep him sucking it for the entire day...I could.

Boyd wasn't happy with it, though, he let go and said, "I can't do it like this."

I saw his problem; he wasn't quite tall enough to sit and suck on me. "Sure you can." I said, urging him on. "Just get all the way up onto the chair." Boyd did, his lithe little legs letting him rise up and put his knees on the seat without getting down from the chair. "You see?" I said when he did that. "You're just the right height now."

"Yeah." Boyd said and he leaned over and I watched that soft little face of his and his intensely eager eyes as they focused on my cock and then he opened that circle of lips like a small black oval and pressed them to my cockhead and I felt it go in and it was wonderful, just as wonderful as it had been the day before.

Boyd couldn't take my entire dick into his tiny little mouth, but he could get my cockhead in, and a good bit of the shaft, too, enough to let him get a good grip on my prick, and when he did, that little mouth of his turned into an asset, he didn't have to grip tightly to keep hold of me, his stretched-out mouth did that for him. That let him put his darting little tongue into play and he did, he got my cock into his mouth and then he starting plying that tongue over me, and I felt that intense pleasure like a homecoming. The next installment of what was a return for me, and now, I was back to stay! Boyd didn't ever have to let go of my dick today.

"Gah, Boyd, you don't ever have to let go of my dick today!" I said to him. "How'd you like to just keep sucking on it all day long, while I tell you about what we're going to learn about next? Would you like that, baby?"

"Uh-huh." he said, while his warm mouth wet my cockhead down, he wasn't having to think about it, he had just finished eating and his saliva was still flowing from that, you swallow it after eating for a time without thinking about it, and I had that flow on my organ, it was bubbling around my pud in no time, soaking me in an increasing warmth.

"Well, it's all yours." I promised him. "Just get me off real fast first, because I need to come real bad, and after that, you can just treat it like your own personal private Push-Pop."

Boyd liked Push-Pops, which are sticks of hard candy with a plastic container around it, and you pushed up on the candy from the bottom and it poked out like a giant tube of Chapstick. Boyd loved them, he could suck on one of them for a long time, he'd spend hours on one of those things, taking his time and making them last. So he giggled and again I felt that extraordinary feeling of Boyd giggling with my cock in his mouth, It kind of vibrated me all over when he did that.

"Ooh, giggle some more, Boyd." I said. "It feels so good when you giggle with my dick in your mouth. Can you giggle some more for me?"

He did and it felt nice, so damned nice. "Ah, yeah, that's good." I moaned to him. "Oh, yeah, now suck on it for me, Boyd, really suck on it. God, I need to cream so bad. Will you hang on this time when I do? I want you to drink it all right off my dick, all hot and fresh, okay?"

Boyd later told me he mumbled, "I'll try." but to me it sounded like "uh-huh" because he didn't let go of my cock and just garbled the words around my cock and then he started to really work on my cock. His little head was bobbing back and forth over my glans and foreskin, and as I said before, his little lips had no trouble keeping a firm grip when he did it while he plied his tongue over the tip of my cockhead as he did.

I felt the tip like a lizard's tongue, darting and thin and soft, and I felt as well how my cock was pouring precome onto that little lizard-darting tongue of his, his tongue-tip wicking back and forth to brush my slit and the skin there was super-tender, but the tongue was so soft and smooth and gentle that it only brought my cockhead to life.

I got so damned hard as he sucked on my dick, and I put my hand down to guide and urge him on faster, faster, watching his little head as it wove back and forth on my cock was such an incredible thrill, because he was doing this and he didn't have to hurry through it at all, he was only doing that to make me happy, because Boyd loved me and he worshiped me and he loved doing this for me, he was my love-slave not because I forced him but because he wanted to be with me and this was such a strong bond, it was more than just brothers, it was adoration and it was enthusiasm in his task and it was my cock, my fifteen-year-old dick which had only experienced the first glimmers of the delights of lovemaking, now having this source for it, this wonderful source of pleasure and it would go on weekdays and then all day weekends for months and months and months.

Boyd and I would find some way to be together when Mom was home, I determined to start sneaking in to visit him at night after she went to bed, Boyd wouldn't mind waking up to find me crawling into his bed, and I thought about his bed with its dark blue sheets with the spaceships and robots on it, and him inside it, and me sitting down on top of those little spaceships on his chest, and him reaching up to wrap that mouth of his around me and I would just feed my cock into those little half-awake lips of his, and he could suck on it drowsily, I didn't care and he wouldn't either, he'd love to wake up like that in the dark of night, the little nightlight glowing on us, turning all of this into an oasis of male lust, all deep blue and golden flesh and Boyd's sweet little light-brown hair the only colors.

And this, today, this was going to be a regular thing, too, me giving Boyd a breakfast of cock, sitting on the kitchen counter and feeding him my cock, and I visualized that chocolate-milk mustache on him and the lips all sweet on my cock like the Cocoa Puffs he loved to eat, and how the lips would be cool from the milk and chocolate-sweet upon my pud.

"Oh, God!" I moaned out. "God, Boyd, that's so good, that's so good. Keep on sucking me, baby, suck me dry and then you can just keep sucking me all day long. We'll watch TV while you suck my dick and I'll teach you everything else there is to know."

I was babbling in my delirium of the moment, the warm lips on my prong, the freedom of the entire day together alone, the promise of tomorrow and so many more tomorrows after that, the two of us, this could go on forever, this was pleasure and this was delight unending and it never had to end and it would be like this, Boyd sucking my cock, God, little brother's lips on me forever, we could spend our whole lives like this, even, how many years, how many, God, oh, God, I felt my orgasm climbing up like a mountain lion. I was going to cream in his mouth like crazy.

"Oh, Boyd, I'm going to come!" I warned him. "Hang on tight, baby, hang on tight, I want you to take all of it, okay, take all of it!" I nattered as I had climax sizzling up my back like a panther climbing a tree with its claws sinking in deep, while my stomach felt like a warm pool of water, while my cock was a screaming shaft of bubbling, churning sensations, I wasn't in control of it any longer, how could I ask my little brother to hold onto that monster raging at my crotch, he would never be able to take it, he'd burst!

"Oh, oh, oh!" I tried to form words, but my body was beyond that, I'd lost control of too much of it, I was lost and writhing in my pleasure, my body subordinated everything else to that, the drive that lets a male mantis cling to a female while she eats him alive, because while she's eating his head, he's fucking her, and right then, that's more important than staying alive so let her eat, he didn't need anything more than his dick any longer!

I was like that, I was that male preying mantis, beyond any boundaries of kindness or even brutality, it was all non-moral, my movements were firing from some pre-animal part of my brain, the part we share with the mantis and all over living forms, it was running things now, and it had one goal, shoot that wad, and shoot it hard!

So all I did was sounds, "Oh, ah, ah, ahahgurgurguhmnhguh-AH, GURGH!" I launched my assault of hot sperm into Boyd's tiny, tender mouth, and he did, he heard my sounds and knew by now that it meant I was coming, he did, my little brother was ready for it, even the heavy loads I shot, he was ready, and when I exploded into his mouth, he promptly started drinking/sucking/draining my cock, I blasted my jizz into his warm maw and he drank it like he gulped down that chocolate milk earlier, now he was drinking hot man-cream and he took it all, every last drop, and me pumping away for all I was worth. Baby brother took it all.

Done, drained, I made moist, tender sounds of pleasure and admiration, "Gah, uh, hah, good, uh, hah, gah, real, hah, real good, huh, uh, uh, huh!"

Done, my cock stayed hard and Boyd suckled at it, warm and soft, and I said, still panting slightly, "Oh, Boyd, you did it, little brother, you took all of it, you drank it all, didn't you, baby brother, oh, you're the greatest!"

"Mh-mmm!" Boyd said, and I realized that he hadn't let go because he didn't intend to. He fully planned to keep on holding on, just like I'd promised.

"Oh, Boyd, yeah, baby, you get to keep it today." I said. "All the way until Mom comes home. But let's get into the living room, okay?"

Boyd didn't want to let go even as I slid down from the counter, but the landing and Boyd bending over double just didn't cut it, he let go and my cock flopped wetly and stickily on my thigh.

"Hey, no fair!" Boyd said and he got down and lifted that limp, soggy dong right back to his lips. Looked up at my triumphantly as if to say, "I'm holding you to your promise and you can't have it back."

"Okay, Boyd, a promise is a promise." I said to him. "Only let's get to the living room. How are we going to do that? Me lift you up and carry you upside down?"

Boyd had the right idea though, he stepped up and put both his little bare feet on the tops of both of mine and he crouched down slightly and clasped the backs of my thighs with his hands.

"Okay, we'll try it." I said. "I'll go slow."

It was awkward as hell, but like I'd said, we had all day. I waddled over and grabbed the loaf of bread out of the breadbox, there was a half loaf left, that would have to do me for breakfast. Then I swung my legs slow and Boyd rode me like that, pressing his face to my crotch, and that was painful from time to time as his chin pressed into my balls while my thighs compressed them outwards, but I managed the score of steps to the couch and Boyd stepped off my feet and that let me lie down while he followed me over, stooping over as I lay down and then he got up into the couch with me.

"Here, you get inside of me." I said as I squirmed to give him room on the couch. "And put your legs up this way, toward my head." I had my reasons. I got the remote and said, "Okay, let the all-day suckathon begin."

And Boyd giggled.

I'd had my reasons for wanting him to lie like that and when the commercials came on, I hit the mute button and said, "Okay, Boyd, little brother, there's one other major way for you and me to have fun. It's called fucking." Just saying the word gave me a hard-on all over again, and my cock swelled up, filled Boyd's mouth and it growing inside his mouth let him hang onto even more of it. I wondered if my little brother would ever actually take the entire length of it. It seemed like very time he tried, a little more went inside him!

I reached my hand up and spit-slicked my finger and I lowered it and wormed it between Boyd's little ass-cheeks. "That means that I need to put my dick right up in here." I said as I fumbled for his asshole. I had some trouble finding it but when I did, I said again, "I put it right up inside here." and I pressed my fingertip to his anus. It was like pressing my fingertip into butter, it was warm but kind of firm and then when it gave way, it did all at once and I suddenly had my finger's first joint inside my little brother's tiny little hole.

Boyd gasped when my finger pressed into his butthole, but he didn't protest, I don't think he coudl have with a mouthful of cock. "For my dick to fit in here, we need to stretch it out, kind of train you to take it. I'll use a lot of spit and my fingers for now, but I want to stick it up in there. Are you ready for it, baby brother? Are you ready for you and me to have sex the real way?"

And his timid little affirmative grunt was music to my ears.

"Okay." I said. "You just lie there and suck my dick and watch cartoons." I said. "And I'll see what I can do to stick my finger deep up inside your butt. You just grunt when it hurts you, and I'll ease up but we have to keep working at it so if you can handle it, you do that, okay?"

"Mm-hmm." Boyd moaned around my cock. Boyd's little grunts as I played with his ass told me he was actually enjoying the feel of it. That gave me a hard-on and something for Boyd to play with while I fingered his butt.

Yeah, we had all day. Hell, I'd take all month if I had to, but sooner or later, I was going to fuck my baby brother's virgin butt.

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